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31 Adorable Poodle Mixes That’ll Melt Your Heart – Find the Best Poodle Mix

Some of the best designer dogs in the world are Poodle mixes.
Written by Richard Jeng

The Poodle is consistently one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in America. They’re confident yet affectionate, but also active and deceivingly athletic. What’s not to like?

Moreover, Poodles are the second most intelligent dog breed in the world – at least according to famed researcher Stanley Coren. They’re the perfect balance of brains, personality and skill.

For these reasons, Poodles have been prevalent among some of the most popular designer dogs. And in some cases, producing bizarre mixes you’ve probably never heard of.

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A Brief Look at the Poodle

Despite frequent debates over the origins of the Poodle, most people conclude the Poodle originated from Germany. However, it was likely the French that popularized these dogs. Hence, the “French Poodle.”

The Poodle is more than just good-looks and charm. They were actually bred to hunt small water game, such as ducks. As a result, they were built to swim in water.

Have you noticed the Poodles’ iconic coat with the dense, curly hair? Well, the coat serves a very specific purpose. The coat is used to protect certain vital organs while swimming in water.

Poodle Temperament

Poodles have one of the best temperaments and personalities among all companion dogs. They’re such popular breeds for a reason. But what really makes them such enjoyable dogs to be around?

Poodles are essentially the “full package” when it comes to dog breeds.Spend an afternoon with a Poodle and you’ll immediately sense their self-dignity. They’re graceful yet affectionate, and they know it too.

In a loving environment, they tend to form deep bonds with the owner(s). If you’re looking for a real relationship with your dog, then Poodles are fantastic choices.

Furthermore, they’re highly intelligent. In fact, they learn commands so quickly that they’re in their own league of dog intelligence. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’re eager to please by learning tricks and performing them when asked of.

Most Popular Poodle Mixes

In no particular order, these are some of the most popular Poodle mixes on the market. Did we miss a mixed breed that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

1. Maltipoo

Parents: Maltese and Toy Poodle mix.

The Maltipoo is the popular Maltese Poodle mix.
via Instagram: @mokochip

The Maltese Poodle mix, or the “Maltipoo,” is arguably the most popular Poodle mixes. Here’s why. There aren’t many dogs that make you say “aww,” but the Maltipoo is one of them. It’s hard to resist the adorable looks of this mixed breed.

In regards to temperament, they show a lot of the Maltese side. They’re affectionate and fun-loving dogs with a lot of energy for playtime. There’s nothing they enjoy more than playing with loved ones.

Maltipoos don’t need a ton of physical activity, as they make fantastic lap dogs as well. But they do need a lot of “personal time” with people, as they’re quite social.

Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs, so it’s no surprise the Maltipoo is a low-shedding dog. Grooming essentials are still necessary, but it’s not bad at all. You can’t go wrong with the Maltipoo, and millions of dog owners around the world can agree with that.

2. Goldendoodle

Parents: Golden Retriever and Poodle mix.

The Golden Doodle is a popular mix of the Golden Retriever and Poodle.
via Instagram: @andi_the_goldendoodle

Another wildly popular Poodle mix is the Goldendoodle – bred from a Golden Retriever and Poodle. If you’re looking for a larger Poodle mix with a great positive vibe, Goldendoodles are a top choice.

Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles have some of the best temperaments for families. As a result, both land in the top 10 list of most popular dog breeds. The Goldendoodle is highly affectionate and playful around people. There is not a single aggressive bone in these dogs.

Their parents are both in the top 5 for dog intelligence, so expect a similarly smart dog breed. They’re easy to train and recommended for novice dog owners.

But because they’re larger dogs with a ton of playful energy, activity is highly essential. Make sure they get plenty of daily exercise, in addition to sufficient space to roam around. However, they don’t really shed – a huge plus.

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3. Cockapoo

Parents: Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix.

The Cockapoo is the Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix.
via Instagram: @bronte_the_spoodle

The social Cockapoo is all about the people. They’re able to make friends with just about anyone and are 100% people-oriented designer dogs. Cockapoos are affectionate dogs and they’ll constantly show it.

Thanks to the Poodle gene, the Cockapoo is a highly intelligent and very trainable dog. Because they love people so much, they’re eager to please – even if it means doing your bidding.

The size of these designer dogs can vary greatly. It really depends on which standard size of Poodle was used in the breeding. Cocker Spaniels can be crossed with toy, miniature or standard Poodles.

If you’re looking for a happy and bright dog, the Cockapoo is perfect. In fact, the winner of Britain’s 2011 Happiest Dog award was a Cockapoo.

4. Labradoodle

Parents: Labrador Retriever and Poodle mix.

The Labradoodle was developed from a Labrador and Poodle.
via Instagram: @bosschebella

What happens when you cross America’s most popular dog breed with the Poodle? You get one of the most popular designer dog and Poodle mix: the Labradoodle.

They look a lot like the Goldendoodle, except without the golden coat. Most of the time, they’ll have shorter curly hair than the Goldendoodle too.

These dogs were originally developed in Australia by the Royal Guide Dog Association. The goal was to simply create the ultimate hypoallergenic guide dog. The result was much more impressive.

Labradoodles became great guide dogs, but more importantly, amazing family dogs as well. They’re affectionate, intelligent and have consistent temperaments. It’s no wonder why everyone loves the Labradoodle!

5. Yorkipoo

Parents: Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle mix.

The Yorkipoo was bred from the popular Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle.
via Instagram: @therosieroo_

The Yorkipoo is perhaps be the epitome of “designer dog.” Having parents that are both extremely popular toy breeds, the Yorkipoo is always the first dog that comes to mind.

Though they are a Terrier mix, they don’t have your typical Terrier personality. Yorkipoos are all about having fun and their cheerful attitude shows it. As long as they’re loved, they’re the best versions of themselves.

With a Yorkipoo, there’s no need to extreme physical activity. They’re the type of dogs to happily relax in your lap on a lazy afternoon.

However, if you live in an area with loud sudden noises, it could get rough. These dogs love to bark at anything and it could take some time to get used to. Still, they’re one of the best Poodle mixes around.

6. Schnoodle

Parents: Schnauzer and Poodle mix.

The Schnoodle is half Poodle, half Schnauzer.
via Instagram: @artietheschnoodle

The Schnoodle is one of the most versatile Poodle mixes on this list. Consisting of half Schnauzer and half Poodle, the Schnoodle is an excellent lap dog, reliable therapy dog, affectionate companion dog or an award-winning show dog. They do it all!

Although these mutt dogs can vary in size, the majority of them are crossed with a toy or miniature Poodle, meaning they’re small. Their coats can also be in black, brown, gray, silver, sable, apricot, tan or a combination.

For the most part, Schnoodles are good-natured and playful dogs with a ton of energy. They get their sturdiness and athleticism from the Schnauzer, while inheriting their eagerness to please from the Poodle.

For an all-around Poodle mix that’s also relatively easy to maintain, consider the Schnoodle.

7. Akipoo

Parents: Akita Inu and Poodle mix.

The Akipoo is a hybrid of the Akita Inu and Poodle.
via Instagram: @lolytapookita

Of all the Poodle mixes, this may be the least obvious. But we sure are glad someone decided to crossbreed the Akita Inu with the Poodle. The Akipoo is both courageous and intelligent – the perfect combination for any household.

They can vary greatly in size, but typically all have a strong and sturdy frame coming from the Akita side. Most of the time, face will resemble an Akita Inu (see more Japanese dogs here). However, ears can be both erect or floppy depending on parentage.

There’s no dog more loyal than the Akita Inu, and we can expect the same devotion with the Akipoo. They’re proud and brave, but also have a sweet spot for loved humans. Generally, Akipoos have an easy going demeanor.

Almost all Poodle mixes are relatively easy to train and the Akipoo is no exception. Though, it’s worth noting that they have a lot of energy and need plenty of physical play.

8. Pomapoo

Parents: Pomeranian and Poodle mix.

The Pomapoo is part Pomeranian and Poodle.
via Instagram: @sproutthepomapoo

The Pomapoo combines two sought-after dog breeds in the Pomeranian and Poodle. Both are known for their friendly demeanor and optimistic personality. Likewise, the Pomapoo is the same.

Temperaments can range with the Pomapoo, as it depends on the inherited genes from the parents. Some may be more naturally calm, inheriting more from the Pomeranian side. Others can be more sociable, as with the Poodle. It depends.

What we do know for sure is this Poodle mix is very intelligent and easy to train. They do best with positive reinforcement training and will happily do your bidding.

You can’t really go wrong with a Pomapoo. They’re an easy-going and affectionate dog perfect for all kinds of owners.

9. Sheepadoodle

Parents: Old English Sheepdog and Poodle mix.

The Sheepadoodle is the Old English sheepdog Poodle mix.
via Instagram: @florathefauna_

Unlike many other Poodle mixes, the Sheepadoodle is gaining popularity so quickly that specialized Sheepadoodle breeders are starting to appear. They’re just that great of a dog.

Highly intelligent, the Sheepadoodle is more than capable of learning any commands you throw at it. Though smart, they can also act clownish, which makes for an entertaining companion.

Sheepadoodles are very positive and good-natured dogs. With that said, the best way to train them is through positive reinforcement. The good news is that even new dog owners will have no problem with training.

They need a moderate amount of physical and mental stimulation. So, a Sheepadoodle will likely thrive with a loving and active single family.

10. Whoodle

Parents: Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle mix.

The Whoodle is a Poodle and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @chip_the_whoodle

The Whoodle is a Poodle mix as fun as it is to say its name. Bred with a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and Poodle, the Whoodle is both energetic and playful. Expect to have a lot of play time with a Whoodle.

They’re fantastic guard dogs, as inherited from the Wheaten Terrier. The Whoodle won’t unnecessarily bark at random noises. However, they will bark to alert humans of intruders.

Whoodles do have a prey-drive, so it’s important you provide socialization training early on. This Poodle mix is an excellent choice for all types of families.

11. Poogle

Parents: Beagle and Poodle mix.

The Poogle is a crossbreed between the Beagle and Poodle.
via Instagram: @norman.the.poogle

The Poogle is both kind and affectionate when it comes to the family pack. As great as they are with humans, they’re even better with children. They’re as loyal as they come.

Poogles are fairly energetic dogs and will require plenty of exercise on a daily basis. At times, the Beagle instincts may kick in and they start following their nose.

Despite the Beagle ranking as one of the 10 least intelligent dog breeds, the Poogle is relatively intelligent. They accept training fairly well. But depending on the dog, the Whoodle can get distracted with its nose during training.

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12. Peekapoo

Parents: Pekingese and Poodle mix.

The Peekapoo is the Pekingese Poodle mix.
via Instagram: @vearil2014

On this list of the most adorable Poodle mixes, the Peekapoo takes the cake for the most adorable name. Of course, the dog fits the name perfectly.

The Pekingese was a “royal” Chinese dog breed, bred to be the ultimate lap dog for the Chinese elite. As a result, the Peekapoo mix does an outstanding job as a lap dog for all type of families.

Despite the small size, they’re fiercely loyal dogs that may even be a little too overprotective at times. It’s quite a comical sight watching a little toy dog tenaciously bark at all perceived threats.

Still, the Peekapoo is a great toy Poodle mix if you just want to lounge around with a loving lap dog.

13. Saint Berdoodle

Parents: Saint Bernard and Poodle mix.

The Saint Berdoodle is a cross between the Saint Bernard and Poodle.
via Instagram: @saintmurrie

Of all the Poodle mixes on this list, the Saint Berdoodle might be the sweetest, most good-natured dog. They’re pretty much the ultimate friendly giant dog that’s always smiling with their tongue out.

Being extremely social creatures, they do best in large families. If left alone for an extended period of time, you could see some destructive behavior.

Due to their large size (over 100 pounds!), they shouldn’t be playing with small children (toddlers and infants). There’s not a single aggressive bone in them, but they may accidentally knock over a little kid.

If you’re looking for a large Poodle mix, the Saint Berdoodle is one of the best choices.

14. Shihpoo

Parents: Shih Tzu and Miniature Poodle mix.

The Shihpoo was created by crossbreeding a Shih Tzu and Poodle.
via Instagram: @bodhi_the_shihpoo

With the popularity of the Peekapoo, it only makes sense to develop the Shihpoo – a Shih Tzu Poodle mix. As expected, the Shihpoo is as popular as any Poodle mix on the market.

They’re elegant dogs with an affection for all things living. This includes both humans and other dogs (even your guinea pig!). These sweet dogs want nothing more than to cuddle with you on the couch.

But because they’re such small dogs, make sure your children are old enough to respect the Shihpoo. They can be fragile and don’t do well with rough play.

They’re not territorial, easy to groom and easy to train. What else do you want in your Poodle mix?

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15. Chipoo

Parents: Chihuahua and Miniature Poodle mix.

The Chipoo is a hybrid dog, consisting of Chihuahua and Poodle.
via Instagram: @olive_the_chipoo

The Chipoo is the wonderful cross between a Poodle and Chihuahua (see more Mexican breeds here). They’re the ideal dogs for those that have a busy lifestyle, as they are relatively low maintenance designer dogs.

Most energetic dogs require a decent amount of exercise to expend all that energy. But despite being active, the Chipoo doesn’t necessarily need that much physical play. As a result, they’re popular lap dogs.

Plus, they’re fantastic with people, especially with kids. Just make sure the children don’t accidentally hurt these small dogs. With that said, the Chipoo mutts are great companions for really just about anybody.

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16. Poochon

Parents: Bichon Frise and Poodle mix.

The Poochon is the Poodle Bichon Frise mix.
via Instagram: @derbymaximus

The Poochon is an obvious mix, combining the adorable Bichon Frise with the elegant Poodle. To the casual dog fan, the two breeds look very similar – both with fluffy curly coats and big round eyes.

As expected, the Poochon looks similar to both parent dog breeds. What’s the most noticeably different is in the temperament and personality.

The Poochon is highly intelligent and willing to learn. However, they can be fierce barkers and whiners, especially if they’re bored. The need a moderate amount of exercise (30 minutes/day), which can reduce their “complaining.”

Although they’re wary of strangers and other unfamiliar dogs, they will love their family like no other.

17. Doxiepoo

Parents: Dachshund and Poodle mix.

The Doxiepoo is a crossbreed of the Dachshund and Poodle.
via Instagram: @chesterabouttown

The Doxiepoo combines two classic and popular German dog breeds. Not only are they both great companion dogs, but also have similar temperaments.

For instance, both dogs are slightly stubborn by nature. Sure enough, the Doxiepoo is known to show some stubbornness as well. However, they make up for it with their bright personalities and affectionate love.

Though personalities are fairly consistent, the size and appearance of a Doxiepoo can vary depending on parentage. Some are crossed with Toy Poodles, while others with Miniature Poodles.

Overall, these happy dogs can provide a ton of entertainment and fun for all types of people.

18. Irish Doodle

Parents: Irish Setter and Poodle mix.

The Irish Doodle is a unique blend of the Irish Setter and Poodle.
via Instagram: @ozziehanks

There’s a number of names for this Poodle mix: the Irish Poo, Irish Setterpoo or even the Irish Poo Setter. Whatever you want to call them, the Irish Doodle is a highly skilled designer dog with a playful demeanor.

They can hunt, retrieve and be excellent companion dogs. They’re the ideal mix for those that live in active lifestyle in the countryside.

The inherited Irish Setter side requires a ton of stimulation. Make sure they get proper socialization, obedience training and physical activity. Irish Doodles have been known to exhibit destructive behavior without it.

Although they have high prey-drive, they can tolerate kids and other dogs fairly well with enough training. If you’re looking for a versatile Poodle mix, look no further!

19. Rottle

Parents: Rottweiler and Poodle mix.

The Rottle is the hybrid of the Rottweiler and Poodle.
via Instagram: @aristotletherottle

Bred from a Rottweiler and Poodle, the Rottle really is a unique designer dog that’ll surely melt your heart. They look like a Rottweiler, but with the curly texture of a Poodle’s coat.

Despite the Rottweiler being a dog on the larger side, Rottles can be mixed with either a standard or miniature Poodle. For this reason, size tends to vary greatly depending on the Poodle parent.

Both Rottweilers and Poodles make the top 10 list for dog intelligence, so expect a highly capable mutt dog. On the other hand, they’re gentle and affectionate dogs. Plus, with the Rottweilers’ inherited loyalty, you can always count on a Rottle to have your back.

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20. Bernedoodle

Parents: Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle mix.

The Bernedoodle is the mix of a Bernese Mountain dog with a Standard Poodle.
via Instagram: @boomer_thebernedoodle

The Bernedoodle, or the Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle mix, is one of my all-time favorite mixed breeds. Enjoy the gentle silliness of the Bernese Mountain Dog, combined with the clever and loyal personality of the Poodle.

They’re big, thanks to the Bernese side, but they’re not intimidating at all. In fact, they’re more like a big goof ball dog. The Bernedoodle loves to be around people and can make a great companion for any family.

Bernedoodles have been known to get along great with kids. Some may say they have an affinity towards children. Regardless, Bernedoodles are one of the best choices for a large Poodle mix.

21. Bassetoodle

Parents: Basset Hound and Poodle mix.

The Bassetoodle is the combination of the Basset Hound and Poodle.
via Instagram: @arlo_the_bassetoodle

The Bassetoodle combines arguably the two most popular and iconic dogs from France. And in a way, both dog breeds are very similar in personality and temperament.

Both the Poodle and Basset Hound are calm and friendly by nature. And because they’re social breeds, the Bassetoodle gets along with everyone, including both humans and other pets.

However, they do have a peculiar look. They have an elongated torso and short legs, combined with the curly coat of the Poodle. Add in their big button eyes and large triangular nose, and you have a one-of-a-kind Poodle mix.

22. Boxerdoodle

Parents: Boxer and Poodle mix.

The Boxerdoodle is part Boxer, part Poodle.
via Instagram: @claytime5

The Boxerdoodle is the refreshing mix of the Boxer and standard Poodle. These are two completely different dogs with different personalities, but it somehow works.

By nature, Boxers are territorial and devoted, making them some of the most courageous guard dogs you can find. In addition, they’re crazy athletic and can become a little aggressive at times.

On the other hand, the Poodle is calm and well-mannered. They’re people-oriented and love to be social creatures. Combined, you get a Boxerdoodle, which can come with an unpredictable temperament.

For these designer dogs, personalities really depend on the parents and will vary from dog to dog.

23. Bossi-poo

Parents: Boston Terrier and Poodle mix.

The Bossipoo is the adorable mix of the Boston Terrier and Poodle.
via Instagram: @revel_goes_right

The Boston Terrier Poodle mix, or Bossi-poo, is a highly intelligent designer dog that can be a loyal and affectionate family dog. They’re fairly well-mannered and can be a low maintenance pet for those with a busy lifestyle.

There can be a lot of variation with the Bossi-poo, as some may take on the Poodle’s coat while others the Terrier’s coat. If your Bossi-poo has a Poodle’s signature coat, expect them to be hypoallergenic with minimal shedding.

Coming from the Boston Terrier side, these dogs can be very active. To keep them in check, make sure you give them an hour of exercise a day. It’s a big commitment, but the Bossi-poo is so worth it.

24. Aussiedoodle

Parents: Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix.

The Aussiedoodle is the popular mix of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle.
via Instagram: @sweet_life_of_zoey

The amazing Aussiedoodle combines two very popular dog breeds – the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. Though they originated from Australia, they are much more common in the United States today.

Sizes can vary a lot because you can pair a toy, miniature or standard variation of both the Poodle and Australian Shepherd. Despite the variance in size, an Aussiedoodle will be built lean with a lot of muscle.

In addition, these dogs can come in an array of colors, especially because Australian Shepherd coat colors come with so much variety.

The hardest part about keeping an Aussiedoodle is keeping up with their energy and work ethic. They are hard workers and require a high level of activity, daily.

25. Cavapoo

Parents: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix.

The Cavapoo is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix.
via Instagram: @tobyxcavoodle

Although Poodles are very prideful, the Cavapoo can be quite sensitive by nature. Training these designer dogs should be the most important thing, since they need to be mentally stimulated.

Always approach them with positive reinforcement and make sure you’re gentle with them at all times. It helps if you have a lot of time to play with these dogs. They need to be socialized with both humans and pets early on.

The Cavapoo needs a good environment to thrive. This means a loving family and a lot of play time. If you’re able to provide your Cavapoo with these things, they’ll be fantastic companion dogs.

26. Papipoo

Parents: Papillon and Poodle mix.

The Papipoo is a cross of the Papillon and Poodle.
via Instagram: @pippi.poppo.papipoo

The Papipoo is truly a unique Poodle mix, comprised of two highly intelligent dog breeds. It’s easy to fall in love with these dogs from the moment you see them. They’re adorable, fluffy and tiny little dogs.

Though small in size, they have a big and loving personality. The Papipoo is also relatively low maintenance, making them perfect for families, single owners and seniors.

They can be very entertaining, but a little mischievous at times. Always keep an eye out on your Papipoo. With kids, they have a great time. Just make sure there’s no rough play doing on with these small dogs.

With their good charm and looks, it’s hard to resist a Papipoo.

27. Lhasapoo

Parents: Lhasa Apso and Poodle mix.

When you cross a Lhasa Apso and Poodle, you get the Lhasapoo.
via Instagram: @palomathetoylhasapoo

The Lhasapoo is a Poodle mix that deserves more attention than it gets. They’re intelligent, kind and affectionate. In fact, they’re one of the most highly adaptable Poodle mixes you can find.

Keep them in an apartment, they’ll be happy. In a big fenced yard, they’ll make use of it. And whether you’re a single owner, large family or couple, these dogs will be the perfect companion.

The Lhasapoo also does not require as much physical activity as their other crossbreed counterparts. They can be active, but can also be a suitable lap dog as well. These dogs can be a little protective, so don’t be surprised if they’re barking at the sight of strangers.

28. Eskipoo

Parents: American Eskimo Dog and Poodle mix.

The Eskipoo is part American Eskimo Dog, part Poodle.
via Instagram: @mollyandzeek

The Eskapoo, or American Eskimo Poodle mix, looks very much like a Pomapoo. However, they can be slightly larger in most cases. Size will vary depending on the parents and the variation of Poodle used to breed the Eskapoo.

They’re fluffy dogs, and as you guessed, needs a moderate amount of grooming and care. Both parent breeds have long hair, though the Eskimo dog is not hypoallergenic. In fact, they shed a lot.

Most Eskapoos have a ton of energy and excitement. For this reason, you’ll need to be able to keep up with their high intensity at all times. They also make decent watchdogs, but they’re best as an affectionate friendly companion.

29. Jack-A-Poo

Parents: Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle mix.

The Jackapoo is a hybrid of the Jack Russell Terrier and Poodle.
via Instagram: @talesofpawson

The Jack-A-Poo is one of the more modern designer dogs on this Poodle mix list. They originated from the United States just a few decades ago, but have been steadily climbing in popularity.

Because they’re so new, there is no set standard for appearance and temperament. However, the Jack-A-Poo is likely to be a hyperactive dog, which comes from the Jack Russell side.

Owners claim their mix is very loving and sweet. They have high intelligence and can learn a large amount of commands. For this dog, you’ll likely need to provide a lot of obedience training to stimulate their minds.

On the bright side, they’re low-shedding dogs and won’t require too much grooming. But again, this may vary and will depend on the parent.

30. Bordoodle

Parents: Border Collie and Poodle mix.

The Bordoodle is a cross between the Border Collie and Poodle - the two most intelligent dog breeds.
via Instagram: @justgusandus

In terms of intelligence among designer dogs, it’s hard to see a more intelligent mix – at least on paper. The Bordoodle, part Border Collie part Poodle, combines the two most intelligent dog breeds.

But this Poodle mix is more than just brains. They’re energetic and hard working dogs. There are few tasks they’re not able to excel at, with the exception of maybe lounging around.

For the most part, they’re affectionate and love to play. If you have children in the family, the Bordoodle will fit perfectly. Again, these dogs are for active families that can provide a lot of stimulation. Better get those running shoes out!

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31. Airedoodle

Parents: Airedale Terrier and Poodle mix.

The Airedoodle is part Airedale Terrier and part Poodle.
via Instagram: @joshcwhitney

The Airedoodle is an excellent choice for those looking for a larger Poodle mix. They won’t be as big as a Saint Berdoodle, but can weigh up to 60 pounds.

Airedoodles have a lot of energy that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. Frequent physical activity is required to keep them in good shape, both mentally and physically.

Airedoodles usually come in a medium-length coat with either soft or coarse texture. They know how to work hard, but also know how to have fun. They’re generally very care-free and loving dogs that get along with people and dogs.

However, make sure you provide a ton of socialization training early on.

Did we miss any great Poodle mixes that deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, which is your favorite Poodle mix?

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