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101 Pawesome Dog Puns That Will Make You Howl

Dogs are “man’s best friend,” each with their own quirkiness and unique physical traits. But with the helping hand of the internet, dog lovers all over the world have a never-ending surplus of brilliant and funny dog puns to enjoy.

Our team has looked at several hundreds of dog puns from all over the place, in order to compile a list of the funniest dog puns of the internet (in no particular order). These are your classic puppy puns and best dog puns.

If you think we’ve missed a great pun that deserves to be on this list, leave your dog pun in the comment section below. We’re always looking for new puns and jokes to make this the funniest page possible. We update our pun list regularly.

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Classic Dog Puns

Dog puns aren’t like your typical classic dog jokes. These puns play off the double meanings and syllable similarities of words to create awesome jokes that all dog lovers can appreciate. Here’s our list of the very best dog puns found on the internet.

1. The dog groomer said to the dentist, “I clean my canines every single day!”

2. My dog’s bones will rottweiler spirit will live on!

3. If you’re looking to find the smartest dogs in the world, I hear you can find them in the region near the Border of Colliefornia.

4. This Collie is experiencing some serious winter blues.

A border collie dog wears a melon helmet.

5. Dachshunds always nap in the shade because they don’t like being hot dogs.

6. Every time my dog starts itching after coming back from the dog park, it really ticks me off.

7. The newest Avenger is a dog named is labro-thor.

via Imgur

8. When I got my new car, my dog ran straight in the car. I found out he was just inspecting the subwoofer.

9. My Golden Retriever’s dog tag is often mistaken for collar ID.

10. Sometimes I wish my dog would go look for a job in construction. He’s always been such a great roofer.

11. You should always extra careful after it rains cats and dogs. You really don’t want to accidentally step in a poodle.

12. Residing in the United Corgis of America…

Map of the corgi dog states.

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13. It’s amazing that my dog can bark all night long without any paws in between.

14. Make sure to always use collie flour when baking delicious biscuit treats for your dog.

15. My dog has always been picky with his food. For example, he’ll only eats woofles for breakfast.

16. Why can’t I ever find a good zoo?

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17. It’s the Year of the Dog. I hope it’s not a ruff year.

18. I threw the ball down Niagara Falls, and my dog retrieved it for me. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it’s true!

19. When traveling with your dog, make sure to always have a doggie bag ready.

20. Well, this is awkward…

21. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth – completely devoted to their dog-ma and paw.

22. I went to pick up my dog at the dog hotel and all the dogs were having such a blast. It looked like they were all raising the ruff.

23. My Maltipoo isn’t allowed to eat fruits because the sugar always make him go mutts!

24. Testing the water resulted in a positive lab report.

25. Every time I put on a movie at home, my dog always begs me to make some pupcorn.

26. I have to be extremely careful as to not drop my ribs during my July 4th party. Last time my dogs got to the Bark-B-Q.

27. Next time you take your dog out to the lake, bring a doggie paddle with you!

28. What have you been feeding him? He’s a little husky.

Just a little husky puppy.

29. My Instagram-famous dog has to deal with all the puparazzi while out on his daily walks.

30. My dog is so smart. No matter where I park my car, he’ll always find it in the barking lot.

31. My German dog loves the holidays and will always dance to Christmas music. His favorite song starts with, “dachshund through the snow…”

32. My dog has seen me play soccer for so many years that he probably understands enough to be the rufferee for our practice games.

33. The Puggle is real

The struggles of a pug.
via Imgflip

34. The curly-haired Poodle could never catch the rabbit. All Poodles have their bad hare day once in a while.

35. Always keep your dog indoors during cold winter nights to prevent any pupsicles from forming.

36. While the curious Labrador was sniffing around the giant oak tree, the shepherd dog approached him and said, “you won’t find what you’re looking for, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

37. You’re looking quite fetching over there…

My dog told me i'm quite fetching.

38. The reason why grandma decided to get two large German Shepherds is because she wanted some pawdy guards.

39. Whenever my Corgi meets my friend’s Bulldog, he never stands up for himself. He just rolls over.

40. If your dog won’t stop begging you to take him out for a walk, it can become a really dog-matic situation.

41. So why do cowboys call their cattle “dogies?” Someone please let me know in the comments, thanks.

Why did the cowboy buy a dachshund?

42. This dog hotel with the expensive toys, luxurious treats and spacious kennels were a little too pawsh for my taste.

43. It was unbelievable that the one cat won the dog show! It was truly a Cat-astrophe.

44. My dog kept barking at me, acting like he had pawsession of the brand new dog biscuit I just brought home.

45. Did somebody order a pugkin spice latte? It’s officially my favorite drink at Starbucks now.

my favorite drink is the pug-kin spice latte.

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46. Have you ever wondered why old dogs can’t learn new tricks? It’s because they eat up all their homework from obedience school.

47. Feeding grapes to your dog can kill them. What? I’m just raisin’ some awareness for new dog owners.

48. Crazy dog ladies with too many dogs experience a medical condition called a Rover-dose.

49. The reason why that dog got the last spot on our baseball team was because he always got walked.

50. I’m almost pawsitive that this stray dog has some terrier blood in him.

51. Hello little puppy, meet your new branch manager and assistant branch manager.

Who told the dog branch manager he could have an assistant?


Dog Name Puns

What’s a comprehensive list of dog puns without funny pun names? The combination of characters in pop culture (movies, celebrities, artists, etc.) and our furry friends will have all dog owners wishing they had been this clever while naming their own dog. Here are 17 brilliant, yet hilarious dog pun names.

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52. My favorite childhood book was Hairy Pawter (and the Terrier’s Bone).

53. I have a feeling that my dog’s favorite Star Wars character is Jabba the Mutt.

54. Every time Chewbarka (Star Wars) yells on the TV, my dog will join in with a howl.

55. Did you know that Darth Vader from Star Wars had a pet dog? It’s true! He named him, Arf Vader.

56. Is it surprising that my Beagle is one of the best detective dogs in the world? They call him Sherlock Bones for a reason.

57. If Mary Poppins was a crazy dog lady, then she would be called Mary Puppins.

58. I think almost every dog lover will agree that the Disney classic should have been Winnie the Pooch instead.

59. And to be exact, it should have been Winnie the Poodle – a smart, elegant and graceful dog.

60. Just imagine all the pop art that could have been (featuring kibbles, treats and balls) if Andy Warhowl could draw.

61. If Bark Obama were running for president, I’d vote for him.

62. The author of Hairy Pawter is none other than the famed J.K. Growling.

63. Anderson Pooper is my favorite news journalist – bringing you the latest news on “good boys” and treats.

64. All hail (howl?) Queen Elizabark, the Corgi Queen of Wales.

65. Brad Sitt is a Hollywood canine with tremendous talent. No pressure or treats can stop him from doing his camera-ready tricks.

66. Ms. Weeny Cooper is perhaps my favorite pun name for a dachshund living in the Wonder Years.

67. Bark Twain was a brilliant writer, great thinker and also a fantastic barker.

68. Legend has it that L.L. Drool J got his stage name because of his excessive saliva when rapping.

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Dog Puns in Retail

Have you ever spotted a brilliant store name while out walking down the street? Bonus points to these shop owners for the pun-iest business names in the pet industry. You had me sold with just the name.

69. Indiana Bones – Temple of Groom (Doggy Day Care Boutique)

Indiana Bones and the Temple of Groom - Dog Grooming

70. A Diamond in the Ruff – Pet Salon & Boutique

71. Howl to the Chief

Howl to the chief is one of my favorite dog puns.

72. Furry Tales – Pet Spa & Goodies

Furry Tales Pet and Dog supplies

73. Bon-a-pet-treat!

Bon-a-pet-treat Dog treat bakery

74. Moulin Pooch

Moulin Pooch Dog Bakery

75. Fi-Dough Pet Bakery & Boutique

Fi-dough Pet bakery

76. The Big Bad Woof

The Big Bad Woof Pet Shop for dog supplies

77. Beowoof – Provisions for Pets

Beowoof Provisions for Pets

Create Your Own Funny Dog Puns

Single word dog puns are perfect for those that want to be a little creative and craft their own puns. It’s easier than you think!

All of these words on this list can be applied to different phrases (or sentences) and interchangeable with the original matching word. Let’s have a look at some popular pun words for dogs to get those ideas flowing.

78. Might = Mutt 

Example: “There mutt be a chance my dog has Shiba Inu blood in him.”

79. Massive = Mastiff

Example: “Trying to get my dog to eat vegetables is a mastiff waste of time.

80. Least = Leashed

Example: “Helping my friend walk her dog is the leashed I can do.”

81. Hand = Hound

Example: “Can you help me hound me my dog’s leash from the bag?”

82. Wolf = Woof

Example: “The big bad woof was actually a big friendly dog.”

83. Donation = Dalmation

Example: “I make a small dalmation to my local animal shelter every year”

84. Tale = Tail

Example: “All my kids need to fall asleep is a good dog tail read to them before bed.”

85. Bagel = Beagle

Example: “Just give me my usual coffee and beagle, please.”

86. Boggle = Beagle

Example: “The fact that your dog doesn’t like treats is truly mind beagle-ing.”

87. Up = Pup

Example: The dog recovered from his sickness in record time. He was pup and running within a few days!”

88. Terror = Terrier

Example: The small Scottish dog that destroyed the living room was truly a terrier.

89. Pure bread = Purebred

Example: “The dog’s health is not good. His diet consists of nearly purebred

90. How’ll = Howl

Example: “Your dog barks all the time. Howl your dog keep quiet at the event?”

91. Flee = Flea

Example: “When the dog realized it was a stray cat he was sniffing, he quickly flea’d away. “

92. Wine = Whine

Example: “Did you dog enjoy the new dog food I brought? I’m not sure, but he was whining and dinning all night long.”

93. Thug = Pug

Example: “My dog is all about that pug life.”

94. Poor = Paw

Example: “Last night I found a little puppy wandering the streets of my neighborhood alone and afraid. He was such a paw thing.”

95. Degrading = Dograding

Example: “Dog puns can be a terrible thing. They’re sometimes a little dograding.

Double Meaning Dog Words

Sometimes, brilliant puns comes from words that have double meaning. No need to alter the spelling or replace it with a similar sounding word.

96. Pointer – This could refer to both the dog breed or help advice and tips.

Example: “My dog can give your dog some pointers on playing fetch.”

97. Lab – This is also short for the dog breed: Labrador Retriever. However, it can also refer to a facility where scientific research takes place.

Example: “All food must go to the lab for testing.”

98. Retriever – In it’s most literal sense, a retriever can mean a person or thing that retrieves something. But the fact that it also refers to a dog breed, means this word can be a candidate for some clever dog puns.

Example: “I wish my dog would fetch the ball. I think i’ll need a retriever instead.”

99. Fetch – Fetching can refer to the act of retrieving or used to described someone (or something) as attractive.

Example: “Well, your dog is looking quite fetching with his bow tie collar.”

100. Underdog – This usually refers to a competitor that has little to no chance at winning. But because the word contains “dog,” you may be able to create clever dog puns.

Example: “The 3-legged corgi was truly the underdog at the annual corgi race competition.”

Dog “Fur” Puns

Perhaps the most versatile single pun word is “fur,” as it can be used to replace a multitude of syllables in our every day vocabulary. Here are just some examples of what i mean:

101. I’m the most com-fur-table with my dog by my side.

The trans-fur-mation from my puppy to adult Germany Shepherd was amazing.

Rottweilers are known to be fur-ocious dogs.

My dog chewed up my shoes, but how can I not fur-give him with those puppy eyes.

After a long day of work, my puppy thinks I’ve fur-gotten about him.

I made my Corgi an of-fur he couldn’t resist – yummy treats and walks!

The Smart Canine is the best website for in-fur-mation (and puns!) on dogs.

My dog is the best in the whole world? A-fur-mative!

I fur-bid my dog to sleep on my bed…I don’t want to clean up any more fur!

I’ll love my dog fur-ever and ever.

My dog trainer worked wonders with my pup! I call him the dog Philoso-fur now.

My Border Collie can’t wait for the Dog Con-fur-ence next month!

What’s the secret behind an influencer dog? Having the best photogra-fur.

Submit Your Puns

With how big the internet is, it is nearly impossible for us to find all the best dog puns. Despite this enormous task, our goal was to create the biggest and baddest list of the best puns on the internet.

In other words, we promise to keep updating this list with the help from our fellow netizens and dog lovers alike. Yes, that means you.

There’s a really good chance that we’ve missed your favorite pun. In fact, we know it. Sometimes we miss a good pun thats hidden in the deep corners of the internet. Other times, the best dog puns haven’t even been created yet (again, we’re looking at you!).

Maybe there’s a hilarious and brilliant pun that spreads through word of mouth as opposed to the internet. Wherever it is, we promise to try our best to find it and list it here.

Note: To submit your puns to our list, leave a comment in the comments section below. We will credit you if you’re the creator of the joke – just let us know.

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