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27 Amazing Australian Shepherd Mixes – The Aussie Mix Guide

Shopping for an Australian Shepherd can be both an intimidating and exciting task. There are so many things to consider. For example, which coat color will you want? There are over 14 color variations of the Australian Shepherd!

More importantly, do you want a purebred or an Australian Shepherd mix? Because Aussies have friendly temperaments, they’re the perfect dog breed to crossbreed with others. In fact, some owners prefer a mixed breed – and for good reason!

The number of Australian Shepherd mixes is countless. However, we found the most popular, and quite frankly, our favorite Aussie mixes that you really need to know about. Mixed Aussies can give you that Aussie appearance with a more balanced personality.

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Best Australian Shepherd Mixes

These are the most interesting Australian Shepherd mixed breeds, in no particular order. There’s nearly an unlimited possible number of Aussie mixes and we can’t cover all over them. If we missed one, let us know in the comments below!

1. Border Aussie

Parents: Border Collie x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @lil.miss.elliot

The Border Aussie is a mix between the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. When you breed two of the world’s smartest dog breeds, you get…an intelligent mutt! It’s especially true considering the Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world.

These beautiful dogs have docile and affectionate personalities. But because both parent breeds are top herding dogs, Border Aussies have a huge appetite for work. That said, they’ll need around 2 hours of exercise daily.

Border Aussies love to please people given their sociable personalities. There’s nothing they enjoy more than spending an afternoon playing with their family members. So if you can keep up with one, they’re great family dogs.

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2. Augi

Parents: Corgi x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @my_augi_finnegan

One of my favorite mixes is the Welsh Corgi and Australian Shepherd mix, otherwise known as the Augi. This adorable hybrid combines the playful nature of the Aussie with the tenacious attitude of the Corgi. They’re a nice balance of work and play.

The Augi is a lively and affectionate Aussie mix that’s slightly more adaptable than the purebred Aussie. Originating from two herding dogs, the Augi will likely inherit these same herding instincts and attempt to herd your children. Be aware.

Despite all this, the Augi is a fantastic companion and truly a workaholic that would thrive in the world of dog sports. Whether you live on a 5 acre farm or in the metropolitan city of New York, the Augi can be a great alternative to a purebred.

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3. Ausky

Parents: Husky x Australian Shepherd

The Husky Australian Shepherd mix will give you one of the hardest working dogs.

What happens when you crossbreed a fierce working dog with a hyperactive herding dog? You’ll get the Ausky – the Siberian Husky Australian Shepherd mix. They’re sweet and loving, but can be a problem for “lazy” dog owners.

These dogs are recommended for the most active of dog owners. So if you’re a couch potato looking for an over-sized lap dog, look elsewhere. Plus, the Ausky is not recommended for novice owners. After all, both parents are infamously stubborn.

These dogs have so much pent up energy that two things are absolutely necessary: daily exercise and a good deal of obedience training. If you’re aware of “dog zoomies,” get ready for some epic zoomies from these Aussie mixes.

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4. Aussiedoodle

Parents: Poodle x Australian Shepherd

The Aussiedoodle is one of the most popular Australian Shepherd mixes.

The Aussiedoodle (or Aussiepoo) is the exotic cross between an elegant Poodle and the active Australian Shepherd. They’re arguably the most popular Aussie mix. The reason? The Aussiedoodle was bred to be the ultimate companion and family dog.

Purebred Australian Shepherds are smart. However, breeding them with the second smartest dog in the world will give you a highly intelligent Aussie hybrid. More importantly, these loyal dogs love to socialize with all humans.

Depending on which side your Aussiedoodle inherits more from, they tend to be fantastic swimmers. In fact, most owners say their Aussie loves to swim, while Poodles were originally bred to retrieve in water. But whatever the activity, they need a lot.

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5. Australian Retriever

Parents: Golden Retriever x Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is the perfect combination of work and play.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between hard work and play, there’s the Australian Retriever. Not only do they have the playfulness, obedience and friendliness of the Golden, but they’ll also retain the top work ethic of the Aussie.

The Australian Retriever is highly recommended to those that want a “calmer” Aussie (does this even exist?). That’s not to say Goldens aren’t active. They can still be a handful, but their mannerism and kind attitude makes up for it. Like the Golden, they’re fantastic playmates for kids.

And while they probably wouldn’t make great guard dogs, they will be better watch dogs. They do have a tendency to be possessive over toys and people, especially with children. At least they’ll be a second pair of eyes for your kids.

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6. Boxherd

Parents: Boxer x Australian Shepherd

The Boxer Australian Shepherd mix is one of the rarest mixed Aussie breeds.

The Boxherd possesses the sturdy frame of a Boxer while incorporating the work ethic of the Australian Shepherd. In other words, the Boxherd is a highly durable dog developed to be the ultimate work dog – depending on the job.

This Boxer Aussie mix is all about loyalty and they’ll always have your back. But for this reason, they can be aloof around strangers, and in some cases, aggressive. But in reality, the Boxherd is really just trying to protect the family.

In the home, the Boxherd is surprisingly affectionate and has a big heart. If you treat them right, they’ll reciprocate and shower you with love. Playing with the Boxherd can be difficult for children, though. So we always suggest supervision.

7. Chow Shepherd

Parents: Chow x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @stellarluna_the_puppy

Crossbreeding the Chinese Chow with the Aussie, the Chow Shepherd is another hidden gem we love to see. These dogs are also called the Australian Chow, as to not get mixed up with the German Shepherd Chow Chow mix.

The Chow Shepherd is like a fluffier brown Australian Shepherd with a bit more heft. The temperament of these dogs can vary depending on which side they inherit more from. This is because Chows and Aussies have a contrast in personalities.

Some will be more calm, while others will be more sociable. But despite the variance in personality, you can expect a loyal and protective dog, as seen in both parent breeds. The Chow Shepherd will probably be very energetic, inherited from the shepherd side.

8. Aussiedor

Parents: Labrador x Australian Shepherd

The Labrador Aussie mix is one of the most stunning mutt dogs.

Why not crossbreed the Australian Shepherd with America’s most popular dog breed since 1991? Labs are popular for many reasons, but when crossed with Australian Shepherds, the result is (in my opinion) even more amazing.

Aussiedors have great personalities and can be loyal, intelligent, obedient, cheerful and affectionate. The most desirable traits in a family dog is arguably obedience and affection. Thus, the Aussiedor is perfect for all families.

They play well with children but can also be vigilant watch dogs if given the chance. Plus, they make the best hiking buddies for active owners. Aussiedors are a match made in heaven and they’re hard to come by. Still, they should be a top choice among Aussie mixes.

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9. Bossie

Parents: Boston Terrier x Australian Shepherd

The Baussie is one of the most unique Aussie mixes.

The Boston Terrier Australian Shepherd mix are rare hybrids, but should be given serious consideration when choosing a dog. Bossies are lively and affectionate, having been bred from two parent breeds with the same traits.

However, this mix can be calmer than your purebred Aussie. Depending on which side they take more from, Bossies can be gentle and docile. This makes them an excellent choice for owners that prefer a more laid back pup.

One thing’s for sure: these dogs will show plenty of energy when playing. Daily exercise and activities will still be required for this shepherd-terrier mix, though they probably wouldn’t need to work like the hyper-active Australian Shepherd.

10. Sheepnees

Parents: Great Pyrenees x Australian Shepherd

The Sheepnees may be the most friendly Australian Shepherd mix.

I have to admit i’m most intrigued by the Sheepnees: the Great Pyrenees and Aussie mix. While a Great Pyrenees is a gentle giant with a calm demeanor, Aussies are highly active and sociable dogs. The mix is likely somewhere in between.

Depending on your individual dog, personalities can vary a bit. However, with a Sheepnees, you may expect a kind playmate for kids and a protective dog for the home. Plus, loyalty is almost guaranteed with this Aussie mix.

Still, the Sheepnees is truly a spectacular sight to see. They’re one of the biggest breeds in the world, originating from France. So it’s not unordinary to expect to get a large yet fluffy Australian Shepherd. Though, I’d imagine a Sheepnees will be difficult to find.

11. Auberman

Parents: Doberman x Australian Shepherd

Mixing a Dobermann with an Aussie gives you the Auberman.

Australian Shepherds aren’t typically good guard dogs. But with Doberman genes, it can be a reality. As expected, the Auberman is a fierce protector and an intense worker. Give them the task of guarding and they’ll do it with conviction.

These beautiful yet elegant dogs have strong personalities that won’t be ideal for novice dog owners. That’s because Aubermans tend to be a little over-protective, so they may be somewhat possessive over things (especially with family members).

To properly train and raise one, you’ll need to establish clear authority and dominance in the house (and over the pack). The owner needs to have a firm personality. If that’s you, and you’re looking for a guard dog, Aubermans are top choices.

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12. Raussie

Parents: Rat Terrier x Australian Shepherd

The Rat Terrier Australian Shepherd mix is by far the rarest mix i've ever encountered.

When it comes to Australian Shepherd mixes, the Raussie is undeniably a unique, interesting and rare combo. By combining the tenacity of Rat Terriers and playfulness of Aussies, the mix will likely inherit similar qualities.

The Raussie has an affectionate personality with a tendency for stubborn streaks. But even so, they’re as intelligent as any dog and attentive enough to learn a whole arsenal of tricks and commands. You can thank the workaholic Aussie side for that.

Rat Terriers are known to have a high prey drive, so it’s important to keep an eye on them if you have a smaller pet in the household. They were, after all, bred to track down and hunt small vermin. And with their energy-levels, it may be a problem for your hamster.

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13. Texas Heeler

Parents: Blue Heeler x Australian Shepherd

Combining the best herding dog from Australia and USA gives you the Texas Heeler.

The Texas Heller combines arguable the two best herding dogs in the world: Blue Heelers (also known as the Australian Cattle dog) and Aussies. As one would expect, you may end up with the ultimate herding dogs in the Texas Heeler.

Why the name? As mentioned, the nickname for the Australian Cattle Dog is the Blue Heeler. But thanks to the popularity of this mix in Texas, they were given the apt nickname. As such, the Texas Heeler is reserved for only the most active dog owners.

The physical and mental stimulation required is difficult for most owners to keep up with. And without it, you’ll be sure to see destructive behaviors. Even so, they can be stubborn at times, with a cautiousness towards strangers.

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14. Aussie Pom

Parents: Pomeranian x Australian Shepherd

The Aussie Pom is a beautiful Pomeranian Australian Shepherd mix.

The Aussie Pom is the hybrid of the cheerful Pomeranian and the spirited Australian Shepherd. Despite the rarity of this hybrid, Aussie Poms have been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years due to their great temperaments and looks.

Aussie Poms are unique petite dogs that can double as companion and lap dogs. In fact, few Aussies mixes can potentially be lap dogs. They have extremely friendly personalities and love to play with all family members. They’re perfect for kids!

Because of such a favorable temperament, the responsive Aussie Poms are relatively easy to train. They are naturally friendly with all people and eager to please, making socialization training a lot less stressful for new owners.

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15. Aussalier

Parents: Cavalier King Charles x Aussie

The Aussalier is an Australian Shepherd mix that has been gaining momentum in recent years.
via Instagram: @winstontheaussalier

Aussaliers strike the perfect balance of temperaments with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Australian Shepherd. With the Aussalier, there can be a lot of variations in coat colors, as these hybrid dogs are relatively new.

Still, they’re easily one of the cutest, most adorable Australian Shepherd mixes we’ve seen. This hybrid is not only cheerful but easy-going and people-oriented. Make them the center of attention and keep them involved in all family activities. They’ll love it.

Aussaliers are perfect companions for hyper children that can match their excitement. But unfortunately, there isn’t much known about these hybrid dogs. They weren’t records into the American Canine Hybrid Club until 2013.

16. Bull Aussie

Parents: Bulldog x Australian Shepherd

If you've ever wondered what a Pit Bull Australian Shepherd mix looked like.
via Instagram: @caputozoo

In all honesty, this Bulldog and Australian Shepherd mix is not an obvious combo. But, I’m sure glad that they exist! Because of how uncommon they are, we can only speculate what the “typical” Bull Aussie may be like.

Both parent breeds are active and lively, which is a common denominator quality. We can also probably expect high intelligence and trainability, given the parents. But depending on which side they take from, a Bull Aussie can also be a ferocious protector.

I wouldn’t recommend these dogs for new trainers due to the lack of info on temperament. Similar to the Bulldog parent, Bull Aussies may be fun-loving and affectionate dogs, but you’ll need to get training and obedience right.

17. German Australian Shepherd

Parents: German Shepherd x Aussie

One of my favorite mixed breeds is the German Australian Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @crazy.crowley

No Aussie mix list is complete without the German Australian Shepherd. It doesn’t get more obvious than the name. They’re the spectacular cross of a brave German Shepherd and the good-natured Australian Shepherd.

These are two top herding dogs, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see a highly skilled herding hybrid dog as well. German Aussies are extremely active dogs with an insatiable thirst for play. In other words, a lot of physical activities is needed.

However, these dogs bring all the desirable traits of both parents to the table: the obedience, work ethic, loyalty and of course, protectiveness. If you’re looking for a reliable family guardian with a more playful personality, take a long hard look at German Aussies.

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18. Australian Pointer

Parents: Pointer x Australian Shepherd

The rarest hybrid on this list is the Pointer Australian Shepherd mix.
via Instagram: @321penguin

According to the Embark DNA test, Penguin or “Penny” (as pictured above), is exactly half Pointer and half Aussie. The combination, called the Australian Pointer, is one of the most versatile Aussies mixes blessed with the ability to herd and track.

Both the Pointer and the Australian Shepherd have very high energy levels, so there’s no reason to think this hybrid will be any different. Better dust off those running shoes. The Australian Pointer will definitely be a handful for most dog owners.

If they inherit the instincts from the parents, these rare hybrids are able to track down birds and herd livestock. They’re the perfect Australian Shepherd mix for hunters that frequent long hunting trips. Still, the Australian Pointer can be a fun-loving dog when off the field.

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19. Australian Eskimo

Parents: American Eskimo Dog x Aussie

via Instagram: @seatosummitaussies

No, we’re not referring to an eskimo that came from the warm climates of Australia. Rather, the Australian Eskimo is the bizarre and interesting cross of the American Eskimo Dog and the Australian Shepherd. It’s a near-perfect combo, despite what people think.

As for coat colors, you’ll often see the Eskimo Dog’s white coat with different dark-colored markings. From both parent breeds, there’s no doubt the Australian Eskimo will inherit the double coats. So, expect plenty of grooming and shedding.

On the bright side, the contrast in temperament is great. Aussies provide the skill in herding and the Eskimo will make these hybrids affectionate and playful. They’re just companion dogs with more energy than the typical.

20. Cotralian

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Aussie

via Instagram: @einthepupper

Combining the friendly demeanor of the Cocker Spaniel with the lively Australian Shepherd gives you the Cotralian. Not only are they great family companions, but they tend to do well with training due to the Cocker Spaniel’s high trainability and responsiveness.

While excellent family dogs, Contralians might not do well with families that have small kids. The herding instincts are strong and they could end up being aggressive or nipping at them. But as long as your kids respect them, they’ll be fine.

The Contralians are one of the very few Australian Shepherd mixes than can be mixed with all three size variations. So depending on whether the Aussie parent is a mini, toy or standard, they can vary greatly in size. Make sure to ask your breeder!

21. Shel-Aussie

Parents: Sheltie x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @bodiethepupper

The Shel-Aussie is another herding powerhouse. This special mix combines the Shetland Sheepdog and the Australian Shepherd to create a match made in heaven for livestock keepers. Both of them are known to be energetic and very capable herding dogs on the field.

There’s a good chance that the Shel-Aussie inherits the fluffy and big coats of the Sheltie. Since both parents are double coats, you’ll have to prepare for consistent shedding and coat blowing through the year. Grooming is a must.

There is good news. These Aussie mixes are highly intelligent, especially with the Sheltie genes in the mix. Not only are they adaptable dogs, but obedience training shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, they’ll need a lot of mental stimulation.

22. Cairn Aussie

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @pup.daisy.jane

Cairn Australian Shepterriers combine the boldness of the terriers with the affection, loyalty and work ethic of the Australian Shepherd. Bred from a heritage of great working dogs, the Cairn Aussie should be the same.

However, these designers dogs were bred for companionship and not herding. That being said, this mix can be very versatile. If you want to hang out with your dog at the house, they’ll be happy to, but if you want to play, they’re up for it.

Always cheerful and alert, Cairn Aussies can inherit the prey-instincts from the Cairn side. The terrier parent was bred to be a formidable vermin-hunter, so hamsters, guinea pigs and sometimes cats may be in danger around them.

23. Aussie Wheaten

Parents: Soft Coated Wheaten x Aussie

via Instagram: @wheatsauss

The Aussie Wheaten is a designer dog that crosses the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Aussie. And while they are companion dogs, they have a lot of energy and require a decent amount of daily play. So, they do great with active kids.

These dogs are known to be sweet and good-natured. They bring a cheerful vibe that’s guaranteed to brighten up your day. However, it’s not uncommon to see the stubborn side pop through from the terrier genes. Independent streaks may occur.

Aussie Wheatens are best for active families with some experiences in raising dogs. But if provided the necessary exercise, they’re quite adaptable. Plus, the high intelligence really shines with these dogs in their training.

24. Yorkshire Aussie

Parents: Yorkie x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @yinghwa87

The Yorkshire Aussie typically crossbreeds the Australian Shepherd with the Mini Aussie, though a Toy Aussie is also used in some cases. They’re another great terrier-aussie mix that brings that extra spunk from the terrier side.

Despite what most would think, Yorkshire Terriers are among the best rat hunters in the canine kingdom. That’s right, they’re quite vicious when put onto the field. As a result, the Yorkshire Aussies may inherit the prey instincts.

However, the days of hunting are long gone. The modern Yorkshire terriers are bred for companionship and that’s what was intended for the hybrid Yorkshire Aussie. They’re adorable little dogs, but with a huge amount of energy.

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25. Aussie Flat

Parents: Flat Coated Retriever x Aussie

via Instagram: @furiosa_the_aussieflat

One of the newer hybrids on this list, the “Aussie Flat” is the spectacular cross between the Flat Coated Retriever and an Aussie. According to Wag Walking, they aren’t registered with any of the top hybrid registries. That is, not yet.

The Flat Coated Retriever size brings a little more heft into these hybrids. And often times, the signature coat from the Flat Coated side is inherited in the hybrid. However, I’ve seen some with the Aussie merle coats as well.

While there is little information, we can assume that they’re high energy dogs because of both parent breeds. Still, they may have the tendency to herd small kids and pets around the home. So, make sure to keep that in check.

26. Aussietare

Parents: Bull Terrier x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @junipmakespuppymovesj

Perhaps the rarest on this list, the Aussietare is the ultra-rare hybrid consisting of the Bull Terrier and Australian Shepherd. This is not an obvious combination, but surprisingly works well. According to some owners, it’s a pleasant balance of personalities.

The Bull Terrier side can bring a little bit of aggression and protectiveness. However, with the Australian Shepherd genes, that’s mellowed down. But thanks to the Aussie side, these dogs are more playful and social with people.

Aussietares are best suited for families that enjoy outdoor activities, frequently. However, they aren’t great for families with small kids. Because of the Bull Terrier side, the Aussietares can get quite large and even inadvertently hurt a child.

27. Auss-Tzu

Parents: Shih Tzu x Australian Shepherd

via Instagram: @tyoftheday

The Auss-Tzu combines two very different dogs in the Shih Tzu and Australian Shepherd. Still, the result is an active lap dog that loves to play or lounge around with people. Though it still depends on which parent they take more from.

The energy and activeness is typically inherited from the Australian Shepherd side. And although the Shih Tzu’s more laid-back nature can be seen, it’s more likely the other way around. Even so, they’ll be great for kids.

Auss-Tzus may be on the smaller side, but don’t let that fool you. They can be quite nimble dogs that’ll surprise you with their agility. That being said, they enjoy high-energy activities such as flyball, agility training and catch.

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Finding Australian Shepherd Mixes

Finding an Australian Shepherd mix can be an easy or difficult task depending on which hybrid you’re looking for. Like with all mutts, some mixes are more popular than others.

However, if you have your hearts set on an uncommon Aussie mix, don’t give up. There are ways to track down that adorable Aussie mix of your dreams. Read on to find the best ways to tracking down your dream dog.

Check Animal Shelters

The first place I always recommend to everyone is to check out your local animal shelter. The AKC states that 70 to 75% of all dogs in the shelter are mutts. So your chances of finding an Aussie mixed breed is extremely high.

However, it may be difficult to find a specific Australian Shepherd mix. But even so, I would check your local shelters. You never know when one might pop up. Plus, you’ll be rescuing a dog that so desperately needs a new home.

Online Search for Aussie Mixes

The next logical step is to do an online search for Australian Shepherd mix breeders. You may not be able to find a breeder with this method, but it’s always good to check.

Another great idea is to search for your mix pup on dog adoption sites, which are filled with mutt dogs. I’d recommend Pet Finder and Puppy Finder. And while you’re at it, make sure to check out Adopt a Pet too. All of these are great platforms.

Reach Out to Real Owners

This next method works almost all the time. However, it will take some time to track down your Aussie mix. But if you really want your dog that bad, this is nothing. Head on over to Instagram and do a simple search for your mix.

The next step is to reach out to the owners of these dogs via direct message. More often than not, the owner will respond (if they see it)! The key is to be persistent. Eventually, you should be referred to a breeder of your mix.

Why Get an Aussie Mix?

Mutt Aussies may be healthier. There’s a long-standing debate among veterinarians and researchers about this. However, there’s more gene diversity in a mixed Aussie, which can mean they’re less likely to develop hereditary disorders.

According to the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association, purebreds were more likely to develop 10 genetic disorders when compared to mixed breeds. Their study was conducted on a pool of 90,000 dogs!

An Aussie mix may be smarter. That’s right, mixed dogs are more intelligent, according to this scientific study by Aberdeen University. The researchers tested 100 dogs with seven intelligence and psychology tests.

These research trials consisted of intricate mazes, spatial awareness tests and problem solving tasks. The result? Mutts performed better. In fact, they performed much better than their purebred counterparts.

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Friday 31st of May 2024

I have a Bull Aussie and she's crazy happy outgoing and attached like glue at my hip 24/7. She wags off the floor if we literally walk outside and come back in 3 seconds later. She's super smart and we're training her to be my service dog due to my disabilities. She's changed my life and God definitely sent us her. She's absolutely amazing.


Sunday 7th of May 2023

i am looking to get a puppy - mom is an aussalier and dad is a mini aussie - what breed is the pup called?/

Teresa veale

Saturday 8th of July 2023

@Richard, Hi Richard very interested in seeing a few pictures of your Aussalier...have bred cavaliers for 25 years and im now considering Aussaliers. Where exactly do you live America Europe or Australia . SO YOUR HYBRIDS 75% 25%. Is there a particulsr website dedicated to Cavalier hybrids. LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING YOUR REPLY.

Teresa veale

Saturday 8th of July 2023



Sunday 7th of May 2023

75% Aussie and 25% Cavalier King Charles spaniel is probably still called an Aussalier.


Friday 2nd of September 2022

I have Aussie shepherd! They are wonderful dogs! But, my seven year female bit one of my friends little girls. poor thing she needed stitches. but, males are better than females.


Wednesday 18th of May 2022

I have a Aussietare he's a great dog temperament is pretty accurate super playful. He has unintentionally hurt a kid or two trying to play with him. He also is super protective while on the leash or if he's spooked by surprise. I love this dog so much. I love his breed but just a note to someone looking they need once a day walks hours if possible. Food and toy possessive and shed allot.

Gretchen Porter

Tuesday 8th of March 2022

I didn't see an Aussie/Old English Sheep dog. Interested in size and temperament.