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List of All Officially Recognized Dog Breeds – The Ultimate Guide to Types of Dogs

The complete list of dog breeds. Full guides and information sheets for the various pure dog breeds and breed mixes in the world. The following dog breed groups are classified and recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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Herding Dog Breeds

The German Shepherd is perhaps the most popular herding dog breed in the world.

This group was officially classified by the AKC as its own category of dogs in 1983, making it the newest group. The Herding Group consists of dog breeds that have an instinctive ability to herd or control the movement of other animals (such as sheep). Many of the members of this new group were previously members of the Working Group, a similar but different category.

You may have guessed that herding dogs make great farm dogs, but most of them never set foot on a farm. Despite this, these highly intelligent and active dogs make superb companions and responds well to dog training and easily pick up dog tricks.

  1. Australian Cattle Dog – The curiosity of the Australian Cattle is always pleasant and fun. They are very alert dogs, making them fantastic herding dogs.
  2. Australian Shepherd – These shepherd dogs are known to be highly intelligent. Hard working plus smart dog, equals a high quality companion dog.
  3. Bearded Collie – Although very friendly and energetic, the Bearded Collie can be stubborn at times.
  4. Beauceron – A very human-friendly dog, but can be reserve around new humans. These gentle dogs are also loyal and smart.
  5. Belgian Malinois – This dog breed is like a smaller German Shepherd but extremely active and hardworking dogs. Not your typical family dog.
  6. Belgian Sheep Dog – The Belgian Sheep dog is one of the most trainable dog, probably because they’re so intelligent.
  7. Belgian Tervuren – This breed is also very trainable and smart. The Tervuren loves people and can develop a very affectionate relationships its owners.
  8. Bergamasco – They’re extremely intelligent breeds, but can also be very independent dogs.
  9. Berger Picard – The Berger dog is extremely loyal and very smart. They make great companion dogs.
  10. Border Collie – They are dogs that need to work. Call them workaholics. However, they don’t make good cuddle dogs.
  11. Bouvier Des Flandres – This dog breed loves their family of humans, but can be pretty intimidating to strangers they don’t know. They’re excellent watch dogs.
  12. Briard – They’re smart and confident, with a lot of loyalty. They’re all you want in a dog.
  13. Canaan Dog – A great watch dog, the Canaan breed is very alert and territorial. They can be very cautious around strangers.
  14. Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Highly intelligent dog breed, thats also loyal and energetic. They can be very stubborn at times, though.
  15. Collie – A very graceful dog that will always stay loyal to its family.
  16. Entlebucher Mountain Dog – Although they’re very loyal and intelligent, the Entlebucher is a very docile breed of dogs. They don’t make the best watch dog.
  17. Finnish Lapphund – A submissive breed when surrounded by loved ones, but confident when they’re doing work. They make excellent work and companion dogs.
  18. German Shepherd – One of my favorite breeds, the German Shepherd is loyal, strong, intelligent and works hard for its owner. They’re the gold standard for police and military dog breeds.
  19. Icelandic Sheep Dog – Extremely sociable dog with both human and other dogs. They really are a “man’s best friend.”
  20. Miniature American Shepherd – They’re good natured dogs with a lot of loyalty.
  21. Norwegian Buhund – Extremely sweet breed of dogs that are also intelligent and loyal.
  22. Old English Sheepdog – They’re very gentle dogs that’ll make a great family dog with small children.
  23. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – The Pembroke is a highly intelligent dog breed that is full of energy and always alert. They can be stubborn from time to time.
  24. Polish Lowland Sheepdog – They’re clever and intelligent but are known to be very independent working dogs.
  25. Pyrenean Shepherd – The Pyrenean is known to be very mischievous, but also great with families.
  26. Puli – They are great home dogs and very loyal to the family.
  27. Shetland Sheepdog – The Shetland is full of energy. They’re always energetic and confident around people.
  28. Spanish Water dog – They make excellent watch dogs because they look after their families. They’re very loyal dogs.
  29. Swedish Vallhund – Social and alert dogs. They’re your classic herding dog.


Hound Dog Breeds

Greyhounds belong to the Hound dog breed category.

The Hound Group of dog breeds share a common intrinsic hunting nature. These traits ideal for hunting include, top stamina for chasing down preys or an acute scent for following trails. However, the most unique trait that these dogs share is the ability to vocalize a sound called “baying.” It’s probably not a bad idea to look into this baying before you decide whether you want to pick up a Hound dog.

  1. Afghan Hound – Not the most social dog, but extremely loyal to it’s owners.
  2. American English Coonhound – They’re a very kind dog breed that loves both human and dogs very much. Not very energetic, but rather mellow dogs.
  3. American Foxhound – The Foxhound is a stubborn breed, but at the same time an easy going dog.
  4. Basenji – To people they recognize, the Basenji is very kind and loyal towards. However, they can be aloof around unfamiliar people.
  5. Basset Hound – One of the best family dogs, the Basset Hound can lack a bit of energy and excitement. Not the dog you take running with you.
  6. Beagle – They are extremely loyal companions and have a great sense of smell. Their happy attitude make them great family dogs.
  7. Black and Tan Coonhound – Easy going dogs that may seem reserve in a familiar setting. However, they’re very courageous when needed.
  8. Bloodhound – Families often develop affectionate relationships with the Bloodhound, but they are cautious around strangers.
  9. Blue tick Coonhound – They’re extremely smart and courageous dogs, especially out in the wild on a trail.
  10. Borzoi – The Borzoi is an affectionate and loyal dog. This breed is also charming and gentle at the same time.
  11. Dachsund – This dog breed is very curious and fun-loving. They’re excellent dogs that play well with small children.
  12. English Foxhound – A social breed, but not very aggressive. Not a great watch dog, but an amazing family dog.
  13. Greyhound – They’re intense runners, but super gentle and sweet dogs around people.
  14. Harrier – The Harrier is a very sociable dog that gets along very well with other dogs. Friendly and loyal are two words to describe them.
  15. Ibizan Hound – Although they may seem aloof at times, the Ibizan Hound is a gentle giant that make great house pets.
  16. Irish Wolfhound – They’re calm and and gentle dogs that are very courageous, but not overly aggressive.
  17. Norwegian Elkhound – The Elkhound is a kind, but courageous dog breed.
  18. Otterhound – These dogs are always happy and very sociable creatures. They can be very affectionate towards their owners.
  19. Pharaoh Hound – A very noble dog that is always alert and aware of its surroundings.
  20. Plott – Although they may seem fearless and courageous, the Plott dog is quite sweet with humans.
  21. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno – A well mannered dog thats very polite and charming. They love to play and are full of energy.
  22. Redbone Coonhound – A sweet dog at home, but an energetic and alert dog on the trail.
  23. Rhodesian Ridgeback – Another dog that loves its owners, but cautious with strangers.
  24. Saluki – The Saluki is very loyal and kind but also independent at the same time.
  25. Scottish Deerhound  – A quiet dog that is deceivingly intelligent. They’re very gentle dogs that are very respectful of their owners.
  26. Sloughi – Aloof yet faithful, the Sloughi are noble dogs that are full of confidence.
  27. Treeing Walker Coonhound – This Coonhound is very smart with a lot confidence.
  28. Whippet – The Whippet is a calm breed that are very affectionate with their family and loves to play with them.

Sporting Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers are by far the most popular sporting dog breeds.

The Sporting Dogs are a group of breeds that are known to be naturally very active and alert. They make perfect companions for dog owners that are equally active. They are also excellent swimmers and love to participate in any outdoor activity. It’s important to note that these dogs need regular exercise, so if you’re a daily jogger, a Sporting Dog would be ideal as a running-mate.

  1. American Water Spaniel – Although a bit stubborn, the American Water Spaniel is full of energy and seen as a “happy” dog.
  2. Boykin Spaniel – This breed is a happy and eager dog. They’re very people pleasing, which make them very trainable dogs.
  3. Brittany – The Brittany breed is a tireless worker, but a friendly and bright dog around its human family.
  4. Chesapeake Bay Retriever – This dog breed make excellent family dogs because of their caring and affectionate personality. They’re extremely intelligent dogs too.
  5. Clumber Spaniel – These dogs are definitely home dogs. They have a very mellow personality but are a bit curious too.
  6. Cocker Spaniel – The Cocker Spaniels are great dogs to be around small children. They’re gentle, playful and very smart dogs.
  7. Curly-Coated Retriever – This breed is very smart and confident. They’re known as a “thinking person’s retriever,” and rightfully so.
  8. English Cocker Spaniel – Full of energy, the English Cocker Spaniel is a breed that loves to play all the time.
  9. English Setter – This dog is also known as the “gentleman of dog breeds” because they’re very polite, gentle and overall happy dogs.
  10. English Springer Spaniel – They’re obedient and playful canines, but also a hard worker if given the opportunity.
  11. Field Spaniel – The fun-loving Field Spaniel is a people’s dog. They love to please their human owners and have a fun time doing so.
  12. Flat-coated Retriever – This dog breed lives by the motto “forever young.” They are always happy and fun to be around.
  13. German Shorthaired Pointer – This dog is another people-pleasing dog. But they’re also actually very smart and sweet dogs as well.
  14. German Wirehaired Pointer – They’re friendly with just about anyone, making them a good family dog, but not-so-good watchdog.
  15. Golden Retriever – The ultimate family dog. The Golden Retriever is friendly and very committed to their human family.
  16. Gordon Setter – The Gordon Setter is full of confidence but also has a sweet side when around people they know.
  17. Irish Red and White Setter – This dog loves to play! If you don’t have enough time to play with them, they could cause a raucous.
  18. Irish Water Spaniel – They are always alert, confident and brave, but also likes to play and interact with their humans at home.
  19. Labrador Retriever – The Lab is a breed that gets along with people and dogs. They’re very friendly and sociable dogs.
  20. Laghetto Romagnolo – This dog breed is known to be a bit submissive, but very people pleasing.
  21. Pointer – This breed makes a good hunting partner. They’re very alert, hardworking and smart.
  22. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – They’re also very sociable dogs that is alway eager to please their human. This breed is a typical Retriever.
  23. Spinone Italiano – This breed is known to be a bit timid and submissive, but somehow a sociable dog as well.
  24. Sussex Spaniel – These are classic Spaniel breeds, full of joy and very friendly dogs.
  25. Vizsla  – The Vizsla dogs are gentle creatures, but full of energy and eager to please their owners.
  26. Weimaraner – An fearless dog, the Weimaraner are always on their toes (alert!). But they are also very friendly with people and often obedient.
  27. Welsh Springer Spaniel – An energetic dog that can seem reserve around people, but not shy towards strangers. They are great family dogs.
  28. Wire-haired Pointing Griffin – An energetic and social dog thats also very eager to please their owners.
  29. Wire-haired Vizsla – At home, this dog breed is calm and gentle, but will become energetic and alert outside.

Non-sporting Dog Breeds

The Poodle from the Non-sporting dog breed category also happen to be the smartest dog breed.

The Non-sporting dog group may be the most diverse groups of breeds in any group. In terms of physical traits, they don’t share much in common. The different breeds of dogs vary in size, coat texture, color and overall appearance. Even the personalities vary widely among the dogs of the Non-sporting group. It’s best to research these dogs individually before considering whether you want that specific breed or not.

  1. American Eskimo Dog – These dogs are very smart, yet love to play. They learn dog tricks very fast and are always eager to perform them.
  2. Bichon Frise – They love to play wit humans, but also have a very curious personality.
  3. Boston Terrier The Boston Terrier is a very intelligent dog with a friendly attitude, making them great companion dogs.
  4. Bulldog – Although they’re called bull dogs, they’re a rather calm and friendly breed.
  5. Chinese Shar-pei – This dog breed is 100% devoted to their family, meaning they’re a bit aloof towards unfamiliar faces.
  6. Chow Chow – They’re a bit aloof towards human, but very bright. They’re not a good play dog.
  7. Coton De Tulear – This breed is full of love. They love people and people love them.
  8. Dalmatian – They’re outgoing dogs that are very dignified and courageous.
  9. Finnish Spitz – They’re a courageous dog breed thats faithful to its owner.
  10. French Bulldog – These bulldogs are playful and smart. They certainly don’t lack any energy.
  11. Keeshond – An overall genuinely happy dog breed that gets along with all humans and dogs.
  12. Lhasa Apso – A smart and confident dog. They often shy away from those outside of the family though.
  13. Lowchen – This breed is very energetic and sociable. Their courageousness is a lot bigger than their size suggests.
  14. Norwegian Lundehund – Stubborn at times, the Lundehund can be a very loyal and loving dog to its owners.
  15. Poodle – The smartest dog breed there is. They’re also very active and dignified.
  16. Schipperke – They’re alert and curious. Many people seem to think they’re a mischievous breed.
  17. Shiba Inu – Very attentive and alert dogs. They’re energetic at times and willing to play.
  18. Tibetan Spaniel – A very playful and confident dog that also happens to be very smart.
  19. Tibetan Terrier – The Tibetan Terrier are one of the most vocal dogs. They’re affectionate and caring towards their owners.
  20. Xoloitzcuintli – They’re an ideal watchdog: alert, attentive and wary around strangers.

Working Dog Breeds

The Rottweilers are the most popular and smartest breed among the working dog breeds.

Dogs from the Working Group have been one of man’s best assets for ages. For example, these dogs have long been bred to perform tasks such as guarding a property or sled-pulling. Not only are they born to work for humans, but they are a highly intelligent group of dogs, thus making a great companion. These dogs aren’t typically ideal for the average household because they need proper training and need a sense of duty or task for the family.

  1. Akita Inu – The Akita is a courageous and brave dog known for its loyalty to its owners and family.
  2. Alaskan Malamute – This breed can be affectionate because of its profound loyalty. They also love to play with their family.
  3. Anatolian Shepherd Dog – They make excellent watchdogs because they’re very loyal, alert and territorial.
  4. Bernese Mountain Dog – A very calm and relaxed dog breed. Overall, they’re good natured dogs and make great companions.
  5. Black Russian Terrier – This terrier breed loves those that it knows, but very wary around those that are strangers.
  6. Boerboel – The Boerboel is calm and confident, but also very smart too.
  7. Boxer – They have a very active personality. They love to have fun and play, but are also smart and loyal dogs.
  8. Bullmastiff – These dogs make great protection dogs. They’re smart, confident and very loyal towards its owner.
  9. Cane Corso – Also another great protection dog, the Cane Corso is very intelligent and trainable. They will have your back.
  10. Chinook – This smart breed is a great family dog. They love people and are always eager to please their family.
  11. Doberman Pinscher – These big dogs are fearless and confident, as they should be. Their loyalty is top notch and are regarded as very trainable.
  12. Dogue De Bordeaux – These dogs have a very docile nature, but is loyal and affectionate to their humans.
  13. German Pinscher – The German Pinscher is an intelligent and playful dog. They have a very lively personality, even at an old age.
  14. Giant Schnauzer – Although they are giant dogs, they have a very stable personality and temperament. Very loyal and highly trainable dogs.
  15. Great Dane – The Great Dane may seem intimidating in size, but they’re well-mannered and friendly dogs.
  16. Great Pyrenees – This breed is very calm and patient with humans. They’re also affectionate and smart dogs.
  17. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog – They’re known to be very even-tempered, making them such excellent family dogs.
  18. Komondor – The Komondor is a very brave and protective dog. They will show their loyalty to you and your family.
  19. Kuvasz – The Kuvasz dog breed is known for its undying loyalty. They are always patient and friendly around the family, but brave and fearless otherwise.
  20. Leonberger – Another great family dog, the Leonberger is friendly and patient around those they love.
  21. Mastiff – Although docile dogs, the Mastiff is known to be a very courageous and dignified breed.
  22. Neapolitan Mastiff – These dogs are alert and watchful. They are loyal to their family but wary around strangers.
  23. Newfoundland – The Newfoundland make great companion dogs because of their sweet nature and devotion to their owners.
  24. Portuguese Water Dog – This breed is known to be very active and adventurous. Take them out for wilderness hikes and they’ll love you.
  25. Rottweiler – The Rottweiler are great family dogs, being loyal to the familiar and cautious around strangers.
  26. Samoyed – A gentle and conservative dog breed, but gentle and sweet dogs.
  27. Siberian Husky – Friendly and hardworking dogs, but can have a stubborn attitude sometimes.
  28. Standard Schnauzer A fearless and courageous dog, but also not a very reliable breed.
  29. Tibetan Mastiff – This Mastiff is great and calm around the house but can be aggressive and territorial around strangers.
  30. St. Bernard – The St. Bernard is a big friendly giant dog. They do extremely well with kids and can always be relied on.

Terrier Dog Breeds

All dogs from the terrier breed group have similar physical characteristics.

The dogs that make up the Terrier Group are generally very energetic and lively. And although these dogs have similar physical characteristics, their size can range drastically. Terriers make great companion dogs but are known to have little tolerance for other dogs (or even cats). They require extra grooming care due to their wiry coats, but their constant energetic personality makes them worth the trouble. If you are considering a dog breed of the Terrier Group, make sure you can match their energy.

  1. Airedale terrier – A confident and courageous dog breed thats also friendly and smart.
  2. American Hairless Terrier – This terrier is fearless and brave, but also very loving towards those that love it.
  3. American Staffordshire Terrier – A true companion terrier thats  smart, confident and all around good natured.
  4. Australian Terrier – This terrier breed is lively, determined and very smart.
  5. Bedlington Terrier – A loyal dog breed, the Bedlington is full of fun and charm. They make an excellent family dog for those looking at terriers.
  6. Border Terrier – A good natured terrier thats affectionate and always happy.
  7. Bull Terrier – Don’t let the name fool you, this terrier breed is playful and charming, but they are known to have a mischievous side too.
  8. Cairn terrier – A busy dog thats always alert and watchful.
  9. Cesky Terrier – They are hardworking dogs, except when they’re home with their family. Cesky Terriers are also know to be very trainable.
  10. Dandie Dinmount Terrier – Affectionate dogs at home, the Dandies are very independent and proud on the field.
  11. Glen of Imaal Terrier – These terriers are gentle and calm compared to other terriers. However, they are still a very spirited breed.
  12. Irish Terrier – Bold and courageous workers, but calm and affectionate at home.
  13. Kerry Blue Terrier – This dog breed is a very people-friendly. They’re very comfortable and nice around all people.
  14. Lakeland Terrier – The Lakeland makes a great family dog, especially with families that have small children. They’re bold, brave and smart too.
  15. Manchester Terrier A very alert terrier, the Manchester makes a great watchdog.
  16. Miniature Bull Terrier – Don’t let their size fool you, this miniature terrier is a bit mischievous but in a comical way. They’re always entertaining.
  17. Miniature Schnauzer – Small, but friendly and very obedient dogs.
  18. Norfolk Terrier – The Norfolk is more social than most terriers. They love to have fun and are generally alert.
  19. Parson Russell Terrier – They’re athletic and bold on the field, but friendly and clever as well.
  20. Rat Terrier – A small dog, but big personality. The Rat Terrier is fearless and curious, but friendly around people.
  21. Russell Terrier – This dog breed is energetic and alert, but very welcoming and warm around people.
  22. Scottish Terrier – An independent and confident dog that rarely will shy away from a situation.
  23. Sealyham Terrier – Although known to have a stubborn personality, the Sealyham is a social and outgoing dog.
  24. Skye Terrier – This terrier is known for its devotion and loyalty. They are generally calm dogs, but can be stubborn at times.
  25. Smooth Fox Terrier – This breed make an excellent family-oriented dog. They are smart and have an independent personality.
  26. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Like many other terriers, they are stubborn. But this Terrier breed is very loyal and friendly to its family.
  27. Staffordshire Bull Terrier – The Staffordshire is brave and courageous, but gentle and playful at home.
  28. Welsh Terrier – The Welsh Terrier is known to be more calm than other terrier breeds, but are alert and spirited.
  29. West Highland White Terrier – This dog breed is smart, loyal and happy. They will always keep you entertained.
  30. Wire Fox Terrier –  A friendly and sociable dog that often requires a lot of affection and love from their family.

Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds are the smallest of all breeds, hence toy dogs.

Toy dogs are what you may expect by the name of the group. They are a group of small dog breeds that make the perfect lap dog and have an uncanny ability to produce the “awwws” from humans. But don’t let their miniature-sized bodies fool you, they can be feisty little creatures with a lot of toughness. They make excellent dogs for owners living in metropolitan areas with little space (try putting a German Shepherd in a 600 sq. ft apartment!). Toy dogs are also excellent for teenagers or kids, because it’s much easier to take care of a small dog than a large dog.

  1. Affenpinscher – Although they can sometimes be stubborn little dogs, they’re quite the curious adventurers. Small size doesn’t mean they’re scared to explore.
  2. Brussels Griffon – Despite their small size, the Brussels Griffon surprisingly makes great watchdogs with their  keen alertness.
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – These dogs are the perfect lapdogs, even for kids! They’re generally very happy and playful around all people.
  4. Chihuahua – Even though the Chihuahua is small, they have amazing courage and bravery. It’s why they always bark at dogs triple their size.
  5. Chinese Crested – Don’t let their unique physical features fool you, they’re very kind-hearted and playful dogs.
  6. English Toy Spaniel – These little gentle dogs are extremely playful and can get along well with just about anyone, including other small dogs.
  7. Havanese – Small head doesn’t always mean small brain. The Havanese are quite intelligent dogs with a big heart for their owners.
  8. Italian Greyhound – Although the Italian Greyhounds make excellent companions, they can be a little mischievous at times.
  9. Japanese Chin – These dogs can seem a little independent and cat-like at times. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they aren’t highly loyal dogs.
  10. Maltese – Fearless, sweet-tempered and playful. There is nothing ever bad to say about a Maltese dog.
  11. Manchester Terrier – This terrier breed is always bursting with energy. The Manchester Terrier can also be a loyal companion if you can deal with their activeness.
  12. Miniature Pinscher – They’re just like their larger counterparts, except with a happier attitude.
  13. Papillon – The friendly and energetic Papillon also happens to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds as well.
  14. Pekingese – This Chinese royalty dog has a nature sense of pride. However, they’re still good-natured dogs, just a little stubborn at times.
  15. Pomeranian – These small dogs are some of the most playful dogs you will ever meet. It’s rare to find a Pomeranian that you won’t get along with.
  16. Pug – Why do people love pugs? They’re full of friendliness and charm, it’s hard to resist one.
  17. Shih Tzu – They’re one of the best toy dog breeds in terms of personality. Always friendly, cheerful and lively – everyone wants to be around a Shih Tzu.
  18. Silky Terrier – These toy dogs are always alert and responsive. They’re also very friendly and joyful dogs.
  19. Toy Fox Terrier – Like most terriers, the Toy Fox is full of lively energy. They’re generally very sweet dogs and get along with children.
  20. Toy Poodle – Poodles come in all sizes, including toy size. Fortunately, they still happen to be quite intelligent, even at ‘toy’ size.
  21. Yorkshire Terrier – Despite the Yorkshire being one of the smallest dogs ever, they’re known for their bold and courageous personality.

Other Dog Breeds

These are the dog breeds that are not officially recognized by the AKC. For a purebred dog to be officially recognized, there must be enough registered dogs of the breed in the United States. Sometimes, the breed at question will be too similar to an existing breed on this list. These dogs may also be recognized by other kennel clubs in other countries.

  1. Japanese Spitz – This dog breed has immense love and loyalty towards its owner, making them ideal family dogs.
  2. Kishu Ken – A fierce and highly skilled hunting dog with total devotion to its owner and family.
  3. Sakhalin Husky – These huskies have unbelievable stamina and strength, which make them perfect for long sled journeys in Antartica.
  4. Japanese Terrier – They’re friendly and affectionate small-sized terriers with an eagerness to perform tricks. If you love giving your dog attention, this terrier will certainly reciprocate.
  5. Shikoku Inu – These Japanese dogs are loyal hunters, making them excellent companions in the wild with inherent survival instincts.
  6. Chippiparai – They’re considered to be Indian hunting royalty. The Chippiparai is quick, powerful but best of all, loyal to its owner and/or family.