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Australian Shepherd – The Aussie Owner’s Resource Page

Are you an Aussie owner or thinking of keeping one? Well, great! You’re in the right place. This resource page gives you information for anyone curious about these amazing dogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do Australian Shepherds shed? How much? – We discuss how much Aussies actually shed and measures to handle the shedding.
  2. Do Australian Shepherds have tails? – You’ve probably seen Australian Shepherds both with and without tails. Let’s dive into the reason for this.
  3. Do Australian shepherds like water? – Read real answers from real owners. Also, a guide on how to get your Aussie to love swimming in no time!
  4. How much do Australian Shepherds cost? – Discover the 4 reasons for the huge price difference in these dogs. Not all Aussies will cost the same.
  5. Do Australian Shepherds get along with cats? – Read 21 real answers from real Aussie owners with cats. Plus, useful tips on how to introduce your dog to your cat.
  6. Are Australian Shepherds good with kids? – Read responses from 10 real owners and 5 tips for solving the biggest problem in families with kids – herding.
  7. Are Australian Shepherds smart? – Discover the real reason why Aussies are ranked so low on the standardized dog intelligence test.
  8. Will Australian Shepherds run with you? – Also, 5 essential tips all owners need to know when looking to run with a Australian Shepherd.
  9. Will Australian Shepherds run away? – Here’s what you need to know and steps to prevent a runaway Aussie.

Australian Shepherd Guides:

The Smart Owner’s Guide to the Aussie – A quick, but thorough guide to these amazing dog breeds. Discover their personalities, origins, health needs and care.

Colors of Australian Shepherds – Aussies have a lot of colors. In fact, they have at least 14 different colors. Here’s the complete guide to their beautiful colors.

Australian Shepherd Temperament & Personality – What is it like living with an Aussie? Our guide explains the personality and temperament that make these dogs so desirable.

18 Most Interesting Australian Shepherd Mixes – Discover 18 different combinations of your favorite dog breed. There’s many more than you think! And they’re all beautiful.

Australian Shepherd vs. Border Collie – Choosing between these two popular working dog breeds? Check out our full comparison between these two amazing dogs.

4 Best Crates for Australian Shepherds – We’ve reviewed all the popular dog crates on Amazon and handpicked them for new owners. Here’s the good and bad of dog crates.

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd – Everything you need to know about the beautiful blue merle Aussie.