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31 Best Corgi Puns, Memes & Jokes From the Internet

It is undeniable that Corgis are a wildly popular, especially on the internet. In fact, they’re arguably the dog breed that’s most commonly found in dog jokes. With a cute face and short, stubby legs, it’s no wonder it’s so easy to joke around with the Corgi.

We’ve spent a ton of time looking through popular forums, reddit, joke e-books and blogs for this list of Corgi jokes. That said, these are my favorite, and in my opinion, the best corgi jokes on the internet. Check back for more, we constantly update this list.

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Best Corgi Jokes

If you have a corgi joke that we’ve missed, leave a comment in the comment section below. If we like it, we’ll add it to this collection of the best corgi jokes on the internet. Don’t be shy, give us your best!

1. Question: Why are most corgi jokes such bad jokes?

Answer: Because they’re too short.

2. Question: What do you call an overweight corgi?

Answer: Low-fat

3. Jurassic Bark 3: The Rise of the Corgi-saurus Rex

4. The corgi that wanted a treat (a.k.a. EVERY corgi that ever lived)

A little corgi enters a bar. The baffled bartender peeks over the counter and asks, “This is a bar, what do you want?”

“Can I have a treat?” the corgi replied. “No, this is a bar. And, we don’t serve dogs. Go away” 

10 minutes later the corgi returns. “You have any treats?” The annoyed bartender brushes the corgi away, “No! No dogs allowed. Leave this bar, please!”

The corgi leaves, but returns after a few minutes. With little to no patience left, the bartender yells “I told you already, dogs aren’t welcomed here! If i see your furry butt in here again, i’m going to nail your tail to the floor!”

The corgi replied, “So, you got any treats?”

5. Question: How do corgis unlock doors?

Answer: By using a Corg-key.

6.  Today’s Corgi Lesson of the day: How to be a frickin’ potato. 

Corgi lessons on how to be a potato.

7.  Most dog lovers don’t know that corgis, in fact, have three stages of derp.

Most people don't know that corgis have three stages of derp.

8. The Corgi with No Money

A Corgi walks into a bar and asks for a drink.
“No problem. One water coming up, it’ll be $1.” replied the bartender. 
The corgi looks confused and says, “sorry, but I can’t afford that.”
The Bartender asks, “What kind of corgi doesn’t have a single dollar?”
The corgi replies, “A PemBROKE corgi.”

9. Question: What’s the first thing the corgi said to his date?

Answer: “Wow, you look corgeous.”

10. Question: What do you call a corgi riding in a car?

Answer: A lowrider.

11. The South Atlantic region from the perspective of corgi fans. 

Map of the corgi dog states.

12. Bread loaf or corgi butt?

Can you spot the corgis from the bread loafs?

13. Question: What’s a corgi’s favorite button on the remote?

Answer: The Paws button.

13b. BONUS Question: What’s a Corgi owner’s favorite button on the remote?

Answer: The Mute button.

14. Question: What happens when you connect a battery to a corgi?

Answer: You get a short circuit.

15. Question: What’s a corgi’s favorite dessert to eat?

Answer: Strawberry Short-cake

16. The one unique ability that all corgis are capable of.

Hover corgi trying to catch a ball.

17. Think about this next time you punish your corgi for barking 🙂

First Amendment says that all corgis should bark as they please.

18. Question: A Corgi is taking his date to the dog prom. What gift does he bring her the day of?

Answer: A Corg-sage.

19. Question: Why do corgis love to go retail shopping?

Answer: Because they’re hoping to get their tail back.

20. Question: How many corgi dogs does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Just one corgi to loudly bark and be annoying enough for their owner to come over and see the broken lightbulb.

21. The corgi way of life:

22. Why do all corgi dogs love to eat peanut butter so much? Never mind, they love food. Period. 

Why do corgis love peanut butter so much?

23. Corgum – (noun)

Corgum is the plural form of corgi.  It can be a group or pack of corgis being ridiculous (as always).  Occasionally, you can use it when a single corgi is being silly or weird:  “Why are you trying to ride my skateboard, silly corgum?”

Beware of large packs of corgum, as they can suffocate you in derp or wipe out your supply of peanut butter.

24. Question: What’s something that a man does standing up, a woman does sitting down and a corgi does on three legs?

Answer: Shaking hands.

25. Question: Why do corgis become aggressive when other dogs touch their food?

Answer: Because they’re short-tempered dogs.

26. This corgi feels like his owner is mocking him. And, we don’t blame him.

This corgi feels like his owner is mocking him.

27. Corgi error, restart now?

What's wrong with this corgi?

28. Question: A has corgi decided to invest in stocks. What stocks does he buy?

Answer: PetCo and tennis ball stocks.

29. Question: What’s the medical condition called when a person can’t stop owning / collecting more corgi dogs?

Answer: OCD (Obsessive Corgi Disorder)

30. Question: Why are corgis such great dogs to bring hunting?

Answer: Because there’s no need for camouflage, they’re in-corg-nito.

31. Oh, don’t mind that, it just a corgi hair ball. 

Corgi fur balls are often mistaken for tumbleweed.

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Thanks for checking out our list of the best corgi puns, memes and jokes of the internet. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of these jokes!

It’s impossible for us to have vetted through every single corgi joke on the web. So, if you feel that we’ve missed one that deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments! If we like it, we’ll probably put it in this list.

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Thursday 25th of May 2023

Use one world to describe your Corgi's personality, What is it? Mine is: food-motivated (she is ALWAYS hungry, and will do anything for food). LOL!


Wednesday 14th of June 2023

@Richard, I contacted you via email a few days ago regarding potential collaboration (with Puptastic Picasso, LOL). However, it seems that the email address I found on your website might not be correct. Could you kindly provide me with the correct email address so that I can resend my message?


Thursday 25th of May 2023

Same with mine. Glad to see they're all the same haha.


Tuesday 13th of September 2022


ariana paul

Friday 10th of June 2022

sooooo funny


Saturday 19th of February 2022

corgi corgi yes

S. Takacs

Monday 11th of November 2019

Great collection, but 23 is spelled “corgwn”! Also you’re missing some fun corgi memes from Corgicastle (@corgi.castle) especially from Grumpy Janie!

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