Who Are We? The Smart Canine

The Smart Canine strives to be the one-stop source for all your dog information and entertainment. All informational guides are thoroughly researched by our experienced staff.

We take pride in finding the most accurate information and creating the most in-depth resources for dog owners. But who are we? Here’s a little bit about ourselves.

The Founders

We are brother and sister, but more importantly, dog lovers. Both of us have been raising dogs for decades, including a Pomeranian, Australian Shepherd, Poodle and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

A lot of the information that we provide is not only thoroughly researched, but also based on our personal experience. We know and love dogs. 

Richard Jeng

The founder and web admin of The Smart Canine. He’s been caring for dogs all his life. Currently, Richard is helping raise a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Australian Shepherd.

According to Richard, there’s nothing better than coming home to your dogs greeting you. It’s why he’s dedicated his time to providing the best resource for all dog owners.

Tiffany Jeng, DVM (2022)

Tiffany is currently in the process of attaining her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine license. We rely on her for articles that revolve around dog health and care.

Also, she’s a product of one of the top ranking veterinary schools in the world – Texas A&M University

She’s the lead consultant for all the books published by The Smart Canine. In addition, Tiffany has worked with multiple animal hospitals in both California and Texas.

Also, she’s fairly experienced in caring for her own Australian Shepherd, Olympus.

Meet Our Dogs

A little about the dogs that we care for (or have cared for in the past). They are the reason we started The Smart Canine, and why Tiffany pursued a career in animal care.

Pippa the Corgi

Follow her: @pippathecorgi

Olympus “Oly” the Aussie

Follow him: @olympustheaussie

The Smart Canine’s Mission

Learn about all types of dog breeds, mixed breeds, interesting dog facts, proper nutrition for dogs, vaccination information and more.

Dogs may just be a part of our lives. But to them, we are their whole lives. Treat them accordingly.

We are a group of dog owners, but more importantly, passionate about our dogs. It’s why we’re able to publish high quality content for you!

The vision of The Smart Canine is to be more than a high quality resource for dog owners and lovers. Our goal is to be able to provide relief for dogs in need – all over the world.

For more information or to reach us, feel free to contact us through our contact form.


The Smart Canine Team