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29 Marvelous Maltese Mixes – The Ultimate Maltese Mix Guide

As one of the most ancient dog breeds in canine history, the Maltese has never failed to win hearts. The past ancient civilizations revered this breed for its royal looks, while later generations have found many more reasons to love them.

Over the last few decades, the Maltese have featured regularly in various dog shows. Not only have they managed to win competitions but also a million hearts through their adorable nature. Fast forward to the present, and they’ve become popular toy dogs.

As a result, Maltese dogs have become prime candidates in designer dogs of all types. But since there are too many beautiful mixes to choose from, we’ve found our favorite Maltese hybrids. Continue reading to discover the best Maltese mixes.

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What’s a Maltese?

Malteses are not considered smart dogs, but they're smarter than you think.

The Maltese will come in their signature white coat. But when cross-bred, the coat can manifest into a variety of colors. This explains why white is just one of the options in a Maltese mix’s color card. But, the hybrid can range in a number of colors.

Because the Maltese do not shed much, many of their hybrids are also safe for allergic owners. However, some cross-breeds might be prolific shedders, so make it a point to read up on this before bringing one home. Even so, they’ll need regular brushing.

Zoey is totally sweet to everyone at the vet, her old dog walkers, my friends and the groomer. She’s usually a little reserved when I take her out in public, though.

– Zoeysmom (Spoiled Maltese)

Usually, Maltese hybrids respond well to training and need early socialization. Though, it’s likely they’ll be stubborn at times. Where they lack “obedience & working intelligence,” they often make up for in high adaptive intelligence. After all, they’re great at reading emotions.

They also require regular exercise. And depending on the hybrid, can also take on an adventurous and inquisitive streak. Irrespective of the parents, never leave your small dog unsupervised at home for a long period of time. Otherwise, they can develop anxiety issues.

Maintain a consistent and positive tone during the training sessions, and the Maltese and their cross-breeds respond well. Give them a lease and they soon assume the ‘small-dog’ syndrome and become stubborn tyrants.

Best Maltese Mixes

Thanks to crossbreeding, you’re able to enjoy the cheerfulness and positive vibe on the Maltese with other great attributes and qualities. We’ve compiled a list of the 25 best hybrids. So, let us know in the comments, which is your favorite?

1. Malteagle

Parents: Beagle x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @x.animal_photography.x

Breeding a Maltese with a Beagle creates a designer hybrid – a Malteagle. Extrovert and lively, this cross-breed is an excellent option as a family dog. That being said, an iron hand in a velvet glove ensures that they don’t spin out of control.

With a height of 12 inches, the Malteagle is relatively lightweight but can live up to 15 years. In addition, their soft but thick coat could be white, black, brown or cream. Though shedding may not be much, you must brush and groom them daily.

Other aspects entail wiping their tear-stained faces multiple times a day and frequently checking on their flappy ears for signs of infection. Take a Malteagle out for a walk every day, and you will have nurtured a well-balanced physically fit canine.  

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2. Silkese

Parents: Silky Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram:

Unless this hybrid of Maltese and Silky Terrier actually moves, you might think it’s a toy. With small dark eyes, furry ears, round black nose and a curly tail, the Silkese is indeed a teddy-bear. However, the dogs’ square shoulders and determined gait echo confidence.

Silkese could grow to be as tall as 12 inches and weigh at the most 14 pounds. They sport a dense long coat that needs daily brushing. Negligence in this regard leads to painful tangles and even itchiness. In addition to white, the fur could also be brown, grey or cream.

As petite as this cross-breed may be, members of the Silkese are playful but not hyperactive. A daily walk of about 45 minutes featuring a digging activity more than suffices for them. Even so, they much rather lounge on your laps.  

3. Lhatese

Parents: Lhasa Apso x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @nightwingandprincess

As with most Maltese mixes, the Lhatese is small but independent. Weighing about 15 pounds, this mix of Maltese and Lhasa Apso dislike strangers. So when they bark furiously, there’s likely a stranger in or around the vicinity.

However, with the owner family, they are content and happy. Given their royal heritage, these dogs do not respond well to training. But if you’re consistent, they eventually come around simply for the sake of obliging. Take this opportunity to brush their coat.

Being intelligent, the Lhatese enjoys mental and physical exercise. So, keep them busy with toys and let them out into the backyard multiple times during the day. A diverse and flexible activity schedule keeps the Lhatese healthy and happy. 

4. Malchi

Parents: Chihuahua x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @sincerelyfloops

Bring back a Malchi, and you will have gained a loyal (borderline possessive) companion. Cross-breeding the Maltese with a Chihuahua produces a Malchi, an intelligent but attention-loving canine. They will be likely be small, but the hybrid is also sensitive.

Start training and socializing a Malchi immediately. Members of this hybrid will take time to respond, but don’t give up. Be persistent and soon your Malchi will fully comply. They’ll also enjoy a daily dose of mild exercise – both indoor and outdoor.

However, it’s best your Malchi not be left alone for a long durations at a time. The Malchi may not require daily brushing. But they are prone to allergies and infections, which is why you must clean their teeth and trim their nails every week.    

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5. Maltichon

Parents: Bichon Frise x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @dextersdogworld

A Maltichon would convince you that all good things come in small packages. The outcome of crossing a Maltese and a Bichon Frise, the Maltichon is well-built, with strong yet round heads, black-rimmed eyes and soft expressions that can melt any heart.

Apricot, buff and cream are options that you get while selecting a Maltichon. For anyone who is allergic to pet hair, these cross-breeds are perfect because they hardly shed. Just brush them every day and their coat remains soft, smooth and free of tangles.

Despite being small and fragile, Maltichons are brave and make good watchdogs. They are also ideal dog companions for someone who lives in an apartment and loves constant company. I also recommend them for families with older kids.   

6. Peke-a-tese

Parents: Pekingese x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @milkythepekeatese

Not exactly well-known, the Peke-a-tese is short, stout and furry. With their round face dotted with the adorable round eyes and topped with hanging ears, they are truly adorable. But what makes them unique is an amazing life-span of 16 years.

Born of a Maltese and Pekingese parent, a Peke-a-tese is independent and assertive, thus not nearly as obedient. However, proper training and timely socialization can make all the difference. This cross-breed appreciates clear instructions.

So, rather than just saying “no,” tell them clearly what you expect. They’re smart enough to understand you. It’s worth noting they love to eat, which is why you must fill their bowl only at meal times. Also, do provide them with daily exercise to keep them fit.     

7. Scottese

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @murrayvalleypetresort

Tiny and fluffy, a Scottese is a bit of both parents – Maltese and Scottish Terrier. For a dog that weighs about 20 lbs and stands nearly 10 inches tall, the Scottese has endured through centuries to still remain as sought-after.

Expect this cross-breed to be as feisty as the Scottish parent but as affectionate as the other Maltese ancestor. Size does not deter this hybrid from being bold and beautiful. Owing to these two factors, you might find it challenging to train a Scottese.

What you can try is start with basic training using a reward system. Then you’ll want to gradually build it up depending on how the dog responds. As energetic as a Scottese may be, their exercise needs entails trotting outdoor for a limited period.   

8. Cairmal

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @rufus.the.cairmal

Get a Cairmal, and you’ll own a shaggy handful that loves interacting with humans. Crossing the Maltese with a Cairn Terrier results in a Cairmal, which weighs about 13 pounds and grows to be 13 inches tall. Throughout their 15 years, they’re be sure to keep you entertained. 

Cairmals love eating. That’s why they tend to put on weight quickly, which in turn can weaken the joints. To avoid these issues, along with blood sugar issues, you must portion their food into specific number of meals.

For a smart and plucky cross-breed, the Cairmal is surprisingly obedient. In case you do see a stubborn streak with the Cairmal, remain consistent and positive with the rules. Don’t forget to shower them with praise and rewards if given the chance.    

9. Malti-Pug

Parents: Pug x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @tammyfayeandgriffin

Part Maltese and part Pug, Malti-Pugs are adorable yet fun. It explains why even as relatively new mixes, they’re quite popular. With the liveliness of a Maltese and the vigilance of a Pug, this dog has inherited the best of both breeds.

Prolific shedders that Malti-Pugs are, they require regular grooming. Preferably, you must brush a Malti-Pug every day to minimize shedding. Also include dental cleaning in their regular check-up, given their vulnerability to teeth problems.

This extroverted Maltese mix is ideally suited for families that have children and multiple pets. Weighing 13 pounds and growing up to 12 inches, they might not come across as watchdogs. That being said, they never fail to rise up to the occasion.        

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10. Havamalt

Parents: Havanese x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @chester.the.havamalt

Mixing a Maltese with a Havanese creates the Havamalt. An agile hybrid that sticks closely to his people, the Havamalt is only slightly bigger than a large-sized toy companion. After a long day of exercise, they can just as easily turn into lapdogs.  

Lightweight at about 13 lbs, Havamalts can grow to 12 inches tall. One of the Havamalts’ most endearing features is the alert almond-shaped eyes which could be black/brown. With those eyes, it’ll be hard to resist a Havamalt.

Other features that add to this cross-breed’s personality are droopy ears, short pointy tail and a blunt nose for sniffing every nook and cranny. This hybrid has a distinct double coat, wherein the inner coarse layer is covered by the long silky fur.

11. Mauxie

Parents: Dachshund x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @kumaamonn

The Mauxie is mischievous like the Maltese and vigilant as the Dachshund. Most times, they are content snuggling against you. Still, you’ll want to watch out for the moment when their bold side takes over to irk bigger animals.

Standing at 10 inches, Mauxies could sport a single coat or as many as three. Either way, the texture will vary from being fine and silky to long and wiry. And because they’re designer dogs, a Mauxie could come in secondary shades, like grey, tan and chestnut.

Given the Doxie parent, hunting comes naturally to the Mauxie, which is why you bring them outdoors every day. When at home, occupy them with plenty of toys. Training this hybrid is simple as long as you use a positive tone.  

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12. Jatese

Parents: Japanese Chin x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @baxterbo0

The hybrid of a Maltese and a Japanese Chin is the Jaltese. Given the long flowing silky fur, the canine closely resembles a rug. But a huge positive is that they hardly shed, and as a result, do not trigger or aggravate allergy in humans.

On an average, members of the Jaltese weigh about 8 pounds. Known for their balanced temperaments, they are relatively easy to train. But for best results, start training them as early as possible using only positive reinforcement techniques.

Despite being a small package, this toy dog enjoys being acknowledged, especially by their loving family. They also score high as family pets, since they get along with children as also with other pets, like cats, birds and bigger dogs.   

13. Boston Malterrier

Parents: Boston Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @binubarks

Born of Boston Terrier and Maltese parents, the Boston Malterrier is friendly yet territorial dog perfect for all. For senior citizens who yearn for playful companions, this cross-breed is perfect. Usually gentle, they might snap at strangers once in a while.

Sporting a long dense wiry coat, a Boston Malterrier could be black or white. Daily brushing is needed, though you might also need to regularly trim the fur sprouting between their toes. Make sure they get frequent tooth-brushing as well.

Never leave your Boston Malterrier unattended as it could lead to behavioral issues. To ensure good health, take them out every day for a short duration. Plenty of daily socializing also works well with this hybrid, especially early on.

14. Ratese

Parents: Rat Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @aris.liara.adventures

Amongst cross-breeds, a Ratese is one of the few which bears a distinct stamp of both parents. Like the Maltese they spread cheer. But, they also dislike children and hunt rodents, just like their other parent – the American Rat Terrier.

This Maltese mix even inherits the multicolored coat from the Rat Terrier parent. It’s usual for their long, straight fur to sport a variety of color combinations. The same applies to their eyes, which in addition to brown, could also be hazel or blue.

Grooming this hybrid entails applying mild shampoo and conditioner while bathing. Also include cleaning ears and trimming toenails on a weekly basis. Headstrong that a Ratese is, you must bring a consistent and positive tone during training.

15. Maltipom

Parents: Pomeranian x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @benny.thepom

Outcome of a Pomeranian and Maltese mix, a Maltipom is family-friendly and intelligent. What you must watch out for is their tendency to dominate. Given a free hand, they’re capable of taking charge and will likely boss over everyone, including bigger dogs.

As possessive as Maltipoms are, they maintain distance from non-family members. Given their strong family bond, they express displeasure by barking incessantly at any non-family person. At other times, they lead a relatively sedentary and quiet lifestyle.

A Maltipom comes in as many as five different colors. Their long dense yet straight coat will require regular brushing, but not bathing. Their ears need regular checks wherein you should remove the dirt and debris that remain trapped in the fur.    

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16. Cav-A-Malt

Parents: Cavalier King Charles x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @manuthemaltalier

Relatively new on in the world of designer dogs, a Cav-A-Malt is a mix between a Maltese and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As low-energy and low-maintenance dogs, they make great companions for the elderly. Plus, they adjust easily to apartment dwelling.

With Cav-A-Malts, you can let your imagination run loose in terms of color. Apart from the usual black, brown or white, their long dense and wavy coat can also be red or pied. But their coats can get tangled, so daily brushing is needed.

Once a week, trim the excess fur surrounding the eyes, ears and foot-pads of your Cav-A-Malt. Also swipe the dirt off the ears and clean their teeth daily. Other than grooming, they’re amazing dogs for families with older children.

17. Malti-Pin

Parents: Mini Pinscher x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @latteinseattle

There’s a reason why Malti-Pins and seniors make the perfect match. Being petite hybrids of a Maltese and Mini Pinscher, they love undivided attention. Therefore, a city apartment with a single and bereft of children or other pets represents an ideal setting.

Brace yourself to encounter the contradictory nature of this cross-breed. One instant they will seem all too willing to settle down in your lap and watch television. But the bliss lasts only until some trigger grabs their attention.

Because they’re curious by nature, something as tiny as an insect or as frisky as a squirrel can set them exploring. Training these cross-breeds requires an infinite degree of patience. Sessions should not just be short, but with plenty of encouragement.      

18. Highland Maltie

Parents: Westie x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @buddybellasaurus

Elegance and grace is what best describes a Highland Maltie, a charming offspring of a Maltese and Westland White Terrier. With mischievous brown eyes and a black nose peeping out from long dense white fur, the hybrid looks adorable.

Due to their wavy fur coat, Highland Malties require regular brushing. The best way to minimize tangles is by using a gentle shampoo that also preserves natural body oils. Also, use this time to check them for injuries or sores, ear infections or eye irritations.

Because they do not shed much, you need not worry about allergies. Although not as active as the other Maltese mixes, this cross-breed loves a run and tussle. Having a daily walk is enough, but they do love competitive games and fun play.

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19. Mal-Shi

Parents: Shih Tzu x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @itswiggyboy

Sociable and adapting, a Mal-Shi can easily become the family’s baby. So, the duty is on you to ensure that this cross-breed of Maltese and Shih-Tzu does not grow into a tyrant. Train them well, and they will evolve into excellent therapy dogs.

This hybrid was developed to be low-shedding. The experiment succeeded, as much to the relief of the crowd of allergic owners. Therefore, despite the long silky and wavy white coat, a Mal-Shi hardly sheds. Again, brushing to prevent matting is needed.

High temperatures make the Mal-Shi uncomfortable and can trigger respiratory issues. This means they should stay indoors on a hot day, preferably with the AC on. Because they mimic their owner’s lifestyle, the level of daily activity varies over a broad spectrum.

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20. Silky Cocker

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @byrnesbarks

True to their name, the Silky Cocker trots around sporting their long soft and silky coats. Hybrids of the Maltese and American Cocker Spaniels, their fur could range from cream to red, brown and black. They may not shed much, though grooming is needed.

The Silky Cocker trains easily because they’re smart. Much of the willingness stems from their desire to please the owner. They also get along well with children, but dislike being mishandled by a rowdy kid. Be consistent and this mix will respond favorably to commands.

An hour of physical exercise suffices for the Silky Cocker. But do not leave them alone or else they may wander off without you realizing. Thanks to the spaniel parent, mental stimulation will be needed for the canine to feel content.  

21. Tibetan Spaltese

Parents: Tibetan Spaniel x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @otto_the_maltesemix

By cross-breeding a Maltese with a Tibetan Spaniel, you get the Tibetan Spaltese. Thanks to the parents, these hybrids are full of contradictions. On one hand, they’ll be a highly sociable dogs. On the other, this dog may remain suspicious of strangers.

Given their small build, round heads and long fluffy coats, the Tibetan Spaltese is a typical fur-ball. Their coats gather dirt easily and hence need a frequent cleaning and trimming routine. Other grooming entail wiping tear stains from eyes.

But just because this Maltese mix displays low energy levels does not mean you cut out the exercise. Incorporate a daily walk into their routine to prevent obesity and their bubbly cheerful demeanor will certainly shine through.

22. Malti-Poo

Parents: Mini Poodle x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @hi_gamza

When you deliberately crossbreed a Maltese with a Poodle, and you get a Malti-Poo. There are some that may use a Miniature Poodle, and others the Toy. So, they’ll weigh anywhere between 5 and 20 pounds, and enjoy a life-span of 12 years.

A Malti-Poo comes with a thick long coat in a variety of colors. While shades of white are common, the hybrid can also sport a black, grey, red and silver coat. Because both parent dogs are hypoallergenic, the Malti-poo hardly sheds.

As friendly as Malti-Poos are, they generally get along with children as also with other pets in the same house. Though their interaction, especially with younger children, needs supervision. When treated with care, they’ll love company and interactive activities.

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23. Papitese

Parents: Papillon x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @macmiabeausophie

Can you guess what this small furry canine that appears like a Maltese but also resembles a Papillon is called? The answer is the Papitese, but it might also be Maltillon. Abut whatever the name is, they inherit all the best features of the parents.

This hybrid derives the strong bone structure, big dark round eyes, and black nose of the Maltese parent. From the Papillon, they inherit the flitting manner of a butterfly and a multi-colored coat. Although short, their fur is dense and wavy.

Do not bathe a Papitese unless really required. Excessive exposure to water washes away the natural oils and causes dermatitis. Chasing people in the home ensures that the hybrid remains fit, but make sure to take them out for the occasional outdoor romp. 

24. Mauzer

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @zerotoziggy

The Maltese and Miniature Schnauzer, on being cross-bred, produce the Mauzer. Small-sized but brave, the cross-breed takes fierce pride in protecting the owners. For a single individual or a senior, this 20-lb fur-ball can prove to be a great companion.

A Mauzer’s coat may be rough-short or long-silky. Color wise, they may be black with grey streaks, dark grey or light grey with black undertones. Regardless of the color, they’ll have facial hair, which should be regularly trimmed.

The fur on the legs can be shortened too while leaving the long feathery tail untouched. Along with their energetic temperaments, Mauzers also happen to be finicky eaters. So it’s best to consult the vet and test various diet options to see what works best.

25. Cotonese

Parents: Coton de Tulear x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @skykygo

Cute and cuddly, the Cotonese are hybrids of the Maltese and Coton de Tulear. The Cotons are referred to as “royal comedians” with high energy and friendliness. It’s a good thing these are among the many qualities inherited by the Cotonese.

Available in white and cream colors, this hybrid has long dense fur. Because it can tangle easily, regular brushing and grooming is a must. With much of the face covered in fur, only the nose, dark round eyes and ears are evident.

Their laid-back attitude is what makes them easy to train. But do expect the Cotonese to bark loudly at everyone and everything that comes onto your property. You’ll also want to keep the dog hydrated, as to prevent overheating.

26. Yorktese

Parents: Yorkie x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @chelsea.themorkie

Quirky yet loving, the Yorktese is a hybrid of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. While strongly loyal towards family members, they tend to growl at any non-family member, whether animal or human. They may be small, but they’re protective.

Some distinct facial features include dark marble eyes, prominent eyebrows and the unusual mustache. Their ears are always cocked, as if to detect the stealthiest of movements. A square stance echoes the willingness to take on guard duty anytime, anywhere.

The cross-breed sports a long straight coat, which is usually black and white or the rarer steel-grey-silver-fawn. Regular brushing notwithstanding, indulge in frequent trimming to keep their coats length manageable.

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27. Cortese

Parents: Corgi x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @lucerokobe

The Cortese is the deliberate cross between two of the best companion dogs: the Welsh Corgi and the Maltese Terrier. As both parents are small, expect a small hybrid – though they’ll have a bit more heft than purebred Malteses.

The Cortese will, without doubt, inherit the short and stubby legs of the Corgi. However, they will likely have the silky long coat of the Maltese parent. And while the parent dogs will only come in a few colors, the hybrid can range widely.

Always affectionate and playful, a Cortese accurately reflects the temperament of both parent breeds. In addition, they’re just as intelligent as both parents too. Whether it’s with kids or your grandparents, a Cortese is willing to play.

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28. French Maltese

Parents: French Bulldog x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @pinkyandrui

The French Maltese, or the French Bulldog and Maltese mix, is not a common hybrid. However, with the rise in the popularity of Frenchies, it makes sense why this would be a great combo. And while both dog breeds are small, they are vastly different in temperament.

From the Maltese side, you can expect the responsiveness and care-free attitude. However, the bright yet playful nature of the French Bulldog really shines through. The French Maltese is an absolute joy to have around, whether with older kids or seniors in the family.

Appearance of the hybrid can vary greatly. However, we’ve seen many of them inherit the curly coats of the Maltese parent. On the other hand, the durability and sturdiness of the Frenchie is also often seen in the dog. They may also inherit the bat ears and face of a Frenchie.

29. Sheltese

Parents: Sheltie x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @lapetite_cosette

Perhaps one of the most unusual Maltese mixes is the Sheltese. This hybrid combines the skilled herding dog with the royal lap dog and companion. The two parent breeds couldn’t be further apart in both looks and temperament. However, they somehow work.

The Sheltese has an interesting appearance that will have most people scratching their heads. The long yet curly coat of the Maltese is likely to pass on to the Sheltese. But the coat coloring may be a mix of white and brown.

This mix will be a people-pleaser, as seen in the Sheltie. Their charming and friendly attitude will make them a great companion for any type of family. However, it’s worth noting that it’s very likely they inheritt the herding instincts of the Sheltie parent.

Did we miss a Maltese mix that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Also, tell us which was your favorite hybrid?

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Carol hookway

Thursday 24th of March 2022

My pomapoo has just had a pup that the dad was a maltese .how likely are mum and pup to get on if kept together

Joan Bickell

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

I purchased a so called maltese cross poodle, but he hasnt got any poodle i was dissapointed at first, but he is the most loving intellegent boy. He definatetly is part terrier im thinkig silkie

Betty Lou Archibald

Friday 13th of August 2021

I have what was sold to me as a maltese/poodle but no way is she that mix...she sheds but is the most delightful girl.about 11 me id her mix please.🤔i could send a photo.


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

Border Terrier and Maltese mix

Betty Lou Archibald

Friday 13th of August 2021


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