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20 Beautiful Blue Heeler Mixes – The Australian Cattle Dog Mix Guide

Blue Heelers, otherwise known as the Australian Cattle Dog, are famously known to be fierce and intense herding dogs. In the world of working dog breeds, few dogs have the work ethic to match a heeler’s. The Australian Cattle dogs are true “workaholics.”

And while their temperament may be a little intense, they have an energetic and active personality that’ll bring a smile to any owner’s face. You can’t deny the unwavering loyalty of the Blue Heeler, especially if it involves “working” for their owners.

Given these qualities, Blue Heelers may not be for everyone. Though, when crossbred when a more mild or calm dog breed, the result can be much more favorable to the majority of people. With that said, here are our 20 favorite Blue Heeler mixes.

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So, What’s a Blue Heeler?

Named after their beautiful blue-colored coats, Blue Heelers share their origins with Red Heelers, who together, account for the well-known breed, the Australian Cattle Dog. Today, they’re easily one of the 60 most popular dog breeds in America.

They were originally bred during the 19th century to chase unruly cattle back to farms by nipping at their heels, hence the name. This dog breed is regarded as being one of the rare breeds that can endure the harsh extreme climate of Australia.

Blue Heelers can grow to be almost 20 inches tall, though Blue Heelers appear longer than taller with their shorthaired coats. With dark keen eyes, they sport a wide and tough skull, supported by muscles to aid in carrying out its herding duties.

Australian Cattle Dogs tend to be intense dogs. They usually have a ton of drive and like to be busy. But being buddies to a couple of kids can be a good job for the right ACD.

– Johnny Bandit (Dog Forums)

They usually start out with a white coat at birth, and the red or blue colors show up as they grow older. And with this in mind, most breeders often divide them into two broad categories – blue speckled and mottled coats.

Traditionally bred to round cattle up for their owners, Australian Cattle Dogs take pride in being loyal, protective and hard working. Relishing the time spent outdoors, they will have high energy levels, and require sufficient exercise to remain calm and content.

Gifted with sharp instincts, an accurate sense of direction and a proclivity towards nipping, Blue Heelers appear formidable despite being congenial. So while they’re arguably the world’s top cattle herders, they make decent pets too.

Best Blue Heeler Mixes

When the Blue Heeler is crossbred with other breeds, the outcome is nothing short of amazing. Below are some adorable Blue Heeler mixes that bear the mark of a Blue Heeler diluted with another breed. Let us know which is your favorite!

1. Blue Tzu Heeler

Parents: Shih Tzu x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @jestemarlo1223

When you crossbreed a traditional Tibetan Shih Tzu with an Australian Cattle Dog, what you get is a Blue Tzu Heeler. This hybrid dog sports the signature long fur of the Australian Cattle Dog, as also the breed’s energetic and enthusiastic nature.

Big eyes surrounded by a plush black-and-white coat with a brown and black face distinguish this hybrid. While the two parent breeds vary greatly in terms of height, the average Blue Tzu Heeler can be between 12 and 18 inches tall.

Not unlike Australian Cattle Dogs who shepherd animals back to their shelters, the Blue Tzu Heeler will thrive in wide open spaces. Taking care of this Blue Heeler mix also means you’ll need to shower him with tons of love and attention.

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2. Box Heeler

Parents: Boxer x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @goodgirl_pearl

Offsprings of the Boxer and Blue Heeler are known as the Box Heeler. As a result, a Box Heelers will be inherently friendly and inquisitive. Though they grow up to 25 inches tall, their short fur appears like a canvas of varied colors.  

The ideal choice for families with children, Box Heelers are generally very protective of family members and other pet animals. In other words, they don’t take kindly to strangers and will go investigate sounds and sights within their territory.

Because these heeler mixes are naturally blessed with high energy levels, they prefers to play in outdoor environments where they can unwind totally and unleash their physical reservoir. But on the bright side, they respond well to obedience training.

3. Border Heeler

Parents: Border Collie x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @daxandroo

Border Heelers can be the ultimate herding dogs. Bred with two world-class herders, the Border Collie and Blue Heeler, it’s easy to see why. But because of their parents’ jobs, you can expect a hyperactive heeler mix that needs a lot of run.

These dogs showcase the best of both worlds – the intelligence and alertness of the Border Collie, while being fiercely loyal and protective as Australian Cattle Dogs. However, if these mixes do not get enough exercise, they will exhibit destructive behaviors.

Both parent breeds are of medium height, though the Border Heeler tends to inherit the Blue Heeler’s fur. Still, this may vary from dog to dog. And in some cases, there can be patches of fur that resemble either parent. Looks will vary.

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4. Dalmatian Heeler

Parents: Dalmatian x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @billycaozinho

Dalmatian Heelers are medium to large-sized dogs with all the best attributes of both parent dog breeds: they’re loyal, playful, sensitive and kind. However, the Dalmatian Blue Heeler mix is probably most ideal for experienced owners only.  

Dalmatian Heelers inherit a variety of traits from each parent breed. Although their personality may be a bit difficult to determine, we know this active breed demands constant attention. As such, they need human interaction with many people.   

Without proper training, Dalmatian Heelers may become overly aggressive towards strangers. They may express their dislike through nipping (herding). While training, make sure to shower this dog with plenty of appreciation and employ positive reinforcement techniques.

5. Heeler Pei

Parents: Shar Pei x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @maxwell_the_heelerpei

The Heeler Pei boasts of a rich lineage with its parents being the Chinese Shar-Pei and the Australian Blue Heeler. Both breeds rank highly as shepherds. They possess an inherent streak for herding cattle, having been doing so for decades.

A medium-sized dog, the Heeler Pei is a powerhouse with stout legs and other features that vary as per the parents. They’re also known for sharp intellect and unusually keen sense of direction, thus being dependable in any situation.

Given a modest exercise regime, Heeler Pei is known to be extremely independent and protective, all while maintaining a mild temperament towards family members. However, this can drastically turn into ferocity when faced with unfamiliar faces or surroundings.

6. Pit Heeler

Parents: Pit Bull x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @lifewithcapone_

Bred with the Blue Heeler and American Pitbull Terrier, Pit Heelers are also descendants of Old English Bulldogs and the English Terrier. Pit Heelers can grow up to 24 inches tall and sport a muscular build, which is reminiscent of the Pit Bull.

It’s likely a Pit Heeler will resemble their American Pitbull Terrier parent in terms of their facial features. And with extraordinary levels of energy, Pit Heelers are outdoor canines that crave social interaction. The more people, the better.

Thanks to their high IQ, they respond well to training, especially with positive reinforcement and rewards. That being said, they are ideal as family dogs and will protect your family against any perceived threats for many years to come.

7. Aussimo

Parents: American Eskimo x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @tundra_theaussimo

The Aussimo is a medium-sized dog with long, velvety and soft fur. Mostly, this silky fur inherits hues of red and blue, thanks to the Australian Cattle Dog. Plus, the hybrid is notably shrewd and curious, just like the American Eskimo dog.

Despite being cautious around strangers, Aussimos are friendly and devoted towards family members. This makes them perfect as family dogs, as they are compatible with children and other pets. However, socializing is crucial.

The Aussimo excels at obedience training due to its high intelligence and adaptability. These traits also explain their diligent streak. Being inherently active, this hybrid requires adequate amounts of exertion, both physical and mental.

8. Texas Heeler

Parents: Aussie x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @golden.mutts

Cross-breeding two of the finest herding breeds, namely the Australian Shepherd and the Blue Heeler, creates the Texas Heeler. They’re called “Texas” heelers because the Aussie was bred in that US state, despite what their names say.

A Texas Heeler pup is both highly intelligent and highly energetic, but also very dependable. That said, some high-intensity activities will come naturally to the Texas Heeler. For example, exemplary herding is one of them (of course).

The Texas Heeler are good-natured and stable, which saves the family the worry of an unpredictable temperament. Hard-working by nature, they are perfect companions for families that live on farms or have large backyards.

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9. Cattle Collie

Parents: Collie x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @cattlecollie_zo

High-strung and lively, the Cattle Collie is a hybrid of the Collie and the Australian Cattle Dog. The origin story of this hybrid is still unclear. One possible theory is that they were bred to create a designer dogs resembling the prevalent trend at the time.

Breeds, such as the Collie and Heeler, were chosen to ensure that the hybrid would have a more robust and capable body. The experiment worked, and the Cattle Collie turned out to be an superb herder with high instincts and relatively good health.

By nature, a Cattle Collie is receptive and keen, and thus the perfect companion. However, due to high energy level, this hybrid requires lots of space and thrives in large domains. So keeping one in a small apartment would be terrible for them.

10. Labraheeler

Parents: Labrador x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @mookie_the_labraheeler

The Labraheeler is the elegant cross of the Blue Heeler and Labrador Retriever. But unlike their working-dog parents, this heeler mix is a companion breed. In other words, they can make great walking, jogging, or hiking partners.

Labraheelers are affectionate and active, quite like their parent breeds. These dogs are also energetic and staunch loyalists. Members of this breed take time to get used to strangers, but socialize early on to keep this vigilant behavior in check.

Labraheelers are without question, family oriented dogs. They do not like to be left alone for extended periods of time, so busy owners should stay away. We recommend them as a perfect option for owners and families that live an active life.   

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11. Cattle Shepherd

Parents: German Shepherd x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @mochathepuppo

While Cattle Shepherds are perfect as both guard and herding dogs, they’re arguably a lot better at the companion role. All these pleasant attributes are inherited from their parents: the Australian Cattle Dog and the German Shepherd.  

Size wise, a Cattle Shepherd ranges from medium to large, and sports a heavy build. They can weigh up to 85 lbs, and stand tall 25 inches tall. Plus, their unique heritage also grants them the legacy of being courageous, vigilant and watchful.

Cattle Shepherds are not suitable for first-time dog owners. Straightforward by nature, they may take charge of people who they feel are too lax with training and grooming. As a result, they might end up dominating over their owners if not handled well.

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12. Boston Cattle Dog

Parents: Boston Terrier x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @raising_my_hiro

Through the crossbreeding of the Australian Cattle Dog and the Boston Terrier, the hybrid is the sturdy, robust and brawny Boston Cattle Dog. Like the parents, this heeler mix is a strapping canine, but also energetic and frisky.

A Boston Cattle Dog is exceptionally smart. But to be obedient, they require a consistent and firm owner. Due to their high strung nature, this cross-breed requires an adequate amount of physical and mental exertion to remain sane.

From the Blue Heeler side, the Boston Cattle Dog has a tendency to dominate. However, this half of parentage is also responsible for their exemplary herding skills. The other half, namely Boston Terrier, accounts for their friendly nature.

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13. Corgi Cattle Dog

Parents: Corgi x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @cooch.the.pooch

A Corgi Cattle Dog is a wonderful blend of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Cattle Dog. This heeler mix is another herding powerhouse, combing two of the best in the business. They may be small, but they’re just as spirited.

This hybrid is medium-sized, and has a barrel shaped body balanced on short legs, thanks to its Welsh heritage. And while Corgis are known-barkers, this hybrid is peace-loving and quiet by nature. Who knew Corgis could be so silent?

To remain healthy, a Corgi Cattle Dog requires adequate exercise. Gifted with a hard-working disposition and sharp instincts, this mix can also be adept at herding cattle. But when they’re off the field, love and affection is needed.

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14. Basset Heeler

Parents: Basset Hound x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @tycho_the_pup

Also known as the Australian Battle Dog, a Basset Heeler is the unusual cross between the Basset Hound and Blue Heeler. Like both parents, Basset Heelers are rather attractive with their short fur coat and a somewhat muscular build.

Highly intelligent hybrids, Basset Heelers have high levels of energy and thus require constant exercise. This heeler mix is fierce and protective, much like the Basset Hound. Though, this doesn’t mean they lack the gentler attributes of the Blue heeler.

Proper training is all it takes to bring out the best of both breeds. Basset Heelers may still feel the urge to confront strangers out of love for their family. So to be on the safe side, you must remain cautious and vigilant with new interactions.

15. Bernese Cattle Dog

Parents: Bernese x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @lizardandlemon

The Bernese Cattle Dog was developed by cross-breeding an Australian Cattle Dog with none other than the Bernese Mountain Dog. Intended to be a designer dog, this hybrid is relatively new and as such, will have plenty of variations depending on the parents.

Both parent breeds are great around kids because they’re loving dogs. They possess a sharp intellect too, and thus can be easily trained. However, this dog will need their daily dose of exercise and attention to be physically and emotionally fit.  

Socializing during puppyhood will be an important part of developing this hybrid’s behavior. With proper encouragement, this canine evolves into a friendly pet and is a joy to have around. The most important part may be reciprocating their love.

16. Blue Spaniel

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @marissa.nemechek

Having descended from a Cocker Spaniel and an Australian Cattle Dog, the Blue Spaniel is a wonderful heeler mix with a great temperament. They inherit distinct features of the Cocker Spaniel, including a wavy coat that requires frequent grooming.

Because both parent breeds are athletic and active, the Blue Spaniel is energetic to the point of needing regular exercise. In fact, the canine can become aggressive and resort to barking without it. On the other hand, a daily dose of physical exercise ensures a happy dog.

A people-centric hybrid, the Blue Spaniel is affectionate towards their immediate family. But the cross-breed can also become aggressive with smaller animals or other dogs. Keep in mind, this is due to their inherited hunting and herding instincts.

17. Beagle Heeler

Parents: Beagle x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @ellie_thebeaglepup

The Beagle Heeler combines the inquisitive Beagle with the energetic Blue Heeler to create a marvelous hybrid dog. These heeler mixes are affectionate, loyal, active and charming – all the finest qualities you’d want in a companion.

Physically, it’s easy to spot the Beagle Heeler. They have the facial structure of the Beagle, including the the signature low-hanging ears. This hybrid also sports the iconic blue coats of the cattle dog. Size can vary, though they typically grow into medium dogs.

From the Beagle side, they’re likely to develop a curious personality. But with the energy of the heeler side, you’ll need to keep them in check as to prevent them from straying. It’s also very possible they will inherit the Beagle’s amazing nose.

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18. Blue Cadoodle

Parents: Poodle x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @carterdtorg

The Blue Cadoodle, also known as the Cattle Doodle, is the unusual cross between the Poodle and a Blue Heeler. They’re not the most obvious heeler mix, which explains why they’re so rare. But these dogs can be as charming as any other.

The variation in the Blue Cadoodle is huge, especially with size. Depending on which Poodle size was used to breed the mix, they can end up as small, medium or large mutts. Sometimes, they’ll look more like the Poodle with a blue coat.

Other times, the Cadoodle resembles more of the heeler with similar facial features, such as their erect ears. It really depends on the parent and genetics. However, we do know they’re loyal and very smart dogs, as seen in both parents.

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19. Ausky

Parents: Husky x Blue Heeler mix

via Instagram: @bindibluewho

What happens when you crossbreed two highly energetic dog breeds? Most likely, you end up with the Ausky – or the Australian Cattle Dog and Husky mix. As long as you can keep up with them, they’ll serve as fantastic companions.

Keep in mind, these dogs require early socializing. In fact, the more socialization, the better it is for the dog. Without it could lead to nipping at your heels or chewing up the couch. On the bright side, they’re highly intelligent and do well with training.

We don’t recommend these dogs for small children or households with small dogs and cats. It’s because the prey-drive that comes from the Husky side may be troublesome for them. Though it still is possible to keep the instincts in check with training.

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20. Golden Cattle Dog

Parents: Golden Retriever x Heeler mix

via Instagram: @neptune.theheelerx

Golden Retrievers aren’t always “golden.” That is, only when they’re crossbred with dog breeds such as the Blue Heeler. This heeler mix brings out all the best qualities of each parent, thus developing an even-tempered and fun-loving dog.

More often than not, they’ll sport the signature blue coat of the heeler parent, instead of the classic gold coat of the retriever. However, this mix will have the head and body shape of the Golden Retriever. Just think of them as blue Golden Retrievers!

While Blue Heelers are sometimes overly-active, the Golden side brings the energy levels down just a bit. Still, you can expect an affectionate and lively dog that loves human interaction. When a Golden Cattle Dog is the center of attention, they’re the happiest.

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So, did we miss a Blue Heeler mix that deserves to be on the list? Otherwise, tell us which heeler mix was your favorite in the comments section below!

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Friday 23rd of June 2023

I have to contribute here. I absolutely love my Blue Heeler x Bichon Frise. I would love to contribute photos but unsure how. But to give you an idea of this Cross. He has all the loyalty, energy and intelligence of a Bluey and the Bichon gives us a lap dog who loves a cuddle, and just looks at us adoringly with these amazing puppy eyes. His coat is rough and mainly white ( like a Jack Russell ) but has all the markings of a Blue. I have had dogs my whole life and varied breeds too, He is the best companion


Friday 23rd of June 2023

Would love to add your dog. Email a picture, name, credit. (IG,FB, etc.) to !


Sunday 1st of January 2023

We have a husky/blue heeler. Explains why he goes after small dogs in dog park. Small dog needed to in small dog side! :(


Saturday 8th of October 2022

We just rescued a blue heeler golden doodle mix and she is the sweetest and smartest dog. After three days she’s already responding to her name. We can’t quite figure out where her coloring and hair come from she had the poodle snout but resembles more the retriever in face and build with collie hair and white and black coloring. Trying to find anyone with the cross breed to give me more information.


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

you missed my german short hair pointer (GSP) + blue heeler (ACD) mix... 'Shoogar' <3 .... would that make her a 'Peeler' ? :-)


Thursday 23rd of June 2022

Missed my pointer blue Heeler mix

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