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31 Precious Pug Mixes – Find the Perfect Pug Mix

Is there any dog more funny and entertaining as the Pug? With their squished little faces, bright smiles and wrinkled skin, Pugs have become internet sensations and a beloved dog breed all around the world. But there’s a lot more to Pugs than you know.

Believe it or not, Pugs were originally bred to be royal companions in ancient China. Since then, they’ve come a long way – effectively making it into numerous households in the west. In fact, they’re always in the top 30 popular list for North America.

Because of their favorable temperaments as companion dogs, Pugs are not hard to find. It’s why we see so many Pug hybrids in the market today. After all, who wouldn’t want their dogs to have the Pug’s loving personality? That said, here are our favorite Pug mixes.

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What’s a Pug?

From companions of Chinese emperors to the mascot of Holland’s House of Orange, Pugs have become wildly popular dog breed. Whether you’re a fan of their looks, few dog lovers can deny the adorable and affectionate nature of these dogs.

Mild-tempered and cheerful, Pugs are solid companions that seamlessly fit into nearly any household. They’re adaptable, but can be a little sensitive if you don’t treat them right. The breed, however, does bring a lot of fun and mischief into the home.

Make no mistake, Pugs are people-oriented dogs. After all, that’s what they were bred to be – a friendly companion for all. They don’t make the best guard dogs, but you’ll always have comfort knowing they’ll be by your side.

My pugs are the most ridiculously social pugs ever ! Yoda is playful with everyone and Leia is a social butterfly. She looves to go up to every person in the room to get tickles, pets and cuddles.

– Stazz (Pug Village)

Unfortunately, Pugs are prone to obesity. They love to eat and getting treats won’t be hard with their big round eyes and cute expressions. That said, it’s important they get their daily exercise in. They’ll want to lounge around, but physical activity is crucial.

And while Pugs are infamous shedding machines, they’re small dogs and there won’t be as much hair as other larger breeds. We still highly recommend basic grooming. However, the key to a happy Pug is to shower him or her with love.

Best Pug Mixes

We’ve searched the internet for the 31 best, or at least our favorite, Pug mixes. Which Pug mix do you like the best? Let us know in the comments section below. And if we’ve missed one that deserves to be here, tell us about him below!

1. Pugador

Parents: Labrador x Pug mix

via Instagram: @thanks_raisin

The Pugador is a hybrid that combines the beloved Pug with America’s favorite Labrador Retriever. In a short amount of time, Pugadors have become popular hybrid dogs. Though we still know very little about these Pug mixes.

However, they tend to inherit the even-temper of the Labrador. And because both parents are loyal to a fault, we can expect the same in this mix. Pugadors are people-dogs, that is, they’re friendly, charming and need human attention.

What were uncertain about is the physical looks. Both parent breeds are vastly different in size, shape and looks. Still, most Pugadors will inherit the scrunched up face from the Pug side. Though, they may range between 30 and 50 pounds.

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2. Cocker Pug

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Pug mix

via Instagram: @winniethecockerpug

Cocker Pugs are designer dogs developed by crossbreeding the Pug with the playful Cocker Spaniel. The result is as expected – a uniquely wonderful Pug mix inheriting all the best qualities from each of the parent breeds.

The Cocker Pug is a small to medium Pug mix, though the coat can be either smooth or curly. The length of fur can be short or long. It really depends on parentage of the dog. But, the double coat is inevitable, so expect some shedding.

Still, Cocker Pugs make wonderful dogs because of their temperaments. They’re loving and friendly, but willing to please. Parents say they make wonderful playmates with kids and it is easy to see why. Just be sure to get them their exercise.

3. Corgi Pug

Parents: Corgi x Pug mix

via Instagram: @thesweetgirldixie

It won’t get more obvious than the name. The Corgi Pug is, well, a Corgi and Pug mix. The hybrid makes a lot of sense, as both parents are internet-favorite dogs. They’re truly meme-worthy for their cute looks and friendly personality.

The temperaments of the two parents are different, though. On one hand, the Welsh Corgi is a hard-working dog. On the other, the Pug just wants to lazily lounge around. You’ll get something in between, making them ideal for most people.

The two key physical characteristics of each parent breeds will be present in this mix. That is, the short legs of the Corgi and the wrinkly face of the Pug. Combine these two iconic features and you have one of the most adorable Pug mix.

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4. Pug-Zhu

Parents: Shih Tzu x Pug mix

via Instagram: @cannoli_thepugzu

The Pug-Zhu is the Chinese powerhouse that combines the Shih Tzu and Pug. Both were bred to be companions of emperors, and both share similar qualities that’s inherited in the hybrid. Royalty or not, they’ll make great companions for you.

These Pug mixes have huge personalities, despite their 8 to 22 pound frame. They’re all you want in a lap dog; loving, sweet, bright and intelligent. But like with both parent breeds, the Pug-Zhu will occasionally have stubborn streaks.

Pug-Zhu hybrids will shower you with affectionate, but in return, you need to provide plenty of attention and care. They’re people-dogs and as such, thrive on human interaction. When they can, they love being the center of attention.

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5. Pugalier

Parents: Cavalier King Charles x Pug mix

via Instagram: @zeusygram

The Pugalier is a designer dog that combines the gracefulness of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the silliness of the Pug. They’re all about fun, while retaining an attentiveness that’s both gentle and sweet.

Physical appearance will vary, and they can look much like either parent. Though, it’s likely they’ll have a face resembling a Pug. At the same time, it’s possible Pugaliers inherits the longer coat and colors of the spaniel.

These stunning Pug mixes were developed to retain that charm of the Pug, but also reduce the breathing problems seen in brachycephalic dogs. However, the spaniel side brings a bit more energy and alertness.

6. Hug

Parents: Husky x Pug mix

via Instagram: @oakleythehuskypug

The Hug is a hybrid that combines the Siberian Husky and the Pug. These mixes aren’t the most obvious mixes, but they’ll surely make you want to hug the dog. However, the parents are drastically different in both looks and personalities.

What you may get is a medium-sized Pug mix that inherits the activeness of the Husky along with the playfulness of both parents. They’ll be affectionate, loyal and sweet. However, like with all hyper dogs, they’ll need plenty of daily activities.

Primarily thanks to the Siberian Husky side, the Hug may inherit the stubbornness. That’s not to say they won’t listen, but obedience training may require patience. On the bright side, Hugs are great with other children and dogs.

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7. Puganese

Parents: Havanese x Pug mix

via Instagram: @molly_moo_may

No Pug mix list would be complete without the Puganese – or the Havanese and Pug cross. Given the petiteness of both parents, the Puganese will weigh roughly 10 pounds and will fit perfectly into the laps of loving owners.

Like the Havanese parent, these hybrids tend to be inquisitive, curious little dogs. Though they may be small, they don’t act it. If something seems off, you’ll be sure to hear them bark away. You’ll need to be a firm and consistent leader with them.

But with socialization, Puganeses are fantastic with other calmer dogs and older children. I highly recommend them for those looking for a lap dog with a bit more spunk and sass. In some cases, they may even inherit the Havanese’s hypoallergenic coat!

8. Japug

Parents: Japanese Chin x Pug mix

via Instagram: @spensson

From the far east, the Japug is a designer dog that crossbreeds the Japanese Chin with the Pug. At least according to owners, Japugs are be the most pleasant lap dogs you will ever find. They know when to stay calm, and when to be active.

Among all Pug mixes, these dogs are the “goldilocks” hybrid. They’re not overly energetic, but not too laid back. And while they’re capable of barking at intruders, they’re often silent dogs that don’t really bark. So, Japugs are great for apartments!

Mild-tempered and good-natured dogs, the Japug inherits the eagerness to please from the Japanese Chin. They’re easy to train and love to show off. And if you’re a fan of the Pug’s looks, they’ll likely inherit their facial features.

9. Chug

Parents: Chihuahua x Pug mix

via Instagram: @panchothebatchug

The Chug is the stunning cross between two iconic dog breeds: the Chihuahua and Pug. They’re going to be small, as the Chihuahua is the smallest purebred dog. In fact, they’ll be around 6 to 12 inches tall and weigh 20 pounds.

However, don’t be fooled by their size. Just like the Chihuahua, the Chug has a big heart in a small body. They’re all about loyalty and have the protectiveness inherited from the Chi. At the same time, the Pug’s easy-going attitude shines through.

It’s worth noting that they’re independent and stubborn dogs. So, we recommend Chugs for only the most experienced owners. Plus, socialization is essential with these dogs. As for shedding, the double coats means more grooming.

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10. Pug Shiba

Parents: Shiba Inu x Pug mix

via Instagram: @dexterthepugshiba

The Pug Shiba, or the Shug, is a hybrid that combines the spitz-type Shiba Inu with the silly Pug. The clash of personalities and appearance creates a truly special Pug mix that’s unlike any other hybrid on this list.

They retain all the friendliness and affection of the Pug, but also the independence and activeness of Shiba Inus. Because Shibas were bred to hunt, it’s possible they’ll have prey-instincts that require socialization to keep in check.

The only downside is the shedding. Both parent breeds are heavy-shedding dogs and the Pug Shiba is likely to be the same. However, they do get along with with others and require moderate amounts of exercise to thrive.

11. Puggat

Parents: Rat Terrier x Pug mix

via Instagram: @kakrn97

The hybrid of the American Rat Terrier and Pug is the adorable Puggat. Small and playful, this mix is full of vibrant energy and optimism. Although Rat Terriers were originally bred to hunt rats, the Pug side adds the perfect balance.

They’re naturally good-natured and kind dogs that can make friends with anyone. But if you have small children or pets, the prey drive may kick in. They’ll need to be socialized before you can trust them with smaller animals.

While Pugs shed quite a bit, the Puggat isn’t as high-maintenance. In addition, the amount of exercise needed is relatively low for these dogs. Rather, they just need your affection and attention – otherwise, the mischievous side comes out.

12. Pugairn

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Pug mix

via Instagram: @gizmothepugairn

Pugairns bring out the boldness of the Cairn Terrier with the mellowness of the Pug. It’s a unique mix for sure. But in terms of temperament, the Pugairn strikes the perfect balance. They may not be as spirited nor independent as a terrier, but they won’t be couch potatoes either.

The result is an energetic, lively and sociable dog. They thrive on human attention and will please their owners with tricks and obedience. Depending on which parent they take more from, they can be people-loving, especially with kids.

Pugairns know when to play hard and when to chill out in your laps. They’re curious dogs but they won’t be aggressive when playing. Still, the 15 pound frame makes them fragile, which can mean they’re vulnerable to rough play.

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12. Affenpug

Parents: Affenpinscher x Pug mix

via Instagram: @robbie.kennedy

When you crossbreed the Affenpinscher and the Pug, you get the graceful, affectionate, and sweet Affenpug. Both parent breeds are known for their humorous personalities with a hint of mischief. And yes, fortunately, Affenpugs are the same.

Although Affenpugs are generally spunky dogs, they can be calm in the home. This mix is exceptionally delightful, thanks to the Pug side. However, the Affenpinscher brings out the alertness that makes them decent watchdogs.

Naturally, these playful dogs will be inquisitive. They love to explore and enjoy spending most of their time with their owners. And depending on the parent, these Pug mixes can inherit either a rough or wiry coat (we love the wiry coats!).

13. Toy Poxer

Parents: Toy Fox Terrier x Pug mix

The Toy Poxer is a toy designer dog developed through the crossbreeding of the Pug and the Toy Fox Terrier. Like with most terriers, the Fox Terrier’s side brings out the boldness of the Pug hybrid. However, they’re not a fit for everyone.

There’s no doubt these dogs will have big personalities with plenty energy to go around. But because of their petite size, they may not do too well with smaller children. When they go into defense mode, they may snap back at rough play.

With older children, they’re a much better fit. When humans learn to handle them with care and respect, they’ll love cuddling up and showing their love. On the down side, they may be stubborn, though training can fix that.

14. Puggit

Parents: Italian Greyhound x Pug mix

via Instagram: @dylanpuggit

Italian Greyhounds aren’t as common as you’d think. So the Italian Greyhound Pug hybrid is truly a treat if you’re able to find one. Both parent breeds are fantastic companions that are highly adaptable, so the mix is likely the same.

While both parents bring a playful side, the greyhound parent adds an boost of excitement and energy into this Pug mix. Always sweet-natured and kind, they may have a sense of self-dignity, though they’re still easy-going dogs in the home.

They’ll likely inherit a short coat that makes for easy grooming. Still, Puggits don’t do well in harsh climate. That is, weather that’s too hot or too cold. On the bright side, they would not mind spending plenty of time indoors with their owners.

15. Buggs

Parents: Boston Terrier x Pug mix

via Instagram: @mollythebugg

Both parents of the Buggs share similar physical and personality traits. Boston Terriers, like Pugs, have a short snout with a semi-wrinkly face. And while this new hybrid sees a lot of variation, you’ll always get similar facial structures.

It’s not hard to fall in love with a Buggs. Both parents were bred to be top companions, and that’s exactly what this Pug mix is. With a cheerful vibe and a deep sense of loyalty, Buggs will stick by your side no matter what.

They’re playful and love to be around kids. In fact, the more people in the pack, the better! However, it’s very likely they inherit the territorial instincts from the Boston Terrier. And if so, you’ll need to be on top of obedience and socialization.

16. Puginese

Parents: Pekingese x Pug mix

via Instagram: @laikapuginese

The Puginese is the hybrid of two famous Chinese dogs, the Pug and Pekingese. As such, this mix was also developed in China. Both parent breeds show similar physical qualities and temperaments, so this designer makes a lot of sense.

Because both parents were originally bred for the elitists, the Puginese will inevitably have a high sense of dignity. They can be very “opinionated,” which means they may be stubborn and independent dogs that will try to get what they want.

However, the Puginese is without doubt a good-natured dog that just wants to become friends with all. They’re an adorable companion and first-class lap dog material. They may show plenty of variation in the coat, though.

17. Pugese

Parents: Chinese Crested x Pug mix

via Instagram: @marksthepugese

Another Chinese powerhouse designer dog is the happy-go-lucky Chinese Crested and Pug mix, also known as the Pugese. Just spend one afternoon with this cheerful Pug mix and they’ll be sure to brighten up your day!

While Chinese Cresteds hunted vermin on ships, the Pugs accompanied Chinese royalty. In other words, they’re completely opposite dogs. However, when combined, the Pugese mix presents a loving, sweet, and protective companion.

It’s not unusual to see these dogs become reserved around strangers. They’ll question all outsiders and remain cautious. And if you don’t spend much time in the home, it’s likely the dog develops separation anxiety. They need human attention!

18. Bassugg

Parents: Basset Hound x Pug mix

via Instagram: @elvis_the_bassetpug

Who would ever have thought to crossbreed the inquisitive Basset Hound with the clownish Pug? As a result, you end up with a physically-interesting hybrid (to say the least) with a temperament that would be perfect for all types of families.

Bassuggs have unique characteristics. They’ll likely inherit the facial structure of the Pug, but also the long ears of the Basset Hound. In addition, they may range quite a bit in size and coat colors. However, their loving temperaments are constant.

Even-tempered and calm, Bassuggs are highly intelligent dogs that have a lot of curiosity for life. It’s not unusual they end up with the sensitive (and powerful) nose of the Basset, so expect them to wander all over the home while following a scent.

19. Ori Pei

Parents: Shar-Pei x Pug mix

via Instagram: @costas_corner_

Despite both parent breeds originating from China, the Ori Pei hybrid isn’t as common as you would think. While the Shar-Pei is large and brave, the Pug is small and playful. The only similarity is the wrinkled skin.

Thousands of miles away from their parents’ origins, the Ori Pei was actually developed in the United States around 1970. The “founder” of this Pug hybrid is credited to Aaron Silver, who wanted to reduce health problems in his Shar-Peis.

To his surprise, Silver bred an extraordinary dog. Not only were they relatively robust mixes, but Ori Peis were so sweet and affectionate. They love to play, but can calm down when the owners need to relax. They’re just giant lap dogs!

20. Pugland

Parents: Westie Terrier x Pug mix

via Instagram: @albiethepestie

No, the Pugland isn’t a pug-themed amusement park. Rather, it’s the wonderful cross of the Westie and Pug. Few dog enthusiasts have even heard of this mix, but they deserve all the recognition for being one of the best companions.

Though both parents are very different dogs, they’re both small. So it’s not likely a Pugland grows over 12 inches tall and weigh over 15 pounds. They’re great lap dogs, but have an endless amount of energy should you want to play.

Again, these small dogs do better with older kids. Although Puglands enjoy the company of children, they may easily snap back at rough teasing. Socialization is important, though, teaching young kids to respect them is even more.

21. Box-A-Pug

Parents: Boxer x Pug mix

via Instagram: @buddhapoxer

No, we’re not saying you should fight a Pug. After all, Pugs are lovers not fighters. Rather, a Box-A-Pug is the Boxer and Pug hybrid. And depending on the parentage, they may either be small or medium-sized dogs that vary between 15 to 30 pounds.

Sometimes referred to as Poxers, these mixes tend to inherit a short coat that’ll come in all Pug and/or Boxer colors. And while both parents have relatively short snouts, the Box-A-Pug will have a snout that is somewhere in between.

The Boxer brings the athleticism and energy, while the Pug brings the playfulness. They make amazing companions for children and will never miss an opportunity to snuggle up with their owners! Plus, they can be decent watchdogs for their size.

22. Tibetan Pug

Parents: Tibetan Spaniel x Pug mix

via Instagram: @__dogslife__xo

The result of crossbreeding two of the world’s most famous lap dogs is the Tibetan Pug. From the Pug and Tibetan Spaniel, these mixes have earned a reputation as the ultimate lap dogs (no surprise here). Play or lounge, they’re up for whatever!

It’s no surprise they’ll small Pug mixes, weighing at most 15 pounds. But what makes the Tibetan Pug stand out is their adaptive intelligence. They have a great understanding of human emotions and use it to their advantage.

With socialization, they’re among the best with children. Tibetan Pugs do tend to bark a lot because of their vigilance inherited from the spaniel side. However, this just means they’ll make great watchdogs for your home.

23. Pug-A-Mo

Parents: American Eskimo x Pug mix

via Instagram: @jessbrown1988

Adorable, friendly and calm, the Pug-A-Mo combines the alertness of the Eskimo Dog and the sociable nature of the Pug. They’re great family dogs for those that need a companion that doubles as a capable watchdog.

They may be sweet and affectionate dogs, but they’ll have an energetic side (likely from the Eskimo side) that needs to be dealt with. Make sure to provide them with plenty of exercise even though they’re such small canines.

Pug-A-Mos weigh less than 25 pounds, but they’ll act much larger than their size. Because they’re courageous, they won’t mind exploring on their own. Just make sure to keep their territorial instincts in check with obedience and socialization.

24. Malti-Pug

Parents: Maltese x Pug mix

via Instagram: @tammyfayeandgriffin

Malti-Pugs are designer dogs that intentionally crossed two great companion dogs. In fact, both parent breeds have done this “job” for many thousands of years. Unsurprisingly, the companion role comes easily for the Malti-Pug.

These dogs love to please their owners. They do take obedience training seriously and are more than happy to show off what they’ve learned. What’s more, Malti-Pugs will get along with just about anyone! To them, everyone is a potential friend.

However, this means they don’t make good watchdogs and even worse guard dogs. But if all you want is a playmate for the family that’ll adore every member, they’re great options. I’d take a long, hard look at the Malti-Pug.

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25. Pug-Coton

Parents: Coton de Tulear x Pug mix

via Wag Walking

Coton de Tulear and Pugs make a fantastic combination. And, that’s what the Pug-Coton is. They may not be the most popular Pug mixes, but there are a lot of highlights that make the Pug-Coton deserving on this list.

They’ll be small dogs, no doubt. It’s rare to see these mixes grow over 20 pounds, even in adulthood. But what they lack in size, they make up for with their convenience in both care and grooming. Plus, they have one of the best personalities.

Thanks to the Coton side, they may end up with a low-shedding coat. And while they will require daily walks, they don’t need anything too extreme. Truly, Pug-Cotons are easy to handle and make great pets for first time owners.

26. Pugshire

Parents: Yorkshire Terrier x Pug mix

via Instagram: @pugyorkiebaby

The Pugshire is a deliberate cross between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Pug. These mixes are small, but that just means they make some of the best lap dogs. They’ll perfectly fit into the laps of their owners, but aren’t afraid to play hard.

Weighing roughly 12 pounds, the Pugshire usually develops a medium-length coat that can also be hypoallergenic. They can come in an array of colors, including brindle, pied, merle or brown. However, a combination of colors is possible.

Pugshires are as sweet as any Pug mix. And as we’ve mentioned, small dogs like these do not play well with small children. Thus, you’ll want to supervise all interactions between the dog and kids. Still, they’ll make wonderful companions for many.

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27. Pug Pit

Parents: American Pit Bull x Pug mix

via Instagram: @dexterthepugpit

The American Pit Bull Terriers are affectionate and loyal dogs, though they get a bad rep for being such a misunderstood breed. However when crossbred with a Pug, it’s hard to imagine these dogs will be as aggressive and “dangerous.”

Despite popular belief, the Pug Pit is a sweet and surprisingly playful hybrid. They’ll have a lot of good and positive energy, as Pit Bulls tend to have. However, the Pug brings in a more calm and easy-going personality to these dogs.

The appearance of the Pug Pit can vary. It’s possible they’ll inherit the short and smooth coats of both parents. What’s interesting is that they don’t really shed, despite both parent breeds being moderate shedding dogs.

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28. Pushon

Parents: Bichon Frise x Pug mix

via Instagram: @lovelypupsgroomers

The Pushon is an intentional cross of two of my favorite companion dogs: the Bichon Frise and the Pug. They’re wonderful Pug mixes because, as you’ll see, they tend to inherit all the best characteristics from each parent dog.

The result is an adorable small dog, often with the fluffiness of the Bichon Frise. And since both parents are highly sociable dogs, you’ll find that to be true with the Pushon too. What this means is that they’ll need your attention, and plenty of it!

Because of the Bichon side, they’re likely to bark at unfamiliar sights and sounds. Again, these dogs are small and may be susceptible to “small dog syndrome.” But with enough training, you’ll have a reliable and friendly little companion.

29. Pomapug

Parents: Pomeranian x Pug mix

via Instagram: @pompug_sisters

Being the hybrid of the spitz-type Pomeranian and the humorous Pug, the Pomapug has a lot to offer. Physically, they resemble the Pug-A-Mo, but they bring a more relaxed, calming and docile personality into the mix.

In the home, you can expect the Pomapug to happily lounge in the laps of their owners. But when they’re playing, they have a lot of fun. The Pomeranian side adds a bit of alertness to the hybrid, which makes them decent watchdogs too.

Whether you’re looking for playmates for your kids or your own companion, Pomapugs are top choices in the designer dog world. If you spend a day with these loving dogs, it’s likely you’ll instantly fall in love with their ability to steal your heart.

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30. Pughasa

Parents: Lhasa Apso x Pug mix

The Lhasa Apso and Pug are more similar than you think. It’s why the two dogs seamlessly fit together so well. The result is a docile, yet active dog that makes a superb companion in all types of families. It’s hard for them not to thrive with love.

When socialized early on, Pughasas make amazing companions for children. They have an alertness and protectiveness that make them a solid extra set of eyes for kids. But at the same time, this behavior can lead to aggression with strangers.

They’re small dogs, weighing roughly 15 pounds, but need a firm and consistent leader of the pack. The sooner you start obedience training, the easier they’ll be able to handle once they reach adulthood. Also, you’ll want to use only positive reinforcement.

31. Sheltie Pug

Parents: Sheltie x Pug mix

via Instagram: @barkerhood

Sheltie Pugs are not the most obvious Pug mixes. On one hand, you have a hard-working herding dog. On the other, the Pug is laid-back and calm. However, when combined, they’re a great balance of work and play.

The physical variation of the Sheltie Pug will vary. Depending on which side they take more from, they can be 12 to 18 inches or 15 to 30 pounds. In addition, it’s not for certain which coat they’ll inherit (long or short).

Socialization is a must, especially with the herding instincts from the Sheltie. They may try to herd small kids if that’s left unchecked. However, Sheltie Pugs are known to be playful, cheerful and affectionate dogs that many will appreciate.

Did we miss a Pug mix that deserves to be on the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, tell us which is your favorite!

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Wednesday 16th of August 2023

pug and Peaknise


Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Pug And Pekanise

Tammy L Pullen

Sunday 29th of May 2022

We were fortunate enough to have a pug/beagle (puggle) mix named Dew for over twelve years. She was what I would call a "serious" dog. Don't get me wrong, she was quite playful and entertaining, but she was a no nonsense type of gal. Whenever we would change anything in our home, such as rearranging furniture, she would notice it right away and she would stop right in her tracks and stare directly at what was changed and then she would dramatically turn her head to face me-essentially informing me that she did not request, authorize, or like the change. She was a true blessing and we loved her dearly. Sadly, we lost her to canine diabetes a couple years back and I still miss her every day.

Irene Dowsteknise

Wednesday 16th of August 2023

Pug And Pekanise

Valerie Halliday

Wednesday 18th of May 2022

My little dog is a mix of Yorkie Poo mix and full pug. No idea what you would class her as. (Yorkie Poo Pug?????). She is gorgeous and if 8 could put a photo on I would do. Can you give me any information on this mix please.

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