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34 Terrier Mixes You’ve Never Seen – The Terrier Mix Guide

A “terrier” is not a dog breed. Rather, terrier refers to a group of closely related dog breeds. There are roughly 30 unique dog breeds in this category. In fact, they’re such an important class of dogs that the AKC has recognized these dogs as an official dog group.

Some of the most popular dog breeds in the world are terriers. Some of which, include the Jack Russell Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier and Airedale Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, among many others. You’ll see them everywhere you go!

But with such a large following and a wide selection of terrier breeds, it’s no surprise they’re part of many amazing mixed breeds. While there are too many hybrids to list, we’ve found our favorite terrier mixes that you probably never seen.

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First, What’s a Terrier Dog?

For the past hundreds of years, all types of Terriers have been tirelessly working with on farms around the world, hunting and killing pesty vermin and rats. After all, that’s what most terriers were originally bred to do.

With this skillset alone, they became widely popular and eventually their claim far outside the farming industry and onto the international dog scene. After these dogs reached the height of their popularity, breeders began to take notice.

They were soon bred for a variety of specific jobs. For example, the Kelly Blue Terrier and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier were bred to herd, hunt and protect. On the other hand, Rat Terriers were originally bred for vermin control – specifically with rats.

As a result, Terriers were bred to have very powerful jaws and sharp teeth. Their small size does not mean weakness, as they can be excellent guard dogs. What’s more, Terriers sport a wiry or silky coat, with the exception of the Pit Bull Terrier.

The “Terrier Temperament”

A Terrier’s personality is a relatively consistent and predictable thing, according to experts. While there will be exceptions, most Terriers are highly energetic and playful. By nature, they’re independent dogs with a lot of dignity.

Some owners go as far as saying Terriers are stubborn or independent. For this reason, they may be a bit harder to train than other dog breeds. It’s also why many terriers are unfairly labeled as dumb dog breeds. It’s certainly not true.

They will walk all day long and never tire but will happily just go for a small jaunt. Great with kids as they love to play, but they can be stubborn and…they just won’t listen no matter what.

– Drac (Border Terrier Owner)

Furthermore, Terriers don’t usually play nice with other animals. Even with socialization, there’s no guarantee they’ll get along with other dogs. And with cats or other small pets, their prey drive may kick in. They’re notoriously feisty dogs.

Like with any other dog, Terriers have their flaws. But with a Terrier, you know you’ll get an affectionate and loyal dog. Even if they don’t like to cuddle, they make some of the best companions you can find.

Best Terrier Mixes

Here are 34 unusual and wacky Terrier mixed dog breeds that you must see! Did we miss a good one? Let us know in the comments section below. Well try to add it on this list.

1. Whoodle

Parents: Soft Coated Wheaten x Poodle

The Whoodle is a Poodle and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @ruby_the_whoodle

The Whoodle is a Terrier mix as fun as it’s name. They’re also called a Sweatenpoo and even a Wheaten-doodle, both of which are equally amusing. In the last decade, the Whoodle has exploded in popularity. However, there’s no standard yet.

Most owners will tell you that their Whoodle is energetic and lively, as with both parents. But depending on which side they take more form, they can range quite a bit in size, coat and shape. We see most with the Poodle’s curly coat, though.

Both parents are intelligent dogs. In fact, the Poodle is the second most intelligent breed, according to Stanley Coren. So, you can expect a smart Whoodle, especially if they inherit the brains from the Poodle side of the family.

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2. Jack Chi

Parents: Jack Russell x Chihuahua

The Jack Chi is a Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @herothesd

The Jack Chi is the Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier hybrid, and is perhaps one of the most popular mixes, for good reason! They may be small, but will have a ton of energy and a feisty attitude – very much like the typical terrier.

At times, it may seem like the Jack Chi has an unlimited supply of energy, as they love to play. If you’re looking for a lazy lap dog, look elsewhere! This Terrier mix requires a ton of physical activity and daily mental stimulation.

They can be very loyal and affectionate dogs. Plus, it’s not unusual that they’ll come snuggle up with you too! So, if you live an active lifestyle and you’re looking for a small fun-loving dog, I would highly suggest the Jack Chi.

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3. Yorkipoo

Parents: Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle

The Yorki Poo is a mix of the Yorkie and Poodle breeds.
via Instagram: @astros_w_o_r_l_d_

When I think of the term “designer dog,” the Yorkipoo first comes to mind. They’re a cross between two of the most widely popular toy breeds: the Yorkie and Toy Poodle. That said, was there any doubt this hybrid would be popular as well?

As expected, Yorkipoos are generally fun-loving and happy all the time. They’ll shower owners with a ton of affection and love. But at the same time, can be perfectly content resting on the lap of a loved one. Not your typical Terrier temperament.

However, it’s worth noting that these small dogs love to yap. If you’re not a fan of constant barking, you may want to reconsider bringing one home. However, I’d take bad with the good for such an adorable and sweet-natured Terrier mix.

4. Scoland Terrier

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Westie

The Scoland Terrier is the Westie and Scottish Terrier hybrid.
via Instagram: @sirmarco_ladynanu

The Scoland is the hybrid of the Scottish Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. Who says you can’t crossbreed two Terriers together? Because both parent breeds originate from Scotland, they’re often called the “ultimate Terrier.”

The Scoland is the embodiment of the Terrier spirit. They’re lively, energetic, playful and loyal. They will have the perfect amount of stubbornness, which is almost inevitable with these dogs. But, they’ll protect and entertain you every chance they get.

As for physical their looks, you’ll likely get the head of a Westie with the body of a Scottie. Coats come in black with white highlights, or wheaten. They’ll have big black eyes with their signature “scissor bite.” Like with the parents, expect a wiry and dense coat.

5. Frenchton

Parents: Boston Terrier x Frenchie

The Frenchton is the crossbreed of the Boston Terrier and French Bulldog.
via Instagram: @franco.thefrenchton

As cool and amazing as the French Bulldog is, the Frenchton is so much cooler. By crossbreeding the popular Frenchie with the equally stunning Boston Terrier, you’ll get the lively and intelligent Frenchton. They’re very popular hybrids and it’s easy to see why.

The Frenchton has all the colors of a Boston Terrier, often coming in the signature black coat with white markings (or vice versa). However, the face will often resemble the French Bulldog slightly more, though it varies by dog.

Both Boston Terriers and the Frenchie are a little stubborn by nature, so this Terrier mix will most likely be the same. That said, they can be a little difficult to train. Still, the Frenchton is truly an affectionate and loyal dog that’s perfect for every family.

6. Jack-A-Bee

Parents: Jack Russell x Beagle

The Jack-A-Bee is the cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle.
via Instagram: @ashboandizzy

The Jack-A-Bee is an odd combination that somehow works – and works great! This Jack Russell Terrier and Beagle hybrid combines two of the most iconic and popular dog breeds from the Terrier and Hound groups, respectively.

The result is a friendly, calm, intelligent, and loyal Terrier mix. But it’s not all good. Sometimes they will be more on the independent side, even for a Terrier. However, their sweet-nature demeanor and positive vibe will make up for it.

At first glance, these hybrids look like a Beagle with a different coat. But the Jack-A-Bee tends to take a body of the Jack Russell, while maintaining the face of a Beagle (including the ears). As a relatively new breed, their coat colors can vary quite a bit.

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7. Bugg

Parents: Boston Terrier x Pug

The Bugg is a hybrid of the Boston Terrier and Pug.
via Instagram: @olive_beebee

Any hybrid crossbred with a Pug is almost guaranteed to be an awesome dog. The Bugg is no exception. The personalities of the Pug and Boston Terrier mesh together almost seamlessly, like peanut butter and jelly. There’s no better mix!

Pugs are charming, loving, with a little bit of a mischievous side. On the other hand, the Boston Terrier is friendly and often described as a little bit comical. The Bugg gives you the best of both worlds – a fun yet entertaining dog with good intentions.

Boston Terriers can be active dogs, while Pugs are not so active. However, your Bugg’s energy levels will depend on which parent they take more from. So whether you’re looking for the perfect lap buddy or an entertaining dog companion, consider a Bugg.

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8. Toxirn

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Chihuahua

The Toxirn is the Chihuahua and Cairn Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @jeralyn27

The Toxirn is not as complicated as their name make them out to be. They’re delightful toy dogs bred by crossbreeding the Cairn Terrier with the Chihuahua. Both of which, are iconic toy dogs in their respective countries of Scotland and Mexico.

Yes, they’re small. But they’re surprisingly courageous and confident – thanks to the Chihuahua side. They don’t scare very easily and will do what it takes to protect the owners. The downside is that they can be a little overprotective.

Toxirns are deceivingly athletic with a lean yet muscular build. In fact, they’re sturdy dogs with a sizable frame for petite size. Their coats are wiry, but not as long as other Terriers. Toxirns are as they say: “little dogs with a big personality.”

9. Jacairn

Parents: Jack Russell x Cairn Terrier

The Jacairn is the Jack Russell Cairn Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @judithrbrown

The Jacairn combines two fan favorites from the Terrier group – the Jack Russell and the Cairn Terrier. They’re not your typical Terriers, as they’re always eager to please. Not only are they very intelligent, but also highly trainable.

They’re perfect for novice dog trainers. However, they require plenty of exercise daily. So if you don’t have an active lifestyle, it’ll be tough to maintain a Jacairn. They demand a lot of work, otherwise you may see destructive behavior.

On the flip side, they love playing with children and get along great with all humans. And if you have a large backyard, they’ll likely dig some holes and climb some trees! We weren’t kidding when we said the Jacairns are energetic.

10. Scottish Cocker

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Cocker Spaniel

The Scottish Cocker mix is part Scottish Terrier and part Cocker Spaniel.

The Scottish Cocker is part Cocker Spaniel and part Scottish Terrier. Both an English or American Cocker Spaniel work in this case. And while they’re one of the least common Terrier mixes, these dogs are slowly growing in popularity.

In essence, they’re the opposite of the Jacairn. They’re laid back and mellow dogs that’ll happily lounge around with you. What’s more, they’re extremely sociable dogs, which probably comes from the Cocker Spaniel side.

From the Scottish Terrier side brings their courageousness and alertness to the table. Scottish Cockers can be aggressive when the situation calls for it – and they’re smart enough to figure out when. But most of the time, they’ll be chilling by your side.

11. Schnocker

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Cocker Spaniel

The Schnocker is a cross between the miniature Schnauzer and Cocker Spaniel.
via Instagram: @poghain

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the origins of this designer breed. However, many will claim they first originated from the United States in the 1990’s. Regardless of origins, this mix was bred to be the ultimate companion lap dog.

Schnockers strike the perfect balance for the vast majority of dog owners. They’re moderately active and will happily go on adventures with you. At the same time, they’ll always come in for a nice cuddle whenever they get the chance.

Like with many hybrid dogs, a Schnocker can vary in appearance. Though, they usually come with a slim frame, long legs, and a set of floppy ears. Coat colors, highlights and length can also vary depending on the parents.

12. Dorkie

Parents: Yorkshire Terrier x Dachshund

The Dorkie is part Dachshund and part Yorkshire Terrier.
via Instagram: @bigbabygrundy

As a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and Dachshund, the Dorkie has the best name among all Terrier mixes. Not only is it a great play on words, but it perfectly describes the personality of these hybrid dogs: little cute dorks.

They get along great with all people, but especially love playing with older children. But because of how small and fragile they are, children must be supervised during playtime. Kids are rowdy and may hurt a Dorkie on accident.

Dorkies will likely inherit the big floppy ears of a Dachshund but their coat will come from the Yorkie. The coat colors will be more in-line with Yorkies as well, coming in a glossy black and brown, red and black or a solid brown.

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13. Pit Heeler

Parents: Pitbull Terrier x Blue Heeler

The Pit Heeler is the Blue Heeler Pit Bull Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @lambeydot

The Pit Heeler is the not-so-obvious cross of the Pit Bull Terrier and the Blue Heeler. Many Australian dog breeds are fantastic herders. So keep in mind that there’s a good chance this Terrier mix will inherit those instincts as well.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is often labeled as the most dangerous dog breed, but there’s no guarantee that the Pit Heeler will inherit the same aggressive tendencies. Nonetheless, socialization early on is an absolute must for this dog.

Keep in mind, they’re relatively rare, so not much is known about the Pit Heeler in terms of personality or temperament. As a result, there’s no standard for this designer breed either. However, we know that they can’t stand extreme heat due to their thick coats.

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14. Schnairedale

Parents: Schnauzer x Airedale Terrier

The schnairedale is the Schnauzer Airedale Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @ohayobenny

The Schnairedale is the gorgeous cross between a Standard Schnauzer and the Airedale Terrier. They’re one of the rarest Terrier mixes that we’ve found, and are relatively difficult to find on the market (but not impossible!).

Owners that have a Schnairedale will tell you they’re fun-loving dogs that very much enjoy the company of loved ones. In fact, they love everyone. Schnairedales are playful by nature and get along great with other dogs – especially with bigger ones.

Schnairedales are confident and independent dogs, which explains why they’ll often try to assume the alpha role among the pack. You must be consistent and firm with training to establish pack-dominance before they do.

15. Rat Cha

Parents: Rat Terrier x Chihuahua

The Rat Cha is the Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @gordon_pup

The Rat Cha is the popular crossbreed of the Chihuahua and Rat Terrier. Though they may be small, they have a playful attitude and a charming demeanor that few people can resist. That’s why they’re gaining lots of traction in the world of designer dogs.

Most Rat Cha dogs will inherit the short coat from the Chihuahua. However, there are cases where they take on the long Rat Terrier coat. Ears could be erect or curled. This really depends on genetics and their parents.

Unlike other small dogs, the Rat Cha is independent-minded. They really don’t require too much care at all – outside of the dog basics. In return, they only need love, affection and human interaction in order to live a happy and mentally-healthy life.

16. Airedoodle

Parents: Airedale Terrier x Poodle

The Airedoodle is a Poodle Airedale Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @houston_airedoodles

The Airedoodle is truly an interesting Terrier mix that doesn’t get the fame it deserves. Just think about it – this Terrier mix combines the elegant and highly intelligent Poodle with the “King of Terriers.” How can they not be incredible?

Not surprisingly, the result is an intelligent and athletic hybrid dog with an outstanding work ethic. They are fairly easy to take care of and are highly trainable. Airedoodles have all the qualities and traits that you’d want in your family companion.

They love people and are very social around both humans and other dogs. Kids, especially older ones, do very well with the Airedoodle. The only potential concern is their high prey-drive, which may pose a problem for families with small pets.

17. Boston Boxer

Parents: Boston Terrier x Boxer

The Boston Boxer is the Boxer and Boston Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @luigidawson28

No, we’re not talking about Rocky Marciano, otherwise known as the Boston-native boxer who inspired Rocky Balboa. Instead, this Boston Boxer is the durable hybrid of a Boxer and the Boston Terrier that’s perfect for all families.

The Boston Boxer can be a handful at times, but they’re favorable temperaments more than make up for it. In terms of physical appearance, they look very much like a small Boxer. In fact, some people call this mixed breed the “Mini Boxer.”

They’ve been around for a few decades already, but the Boston Boxer still vary quite a bit in personality. For the most part, you can expect a friendly, smart and devoted dog. And with all that energy, you can already guess they’re very playful dogs.

18. Jack Rat

Parents: Jack Russell x Rat Terrier

You get the Jack Rat mix by combining the Jack Russell Terrier with the Rat Terrier.
via Instagram: @artmanda88

This Terrier mix is also called the Jersey Terrier. Jack Rats are feisty little dogs with a lot of personality. Their size just doesn’t match their bold attitudes. Jack Rats are vigilant and alert, but also possess a high level of energy.

Moreover, Jack Rats are courageous and brave. Despite their petite size, they won’t likely back down in the face of a perceived threat, especially when the owner is “in need.” Furthermore, Jack Rats play well with children, though they do have a high prey drive.

Grooming can be time-consuming with these dogs. Although they have a short hair, Jack Rats will likely have a double coat that sheds quite often. Daily brushing is a ideal to keep their coat in check – or deal with fur hair everywhere.

19. Snorkie

Parents: Yorkie x Mini Schnauzer

The Snorkie is a popular mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and Schnauzer.
via Instagram: @grand_master_fluff

Although there are many sizes of the Schnauzer, most Snorkies are crossbred with the Mini Schnauzer, in addition to the Yorkie. Because both are popular toy terrier breeds with a huge following, it’s a given that Snorkies would be popular too.

This Terrier mix is truly a people-loving dog. In fact, they’re known to develop close ties and bonds with their owners and family members. Because they’re not as energetic as most Terrier dogs, Snorkies are great options for a lap dog.

That said, it’s still important to help them get their daily dose of exercise, as they’re prone to becoming a bit overweight in their later years. Daily coat brushing is highly recommended to prevent any tangles on their textured coat.

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20. Brat

Parents: Rat Terrier x Boston Terrier

via Instagram: @barbiecarroll

Perhaps with the most creative terrier hybrid name, the Brat is the combination of the Boston Terrier and the Rat Terrier. However, they’re much more than a funny name. The Brat hybrid is athletic yet compact, making them perfect for active families in apartments.

Due to the rarity of this mutt, there is little information on the hybrid’s personality. However, based off the parents, we can guess they’ll be lively with strong prey instincts. Both parent breeds were bred to deal with vermin, after all.

Today, Brats are mostly bred for companionship. As such, they’ll be loving and affectionate with a great temperament that can mesh well with all types of people. They thrive best in families that can provide a ton of exercise and stimulation, though.

21. Cairmal

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Maltese

via Instagram: @princessbean2019

That’s not a typo – we didn’t mean caramel. Rather, the “Cairmal” is a designer dog that crosses a Cairn Terrier with the Maltese. Both of which, are top companion dogs that come together to form an equally capable companion.

Always cheerful and affectionate, the Cairmal can be vigilant. With that said, they make top watch dogs, but poor guard dogs (thanks to the small size). And while they are terriers, the Cairmal mix does great with other dogs and cats.

Despite the long-standing history of both parent breeds, the Cairmal is a relatively new dog in the world of designer dogs. Temperament can vary, but also with appearance. But if you want a terrier mix with a positive vibe, consider the Cairmal.

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22. Ratshire Terrier

Parents: Rat Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier

via Instagram: @splinter_ninja_dog

The Ratshire is the king of all ratting dogs. Combining two of the top rat-hunters, the Ratshire Terrier is the combination of the Rat Terrier and Yorkshire terrier. As you can expect, the prey instincts will likely be inherited in this mix.

Both parent breeds are small, and the cross is no exception. Standing just 10 inches tall and weighing 15 pounds, the Ratshire was built small to get through small spaces. And while they’re not ratters anymore, they still have high-energy.

Ratshires are typically healthy mutts. In fact, they can live up to 16 years with little issues. But thanks to their prey instincts, we wouldn’t recommend them for families with small kids. Also, they’ll need a lot of socialization to adjust to society.

23. Pomerat

Parents: Rat Terrier x Pomeranian

via Instagram: @thezoradomain

Developed from the cheerful Pomeranian and the inquisitive Rat Terrier, the Pomerat is the ideal balance of play and work. These designer dogs are described as having a dab of fun-loving playfulness, but also a sprinkle of alertness and vigilance.

With the owners, Pomerats will be great for entertainment. On the other hand, these Terrier mixes can’t stand being in solitude. They’re social creatures and need human interaction and attention to really thrive in a family setting.

As for obedience training, they require firm and consistent training. I’d only use positive reinforcement for these dogs. Stubborn streaks are possible, but with a little patience, you should have few problems with obedience training.

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24. Husky Jack

Parents: Jack Russell Terrier x Husky

via Instagram: @luna_huskyjack

Ever wondered what would happen if you combined two highly energetic dog breeds? The Husky Jack is probably the best answer. Both the Siberian Husky and Jack Russell Terrier are as active and lively as any dog breed.

Husky Jacks are known for being devoted and spirited dogs, as seen in both the Husky and terrier side. They require not only plenty of daily exercise, but also lots of mental stimulation. Otherwise, destructive tendencies may arise.

This terrier mix is one of the older hybrids, said to have been bred since the 20th century. Even so, there is no standard for these dogs. However, given the popularity, we may see all that change sometime in the near future.

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25. Havanestie

Parents: Westie x Havanese

via Instagram: @buddhalicious._

Don’t be fooled by the exotic name. The Havanestie is just the cross of the charming Westie and the all-too-adorable Havanese. The Havanestie is so great that they’re actually recognized by 5 registries. Few mixes have accomplished this feat.

Despite the prevalence among dog breed registries, the Havanesties aren’t as popular as they should be (at least, in our opinion). In other words, there’s still a lot to learn about the temperament and looks of these terrier mixes.

However, what we do know is that they’re affectionate and sweet dogs. Largely thanks to the Havanese side, they’re playful and fun dogs that naturally get along with people. But the Westie side does bring the terrier boldness and liveliness.

26. Sharbo

Parents: Boston Terrier x Shar-Pei

via Instagram: @theadventuresofcheckers

The Sharbo is much cooler than their name sounds. They’re the cross between the Chinese Shar-Pei and the All-American Boston Terrier – a clash of two worlds that works surprisingly well. They’re interesting, for sure, but also perfect companions.

Though they’ve had a rough history as fighting dogs in some parts of the world, Sharbos can be seen as loving family dogs all over the world today. Instead of fighting, they do their jobs as protective guard dogs in the home.

If you’re looking for a watchful yet vigilant dog that will always have your back, Sharbos may be the best choice. Not many terrier mixes will have the unwavering loyalty yet loving temperaments of these unique and special mutts.

27. Scottese

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Maltese

via Instagram: @murrayvalleypetresort

Few owners have had the honor of raising a Scottese. While this Scottish Terrier Maltese hybrid may be rare, they’re great family dogs that’ll easily win over the heart of any dog owner. Give them a try and you will see what we mean.

The result of the two is amazing. A Scottese will be kind and affectionate, but at the same time, spunky and bold. They know how to act in the home and on the field. The terrier side brings the independence, but the Maltese side makes them good lap dogs.

Scotteses will generally be intelligent dogs. Combined with their gentle nature, these dogs will be easier to train than other terrier mixes. They really know how to win you over, so you won’t ever regret bringing one home.

28. Boston Lab

Parents: Boston Terrier x Labrador

via Instagram: @boston_lab_louie

Why not crossbreed the intelligent and cheerful Boston Terrier with one of America’s favorite breed? The Boston Lab, with the Labrador Retriever, does just that. And, the result is one of the most sweet-natured yet energetic terrier mixes around.

These mutts are always willing to play, as seen from the Labrador side. Both parent breeds are known to be very friendly. As such, the Boston Lab is super friendly and will always have a cheerful attitude guaranteed to cheer up your day.

They respond well to obedience training. Combined with their eagerness to please and you have a mix that’s ideal for even beginners. As long as you can provide these dogs with attention, there’s no reason they won’t thrive.

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29. Ratzer

Parents: Schnauzer x Rat Terrier

via Instagram: @reeceytheratzer

The Ratzer is the unique combination of the Schnauzer and the Rat Terrier. They tend to vary in size, as both the Mini and Standard Schnauzer can be crossbred for this terrific Terrier mix. But despite which size, they’re excellent dogs.

The more popular variation is probably the Mini Ratzer. They stand just 11 to 15 inches tall, but weigh up to 20 pounds. And yes, they may be small dogs, but they have a lot of spunk and sass. So don’t expect them to be a lap dog.

Despite having a certain “edge” to them, Mini Ratzers are surprisingly great with kids. In fact, some say they have an affinity towards children and other animals. Still, we would caution leaving them alone with toddlers and small pets.

30. Carkie Terrier

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @fitmomnurselife

As the cross of the Yorkshire Terrier and Cairn Terrier, Carkies are as adorable and cute as their names. They were designed to be a top choice as a family companion, especially for those with children. They’ll mesh right in with your family.

They’re always up for fun play, making them sociable dogs that enjoy being the center of attention. The good news is that they don’t usually inherit the barking tendencies of the Yorkshire. However, their alert nature still makes them great watchdogs.

Because they’re energetic small dogs, a Carkie is going to demand a decent amount of exercise daily. Of course, they wouldn’t mind cozying up with you from time to time, either. But don’t expect them to be content staying home all day.

31. Bascottie

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Basset Hound

via Instagram: @humphreybascottie

Who would have thought to cross the gentle Basset Hound with the feisty Scottish Terrier? The Bascottie is not an obvious Terrier mix, but they’re a hybrid that we’re glad exists. Biscotti’s are unique in both their looks and temperament.

Both parent breeds have very distinctive looks. However, most of the looks come from the Scottish side. The only inherited physical characteristic of the Basset side may be the incredibly short, yet cute stubby legs.

These dogs are very social and outgoing, which is more typical of the Terrier side. On the field, they can be surprisingly active and agile despite the short legs and elongated bodies. The coat is almost always black with the wiry hair of the Terrier side.

32. Foxy Russell

Parents: Jack Russell x Toy Fox Terrier

via Instagram: @the_animalist__

By crossbreeding the Jack Russell Terrier and the Toy Fox Terrier, you the Foxy Russell (perhaps the best hybrid name we’ve heard!). And although “foxy” is in the name, they’re by no means cunning, sly or even devious (for the most part).

The Foxy Russell is a loving but protective dog. With parents like the Toy Fox and JRT, it’s not a surprise the hybrid is going to be hyperactive and fun-loving. But the best part of this dog is their inquisitive yet adventurous nature.

However, it’s not all good with the Foxy Russell. These dogs are known to be yappy barkers. Though, a bit of training early on would go a long way in minimizing the barking. Other than that, there be great companions for all types of families.

33. French Bull Jack

Parents: Frenchie x Jack Russell Terrier

via Instagram: @kukapawdy

Why not crossbreed America’s most popular dog breed, the French Bulldog, with America’s top terrier (Jack Russell)? This designer dog isn’t an obvious one, as both parents are very different. But the result is a sweet, intelligent and charming terrier mix.

Because both the JRT and Frenchie are relatively small dogs, you can expect the same from the French Bull Jack. They should stand 11 to 14 inches tall, and weigh roughly 13 to 28 lbs. However, the physical traits and looks will vary.

Most French Bull Jacks will take on the body of the French Bulldog, but the facial structure tends to look more like the terrier side. They can have floppy or erect ears, though it depends on which side they take their genetics more from.

34. Aussietare

Parents: Aussie x Bull Terrier

via Instagram: @junipmakespuppymoves

One of the most interesting and unique terrier mixes has to be the Aussietare, which combines the Bull Terrier with the fan-favorite Australian Shepherd. Both parents are very different, in both temperament and physical looks.

These hybrid dogs were initially bred to be energetic companions that can keep up with owners with an active lifestyle. Both Aussies and Bull Terriers are hyper dogs that love to play – so expect the same of the Aussietare.

In terms of physical appearance, it can range quite a bit, as these dogs aren’t very common yet. For the most part, you’ll likely get a Bull Terrier shaped dog with the unique coat of the Australian Shepherd. It’s also possible to inherit the different colored eyes from the Aussie.

Did we miss an Terrier mix that needs to be on this list? Tell us in the comments section. Also, what’s your favorite Terrier mix? Let us know.

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Mykel V. Reese

Monday 27th of March 2023

Can you give me an idea of what kind of possible terrier mix this beautiful lady is. She has a coat like a seal, about 40 lbs, with just the tips of her ears down, a deep chest, long straight tail and medium brown eyes. I can send you a photograph if you tell me how.


Monday 27th of March 2023

You can upload the picture on google drive or Imgur and leave a link


Friday 8th of July 2022

What about Scottish with Cairn terrier mix?


Sunday 19th of June 2022

What does a Yorkie & Jack Russell look like.


Friday 17th of June 2022

I have a jack russel-border collie mix, and i find she's a perfect working companion. She's superstubborn, supperintelligent, superenergetic with the endurance of a working dog and superobserving. Very eager to learn and to be useful all the time - she enjoys doing stuff most that she can see the result of or that are things that i would do if she didn't help me. She inherited some herding skills and since she's very bossy but very cooperative at the same time, she gets other herding dogs to work the way she "instructs" them. She's very picky when it comes to socializing - mostly she finds the weak spots of other dogs and manipulates them to behave the opposite way their owners expect. She is at her best when in the woods hunting. She exels at obedience when she feels like the circumstances make it necessary e.g. when she feels i'm stressed or very focused in a situation, and she completely ignores my intentions when she feels i'm not there with her. She's very conscious about her pack, and somewhat overprotective when senses that one of us is in danger. She understands others' sickness, and does everything she can to ease the pain of those she loves. She taught me everything i understand now about consistency. As for the physical part - she is black and white as a collie with the white spot at the end of her tail, with a body more like a jack russel's except for the legs (rear substantially longer than the front) which are very long but just as strong

Paul Dubuc

Sunday 5th of June 2022

I have an Australian TerrieTerrier Border Terrier mix. Best dog ever. Wish they were more common.

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