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27 Beautiful Border Collie Mixes – Find the Perfect Border Collie Mix

Border Collies are undeniably one of the hardest working dogs in the world. In terms of obedience and working intelligence, they’re second to none. All of these qualities make them ideal candidates for crossbreeding.

As a result, there are plenty of amazing Border Collie mixes in the world today. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. So, we’ve found the 27 best Border Collie mixes for owners looking for one.

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Why Get a Border Collie Mix?

Purebred Border Collies are wonderful dogs. But there are great reasons why owners pick a Border Collie mix over a pure breed. For starters, Border Collies are intense workers.

They require a ton of physical stimulation because of their unmatched stamina and work ethics. Few dog breeds enjoy working for the sake of working – Border Collies are one of them.

Not every dog owner can provide this for their dog. So, crossing a Border Collie with a calmer, more easy-going dog breed may strike the perfect balance.

Did I mention Border Collies are considered the most intelligent dogs in the world? Though this may seem like a great thing, a smart dog is not for everyone.

Highly intelligent dog breeds, such as Border Collies, require a lot of mental stimulation. This means plenty of obedience training, brain games, dog puzzles and more.

Again, not all owners have the time or enjoy providing mental stimulation. A mixed Border Collie will still need mental stimulation, but probably a lot less than a purebred.

Border Collie Mixed Breeds

These are all the wonderful Border mixes that we could find. Did we miss any? Leave a comment in the section below and tell us what your favorite mix is.

1. Border Aussie

Parent Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix.

One of the most popular mixed breeds is the border collie australian shepherd.

The Border Aussie famously combines two very similar dog breeds – the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Check out our comparison of two breeds to see why.

Both parent breeds are some of the best herding dogs in the world. While the Border Collie specializes in herding sheep, the Aussie is known for herding cattle.

The Border Aussie, however, is undoubtedly an excellent herding dog as well! Expect the same lively personality and seemingly unlimited energy that both parent breeds have.

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2. Border Springer

Parent Breeds: English Springer Spaniel and Border Collie mix.

via @flynnandbailey
via Instagram: @flynnandbailey

One of the more recent hybrids, the Border Springer combines the English Springer Spaniel with the Border Collie. Little is known about their temperaments and appearance can vary by the litter.

Most of the time, the Border Springer will come with the body of the spaniel and the colors / markings of the Border Collie. Though, not guaranteed.

This mix has an energetic personality and can be used for training, hunting or as a loving companion. Both parent breeds are intelligent, so expect one as well.

3. Border Jack

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @colliedogmaze

The Border Jack, a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and Border Collie, is a medium dog known for its great athleticism, spirited personality and sneaky agility.

They can vary quite a bit in appearance. For example, some Border Jacks will have erect ears while others will have floppy ears. However, nearly all have a sharp muzzle with almond-like eyes.

They’re as energetic as a purebred Border Collie, but require less mental and physical stimulation. Still, it’s recommended they get a good dose of physical/mental activities.

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4. Border Collie Britt

Parent Breeds: Brittany and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @dakota_inplainview

The Border Collie Britt is the Border hybrid that few have seen. They’re independent-minded dogs with a stamina that rivals the purebred Border Collie.

Because they’re so rare, little information has been documented. However, we know they love to play and have high energy levels.

If you’re looking for a Border Collie mix that’s calmer than the purebred, then this mix is not right for you. They’ll still need plenty of run on a daily basis.

5. Bordoodle

Parent Breeds: Poodle and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @murdochbordoodle

The Poodle Border Collie mix, called the Bordoodle, is one of the most popular Border Collie mixes in the world. Though they were once called Borderdoodles, several organizations have now shortened their name.

They’re a cross between the two smartest dog breeds, according to Stanley Coren. As a result, the Bordoodle has become one of the most obedient mixed dogs.

This hybrid is always eager to learn and please. They take obedience training very serious, largely because they love to work.

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6. Border Point

Parent Breeds: Pointer and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @gusthepointercollie

The Pointer and Border Collie product the versatile Border Point hybrid. As expected, they come with a sturdy frame and a work ethic that few dogs can match.

Because the Pointer is from the pointer dog breed group, the hybrid is a skilled hunter, ideal for tracking small game. In addition, they usually inherit the herding instincts of the Border Collie, making them great herders too.

Still, the Border Point needs a great amount of exercise. They’re not the best Border Collie mix for those that want a calmer dog.

7. Bordernese

Parent Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @thelifeof.huxley

Two of my favorite dog breeds are the Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie. Combined, the Bordernese is a medium to large dog that’s great with any household.

They’re fantastic playmates for children, but also excellent companions for adults. Overall, the temperaments of the two parent breeds produce a friendly and more balanced dog than the Border Collie.

Keep in mind that these dogs will likely inherit the thick and fluffy coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog. With that said, they’re best suited for colder climates.

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8. Ski-Border

Parent Breeds: American Eskimo Dog and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @thelifeofmerlonsyrah

Crossbreeding a Border Collie with the spitz-type American Eskimo gives you none other than the Ski-Border. This Border hybrid is super friendly and enjoys nothing more than playing with you.

Inherently smart, Ski-Borders need a decent amount of mental stimulation. Though, not nearly as much as a pure Border Collie.

As long as you provide them with affection and care, they’ll thrive in a family environment. It’s hard to go wrong with these amazing Border mixes.

9. Borador

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @dennis_borador

Why not crossbreed a Border Collie with the most popular dog breed in America? The Borador is just that, and we’re sure glad they did.

Boradors are extremely smart hybrid dogs, as expected from parents that are two of the most intelligent breeds. Because of the Labrador side, they play very well with children, strangers and other dogs.

They’re eager to please, making them great at obedience training. Just make sure to keep them stimulated so they don’t chew up your favorite pair of shoes.

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10. Border Pyrenees

Parent Breeds: Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @patches_borderpyr

Unfortunately, there isn’t a detailed history for the Great Pyrenees Border Collie mix. They’re relatively rare designer dogs, but certainly worthy of being on this list.

Appearances can vary, but you can expect a large dog with a fluffy coat. More often than not, the Border Pyrenees will inherit the thick coats of the Great Pyrenees. With that said, cold climates are best.

Thanks to the Great Pyrenees side, they’ll have a sweet disposition and thrive as nanny dogs with children. Plus, they’ll be highly intelligent because of the Border Collie.

11. Border Beagle

Parent Breeds: Beagle and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @willow_the_border_beagle

Beagles are America’s most beloved scent hounds. Crossbreed them with the iconic Border Collie and you have one of the most versatile dog breeds ever developed.

They’re known for their affectionate and enthusiastic personalities. Fun-loving and playful by nature, the Border Beagle is a great companion no matter your situation.

They’ll likely have a longer coat than the Beagle, but will almost always retain the long goofy ears of the Beagle. Border Beagles are some of the best mixes, and their popularity shows it.

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12. Border Collie Pit

Parent Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @stachetherescue

Pit Bulls aren’t the ultra dangerous dog breeds that the media make them out to be. They’re actually friendly dogs, meaning they’re excellent dogs to cross with the Border Collie.

Though these hybrids are relatively new with little information, they’re growing in popularity. The reason? Because people are just discovering that the Border Collie Pits are loving family dogs.

They’re versatile dogs that can be used for herding, guarding or just companionship. The personality and temperaments can vary, but they’re generally loyal, energetic, alert and intelligent mixes.

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13. Border Collie Bull Staffy

Parent Breeds: Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @flashandfetch

Otherwise known as the Border Staffy, the Staffordshire Terrier and Border Collie hybrid may be the most courageous mix on this list.

They’re everything you would expect, given the Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs are brave, but die-hard loyal (almost to a fault). At the same time, they retain the playful nature you’d expect from a Border Collie.

Make no mistake, they are dominant dogs and require firm positive reinforcement for training. With enough socialization training, they’ll make the perfect guardians for your home.

14. Borgi

Parent Breeds: Welsh Corgi and Border Collie mix.

The Borgi is a wonderful cross between the Border Collie and Corgi. via @@olytheborgi
via Instagram: @olytheborgi

Why not cross the Border Collie with the world’s favorite short-legged fur-balls? The Welsh Corgi Border Collie hybrid strikes the perfect balance between intelligence and adorableness.

Because both parent breeds are excellent herding dogs, the Borgi excels in this field too. This Border Collie mix requires a ton of mental stimulation and physical activity – it’s the cost of having such a great mixed breed.

The Borgi will always have short, stubby legs – like the Welsh Corgis. That’s because the Corgi’s dwarfism is a dominant trait. In fact, all Corgi mixes will have short legs.

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15. Border Heeler

Parent Breeds: Blue Heeler and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @heidi_theborderheeler

The Border Heeler combines two of the very best herding dogs in the world – the Australian Cattle Dog and the Border Collie. Both of which, rank top 10 in the smartest dogs list.

This hybrid’s energy levels are sky-high, as evident in both parent breeds. Not only are they active workers, but possess all the best traits of a good family dog. They’re loyal, intelligent, vigilant and protective.

The biggest challenge with the Border Heeler is keeping them occupied, both mentally and physically. If they get bored, it can become a problem.

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16. Boxollie 

Parent Breeds: Boxer and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @pepzi17

The Boxollie is the cheerful and lively hybrid that combines the Boxer with the Border Collie. They’re very sweet dogs that develop strong bonds with the family.

Because they’re such loyal and brave dogs, they make outstanding watchdogs for families. Ultimately, it’s their strong affection that drives them to protect the pack.

If you’re looking for a easier Border Collie mix to care for, the Boxollie is the perfect choice. They’re relatively easy to maintain and need less physical exercise than most.

17. Golden Border Retriever

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @happy_dog_sunny

Combining one of America’s favorite family dogs with the Border Collie is a fantastic idea. With that said, the Golden Border Retriever has been making their way to homes all over the country.

The parent breeds of this hybrid contrast a lot in temperament and personality. The Border Collie is a devoted worker, while the Golden Retriever is a fun and easy-going breed. The hybrid strikes the perfect balance.

Many times, temperament may lean towards one parent over the other. However, they’re great companions if they get enough exercise and quality time spent.

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18. Border Sheepdog

Parent Breeds: Shetland Sheepdog and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @lovelylola_010

Also known at the Borderland, the Border Sheepdog is another great combination of two talented sheep-herding dogs. Both the Sheltie and Border Collie have high instinctive, obedience and working intelligence.

As a result, the Border Sheepdog is a superb and versatile herding companions. In addition, they take obedience training very well and are always eager to learn.

These hybrids are still relatively new, so appearance can vary widely. All we know is that they’re energetic, agile and athletic herding dogs.

19. Border Collie Cocker 

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @josepislas

The cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Border Collie brings you this unusual hybrid. The Border Collie Cocker is a hyperactive dog with amazing stamina.

They bark quite a bit, so obedience training is absolutely essential early on. The good news is that they’re some of the most intelligent Border Collie mixes and love obedience training.

Usually, these dogs will take retain the body and build of a Border Collie, but have the head of a Cocker Spaniel. They’ll be medium-sized dogs, but the coat colors can vary.

20. Bodacion

Parent Breeds: Dalmatian and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @hankthenoodle

The Bodacion, or Dalmatian Border Collie mix, is not the most obvious combination of breeds. They’re fairly rare, but mostly because they’re such new designer dogs.

What you get is a medium sized dog with the coat patches of a Border Collie. The iconic spots of the Dalmatian are usually present on the Bodacion too.

Given the parent breeds, we can assume that the Bodacion is a fantastic working dog. They’ll likely thrive with whatever you throw at him, in addition to being a great family pet.

21. Border Newfie

Parent Breeds: Newfoundland and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @kadothebordernewf

The Border Newfie is a large hybrid dog that was developed from the Newfoundland and Border Collie. These dogs are relatively new and there’s not much history on them.

However, we know that they’re eager to please and generally have the calm demeanor of the Newfoundland. Though both parents are herding dogs, the Newfoundland side brings in their protective instincts.

Whether you’re looking for a guard dog or just a great fluffy companion, the Border Newfie is an excellent choice. Just make sure you can provide them with a moderate level of exercise.

22. Shollie

Parent Breeds: German Shepherd and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @hawkeye_thedogpatch_dog

The Shollie combines two very popular dogs, the German Shepherd and Border Collie. Despite this, the Shollie is not as popular as you may think. Nevertheless, they deserve to be on this list.

Because both parents are highly intelligent, there’s little doubt that the Shollie is too. This hybrid loves to work and will demand a lot of physical activity and mental exercises.

If you can provide this, the Shollie will make a formidable and devoted protector of your family. They can be fierce, but also loving dogs when it comes to family.

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23. Great Collie

Parent Breeds: Great Dane and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @pennydapups

The “Great Collie” sounds like famous or royal Collie dog. In actuality, they’re the cross between the Great Dane and the Border Collie. Still a great thing.

These hybrid Border Collies are large dogs. Depending on which side they take more from, they can almost be as big as the Great Dane.

What’s great is that these hybrids are bursting with energy. It may not be the best thing if you have large dog jumping on you, so obedience training is key.

24. English Borsetter Collie

Parent Breeds: English Setter and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @nora_wilmabc

The English Borsetter is the result of crossbreeding an English Setter with a Border Collie. They’re quite rare, but amazing dogs if you can ever find one.

As expected, the Borsetter is an energetic dog that loves to work, work work. Though they’re not as intense as the purebred Border Collie, they need plenty of exercise and run.

Overall, they are sensitive dogs that need a loving environment to thrive. Socialization at an early age is important for them, but not as important as an equally affectionate family.

25. Border Collie Bernard

Parent Breeds: Saint Bernard and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @mariaritabt94

The Border Collie Saint Bernard mix is a hybrid dog that’s docile, protective and intelligent. They have all the greatest and most valued qualities of the parent breeds.

Typically, the Border Collie Bernard is an extremely friendly dog. However, don’t think they’ll let anyone hurt their families. These dogs will do anything to protect them.

If you’re looking for a big dependable Border Collie mix, then there are few choices as great as the Border Collie Bernard. They can herd, hunt, guard and be loving companions.

26. Afghan Collie

Parent Breeds: Afghan Hound and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @memphishumane

This Afghan Hound and Border Collie mix is perhaps the rarest of all the mixes on this list. Still, they’re wonderful hybrids that deserve to be mentioned.

Sporting the thick coat of the Afghan Hound, the Afghan Collie is a super versatile dog that’s capable of all types services. For example, they can hunt, participate in dog sports, retrieve or even guard homes.

If you can find an Afghan Collie, then bring them home! It’s not everyday you find an exotic and versatile mixed breed like the Afghan Collie.

27. Border Schnollie 

Parent Breeds: Schnauzer and Border Collie mix.

via Instagram: @lu_lu_loui

The Border Schnollie is the crossbreed of the Standard Schnauzer with the Border Collie. They’re so popular that we have the Miniature and Giant Border Schnollies too!

Personality and temperament can vary with these Border mixes. But generally, these hybrids have high energy levels and are very athletic dogs. This means a lot of exercise should be given.

They’re quite versatile hybrids and can do anything from herding to flushing out vermin or guarding the home. However, as long as you give them love and care, they’ll be just fine.

Did we miss any Border Collie mix that deserved a place on this list? Let us know in the comments section below. And if not, tell us which mix is your favorite!

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Kathy R

Saturday 28th of August 2021

You forgot the Idaho Shag. A Border Collie/Airedale cross. Very focused and tenacious at their "job" but extremely friendly & sweet & convinced they know better than you.


Saturday 31st of July 2021

hello, my dog was used in one of these photos and as i love how you gave me credit with my dogs instagram i just would of loved if you also asked me first. borderjacks need of mental and physical task to do as they are one of the two craziest dogs.

Baylie Workman

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

You forgot about the border collie husky mix, I have one puppy right now


Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

You left out Border Collie/Whippet mix. I have two Border Collie mixes, one with a Labrador Retriever, and the other mixed with a Chow Chow, if you can imagine that. My Border Chow is very intelligent and doesn't do something if she doesn't want to, the little brat!

Jay K

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Going along the article’s topic and unfortunately along the same vein of the comments above, what is the likelihood to find a Border Pit or really any Border Collie mixes in a shelter?

I am asking because my dog (a border) passed a while back and I am finally ready to look for a new pup. I also really like pit terriers, because my parent’s was probably one of the sweetest dogs I ever met. I figure this mixed breed would be ideal as a companion and would be able to keep up with an active lifestyle. But I would prefer to adopt.


Wednesday 8th of July 2020

My first ever dog was (probably) a shollie, and we got her from a shelter. This is 25 years ago, in Long Island. Incredibly intelligent, tons of energy.

They're out there, along with - I'd bet - a ton of lab/pit + herder mixes.