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33 Gorgeous German Shepherd Mixes – Find the Perfect German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherds are some of the most popular dogs in the world for a reason. They’re intensely loyal, athletic, highly intelligent and loving – all the best qualities of a dog. As a result, these qualities make the GSD a top choice for crossbreeding.

There are tons of exotic and stunning German Shepherd mixes that you’ve probably never seen or heard of. We’ve searched the internet for the best German Shepherd mixes that you really need to know about. Let us know which you like best!

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Best German Shepherd Mixes

We’ve seen German Shepherds mixed with both large and small dog breeds. They’re more common than you think. Though there are so many crosses with the German Shepherds, these are the most popular.

1. Golden Shepherd

Parents: Golden Retriever x GSD mix

Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix
via Instagram: @ladythegoldenshepherd

The Golden Shepherd combines the playful attitude of a Golden Retriever with the devotion and the athleticism of a German Shepherd. Physically, they look like a typical shepherd, though with the Golden’s signature gold coat.

Given how intelligent the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever are, you can expect this hybrid to be just as intelligent – if not more! The parents are the 3rd and 4th smartest dog breeds, respectively.

They’re likely to be very energetic and lively dogs without the intense work ethic of a German Shepherd. They’re perfect dogs that’ll keep up with the rowdy kids at home!

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2. Shug

Parents: Pug x German Shepherd mix

The Pug and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @juinyhuiny

The Shug is a cross between the goofy Pug and the courageous German Shepherd. It’s perhaps the least obvious German Shepherd mixes you’ve ever heard of. But, the Shug does exist.

One owner tells us his Shug has the best characteristics of both parent breeds. Specifically, he’s highly intelligent, has a ton of energy and is perfect with kids (cats and other dogs too!).

According to the owner, his Pug is incredibly affectionate and inherited the intense loyalty from the German Shepherd side.

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3. Chow Shepherd

Parents: Chow x German Shepherd mix

The Chow Chow German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @reallyrhody

The combination of the Chinese Chow Chow and the German Shepherd gives you the exotic Chow Shepherd. These mixes are playful by nature, but have strong instincts to protect.

They’re big fluffy dogs you’ll want to hug, but they come with a lot of responsibilities. Because they’re such heavy shedders, you’ll need to spend quite some time grooming your Chow Shepherd.

These dogs can be independent minded (thanks to the Chow side), will thrive with firm and consistent positive reinforcement. Furthermore, they’re best suited for a large home with large yard.

4. Labrashepherd

Parents: Lab x German Shepherd mix

The Labrador and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @samsarasworld

The Labrashepherd combines America’s two most popular dog breeds: the Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd. There’s no way you can go wrong with a pairing like this.

Labrashepherds are patient and affectionate dogs. Not only do they tend to inherit the German Shepherd’s vigilance, but also the Labrador’s outgoing personality.

They can be an amazing companion with a calm demeanor when needed. They’re perfect for all types of people and family.

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5. Gerberian Shepsky

Parents: Husky x German Shepherd mix

The Husky German Shepherd mix is one of the best mixed large dog breeds.
via Instagram: @blaketheshepsky

The Gerberian Shepsky is one of the most popular large mixed dog breeds in the world. They have the playful and energetic nature of the Siberian Husky, but also the obedience of a German Shepherd.

Because of their fluffy coats and lively temperaments, they aren’t the most adaptable designer dogs. They don’t do well in warm climate and they’re not great for small spaces.

Given the proper necessities, the Gerberian Shepsky will thrive as a family dog in the right environment. They’re everything you’d want in a companion.

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6. Corman Shepherd

Parents: Corgi x German Shepherd mix

The Corman Shepherd is the beautiful cross between a German Shepherd and Corgi.
via Instagram: @hollyandboris

The Corman Shepherd combines the dwarf Welsh Corgi with the German Shepherd. Both dog breeds share a lot of similar characteristics, but are quite different in size and body shape (obviously).

Corman Shepherds are known to have high levels of energy, as both parents are from the herding dog group. These dogs can be a little skittish, but will become excellent companions with socialization.

Corman Shepherds are incredibly smart and generally do well with obedience training. Put them to work and they’ll be happy dogs. Oh, and they have the short, stubby legs too!

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7. Shepweiler

Parents: Rottweiler x German Shepherd mix

The German Shepherd Rottweiler mix.
via Instagram: @jade.the.shepweiler

The Shepweiler is a cross of two iconic German dog breeds: the Rottweiler and German Shepherd. Both are known to be excellent guard dogs, ensuring the Shepweilers are too.

These dogs are powerful and intelligent, as you would expect from the parent breeds. With the proper obedience training, they’re quite versatile dogs.

Just make sure you use firm and consistent positive reinforcement when training your Shepweiler.

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8. Shepadoodle 

Parents: Poodle x German Shepherd mix

The Poodle German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @einsteinbeard

Combining the second and third most intelligent dog breed gives you a very smart mixed dog. And, that’s exactly what this Poodle German Shepherd mix is.

Because of the Poodle genes, most Shepadoodles are hypoallergenic dogs. They’ll have long shaggy hair, but a build closer to the German Shepherd. Plus, they’ll have floppy ears and a long tail.

These hybrids are as loyal as they come, well mannered and extremely affectionate. Like the Poodle, the Shepadoodle is an outgoing dog that wants nothing more than to be with the family.

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9. Shepkita

Parents: Akita x German Shepherd mix

The Akita Inu German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @we_4lo

The Shepkita (also known as the Akita Shepherd) is truly a special dog, crossbreeding the pride of Japan and Germany. As a matter of fact, the Akita Inu is the official dog breed of Japan.

The two parent breeds are known for their independent personalities and immense devotion. They’re protective by nature and the Shepkita is too.

Shepkitas will develop a strong bond with the family, so expect to invest a lot of time into raising these wonderful German Shepherd mixes.

10. Alaskan Shepherd

Parents: Malamute x German Shepherd mix

The hybrid of an Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd.
via Instagram: @roccothewolfdog

Both the Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd are dogs with tenacious work ethics. Physically, they can range a lot – having anywhere from a wolf dog to a Malamute look.

According to one owner, her Alaskan Shepherd has a lot of energy, but is still well mannered. Despite their lively temperaments, they still know how to behave around children.

One owner says that her Alaskan Shepherd, Champ, is quite calm. He tells us that couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.

11. Euro Mountain Sheparnese

Parents: Bernese Mountain Dog x GSD mix

The cross between a German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog.
via Instagram: @dapper_dodger

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese doesn’t have the most obvious name. But because the Bernese Mountain Dog is from the Swiss Alps, we call the mix “euro.”

Think of the Sheparnese as a fluffier version of the German Shepherd. They can also have floppy ears and color combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog, but retain the sharper snout of the shepherd.

There aren’t many owners with a Sheparnese, but given the parents, you can expect a friendly and loving companion.

12. German Sheppit

Parents: Pitbull x German Shepherd mix

The Pit Bull German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @vinnythetreatoguido

Keep in mind, Pit Bull is not one specific breed, but rather refers to a group of bully dogs. This can be the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier and so on.

Both the German Shepherd and Pit Bull top the list of most aggressive and “dangerous” dog breeds. Though with proper socialization the parent breeds (including the Sheppit) can become gentle family dogs.

These dogs are powerful and dominant. So, you’ll need plenty of socialization, positive reinforcement training and to establish dominance early on.

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13. New Shep

Parents: Newfoundland x GSD mix

The Newfoundland German Shepherd hybrid.
via Instagram: @kaiser_newshep

The New Shep is the amazing cross between the Newfoundland and German Shepherd. Both dogs answer to a higher calling, participating in police forces all over the world.

New Sheps are quite intelligent and sweet tempered mixed dogs. Because of the Newfoundland side, they get along great with children and other dogs – even smaller ones!

Though they’re officially recognized by the Designer Breed Registry, they aren’t as popular as you may think. If you really want to get your hands on one, it may take a while.

14. Saint Shepherd

Parents: St Bernard x German Shepherd mix

Cross between a Saint Bernard and German Shepherd.
via Instagram: @leo_st.shepherd

The Saint Shepherd is a hybrid of the German Shepherd and Saint Bernard. Similar to the New Shep, these mutt dogs are friendly and great to have around children.

Thanks to the Saint Bernard, these dogs have a very laid back personality and are generally quite easy to train. Because they’re such big dogs, socialization training is essential early on.

They make excellent guard dogs, but even better family dogs. Give the Saint Shepherd a try and you’ll see why people love them so much.

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15. German Ridgeback

Parents: Rhodesian Ridgeback x GSD mix

The combination of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and German Shepherd.
via Instagram: @hi_kubo

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not a typical dog breed you’ll in the home of an American family. But when mixed with a German Shepherd, you’ll have a stunning family dog.

They’re highly intelligent mutts with very few health issues. They’re fantastic working dogs because they have the athleticism and muscles to flourish on the field.

But because they’re intense workers, you’ll need to provide plenty of exercise otherwise they may show some destructive behavior. And if possible, give them a job or purpose: hunting, search and rescue, etc.

16. German Aussie

Parents: Aussie x German Shepherd mix

The Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @lifeofkyber

The German Aussie is the combination of America’s Australian Shepherd (yes, it’s a bit confusing) and the German Shepherd. The mix gives you one of the most capable herding mutts in the dogdom.

These dogs can be very nervous and skittish, especially as puppies. With that said, you’ll need to help them get adjusted to life with socialization training as early on as possible.

These dogs will be very energetic and lively – much more than your average pup. You’ll quickly learn that they’re vigilant dogs, even as a young puppy.

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17. Shollie

Parents: Collie x German Shepherd mix

Collie and German Shepherd mixed breed.
via Instagram: @athenaaa_thewise

The Shollie is a relatively rare designer dog, given how popular the parent breeds are. Both the German Shepherd and Collie are herding dogs, meaning the Shollie could thrive with such a role as well.

They do extremely well with obedience training and have some of the highest obedience and working intelligence among mixed dog breeds.

For families, the Shollie is perfect. They’ve retained the protective and loyal nature of the German Shepherd, while maintaining the affection and dignity of the Collie.

18. Beagle Shepherd

Parents: Beagle x German Shepherd mix

The Beagle and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @mollythesmilingrescue

The Beagle Shepherd a dog breed that I’ve had the owner of living with. From personal experience, this German Shepherd Beagle mix is a very sweet and faithful companion.

There’s no denying a Beagle Shepherd’s loyalty, as they will stick by your side through just about anything. They can be a little protective, but just enough to be a formidable guard dog.

They do require a bit of exercise. So if you’re an active person or live with an active family, the Beagle Shepherd may just be perfect for you.

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19. Heeler Shepherd

Parents: Australian Cattle Dog x GSD mix

The Australian Cattle Dog and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @aussiesistersquad

The Heeler Shepherd is the cross of the Australian Cattle Dog (also known as the Blue Heeler) and the German Shepherd. Both of which, are active, lively, energetic and outstanding herding dogs.

Both parent dog breeds land on the top 10 most smartest dog breeds list. Sure enough, you can expect the Heeler Shepherd to be quite intelligent as well.

Generally, when you cross two hardworking dog breeds, you’ll get a hardworking hybrid. Make sure you have some type of job or plenty of exercise to provide these dogs.

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20. Doberman Shepherd

Parents: Doberman x German Shepherd mix

The Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @atlas_the_dobieshep

The Doberman Shepherd crosses arguably the two most powerful dog breeds to hail from Germany: the Doberman Pinscher and German Shepherd. If you thought the Shepweiler was a German powerhouse hybrid, these dogs probably another level.

These dogs can be huge and grow upwards of 100 pounds. With a dog of that size, it’s absolutely crucial you establish dominance in the home very early on.

Doberman Shepherds can be a little stubborn from time to time, but overall they’re very easy to train because they’re so intelligent.

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21. Basset Shepherd

Parents: Basset Hound x GSD mix

A cross between the German Shepherd and Basset Hound.
via Instagram: @maxithebassetshepherd

The Basset Shepherd is certainly an odd mix, composed of half German Shepherd and half Basset Hound. Both dogs participate in the k9 police force, but for different things.

As a result, the Basset Shepherd is a versatile mutt that’s both intelligent and vigilant. They can be both a highly capable watch dog and a skilled detective dog.

Though friendly, these dogs need a ton of mental and physical stimulation. If you plan to let these dogs play with children, you’ll definitely need to get them through socialization.

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22. Germanees

Parents: Great Pyrenees x GSD mix

The hybrid of a Great Pyrenees and German Shepherd.
via Instagram: @bridget_d_stokes_

The Germanees, also referred to as the Shep Py, is the stunning cross between the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd. These dogs will inevitably be big and fluffy – but that’s all part of their charm.

The coat will be dense with length that can vary. Given this mutt dog’s heritage background, they can be fierce workers with high canine instinctive intelligence.

They are a joy to have at home because the Germanees are sweet-natured and kind dogs. If you have kids, they’ll be excellent guardians as they grow up.

23. Malinois X

Parents: Belgian Malinois x GSD mix

The Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @max_malinoisx

The Malinois X is a fairly new hybrid dog breed that’s being used in the military and police force. Both parents, the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd, are very similar dogs.

Imagine a slightly smaller but more energetic German Shepherd and you have the Belgian Malinois. Now, when you combine the two, you’ll get an ultra-energetic protector.

These are high maintenance dogs that require a ton of physical and mental activity on a daily basis. This cross is not recommended for your typical family. They require serious work.

24. Weimshepherd

Parents: Weimaraner x German Shepherd mix

Weimaraner and German Shepherd cross.
via Instagram: @valentineweimshep

The Weimshepherd is everything you’d expect from a cross between the German Shepherd and Weimaraner. They’re highly intelligent, fun-loving and superb at hunting.

As for physical appearance, these dogs can vary. However, it’s more likely that the Weimshepherd physically resembles the Weimaraner more so than the other parent.

Both parents have high energy, so you can expect nothing less from the Weimshepherd. They are quick, athletic and powerful dogs. Make sure to introduce training as early as possible for this mutt.

25. Boxer Shepherd

Parents: Boxer x German Shepherd mix

The Boxer and German Shepherd hybrid.
via Instagram: @goodboydracula

The Boxer Shepherd is truly a handsome German Shepherd mix. They’re as energetic and affectionate as you would expect from the Boxer hybrid.

In order to keep these mixed dogs in check, you’ll need to keep them on top of their physical exercise regimen. Providing them with the a proper outlet is the only way to raise a happy and healthy Boxer Shepherd.

They’re extremely smart mutt dogs, but can make fantastic family dogs too. They’re a bit protective and can easily handle a guard dog role in the household.

26. Spanierd

Parents: Springer Spaniel x GSD mix

The English Springer Spaniel and German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @bandittheaus

The Spanierd is not a German Shepherd mix that I’d expect to see. Still, they’re fairly popular because of their good-natured personalities. They’re also great entertainers for the family and would do great around children.

Thanks to the Springer Spaniel side, these dogs get along with kids of all ages, other dogs and even cats. They’re very outgoing and love to be around people. In fact, the more the better!

Here’s the catch: they shed quite a bit and also need quite a bit of daily exercise. But if you can handle this, the Spanierd is an excellent German Shepherd mix for any family!

27. Dane Shepherd

Parents: Great Dane x GSD mix

The Great Dane German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @taylor_landry_weightloss

The Dane Shepherd is the Great Dane German Shepherd mix. Because of the size of the Great Dane, the Dane Shepherd is fairly large, making them excellent watchdogs and an amazing companion.

Depending on the lineage, these dogs can have a short or medium coat. Chances are the Dane Shepherd will have a double coat, so except to deal with heavy shedding during spring and fall.

If you’re looking for a great companion and guardian of the home, look no further. Just the massive size of these dogs can scare away potential intruders.

28. Airedale Shepherd

Parents: Airedale Terrier x GSD mix

The Airedale Terrier and German Shepherd hybrid.
via Instagram: @sonyamspence

The Airedale Shepherd is the combination of two clever and friendly dog breeds. Both parent breeds are large, and so is the Airedale Shepherd.

The overall body shape resembles a German Shepherd, but they retain the muzzle and ears of the Airedale Terrier. These dogs are inevitably courageous dogs that play well with children.

Despite their large size, they make fantastic family dogs, companions, watchdogs and more. Socialization is a must, while obedience training can be fairly easy.

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29. Sheltie Shepherd

Parents: Sheltie x German Shepherd mix

The Sheltie ands German Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @d_e_v_o_the_dog

The Sheltie Shepherd is the gorgeous mix of the Sheltie and German Shepherd. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent and friendly. Additionally, both are excellent herding dogs.

Even if you don’t need a Sheltie Shepherd for herding, they make excellent companions and family dogs. But because of their high instinctive intelligence, these mutts may try to herd small children.

Sheltie Shepherds will always have long double coats, so make sure you have the time and resources to groom they on a daily basis. They’ll also need quite a bit of physical and mental activity.

30. American Bulldog Shepherd

Parents: Bulldog x German Shepherd mix

The American Bulldog and German Shepherd cross.
via Instagram: @manuelthedevonshiredog

The American Bulldog Shepherd is a relatively new designer dog that combines the toughness of both the Bulldog and German Shepherd. Though they may be medium sized dogs, they have a sturdy frame with a lot of power.

If you’re allergic to dog danger, then this is not the German Shepherd mix for you. Both parents are notoriously heavy shedders and so is the hybrid.

There are very few American Bulldog Shepherds in the world, but we know they will be devoted, affectionate and protective.

31. Mastiff Shepherd

Parents: Mastiff x German Shepherd mix

English Mastiff and German Shepherd crossbreed.
via Instagram: @tacochimama

The Mastiff Shepherd is truly a beast of a dog, weighing nearly 200 pounds of pure muscle. Though they may be huge, they have a calmer demeanor than you think.

According to one owner, her Mastiff Shepherd is very lazy and sleeps even more than your typical puppy. These dogs can also be very vocal, utilizing their howl, cry or bark to express emotions.

It’ll take quite a bit of work to raise a German Shepherd mix of this stature. However, you’ll have raised a competent guardian and extraordinary companion if you do.

32. German Corso

Parents: Cane Corso x GSD mix

via Instagram: @theharesview

The German Corso combines the assertiveness of the Cane Corso with the strong work ethic of a GSD. In fact, the two parent breeds have a lot of similar traits that unsurprisingly passes down to this German Shepherd mix.

Both the Corso and GSD are extremely loyal dogs, making them ideal family companions or guard dogs for the home. As such, the German Corso will also be confident, courageous and alert. They know how to turn the “switch” when danger presents itself.

Cane Corsos are thicker than the lean and athletic German Shepherd. That said, the hybrid tends to take on a body frame somewhere in the middle. And while the Cane Corso is primarily black, the GSD mix can come in a variety of shepherd colors.

33. Point Shepherd

Parents: Pointer x German Shepherd mix

The Point Shepherd combines two of Germany’s most iconic dogs, with the German Shorthaired Pointer and German Shepherd. Both of which, are high-energy working dogs that need plenty of exercise to live a happy and healthy life.

Those fortunate enough to own a Point Shepherd should be the adventurous type that like to spend a lot of time outdoors. These dogs are up for anything – swimming, hiking, catch and more.

Besides the active temperament, Point Shepherds often inherit the loyalty and braveness from the GSD side. And while they can make great guard dogs, the Pointer parent brings a more sociable side to this mix. Regardless, they’ll be great family dogs.

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Did we miss a German Shepherd mix that deserves to be on the list? Let us know in the comments section below! Or if you’re planning to get a GSD mix, tell us which is your favorite mix.

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Tuesday 28th of June 2022

looking for a mixed german shep mix around 50-60 lbs in the Michigan area. Do you know of any breeders or rescues that may help me?

Frederick Adams

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

I want to know about shepherd Boston terrier mix and would like to purchase a puppy


Sunday 17th of October 2021

My female dog Jasmine is a German shepherd, Alaskan husky, pit mix- and had mated with our pure bred Golden Retriever. She had a litter of four puppies. Sadly, only one survived. A female, and she just started opening her eyes. My question is, has anyone ever come across a German Shepherd, husky, pit, Golden Retriever mix? I've looked everywhere and haven't come up with anything. What would the breed be called? Golden-Pishky? (Pi- is (pi)t) (Sh- is (sh)epherd) (Ky- is hus(ky)

German Shepard lady

Monday 27th of September 2021

Mabye a poodle German Shepard mix too

Marla Houseman

Sunday 9th of January 2022

@German Shepard lady, Already done.

German Shepard lady

Monday 27th of September 2021

You should add Pomeranian & German Shepard mix they are 🥰 adorable

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