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45 Recognized Medium Sized Dog Breeds – The Full List

Selecting a dog breed to bring home is an exciting process for new owners. There are so many variations and breeds to choose from! But what makes medium-sized dogs so attractive is that they’re the perfect size for most families.

So, how many medium dog breeds are there? According to the AKC, there are just 45 recognized dog breeds in this class of size. In fact, compared to small and large dog breeds, this category has the fewest number of breeds.

Though there are many more medium dogs out there, here are the ones that are actually recognized by the American Kennel Club. If we missed any medium-sized dog breeds, feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below!

All Medium Sized Dogs

So, what exactly is a medium sized dog? There isn’t a definitive answer to this question. But according to Kim Williamson of Animal Planet, medium sized dogs weigh roughly between 35 and 65 pounds. In addition, they’re between 1 to 2 feet in height.

However, Your Purebred Puppy says they’re dogs between 18 and 22 inches tall while weighing between 40 to 60 pounds. These two sources are not the only ones that have an opinion.

For us, well take someone in the middle. For your convenience, we’ve listed all the recognized medium dogs by alphabetical order. Let us know which is your favorite!

1. Airedale Terrier

Highlights: Brave, Clever, Loving

The Airedale Terrier is the biggest of all of the terriers, measuring between 1’1″ and 1’9″ feet tall at shoulder height. Its typical weight is 40 – 65 pounds and it has an average lifespan of 10-13 years.

It is commonly called the “King of the Terriers,” largely due to its size. This breed originated in Yorkshire from the Airedale Valley and was bred to catch rats and otters

Airedale Terriers are capable sporting dogs with a lot of confidence and intelligence. Additionally, they also have a lovely playful temperament that will please their owners. 

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2. American English Coonhound

Highlights: Docile, Easy-going, Friendly

The American English Coonhound typically measures between 1’11” and 2’2″ feet tall at the shoulder.  With a lifespan of 10-12 years, the breed is well known for endurance, speed as a well as a loud bark

They do not just bay and bark when out but at home, too. This breed requires a lot of exercises as it is an English Foxhound descendant which was bred for hunting

In terms of color, they are usually blue and white ticked, red and white ticked, black and white or tricolor with red and white ticking too. 

3. American Foxhound

Highlights: Sweet, Docile, Independent

American Foxhounds weigh 40 – 60lbs and stand 1’9″ – 2’1″ feet tall at shoulder height. Plus, they have a lifespan of 12-13 years. They are sweet, easy-going, loyal and kind dogs and have existed in this way for over two hundred years.

They love running and have excellent stamina, so they would make a great running companion. The mild nature of this breed also makes them an excellent choice for families, as long as the dog gets their much-needed exercise.

This breed needs about two hours’ exercise daily and can get distracted by scents that they pick up.  As well as their gentleness, they can be stubborn and therefore more difficult to train.

4. American Staffordshire Terrier

Highlights: Good-natured, Brave, Smart

This muscular breed of dog is undeniably strong, but affectionate and loving too. Standing at 16 – 19 inches in height, they can weigh up to 60 pounds and live for 15 years. 

They love human company whether it’s cuddling up at home, jogging or playing in the park. American Staffordshire Terriers are intelligent dogs and require mental stimulation.  If not, their strong jaws could be put to the test out of boredom and you could find them chewing everything.

They will need a trainer who is not only strong but confident too. These dogs need boundaries but also need loving too.  This breed will need socialization as the breed tends to be more stand-offish than other breeds.

5. American Water Spaniel

Highlights: Happy, Charming, Sociable

The American Water Spaniel (AWS) is a hunting dog that’s not all that well known unless you live in near the Great Lakes area of the USA. A sporting dog, it typically measures between 1’3”- 1’6” feet at the shoulder and weighs 25 – 45 lbs

The breed originally specialized in hunting waterfowl (hence its name), so they are skilled at swimming and have a double coat that’s water-resistant. 

The American Water Spaniels are high-energy dogs that need to chase and fetch. However, they also make good family pets. Typically, they live between 12 and 15 years.

6. Australian Cattle Dog

Highlights: Inquisitive, Alert, Intelligent

This dog breed is active, sturdy yet intelligent and measures 1’5”- 1’8” feet at shoulder height. It was bred by settlers in Australia for herding cattle (hence its name).

Weighing 30-50lbs, it typically lives between 12 and 15 years. This herding dog is still used today and loves nothing more than having a task and being a part of a family.

The breed is protective and loyal but can be a little wary of strangers. They also excel with canine sports such as fly ball, agility, obedience and flying disc.

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7. Australian Shepherd

Highlights: Energetic, Lively, Diligent

The Australian Shepherd dog does not actually originate from Australia at all, but rather from the Western United States! A herding dog, the Aussie measures between 1’6” and 1’11” feet at shoulder height and weighs 40 – 65lbs

The Australian Shepherd typically lives for 12 – 15 years. Because they were bred to be a herding dog, they’re the happiest when  they are busy and working on an assigned task. This Australian Shepherd also makes a lovely family dog thanks to the energy it brings to the table.

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8. Basset Hound

Highlights: Patient, Docile, Sweet

Bred as a hunting dog for rabbits and other small game, the Basset Hound is a stocky dog on short legs! They measure no more than 14 inches in height but weigh between 50 and 60 pounds

Their name originates from the French word used for ‘low’ – base. However, they’re actually bigger than most people think. It’s just that they have little legs. Still, they’re muscular with heavy bones.

This breed is fantastic as a family pet thanks to its laid-back nature. Despite its size, it’ll try to be a lap dog! They also have a fantastic sense of smell, which is second to that of Bloodhounds!

9. Bearded Collie

Highlights: Lively, Captivating, Smart

Developed in Scotland, the Bearded Collie measures around 1’9″ feet tall and typically weighs 45 to 55 lbs. They are herding dogs used to herd cattle and sheep in all weathers and terrain.

Today, they make excellent family dogs, working sheep dogs and show dogs. Some even manage all three at the same time! They have the speed and energy and compete well in rally, obedience, agility among other dog events.

To describe a Bearded Collie succinctly, the word “enthusiastic” comes to mind. They are trustworthy pups that are active and bright. They’re called ‘Beardies’ thanks to the beard-like appearance below their chin. They are a true shaggy dog.

10. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Highlights: Independent, Friendly, Smart

Resembling a dog with dreadlocks, the Bergamasco Sheepdog is between 22.5 and 24.5 inches in height with a weight of 70 – 84lbs. This is one of the oldest sheepdogs whose history goes back almost 2000 years.

With square bodies, they are compact dogs and thus have great strength as well as speed and agility. They can run long distances for quite a while and are determined, intelligent and patient too.

A highly intelligent dog, the breed is still used for herding today in Europe. Though they originated 2000 years ago, they make great competing dogs, guard dogs or companion dogs today.

11. Border Collie

Highlights: Diligent, Intelligent, Active

The Border Collie is the stereotypical sheep dog of the border areas between England and Scotland. Measuring between 1’6” and 1’10” feet tall, the breed has a good ‘eye’ (or intense stare!), which is how it “controls” the flock of sheep.

This dog has boundless energy, working drive and stamina, making it a premier herding dog. Weighing 30 – 40lbs, many farms still use this breed today. They are intelligent, highly trainable and typically live between 12 and 15 years.  

This dog is certainly not a lap dog. These dogs can run around 50 miles in a day, so they need plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. This is dog certainly isn’t for everyone.

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12. Boykin Spaniel

Highlights: Enthusiastic, Loving, Friendly

Measuring 1’2” to 1’6” feet in height, the Boykin Spaniel is famous for its hunting abilities, while also being a great family companion. 

With friendly confidence and intelligence, an active family would suit this breed the best. They tend to weigh between 25 and 40lbs and have a lifespan of 10-12 years. 

These dogs were originally developed for waterfowl (aquatic birds) and turkey hunting in South Carolina. They can retrieve and flush and are always willing to work. Not only are they alert and smart, but get along with children and other dogs too.

13. Brittany

Highlights: Fun, Cheerful, Lively

The Brittany is a gun dog (or pointer dog breed) that just loves to hunt birds. They used to be called the Brittany Spaniels and measure 1’5”- 1’8” feet and weighing around 30 – 40lbs 

Brittanys are elegant and happy but have also been described as hyperactive. They make great family pets but need a family that is active and outdoorsy due to their energetic and sporty nature.

14. Bull Terrier

Highlights: Mischievous, Lively, Playful

Developed in the late 1800s, the Bull Terrier was originally a fighting dog before becoming a gentleman’s fashionable companion. They measure 1’9” feet at the shoulder on average and can weigh anywhere between 35 and 75lbs.

Capable of living for 10-15 years, this dog breed is known for its unique head shape, which is rather long and egg-like. In addition, they’re active and personality can vary greatly. Some are independent and intelligent while others more loyal and placid.

They do not like being alone and can be an aggressive dog, particularly with other dogs. They are not often recommended as pets in homes where there are young children.

15. Bulldog

Highlights: Sweet, Courageous, Docile

There are few, if any, dog lovers that don’t recognize the iconic Bulldog. They measure around a foot tall and weigh between 40 and 50lbs.

They were originally the breed that used to drive the cattle to market as well as being competitors in bullbaiting – a particularly bloody sport, brought to England by the Romans.

Nowadays, they are gentle animals who adore children. They are happy with a quick walk and a snooze on the couch. They’re also frequently chosen as a logo or mascot for many institutions: Yale University, the University of Georgia and the U.S. Marines!

16. Canaan Dog

Highlights: Alert, Brave, Energetic

The Canaan Dog is a type of herding dog that measures between 1’7” and 2’ feet at the shoulders. It is a dog that survived in the Israeli desert regions for thousands of years, hence its name.

In biblical times, this pariah dog was used by the Hebrews to guard and herd flocks. In the USA and Europe, they are companions and sporting dogs.

Furthermore, they weigh between 35 and 50lbs and typically live 12-15 years. As far as their personalities go, the Canaan breed is responsive and endearing. They can be great apartment dogs or farm dogs, as they are highly adaptable.

17. Clumber Spaniel

Highlights: Noble, Calm, Entertaining

Clumber Spaniels are sporting dogs that measure between 1’5” and 1’8” feet tall. They were bred to seek and retrieve game birds after having been shot by the hunters.

These spaniels weigh between 55 and 85lbs and live around 12 years. They have low bodies, large heads with quite a sturdy build. As a result, they’ve been described as plodders.

Although they may work slowly, they have endurance, power and oodles of enthusiasm. They’re the heaviest of all spaniel breeds thanks to the longer body, which helps movement through long grass.

18. Collie

Highlights: Elegant, Dignified, Loyal

A native dog breed of Scotland, the Collie measures between 1’10 and 2’2” feet and weighs roughly 50 – 70lbs. Collies are intelligent and sensitive dogs that were mainly used as herding dogs.

They have an undying loyalty to their owners and an ability to predict their needs, just like in Lassie, the 1950’s TV show.

Not only are they generally easy to train, but they’re also very friendly to everyone. With that said, they make great family dogs but not excellent guard dogs.

19. Dalmatian

Highlights: Social, Smart, Noble

The world-famous Dalmatian measures between 1’7” and 2’ feet tall and weighing 48 – 55lb. Of course, they’re known for the Disney film 101 Dalmatians.   

A Dalmatian will typically live 13 to 16 years and make a lovely family pet. In the past, they were bred to be coach dogs but have also been firehouse dogs, hunters and circus performers.

Dalmatians love to be a part of everything and therefore would make a lovely addition to any family as a loyal companion. However, they do have high energy levels, which means plenty of exercise.

20. English Foxhound

Highlights: Friendly, Loving, Calm

Originally a fox hunting dog, the English Foxhound stands at around 2 feet tall. They are hound dogs that weigh between 55 – 75lbs with a lifespan of 10-13 years.

They’re often featured in movies and cartoons, seen chasing down foxes. Their iconic and familiar coat of white, tan and black with hanging ears and long tails are what sticks out. They’re a relatively rare breed, but are good for runners or horse riders.

In addition, English Foxhounds are courageous, intelligent and have plenty of stamina. They, therefore, need lots of exercise and training. But, in personality, this breed is social, gentle and tolerant.

21. English Setter

Highlights: Friendly, Calm, Optimistic

The English Setter measures around 2 feet in height while weighing between 45 to 80 pounds and living for up to 15 years. They were named because of their tendency to crouch low or “setting” after they located birds for its human hunter to net

Even after the invention of guns, the English Setter continued to be used as a hunting dog. They were that useful. 

This dog breed loves people and is easy-going in the home. They’re best suited for active families and are kind, affectionate and gentle. For this reason, they make great choices for inexperienced dog owners too.

22. English Springer Spaniel

Highlights: Devoted, Intelligent, Playful

English Springer Spaniels are usually between 1’6” – 1’ 10” feet tall at the shoulder and weigh 45 – 55lbs. They were originally developed as gun dogs to flush out (or ‘spring’!) game from the field.

For this reason, they’re lively dogs and a favorite companion to hunters. They do make wonderful family pets too and live 9-15 years of age.

Given their high intelligence, English Springer Spaniels need obedience training and exercise. They’re generally happy and eager to please, but also love to be around people and cannot be left alone for long periods alone.

23. Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Highlights: Devoted, Energetic, Enthusiastic

The Entlebucher Mountain dog is a herding breed that measures around one and a half feet tall. Furthermore, they weigh 45-65lbs and live 10-13 years.

Though they tend to have an independent and spirited personality, they still love being with people. The breed can be territorial and therefore would make a good guard dog.

They’re sometimes called “Entles” for short and are a Swiss breed known for their agility, personable attitude and loyalty. This dog loves working and having a task. You can train them to do many jobs – even collecting laundry or fetching slippers!

24. Flat-Coated Retriever

Highlights: Cheerful, Positive, Good-natured

Flat-Coated Retrievers typically measure up to 2” feet tall at shoulder height and weigh 55- 70lbs. Because they were bred to retrieve game on land and water, they’re a very active dog.

Flat-Coats are often known for their “Peter Pan” tendencies, as they mature slowly and seem more puppy-like for longer than usual.

Although they are playful, they need a lot of patience when being trained. They do like children but are better suited for older kids, as they are often too energetic for little children and can knock them over with a simple tail swish!

25. German Pinscher

Highlights: Brave, Spirited, Smart

The German Pinscher is a dog breed that’s muscular, measuring around one and a half feet tall on average. They are elegant and agile, yet powerful too.

Not only are they intelligent, but also beautiful – weighing between 25-45 pounds. With a lifespan of 12-14 years, German Pinschers are working dogs or guard dogs, but make lovely family pets too.  

Despite being bred to hunt vermin, they have a nice playfulness that lasts well into adulthood. They are good at dog sports and can make excellent service or therapy dogs.

Though they can be a little overbearing or assertive, they need an experienced owner who is firm from the start.

26. German Wirehaired Pointer

Highlights: Loyal, Friendly, People-oriented

The German Wirehaired Pointer is a high-energy dog, measuring around 2’ feet on average. Weighing 60-70 pounds, this sporting dog was bred over a hundred years ago to hunt game and retrieve from both land and water. 

They have exceptionally great stamina and are an excellent companion for families who are very active. The GWP needs its daily exercise to stay healthy – both mentally and physically. 

They typically live 12-14 years and have a distinctive facial beard. German Wirehaired Pointers can be quite independent, so they need a consistent and firm approach to discipline.

27. Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

Highlights: Social, Independent, Cheerful

This 40 – 45lb dog breed originates from the Vendée region of France, where it was bred using the Grand Griffon. They were developed to track game and and were used for hunting deer and boar too.

An extroverted dog breed, the GBGV has a happy disposition and loves nothing more than to be with its people. As long as they have the company from loved ones, they’ll be content indoors.

Training these dogs can be tricky thanks to their independent nature. However, they do need around 2 hours of exercise each day.

28. Icelandic Sheepdog

Highlights: Delightful, Friendly, Curious

The Icelandic Sheepdog was an ancient Viking companion and measures up to one and a half feet tall at the shoulder. Weighing 20-30lbs, the Icelandic Sheepdog is not the heaviest of middle-sized dogs. They just barely made the cut. 

Bred as a protector of flocks, these sheepdogs have the unusual habit of sky watching and barking at nearby birds. They also frequently bark at visitors to their homes, but they are much too friendly to work as a guard dog. 

29. Keeshond

Highlights: Friendly, Energetic, Outgoing

An old breed, the Keeshond measures around 1’4” – 1’7” feet at the shoulder and weighs 35-45lbs. They were bred as watchdogs on boats and barges that traveled along the rivers and canals.

However, they’re just mostly companion dogs these dogs. They are happy participants in all of family life and love to be around their pack more so than other breeds.

In addition, Keeshonds are alert, lively and intelligent. In fact, they are Holland’s most loved dog, with an average life span between 12 and 15 years. Furthermore, they have an impressive black, gray and cream-colored coat with a large, feathered tail.

30. Miniature American Shepherd

Highlights: Loyal, Energetic, Friendly

The Miniature American Shepherd dog is essentially a small Australian Shepherd. But don’t let their “miniature” name fool you, they measure between 14 and 18 inches tall, with males being an inch or so shorter than females on average. 

In addition, the Miniature American Shepherd typically weighs 20 – 40lbs and live for around 12-13 years.

They’re meant to be herding dogs, but it’s difficult to herd cattle at such a small size. Still, they are self-motivated and bright, and love having a job to do. They get along well with people and have a strange affinity towards horses.

31. Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

Highlights: Agile, Sweet-natured, Alert

No, I didn’t spell its name wrong. The Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is a good-natured dog, measuring just over a foot tall at the shoulder and weighing 20- 25lbs

They are a traditionally a duck hunting dog breed, but make affectionate companions to a family. They live between 12-14 years on average and originated from the Netherlands.

The Kooikerhondje specializes in luring ducks into the range of hunters. As a result, they’re very alert and quick dogs. Still, they love nothing more than to play fetch, especially from the water.

32. Norwegian Buhund

Highlights: Confident, Sensitive, Adaptable

The Norwegian Buhund is an intelligent dog breed measuring around one and a half feet tall. They’re good at handling jobs of all kinds and are quick to learn. 

Keep in mind, they need a lot of daily exercises and weigh 26 – 40lbs on average. With a lifespan of 12-15 years, they were responsible for herding and guarding livestock in Norway. 

Because they’re sensitive dogs, they have an unusual desire to please their humans, compared with similar dogs. So, expect a highly obedient dog.

33. Norwegian Elkhound

Highlights: Optimistic, Dependable, Loving

Another Norwegian dog breed is the Norwegian Elkhound that has a face almost reminiscent of a wolf. It stands at 1’7” feet tall at the shoulder on average and known for being smart and fun.

They make excellent guard and watchdogs as they are completely loyal to their people. They have an uncanny ability to sense when you are upset and will come to offer you comfort.

As the name suggests, this dog breed was originally bred to hunt moose and other big game. The name, though, is a misnomer. Elk comes from the word, elch, which means “moose” in Norwegian

34. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Highlights: Social, Friendly, Smart

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever was developed to lure and retrieve water birds, as its name suggests. They measure between 1’5” and 1’9” feet tall and weigh between 35 and 50lbs.

With a lifespan of 10-14 years, this dog breed loves nothing more than being in water and playing in the waves. Because they come from the Canadian province on the Atlantic Coast, most people call them Tollers these days.

They have a coat that’s easy to care for and they’re known for their great personality. Although, they’re quite small for a retriever, they have exceptionally strong instincts to work

35. Pharaoh Hound

Highlights: Proud, Smart, Affectionate

The Pharaoh Hound is one of the most ancient dog breeds still in existence today. What’s surprising is that they’ve changed very little since first developed over 5,000 years ago

Measuring up to 2’ feet in height, the Pharaoh Hound was a king’s dog and might have helped to hunt gazelles alongside the pharaohs. They eventually made their way over to the island of Malta and are now the country’s national dog.

These dogs typically have a lifespan of 11-14 years and weigh between 45 – 55 pounds. An endearing trait of this breed is their ability to blush! The dog’s ears and nose change color when happy or excited.

36. Plott

Highlights: Devoted, Vigilant, Smart

No, the Plott is not a secret plan, but rather a hunting dog bred for hunting boar and bears. They measure between 1’8” and 2’3” feet in height and weigh between 40 – 75lbs.

When healthy, they have an impressive lifespan of 12-14 years. But what really makes them stand out from other breeds is their interesting color coats.

They have powerful and streamline bodies, as well as a loyal and affectionate temperament. The Plott can be a little protective, which is often seen as being possessive too.

37. Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Highlights: Confident, Bright, Energetic

Bred for guarding and herding sheep, the Polish Lowland Sheepdog measures around one and a half feet tall and weigh between 35 and 55lbs

They are good working dogs with a fearless, yet obedient demeanor. When raised properly, they can live for 10-12 years.

What makes the Polish Lowland Sheepdog unique is their shaggy, multicolored coat. They’re certainly great icebreakers. Today, they’re mostly used as a family companion.

38. Standard Poodle

Highlights: Intelligent, Graceful, Loving

The Standard Poodle weighs between 45 and 70lbs and measures around 15 – 24 inches in height. They are some of the most graceful dogs, with huge popularity because of their unique appearances. 

The Standard Poodle has a long head with dark eyes and close ears. Plus, their long legs cause a spring in their step too.

The Standard Poodle’s coat can be wavy and soft or wirier and curlier – it really depends on the parents. For the most part, they’re calm and sensitive dogs that are extremely trainable and intelligent.

39. Pyrenean Shepherd

Highlights: Loving, Lively, Active

The Pyrenean Shepherd measures around 1’3” – 1’9” feet in height and is a lean (but muscular) dog that has great speed but also intelligence and grace too. 

There are two things that they absolutely love: working and their families. As a herding dog, they need plenty of exercise and stimulation and can live for up to 17 years! 

With their high energy levels, they would suit an active family best. The Pyrenean Shepherd also makes an excellent watchdog due to their wariness of strangers.

40. Saluki

Highlights: Calm, Proud, Independent

The Saluki is one of the most ancient dog breeds still around and were believed to be a gift from Allah himself. They measure around 2’ feet in height and weigh roughly 35 – 70lbs.

Because of their skinny build, most people don’t know that they’re freakishly quick on their feet.  Yet at the same time, the Saluki dogs are dedicated to their families. 

They’re one of the most difficult dog breeds to train because of their independent and stubborn nature. As a result, they’ve been unfairly labeled as a dumb dog. On the bright side,  they’re relatively easy to groom.

41. Spanish Water Dog

Highlights: Active, Playful, Diligent

The Spanish Water dog is a breed with many talents. Not only were they bred to be guard and sheep dogs, but are also skilled in retrieval, especially from water.

Spanish Water dogs are a bit lengthy but don’t weigh as much as you may think. They measure at 14 – 19 inches in height to the shoulder, but they tend to weigh between 30 – 48lbs on average

These dogs are affectionate, loyal and intelligent. Plus, they thrive on play and work. Because they’re usually wary of strangers, plenty of socialization is needed early on.

42. Vizsla

Highlights: Affectionate, Lively, Active

The Viszla was developed in Hungary, and measures just under 2’ feet in height on average. Furthermore, these hunting dogs weigh between 45 – 65lbs.

They are true sporting dogs, making them excellent companions for active families, but better companions for hunters. These dogs can live between 10-14 years and are known as “Velcro Vizslas” due to their unwavering attachment to their people.

The Vizsla is happiest when given a task and or need that’ll provide an hour’s exercise every day. If you’re into running, they’re perfect running buddies.

43. Whippet

Highlights: Loving, Playful, Agile

The Whippet was originally bred to be the “best friend” of poachers because they’re able to chase down rabbits and other quick game. Today, they’re still lightning fast dogs. In fact, they’re nicknamed the “poor man’s racehorse.”

However, they’re more of a companion dog now thanks to their friendly and playful nature. They’re only recommended for experienced owners that can meet their exercise needs.

They measure one and a half to two feet in height and weigh between 18 – 48lbs. If properly taken cared of, they can live for up to 15 years. 

44. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Highlights: Obedient, Affectionate, Loyal

The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a loving and cheerful dog that’ll make a great addition to any family. Whether as a companion or gun dog, the WPG is a fantastic breed.

They are energetic and can grow up to 2′ feet in height, but weigh just 50 to 60 pounds. A Wirehaired Pointing Griffon typically lives up to 14 years if properly provided for.

They were originally used to flush, point, retrieve hares and waterfowl, but not so much anymore. They’re actually of a vintage that is relatively recent, arising toward the end of the 1800s

They can be a little nervous with new people and other dogs, but early socialization should fix this.

45. Wirehaired Vizsla

Highlights: Active, Devoted, Obedient

The Wirehaired Vizsla measures 21 to 24″ inches in height to the shoulder. They’re an up-and-coming breed in some countries such as the UK. 

Even with the increase in popularity, they’re still quite rare, as there are only around 30 litters produced every year in their home country of Hungary.

Wirehaired Vizslas are generally great hunting dogs that are highly trainable. It’s why they’re frequently used. Still, these dogs are loving and energetic. In other words, they need a lot of exercise to become generally good all-rounder dogs. 

Let us know in the comments section below, whats your favorite medium-sized dog breed? 

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