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27 Cute Corgi Mixes That’ll Melt Your Heart – Find the Perfect Corgi Mix

Check out the adorable Corgi mixes that'll surely melt your heart.
Written by Richard Jeng

A favorite of Instagram and the Queen of England, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (often shortened to Welsh Corgi, or just Corgi) has seen its fair share of popularity recently. Don’t believe us…well, last we checked, #corgibutt was trending on Instagram.

As with any trend, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. But that’s the great thing about dogs; hybrids and mixed breeds offer near unlimited options. Corgis are no exception.

When you combine their trademark short legs and features with other breeds, the results are often beyond adorable. Here are the best Corgi mixes we’ve found.

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What’s a Corgi?

The Corgi, or Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is an adorable bundle of joy that has been taking the internet by storm. Just check out all these hilarious Corgi jokes and memes.

Iconic for their short legs, they stand low to the ground at just 10 to 12 inches tall, while weighing 25 to 30 pounds.

Though small, they can be deceivingly athletic and agile. Their short legs are built with lean muscle and they are hard working dogs.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi can come in array of coat colors, ranging from red to sable, fawn, black, tan and white. Plus, they come in variations of tri-color, which owners seem to love.

But thanks to their double coat, they do shed quite a bit and require moderate grooming from time to time (especially during shedding season). If you don’t want your house filled with corgi hair, make sure to brush them frequently.

Corgi Temperament

Welsh Corgis are highly intelligent dogs, falling just short of the top 10 most intelligent dog breeds list. In addition, they have bright personalities and a playful demeanor

These dogs are been known to be very food-driven, which explains why they’re prone to obesity at an older age. But on the bright side, food-driven dogs are much easier to train with the right motivation (treats!).

One Corgi owner tells us:

Corgis are addicted to eating food. My dog is just mesmerized when there is food around. If we didn’t stop her, she would never stop eating.

Part of the herding group, Corgis were bred to be excellent herders and often times, will try to herd humans too. This is especially true with small children.

With those big triangular ears of theirs, they’re always alert and will have a tendency to bark at everything. They can’t help it – Corgis were bred to bark at livestock!

But overall, these dogs can be loyal and will thrive in an active and loving family environment. It’s not hard to see why they’ve experienced such popularity all over the world.

Adorable Corgi Mixes

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Corgi mixes. Of course, the list could go on and on, but here are just a few that are certain to warm your heart.

1. Augie

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix.

The Augie mix is a combination of the Australian Shepherd and Corgi.
via Instagram: @eevee_the_augi

Or is it an Augi…or even an Auggie (everyone seems to want to spell it differently). Regardless of how you call it, this mix brings together intelligence and a happy-to-please personality into a single (tiny) package.

The Corgi side can make this breed a bit more adaptable than a purebred Aussie, which means you can get all the energy and activeness of the latter, but with a readiness to learn.

And don’t forget about the coloring and those eyes! Whether blue or brown or both, you can be sure that an Aussie-Corgi will have a memorable look.

More good news! Australian Shepherds come in a mini variation as well, which can add yet another layer to this mix’s perfection if it is one of the parents!

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2. Horgi

Parents: Siberian Husky and Corgi mix.

The Horgi is a Welsh Corgi Siberian Husky mix.
via Instagram: @a_xena_tenez

Here we’ve got another mix that goes by multiple names. Some say Siborgi, others Horgski, and others just settle for Husky-Corgi.

Whatever you call it, the result is the same: a breed that can be playful, friendly, and mischievous all at the same time.

While Corgis tend to be more docile (though occasionally stubborn), the Siberian Husky side can bring a little trickiness with it.

Huskies are known for getting into trouble and both parent breeds can be strong-willed from time to time. Make sure to establish dominance in the household quick.

But with proper training and attention, you could end up with a dog that has the face and eyes of a wolf, but the heart and temperament (and shape) of a teddy bear.

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3. Corman Shepherd

Parents: German Shepherd and Corgi mix.

The Corman Shepherd is the beautiful cross between a German Shepherd and Corgi.
via Instagram: @hollyandboris

In theory, a Corgi and German Shepherd (see more German dogs here) seem at odds with each other. German Shepherds have stark, proud features that exude dignity.

On the other hand, Corgis are borderline comical with their characteristic short legs.

Simply put: theory is downright misleading. The Corgi’s features can soften out those of the German Shepherd side while still maintaining a look that is smart and alert. And it is brilliant!

The end result is a dog that has loads of intelligence and is fiercely loyal (and friendly) to those around it…so long as they are human.

From what we’ve seen, this mixed breed tends to prefer human company over that of other canines.

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4. Corgidor

Parents: Labrador Retriever and Corgi mix.

The Corgidor combines the Welsh Corgi with the most popular dog in the world.
via Instagram: @lifewithkip

Another one of our favorites, the Corgi-Labrador mix is yet another friendly and intelligent dog perfect for families.

And we are not alone in thinking so. The American Kennel Club has named the Labrador Retriever the most popular breed for 27 years in a row. For good reason too.

Labs are kind-natured and caring dogs that make perfect partners. When this is combined with the playfulness of a Corgi, the result…is that you spend the rest of your evening looking at pictures of Corgidor puppies instead of working.

The actual result is a dog that has a huge heart and will brighten the day for those around it with its friendly temperament.

And even though Corgis can be a bit high-strung in some cases, you can expect the Labrador side to mellow that out quite a bit.

5. Corgi Inu

Parents: Shiba Inu and Corgi mix.

The Adorable Corgi Inu is part Shiba Inu, part Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @nala_meetsworld

Worlds collide with this breed, bringing together the Welsh Corgi with the Shiba Inu for a heart-warming mix of East and West. Also, check out our list of all dogs from Japan here.

The Shiba Inu is known for being a bold, fastidious breed with a dignified heritage. They are known to clean themselves often and to sport an independent character.

Combined with a Corgi this can lead to a dog that strikes a balance between playfulness and calm repose. Depending on which parent they take after they could lean toward being energetic or reserved.

Either way, a Corgi Inu might tempt you to through away your pillow and keep them as a replacement. The Shiba Inu is recognizable for its puffy double-coat, and Corgis also have a reputation for fluff…so, you do the math.

6. Corgi-Dalmatian

Parents: Dalmatian and Corgi mix.

The Corgimatian is the Dalmatian Welsh Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @corgimatian

This is one of our personal favorites. With the distinctive coloring of a Dalmatian, but the stature of a Corgi, this mix is an unforgettable sight.

Bringing together the attitudes of a Corgi and a Dalmatian results in a dog that is playful and friendly with both humans and other animals alike. However, this cheery attitude belies a dog that is also intelligent and keen on learning.

Dalmatians have a history as a working breed, so they bring an enthusiasm to learn and help to this mix, while the Corgi side is eager to have fun.

When blended together, you get a dog that is just as prepared to serve as a watch dog (though a distinctly non-intimidating one) as it is to curl up on your lap for a snooze.

7. Corgipom

Parents: Pomeranian and Corgi mix.

The Corgipom is the crossbreed of a Pomeranian and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @pikuthecorgipom

While this mix isn’t officially recognized, it is hard to deny its appeal. Pomeranians are a favorite as companions because of their size and massive amounts of fluff.

And Corgi’s…well, we already know how popular they are. They’re even more popular than Poms, at least in America.

This mix might be difficult to find, but if you can, you’re in for a treat. So long as you don’t mind a bit of barking, since both Pomeranians and Corgis are known to enjoy using their vocal cords.

Oh, and not to mention the grooming might be a doozy. But all things considered, this breed makes for a super friendly dog that will be ready to stand by your side (or take a nap on your lap).

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8. Chorgi

Parents: Chow Chow and Corgi mix.

The Chorgi is a unique blend of the Chow Chow and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @robertthetherapydog

Hailing from Northern China, the Chow Chow is unmistakable with its incredibly thick fur and its blue-black tongue. When mixed with a Corgi, the results are a bit unpredictable, but in a good way.

Since the two breeds have such distinct features, you could end up with a Corgi that has hints of Chow, or a Chow that leaves a Corgi-like impression.

In terms of temperament there is also plenty of room for variation. Chow Chows can be anything between super reserved and calm to somewhat aggressive and protective.

Of course, a lot of this has to do with upbringing and whether or not the dog was trained and cared for properly from a young age.

Without a doubt though, a Chorgi would be a favorite for those who appreciate balls of fluff. Just realize you’ll need to clean up after the fluff ball.

9. Porgi

Parents: Pug and Corgi mix.

The Porgi is a combination of the Pug and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @georgie_the_porgi

Here we have a mix of two breeds which have both enjoyed royal attention. The Corgi is well known for being the breed of choice for the Queen of England, and flat-faced breeds such as Pugs once had the favor of emperors in China.

When you put the two together, the result is a decidedly unique look. Though the combination might not be for everyone, there is no denying that it sticks in your head.

Pugs are known to be a bit on the snoozy side, so don’t be surprised if a Porgi enjoys taking naps as much as it enjoys playing around. But as much as they love sleeping, they also want to stay up to date with their owners.

So, between naps you can expect a Porgi to follow you around and be ready for play and/or attention.

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10. Golden Corgi

Parents: Golden Retriever and Corgi mix.

The Golden Corgi is the Golden Retriever and Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @dailydoseof_milo

Though it doesn’t yet have a catchy official name, the Corgi Golden Retriever mix is rising in popularity. They’re essentially Corgis in the signature golden coat.

Unlike some of the other Corgi mixes on this list, this one seems seems less dominated by the Corgi’s features and ends up looking more like a scaled down Golden Retriever.

This mixed breed would be great for those who love the personality and features of a Golden Retriever, but aren’t quite prepared to live with a big dog. If you live in an apartment or smaller house, this breed would be much more suitable.

However, be ready for heavy shedding. Regular grooming and care are going to become routine parts of your life if you don’t want to wake up covered in layers of fur!

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11. Chigi

Parents: Chihuahua and Corgi mix.

The Chigi, or Chorgi, is a combination of the Chihuahua and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @maddiethechorgi

Some might debate how to name this mixed breed (Chorgi?), but we’re sure most would agree that it is a precious little dog.

While most of the breeds on this list see Corgis mixed with similar-sized or larger breeds, this one takes things in the other direction. Chihuahuas are known for being the smallest breed around, after all.

What you get is a tiny dog that can display some of the defining traits of both breeds while blending others together.

Some features to look for might be the Chihuahua’s larger, triangular ears and narrow snout alongside the Corgi’s legs and thicker fur.

While Corgi’s are generally more playful, a mix might pick up some of the fiery characteristics of the Chihuahua, making for a dog that is equal parts playful and zesty.

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12. Pembroke Sheltie

Parents: Shetland Sheepdog and Corgi mix.

The Pembroke Sheltie is a unique blend of the Sheltie and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @duke.thedawgg

The Shetland Sheepdog, also called the Sheltie, is known as being one of the brightest dog breeds around, so when mixed with a Corgi you can end up with a dog that is a balance of fun and brains.

However, the Sheltie’s athleticism might be tempered by the physical limits of a Corgi. Though a Pembroke Sheltie mix might not become the next dog sports champion, it is sure to still be energetic and ready to play or learn.

If the Sheltie’s side peeks through more, there is a chance they will enjoy chasing after cars or people. But not to worry, this is not out of a sense of aggression, but just their herding instincts taking over.

13. Schnorgi

ParentsMiniature Schnauzer and Corgi mix.

The Schnorgi is a miniature Schnauzer and Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @chewietheschnorgi

There is a lot of possible variation with how this mixed breed will look, but one common trend is that they have the head and fur of a Schnauzer but the body of a Corgi.

Generally playful and energetic, this mixed breed is usually rather agreeable, but can also display a stubborn streak, likely coming from the Corgi side’s strong will.

As usual, proper training and a calm, consistent, and confident display of dominance should keep this in check.

Though they get along well with people of all ages, they tend to show a preference for older children and adults.

Younger children simply might not know how to give them the constant, but gentle, attention they look for from their owners.

14. Corgoyed

Parents: Samoyed and Corgi mix.

The Corgmoyed is a combination of the Samoyed dog and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @winter.snowe

The Samoyed is a beautiful while-furred dog breed that comes from the harsh climate of northern Russian and Siberia. Though their size can be intimidating, they are almost never aggressive.

This gentle nature can combine well with a Corgi, mellowing out the sometimes nippy temperament of the Welsh breed. However, this can vary from dog to dog.

If you live in hot climates though, this might not be the mixed breed for you, especially if the dog takes after the Samoyed’s thick coat.

They’ll be much more at home frolicking around piles of snow than baking beneath the sun. These dogs are in their “element” when living in colder climate.

15. Corgi Pit

Parents: American Pit Bull Terrier and Corgi mix.

The Corgi Pit is part American Pit Bull Terrier and part Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @evabean_the_divaqueen

Pitbulls are known for their aggressive looks, but have hearts of gold. When you bring these traits to mix with a Corgi, the result is amazing.

You get a mixed breed that can display some of the more muscular features of a Pitbull, but in the unique overall shape of a Corgi.

The odds are it will take after the Pitbull parent for its coat, which means grooming will be easier than with other Corgi mixes.

Despite being easier to care for in terms of grooming, having Pitbull blood means that they will be sensitive, emotional dogs.

So we recommend this mixed breed for adults or families with only older children who can learn how to properly interact with them. 

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16. Corger

ParentsBoxer and Corgi mix.

The Corger is a mix between the Boxer and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @arlothecorgimix

This mix is one that is guaranteed to be both energetic and outgoing. Since both the parents are about the same size, the outcome will still be a medium-sized dog, but with a ton of personality.

From the Boxer side you can expect plenty of energy, but also stores of patience. This means they can get along rather well with children and adults both. Just make sure the kids are old enough to be playing with dogs.

Also from the Boxer parent, they are likely to inherit a more muscular build alongside shorter fur. However, this can vary.

In any case, they’ll likely become intensely attached to their owners. Plus, some owners claim they occasionally want to herd them if they go running. So make sure to keep them in check.

17. Corgipoo

Parents: Toy Poodle and Corgi mix.

The Corgipoo is a hybrid of the Miniature Poodle and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @poppythecorgipoo

This mix has a lot of room for variation. Since Toy Poodles are so petite, if the Corgipoo takes after it you could end up with a tiny dog.

But if it takes after the Corgi parent, you could end up with a chunky (though still little), somewhat poodle-looking, dog.

While not entirely hypoallergenic, if the dog takes after the Poodle parent for its coat, you might find it less irritating to pet allergies. For the full list of hypoallergenic dogs, check this out.

Combining the temperaments of a Toy Poodle and a Corgi will net you a dog that is both active and companionable.

That is, they’ll be happy to spend plenty of time playing, but just as happy to snuggle up on your lap afterward.

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18. Corgi-Greyhound

Parents: Greyhound and Corgi mix.

There is currently no official name for the Corgi Greyhound mix.
via Instagram: @masked_celeste

This is a rarer mix of breeds and one that might not be the most recommended to look for. However, we decided to include it in this list for its appearance.

After all, could any two dogs look less alike than the Corgi and the Greyhound? Corgis are short, round, and fluffy. And Greyhounds are tall, lithe, and lean.

Corgis are good at waddling around and capturing hearts, while Greyhounds are prized for their speed and athleticism (though their affectionate nature is not to be forgotten).

The result of the two is a breed that can display the energy and confidence of a Greyhound, but in the shape of a Corgi.

But keep in mind that back problems could be in store for such a mix. Corgis already are at risk for such problems because of their elongated bodies and short legs. Throwing some Greyhound blood into the mix might only make them longer…but still with short legs.

19. Dobergi Pinscher

Parents: Doberman Pinscher and Corgi mix.

Crossbreeding the Doberman Pinscher and Welsh Corgi gives you the Dobergi.
via Instagram: @aruotolo15

Among all the Corgi mixes, this one is the least obvious. The Dobergi is an odd cross between the fierce Doberman Pinscher and the cuddly Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The result is a very cute Doberman Pinscher with short legs.

Most Dobergi Pinschers come in the traditional Doberman coat: black with tan highlights. The face may also look like a Doberman, including the long pointy ears. However, the body almost always looks like a Corgi.

These designer dogs are among the rarest because they’re two very different dogs. However, they’re still interesting to see if you come by one.

20. Beagi

Parents: Beagle and Corgi mix.

The Beagi is the wonderful combination of the Beagle and Corgi.
via Instagram: @goodtimelenny

The Beagi is a cross between the Beagle and either the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi, though the Pembroke is more common. They’re a very unique mutt with a lot of trademark traits from both parents.

For instance, the Beagi will have droopy ears and a curly erect tail, as seen in the Beagle. However, they usually inherit the short stature, along with facial features of a Corgi.

Beagis have great temperaments are are generally always friendly. In addition, they’re devoted to the owners and will always been willing to please them in any way. 

But like the Corgi, the Beagi can be overprotective and have strong territorial instincts. There’s a good chance they might be barkers.

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21. Saint Corgnard

Parents: St. Bernard and Corgi mix.

The St. Corgnard is the not-so-obvious cross of a St. Bernard and Corgi.
via Instagram: @kipper_the_pup

The St. Corgnard is not a common sight. In fact, I may have even made up their name. But the fact is, they do exist and they are unbelievably awesome designer dogs.

There are very few known cases of these mutt dogs and as a result, very little data on personality and temperament. However, we have a good idea how they look physically.

Saint Corgnards typically have the coat colors of the Saint Bernard. They’ll even have the droopy ears from that parent. From the Corgi side, they’ll inherit the iconic short body and legs. 

Still, too little is known and there is no official standard for this Corgi mix. Just know these awesome dogs are out there.

22. Bulldorgi

Parents: Bulldog and Corgi mix.

The Bulldog Corgi mix doesn't have an official name, but let's call them the Bulldorgi.
via Instagram: @susan_factor

The Bulldog Corgi mix, also known as the Bulldorgi, is the interesting combination of two very different dogs in both personality and appearance. 

Because they’re such rare hybrids, they can vary quite a bit physically. Depending on the parent, the face can look more like a Bulldog or Corgi. However, they’ll have the short frame of the Corgi.

The Bulldorgi is a very independent and courageous dog. They can be great workers, but also laid back as well. They’re something unique and worth looking into if you can actually find one. 

23. Borgi

Parents: Border Collie and Corgi mix.

The Borgi is a wonderful cross between the Border Collie and Corgi.
via Instagram: @olytheborgi

What happens when you crossbreed two hard-working herding dogs? You get the Borgi – an awesome cross between a Border Collie and Welsh Corgi. 

Though appearance can vary, you typically get a fluffy Corgi with Border Collie colors. The Borgi is small dog with a ton of crazy energy. Make sure you can keep up with them before you bring one home.

They’ll be smaller than a Border Collie and inherit the short legs of the Corgi. And if you ever need any herding work, it’s probably a good idea to give them a try. 

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24. Corpin

Parents: Miniature Pinscher and Corgi mix.

The Corpin combines the Miniature Pinscher with the Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @avery.the.corpin

Corpins are hybrid dogs that combine the Corgi with the Miniature Pinscher. They’re not only popular being mixed with the Pembroke but also with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

With the Pembroke, the Corpin will have a smoother, longer coat. Plus, they’ll usually be smaller than the Cardigan mixed variation.

On the other hand, Cardigan Corpins are slightly larger and heaver with a darker rough coat. Still, they can vary by dog.

The Corpin is unsurprisingly very people-oriented. They get along with all people and can show a great deal of affection. However, they can be independent at times and won’t always want to be lazy lap dogs.

25. Cava-Corgi

Parents: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Corgi mix.

The Cavacorgi is comprised of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @stanleytuccithedog

These small hybrid dogs are full of positive energy. Crossbred with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Welsh Corgi, the Cava-Corgi is one of the easiest Corgi mixes to care for.

They’re dog and people-friendly, especially with children. They don’t require too much physical activity, but are always willing to play. So while they’re fantastic lap dogs, they’re great activity companions too.

Put them in a room with your children and they’ll quickly win over their hearts. There’s a lot to love about these easy-going designer dogs and people have taken notice of.

26. Corgi Schip

Parents: Schipperke and Corgi mix.

The Corgi Schip is one of the most unusual Corgi mixes ever developed.
via Instagram: @helichrysumjim

Bred from the Belgian Schipperke and Corgi, the Corgi Schip is easily one of the most underrated designer dogs. They’re adorable, affectionate and excellent watchdogs (despite their size).

Both parent breeds are a little territorial and protective, which explains why they can excel at their watchdog duties. And because both parents are intelligent breeds, you can expect your Corgi Schip to be highly capable as well.

The Schipperke was bred for hunting small vermin, while the Corgi was bred for herding livestock. These skills and instincts can pass along to the Corgi Schip depending on the dog.

These dogs have been slowly popping up in countries all over the world, so it’s much easier getting your hands on one today.

27. Cairn Corgi

Parents: Cairn Terrier and Corgi mix.

The Combination of the Cairn Terrier and Corgi gives you the Cairn Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @otis_is

The Cairn Corgi is a hybrid of both Scotland and Wales’ finest – the Cairn Terrier and Welsh Corgi. This United Kingdom super designer dog can be a great addition to any family.

They’re affectionate and willing to please the owner. In combination with their smarts and you have a highly trainable dog breed. However, expect to spend a lot of time keeping up with their energy.

Despite the Corgis’ tendencies to bark, the Cairn Corgi isn’t much of a barker. Sure, they’ll occasionally bark at you to grab your attention, but they won’t unnecessarily bark at every sound. 

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What’s My Corgi Mix?

Every day, I get so many questions regarding the breed of owners’ Corgi mix. Sure, I’ve done my research, but there’s no way for me to tell due to the variation in looks. Plus, it’s near impossible to figure out with pictures.

And if your Corgi mix came from a rescue group or animal shelter, it’s likely the staff got the true breed wrong. According to the AAHA, most shelters just make an educated guess. There’s no genetic testing done.

The only way to know is through a dog DNA test, such as the Embark DNA Test:

Embark’s DNA test is by far the most reputable and accurate test. More importantly, they have the most data to identify breeds with. However, there are two options you can get.

The standard Breed Identification Kit is perfect if you just want to know what breed your Corgi is mixed with. They have a genetic database consisting of over 250 breeds to check with. In addition, they’ll set up a family tree for the dog!

But the most valuable would be the Breed + Health Kit, which provides health screenings for over 170 genetic diseases. Corgis are prone to issues such as hip dysplasia and other disc disease, so knowing this valuable information could help prevent future issues.

Tips on Buying a Corgi Mix

When a breed is in demand, sometimes breeders might disregard certain issues for the dogs in order to make a quick buck.

While there are plenty of responsible breeders out there who have the dogs’ health and care in mind, there are also some who do not.

With that said, here are a few things to keep in mind when considering taking home a Corgi mix.

Back & Hip Problems

Due to their elongated bodies and shorter legs, Welsh Corgis have a tendency toward back problems.

While this might be alleviated when mixed with certain breeds, in other cases it can result in an even higher risk.

It all depends on what traits the dog takes after. If it keeps the long and stout features of a Corgi while also taking on similar traits from another breed, it might put the dog at risk for health problems.

However, proper care and attention can help to ensure that the dog stays in good health, regardless of their physical traits.

Know the Parents

When breeding dogs of different sizes, it is important that the mother (the dam) be of the larger breed and that the father (the sire) be the smaller dog.

The reason for this is that a smaller breed can have trouble giving birth to dogs mixed with a larger breed. This runs a risk not only to the mother, but to the pups as well.

This risk is easily avoided by making sure that you deal only with responsible breeders who know what they are doing.

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  • Great list. We are happy family members of a sweet Basset-Corgi (reported by the rescue) and we think she’s a phenomenal dog, with great energy and the perky ears of the corgi (other Basset-Corgis I have seen have the floppy ears, but not our girl). She is terrifically socialized but definitely prone to bark in the yard.

  • We have a Corgi, Heeler, Jack Russell mix. He’s extremely cute, loves kids, rarely barks, except when guarding and has massive energy, but is equally snuggly. We just love him. I wish I knew how to post a photo of him.

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