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30 Hilarious Husky Jokes – The Internet’s Best Husky Puns & Memes

Huskies are often called the “dogs with a thousand expressions.” As a Husky lover and meme collector, I can confirm this to be true. Of all the different dog breeds, Huskies may be the most expressive because of their silly personalities.

Beneath those gorgeous eyes and the elegant stance, Huskies are actually silly and comical dogs. They love to have fun and make their owners laugh. Good news for you – this means a ton of husky jokes and husky memes are inevitable.

We’ve searched all over the web for some of the best jokes and memes featuring this quirky dog breed. There’s a great chance we missed a lot. If you feel that there is a joke worthy of this list, comment in the section below.

Note: we constantly update this jokes list.

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Hilarious Husky Jokes

In no particular order, these are our favorite short Husky jokes.

1. Question: What do you call a husky puppy who can’t stop eating?

Answer: A little husky.

2. After coming back from the animal shelter…

Friend: Did you adopt a dog?

Me: Yep.

Friend: What dog?

Me: Husky

Friend: (In a low voice) what dog did you get?

3. Question: What do you call a black eskimo dog?

Answer: A dusky husky

4. My wife slapped me after I told her i’d get her a puppy for Christmas. I really thought she’d be more excited when I told her she’s getting a little husky.

5.  Question: How many Huskies does it take to change a light bulb?

My Husky: Light bulb?! I ate the light bulb. Oh, and the lamp! …and the coffee table it sat on, and the carpet under the coffee table and…

6. While on my stroll through the park I saw a couple talking to their husky. Don’t get me wrong, they’re intelligent dogs. But do they actually think he understands anything? I came home and told my cat all about it and we laughed it off!

7. I asked my dog last night what he was doing outside the house. He told me that he couldn’t find his hus-key (house key).

8. Three dogs met at a dog park: A German Shepherd, a Lab & a Husky. 

The German Shepherd said that God had blessed them as the most superior dog breed.

The Labrador Retriever quickly snapped and responded, “God said Labs are the absolute best dogs!”

The Husky turned around and asked, “I said what?”

9. Question: What’s a corn farmer’s favorite type of dog?

Answer: A Husky (hint: corn grows on husks)

10. A Husky brings back an unusual stick to his owner…

Master: Hey, what do you have over there?

Husky: Bark

Master: Bark? Well, where did this unusual bark come from?

Husky: Ruff

Master: The roof? How did you even get up there?

Husky: I used a ladder.

11. Question: What kind of dog loves using the internet?

Answer: A Cyber-ian Husky

12. Question: What do you call a Husky that loves to swim?

Answer: A subwoofer.

13. Question: Did you hear about the Husky that can retrieve a ball from 5 miles away?

Friend: No way, that’s im-paw-ssible.

14. Question: Why are Huskies and trees similar?

Answer: They both lose their barks after they pass away.

15. My Husky can speak back to me!

I asked him what was on top of the house and he said “roof!”

16. Friend: My Husky has a bad illness…

Me: What happened?

Friend: He has Irritable Howl Syndrome.

17. Question: What is a Husky’s favorite food for breakfast?

Answer: Woofles

Husky Meme Jokes

18. Huskies and cats are more alike than you like.


19. This Husky completely forgot how to dog. 

20. The truth is, Huskies are all limited editions. 🙂 

21. Huskies are truly the dogs of a thousand expressions.

22. Once again, another prime example of how Huskies are really just cats in a dog’s coat. 

23. This is so familiar among Husky owners…

24. Did you just call my Husky fat?!

25. Where there is food, there are Huskies.

26. This is what every Husky owner wakes up to… every morning. 

27. Literally a Husky’s solution to just about everything.

28. All Huskies are just guessing their way through life.

29. The face of your Husky when you open that jar of peanut butter.

30. Never underestimate a Husky. They have unlimited energy.

Did we miss any of your favorite Husky jokes or memes? If so, submit your joke in the comment section below. Or link us a Husky meme. We’re always trying to update our list.

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