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Dog Diseases & Illnesses

Having your best friend or family member go through a serious illness or disease can be one of the scariest things you ever go through. Nobody wants to see a loved one, sick. That includes our dog friends too.

Learn about common dog diseases and illnesses to better your knowledge if your dog is suffering from one of these conditions.

Or better yet, learn about how these diseases form and the best way to prevent it from happening to your dog. Whether it’s because you’re not providing the proper dog nutrition or simply genetics, it can happen to your dog.

These guides are meant to be used as informational guides and not to replace your visits to the veterinarian. Every dog has a specific case and sometimes the general information for a disease may not apply to your dog.

It is almost impossible to accurately diagnose your dog online without the proper equipment and expertise found at your local vet clinic or animal hospital.

Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Cushing’s Disease is a condition where there is a surplus of cortisol production in the dog’s endocrine system. This is a more serious disease and requires immediate attention from your local veterinarian.

Be informed about this common disease. However, you don’t want to wait around with Cushing’s. If you suspect your dog has Cushing’s, reach out for help now.

Learn more about Cushing’s Disease here.

Parvovirus (Parvo) in Dogs

One of the reasons why its so important to get your puppy their shots before socializing or walking them is because of Parvo. Specifically, were talking about the DHLPP vaccine (the last ‘P’ stands for Parvovirus).

When your non-vaccinated puppy walks around and sniffs, eats or licks feces and/or other bacteria from other dogs, they may be at risk. That bad bacteria can actually stay on a sidewalk for up to three years!

This dog disease is not as common anymore due to the accessibility of the DHLPP Vaccine, but still have many cases a year.

Learn more about Parvovirus and the DHLPP vaccine here.