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59 Large Dog Breeds – The Complete List of Recognized Big Dogs

Choosing a dog breed is one of the most exciting activities for a new dog owner. And like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. But with so many breeds out there, you have plenty of options, especially if you’re looking for a big dog.

Large dog breeds serve many purposes. Not only are they excellent guardians and watchdogs, but most tend to be friendly companions or playmates. There’s so much to love about a big dog. But, what are all the large dogs available?

What’s a “Large Dog?”

There are a lot of opinions of what qualifies as a large dog breed. For example, Royal Canin defines these dogs as any breed 55 to 100 pounds.

On the other hand, Pet Wave believes that big dog breeds should be any dog over 60 pounds. In our opinion, we classify large dogs as breeds over 55 pounds – give or take.

We reached out to the American Kennel Club to ask their size measurements for what’s classified as a large dog. Unfortunately, they didn’t respond. Still, these are all 59 dog breeds that the AKC classifies as a recognized big dog breed.

Big Dog Breeds: Full List

If you’re seeking a new canine pet that’s “larger than life,” we’ve made it easy for you. Here’s a complete list of large dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club. Note: there are many other large dogs that exist, but they may not be AKC recognized.

For your convenience, we’ve arranged and ranked these massive dog breeds by weight. We’ll start off with the lightest dogs in the category and end with the heaviest.

1. Afghan Hound

Highlights: Aristocratic, Sweet, Agile

The Afghan Hound is ranked 10th dumbest dog breed because of its unwillingness to obey and learn.

With their long, regal coat blowing in the wind, it is hard for the Afghan Hound to blend into a crowd. They stand 25-27 inches and can weigh 50-60 pounds.

Part of the hound group, they are exceedingly agile and loyal to their owners. And their thick coat isn’t only for show, it protects them from harsh weather conditions.

For all their sophisticated posturing, Afghan Hounds actually are known for having a silly side as well.

2. Akita Inu

Highlights: Dignified, Fastidious, Protective

The Akita Inu is the most dangerous dog to originate from Japan.

Akitas are truly large dogs, weighing anywhere from 70-130 pounds and reaching 24-28 inches in height.

Originating in Japan, this dog reflects much of the alertness and dignity of the culture that bred it into existence.

Their coats are extremely dense and add to the overall impression of size that the Akita Inu carries with it. Some see this breed as aggressive, but so long as they are socialized well and early on, this won’t be a problem.

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3. Alaskan Malamute

Highlights: Playful, Hard-working, Loyal

Standing 23-25 inches at the shoulder and weighing 75-85 pounds, Alaskan Malamutes are sturdy dogs.

Much like Huskies, they have a playful side that can morph into mischief. But solid, consistent, and kind training will be sure to keep them ready to listen to their pack leader (a.k.a. their owner).

Built for extremely cold conditions, they don’t do too well in warm climates, especially since they will need to spend plenty of time exercising outdoors.

4. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Highlights: Independent, Patient, Strong-willed

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are 27-29 inches, but can vary wildly in terms of weight. Some are as light as 80 pounds, while others can push up to 150 pounds!

Rugged and a bit on the territorial side, this breed fits best in a home with strong leadership. Otherwise, they’ll constantly push the boundaries of what they can do.

However, properly trained, this ancient breed will display intense loyalty and a calm, reserved manner when around their owners.

5. Azawakh

Highlights: Lithe, Loyal, Keen-sighted

Though an Azawakh can stand 23.5-29 inches, their lean bodies barely clock in at only 33-55 pounds.

Natural sprinters, this breed was developed in West Africa for hunting speedy game. Their slender bodies are deceptively sturdy and they sport excellent vision.

Their elegant strut might come of as arrogant, but the truth is this breed is deeply affectionate, having a soft spot for their owners.

6. Beauceron

Highlights: Imposing, Spirited, Obedient

This brawny breed stands 24-27.5 inches and can weigh between 70-110 pounds. But despite their bulk, they also pack plenty of brains.

And beneath their imposing exterior is a very sensitive dog. Combine this with their strong-will and it can take an experienced owner to properly raise a Beauceron.

However, if you can manage a consistent, but considerate, training regimen, then you will end up with an obedient dog that can also serve as a level-headed watchdog.

7. Belgian Malinois

Highlights: Hardworking, No Frills, Smart

Males stand 22-26 inches and weigh 40-80 pounds. This breed is for those who could do without any flash coats or over-the-top features.

But, they are perfect for owners ready to develop a deep bond with their canine companion. Few things are as strong as the affection a Belgian Malinois can have for its owner.

Whether it is work or play, a Malinois will devote itself wholeheartedly, so long as their owner is around!

8. Belgian Sheepdog

Highlights: Highly Trainable, Serious, Serious

Standing at 22-26 inches, Belgian Sheepdogs can weigh 45-75 pounds.

Their wicked sharp minds make them highly trainable. But, despite their sober exterior, inside they are sensitive dogs.

They take tasks quite seriously and devote themselves wholeheartedly to them. So be sure to provide plenty of reward when they complete anything!

9. Belgian Tervuren

Highlights: Courageous, Possessive, Alert

Belgian Tervurens stand 22-26 inches tall and weigh 45-75 pounds, though their thick coat can make them appear larger than they actually are.

Tireless as can be, Tervurens won’t shy away from days fill with work and/or rigorous play, though they might slip in a few moments of playful mischief.

And it’s not only physical exercise that they enjoy. They’re going to want plenty of mental stimulation as well to stave of boredom.

10. Berger Picard

Highlights: Problem-solver, Observant, Energetic

Though Berger Picards aren’t they tallest dogs on this list, they still can reach 21.5-25.5 inches and weigh 50-70 pounds.

This rare breed might look a bit on the shaggy side, but they are anything but sloppy. Their keen intelligence ensures that they see everything and love to figure out problems on their own.

With their high energy levels, they are a best match for owners who are willing to go toe-to-toe with them when it comes to exercise.

11. Bernese Mountain Dog

Highlights: Good-natured, Placid, Hardy

We measure a Berner's intelligence based on their working/obedience intelligence.

This gentle giant can stand 23-27.5 inches and weighs between 70-115 pounds. Though big, they’re some of the best “nanny dogs.”

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a body meant for work, but are just as happy to expend energy in play.

Despite their size, they are surprisingly good with children, even smaller ones. They display a profound sensitivity and care around them.

12. Black and Tan Coonhound

Highlights: Tenacious, Sweet, Sociable

These robust dogs stand 23-27 inches tall and weigh 65-110 pounds.

With their long ears, somewhat droopy features, and sleepy demeanor it can be easy to mistake this dog for a lazy canine. But put a squirrel in front of them and you’ll see a lightning quick change.

Both able and sturdy, Black and Tan Coonhounds are a classic American breed.

13. Black Russian Terrier

Highlights: Powerful, Aloof, Nimble

Underneath that coarse, dark coat is a dog that stands 26-30 inches and weighs 80-130 pounds.

Originating in the Siberian steppes, this breed is built for both power and speed. With a history as watchdogs, they can be aloof with strangers, but loyal and protective with their owners.

These dogs thrive in cooler climates, where their heavy coat is an immense advantage.

14. Bloodhound

Highlights: Inquisitive, Tracker, Docile

The original “Sleuth Hound,” the Bloodhound stands 23-27 inches and can weigh 80-110 pounds.

All we can say, is watch out for that nose. The Bloodhounds sense of smell is one of the best. But while it may be good for tracking, it can also distract them during walks.

So even though they are intelligent and docile when at home, we recommend this dog as a match for owners who are ready to take the time to train them properly.

15. Boerboel

Highlights: Calm, Dominant, Eager to Learn

Veins and muscles bulging, this stocky dog stands only 22-27 inches, but can weigh a whopping 150-200 pounds.

Bulky as they are, it’s no surprise that this breed is extremely confident and ready to assert itself. However, confident owners, with proper training techniques will be able to handle this dog.

And if you do so, then you’ll have a bright, and big, companion.

16. Borzoi

Highlights: Speedy, Elegant, Agreeable

This tall dog can reach a height of 30+ inches and weigh 60-105 pounds.

Their defining trait is undoubtedly their speed, which can be upwards of 40 miles per hour, perfect for hunting wolves. Which makes sense, as they were once known as the Russian Wolfhound.

Sometimes quiet and borderline stubborn, it takes an owner with some patience to properly raise this dignified breed.

17. Bouvier des Flandres

Highlights: Courageous, Versatile, Alert

The Bouvier des Flandres is 23.5-27.5 inches and can weigh 70-110 pounds.

Despite the fancy-sounding name and features, this breed has a pastoral origin. Bred to work on farms, they can perform a variety of tasks thanks to their high intelligence and readiness to help.

Whether it is herding trials or simply sitting to keep watch over one’s property, this breed is up to the task.

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18. Boxer

Highlights: Fun-loving, Patient, Upbeat

The modern Boxer is bred to be great companions and family dogs.

A paragon of canine fitness, a Boxer will stand 21.5-25 inches and weigh in at 50-80 pounds.

Though there erect ears and alert features might lend them a serious air, this breed is actually quite playful and up for a fun time.

When socialized early one, they are especially good with children and other animals. And their patient nature definitely helps with this as well.

19. Briard

Highlights: Faithful, Dashing, Trainable

Full of Gallic pride, the Briard dog can grow to 22-27 inches and weigh 55-100 pounds.

Part of the herding group of dogs, you can be sure Briards pack plenty of brains. Though they bond well with families, outsiders can make them a bit hesitant.

But once they get to know you, these dogs are willing to open up and share their enthusiastic temperament with you.

20. Bullmastiff

Highlights: Fearless, Reliable, Docile

Appropriately named, Bullmastiffs grow to 24-27 inches and are a chunky 100-130 pounds.

When at home, this cross between a Bulldog and a Mastiff can appear docile. However, when on the job, or if their home is threatened, they flip the switch and are courageous and confident.

We would expect nothing less from a dog bred to help prevent poaching back in England!

21. Cane Corso

Highlights: Imposing, Affectionate, Protective

With a name that roughly translates to “Bodyguard Dog” the Cane Corso puts its 23.6-27.5 stature and weight of up to 120 pounds to good use.

Despite their intimidating size and appearance, this is a highly affectionate dog with a tender side. Of course, that’s so long as you aren’t threatening their loved ones!

Confident to the extreme, they can sometimes out-will their owners, so we recommend this breed to those with some more experience.

22. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Highlights: Sensitive, Waterproof, Tireless

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers can reach 21-26 inches and weigh 55-80 pounds.

Their thick, wavy coat is distinctively oily. So when they are out on duck hunts, they needn’t worry about getting soaked.

With strangers they can be polite, though they might not be the most open of breeds. However, once you are recognized by them, their affection knows no bounds!

23. Chinook

Highlights: Patient, Rare, Eager to Please

Though quiet dogs, the Chinooks are relatively rare and difficult to find.

The rare Chinook is 22-26 inches tall and can weigh 50-90 pounds.

Once nearly extinct, this breed is still hard to find. The AKC lists them as 190 our of 193 breeds in terms of popularity. But don’t let the sway you.

This breed has everything you could ask for in a working dog: smarts, patience, and a readiness to please their owners.

24. Curly-Coated Retriever

Highlights: Proud, Graceful, Tireless

Standing at 23-27 inches, the Curly-Coated Retriever is a solid 60-95 pounds.

The thick coat on this affectionate gun dog keeps them safe from water and thorns alike.

With strangers they can take some warming up before they return to their playful ways, but when it comes to smarts, they are toward the top.

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25. Doberman Pinscher

Highlights: Fearless, Vigilant, Noble

We asked real owners if their Doberman got along with children.

This iconic breed stands 24-28 inches and weighs 60-100 pounds. And with their short coats you can see it is all muscle.

With long triangular ears that are always perked up, Dobermans are the epitome of alertness. Accordingly, they make some of the finest watchdogs around.

They have both intelligence and strength. While they are ready to protect at all costs, they also have an affectionate side with their owners.

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26. Dogue de Bordeaux

Highlights: Affectionate, Loyal, Calm

French as can be, a Dogue de Bordeax stands between 23-27 inches and weighs 90 pounds and up.

Though they have a shorter life span than most breeds (only 5-6 years), they pack plenty of affection into their lives.

Their lazy, wrinkled facial features seem to embody the spirit of a calm afternoon in the Bordeaux region whence they originate.

27. German Shepherd

Highlights: Smart, Confident, Steady

German Shepherds are highly intelligent. In fact, they're the 3rd smartest dog.

The second-most popular dog according to the AKC, German Shepherds grow 22-26 inches and weigh 50-90 pounds.

And they are a favorite for a reason. Their smarts are almost beyond compare, with them equally able to serve in all manner of roles.

Both graceful and powerful, German Shepherds exude a confidence that is unmatched.

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28. Giant Schnauzer

Highlights: Intelligent, Hard-working, Companionable

Giant Schnauzers stand high above their (much) smaller versions, 23.5-27.5 inches and weigh 55-85 pounds.

Some fine these dogs imposing, while others simply see a larger than life Schnauzer. Either way, this loyal and alert breed is a fine dog.

Covered in head to paw with a thick black coat, they are a picture of poise and dignity.

29. Golden Retriever

Highlights: Friendly, Devoted, Warm

Golden Retrievers are some of the best dogs to be around kids of all ages.

Ranked number 3 on the AKC’s popular breed list, Golden Retrievers stand 21.5-24 inches and can weigh 55-75 pounds.

Surrounded by their flowing golden coats, these dogs are perhaps the friendliest breed out there. They are smart and devoted, making them a top choice for service dogs.

And they even warm up quickly to strangers, always ready to make a new friend.

30. Gordon Setter

Highlights: Bold, Stunning, Resolute

Gordon Setters are 23-27 inches and weigh 45-80 pounds, making them one of the lighter breeds on this list.

This athletic breed marks a balance between elegance and agility. As bird dogs, they are able to traverse rough terrain quickly, but can look good while doing so.

Their glistening coat covers a body that is ready for work, and a soul that is powerfully loyal.

31. Great Dane

Highlights: Patient, Loving, Calm

This “Apollo of Dogs” stands a massive 28-32 inches and weighs a whopping 145-175 pounds. Great is an understatement.

When considering a Great Dane as a companion, you’ve got to be up to the challenge. They are proud, confident canines.

Though they are eager to please and gentle giants for the most part, they are a big responsibility. Food is going to become a major expense in your life!

32. Great Pyrenees

Highlights: Mellow, Smart, Quick

Another “Great” breed, the Great Pyrenees stands 25-32 inches and weighs 85-110 pounds or even more!

While they exude a tranquil demeanor most of the time, don’t be fooled. This breed is wicked fast and can get the job done.

Their thick white coats were perfect for their jobs as guard dogs in the snowy Pyrenees mountains, but they also fit in at home with their loyal and calm temperaments.

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33. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Highlights: Dependable, Family-Oriented, Faithful

This large breed is 23-28.5 inches and can have a weight of 85-140 pounds.

Bred to work in fields as herders or drafters, this breed is prized for its reliability. If it has a job, you can be sure it will get it done, and done right.

Strong as they are, they still have a sweet expression that serves as a window to their family-friendly temperament.

34. Greyhound

Highlights: Sweet-tempered, Lean, Civilized

Are Greyhounds actually smart dogs? Here's why they are.

The undisputed champion of speed, Greyhounds are a lithe 27-30 inches and weigh 60-75 pounds. They’re quick thinkers, but even quicker on the feet, reaching incredible speeds of 45 MPH.

In repose, Greyhounds exude a noble aura. But give them somewhere to run to and they are suddenly a bullet.

Their speed has made them famous the world round, and they have often been the subjects of films, paintings, and even poems.

35. Ibizan Hound

Highlights: Polite, Lithe, Quiet

Though Ibizan Hounds stand a tall 22.5-27.5 inches, they weigh only 45-50 pounds.

Now here is a breed that has been around for a while. Bred to chase down rabbits, you can be sure that they are lightning fast.

For a breed like this, though they are quiet and composed, they’ll need more than a walk down the street for exercise. Dog parks where they can really let loose are going to be their favorite spots.

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36. Irish Red and White Setter

Highlights: Determined, Fun-loving, Handsome

A bit shorter than the standard Irish Setter, this breed still can reach 22.5-26 inches and weigh 35-60 pounds.

Bred primarily for hunting, Irish Red and Whites are a sturdy bunch. Their white coats interspersed with red can make them stand out in any canine crowd.

And on top of that all, their faces always project an endearing kindness.

37. Irish Setter

Highlights: Active, Sweet, Outgoing

Irish Setters are long eared red dogs.

The taller of the Irish breeds, these dogs can be 25-27 inches and weigh 60-70 pounds.

Compared to most gun dogs, Irish Setters are actually quite outgoing. And their overall demeanor is much more nonchalant than similar breeds.

But they are still highly active and love opportunities for play or meeting new friends!

38. Irish Water Spaniel

Highlights: Brave, Determined to Work, Tireless

At a mere 21-24 inches, Irish Water Spaniels barely make it into the large dog category. But they make up for it with a sturdy 45-68 pounds, sometimes even more.

Though shorter than other breeds, they have a towering drive for work. And this also translate to a love of play.

Basically, anytime they can be interacting with their owners, they’ll be one cheery canine.

39. Irish Wolfhound

Highlights: Dignified, Capable, Serene

Built to take on wolves, this dog is 30-32 inches and weigh 105-120 pounds.

Irish Wolfhounds might be able to take on a full grown wolf, but they are rather unassuming outside of work.

They are sensitive and good-natured, but care should still be taken if they are around small children simply due to their sheer size.

40. Komondor

Highlights: Independent, Light-footed, Stands Out

This immediately recognizable breed is 25.5-27.5 inches and weighs 80 pounds to well over 100.

Despite their shaggy appearance, they are quite nimble and light on their feet. Their thick coat naturally knots up, giving them a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Their strong personalities make them a good choice for owners who are ready to put in the effort to train them properly, because it won’t be easy.

41. Kuvasz

Highlights: Sweet, Strong, Well-proportioned

Kuvasz is a large fluffy dog that can be 26-30 inches and weigh 70-115 pounds.

Like the previous breed on this list, the Kuvasz has its origins in Hungary. And another similarity is their difficulty to train.

It’s not impossible, but simply requires a firm and consistent, but also caring, owner to match their spark and keep them well-behaved. 

42. Labrador Retriever

Highlights: Outgoing, Friendly, Enthusiastic

The most popular dog in the US according to the AKC, Labrador retrievers are 21.5-24.5 inches and have a weight of 55-80 pounds.

It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when around this cheerful breed. Their kind natures and upbeat personalities have made them a favorite breed in the US for years on end.

Whether a human or any other animal, this breed is ready to be friends and play.

43. Leonberger

Highlights: Gentle, Patient, Companionable

This massive dog can be 25.5-31.5 inches in height and have a weight of 90-170 pounds.

Originating in Germany, they have a thick coat that can keep them warm even in heavy snowfall.

Their bulk belies their agility, and despite being so bulky that are surprisingly light on their feet. The move with an elegance that is almost unbelievable given their large size.

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44. Mastiff

Highlights: Dignified, Powerful, Lovable

Mastiffs are goliath dogs, growing 27.5-30 inches and up and reaching 120-230 pounds, making them the heaviest dogs on this list thus far.

Big they may be, but they wear their weight with pride and dignity. And for all their bulk, they are usually docile creatures.

In any case, it is a good idea to socialize them early on to keep them open to meeting new people and pets.

45. Neapolitan Mastiff

Highlights: Watchful, Placid, Wrinkly

This alert, but droopy, breed is 24-31 inches and weighs 110-150 pounds.

Though they look placid and indeed behave so, this breed is actually quite watchful. Their loose skin and dangling jowls give them a lazy appearance.

Still, there is something noble about this breed and the conscientious way it holds itself.

46. Newfoundland

Highlights: Patient, Sensitive, Sweet-tempered

Newfoundlands can be 26-28 inches and can weigh 100-150 pounds.

Their soft temperaments have given them an image of being “Nanny Dogs” and its true that they are great with children, despite being so large.

But this sensitivity also means that they don’t do well with harsh punishment. Instead a consistent but caring approach works better.

47. Old English Sheepdog

Highlights: Agile, Adaptable, Courageous

The epitome of a poof, Old English Sheepdogs stand 21 inches or more and weigh 60-100 pounds.

Beneath that shaggy coat is a solid frame and a surprisingly agile body. They might look like the wind will blow them away, but OESs are actually quite sturdy.

And they are great with kids, serving equal parts watchdog and playmate.

48. Otterhound

Highlights: Boisterous, Swimmer, Keen Nose

Otterhounds will be 24-27 inches tall and usually weigh 80-115 pounds.

Once bred to hunt otters, they have since retired since their game of choice is now illegal to hunt. However, their affinity for water has remained and they can swim for days…or hours at least.

Their webbed feet make them naturals in the water, and their powerful build also makes them dominant on land.

49. Pointer

Highlights: Balanced, Loyal, Diligent

Pointers can grow to 23-28 inches and weigh 45-75 pounds.

This breed has had the job of pointing during bird hunts for centuries. Their high energy and poise have ensured their continued popularity among hunters.

Unlike many breeds, there are no color qualifications. This means Pointers come in all hues, though their coat is consistently short.

50. Redbone Coonhound

Highlights: Mellow, Sleek, Amiable

Redbone Coonhounds grow 21-27 inches and usually weighs 45-70 pounds.

Though they are often up for some physical exertion, this breed is just as happy spending hours at rest. They life live to their own rhythm.

With long ears and very typical hound head, there is no mistaking this breed. Fun fact: their bones aren’t actually red.

51. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Highlights: Independent, Faithful, Protective

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are 24-27 inches and weigh around 70-85 pounds.

With a strong prey drive in their instincts and a tendency toward independence, this breed is best with experience or dedicated owners.

But if you put in the effort and consistency, you’ll be rewarded with a powerfully loyal companion who is also ready to protect you fearlessly.

52. Rottweiler

Highlights: Courageous, Playful, Guardian

Can Rottweilers swim? How well does a Rottweiler swim?

Imposing in size, Rottweilers are 22-27 inches tall and built solidly at 80-135 pounds.

They might look intimidating, and indeed they are highly protective, but they also have a playful side that sometimes gets overlooked.

Some see them as aloof, but Rottweiler owners can attest to their love for their owners, and even how they enjoy pretending to be a lapdog at times.

53. Saint Bernard

Highlights: Charming, Genial, Inquisitive

Saint Bernards are 26-30 inches and weighs a stocky 120-180 pounds. They are definitely one of the stockiest dogs.

Another breed with a reputation as a “nanny dog” Saint Bernards are amazing with children. Their watchful and patient temperament makes them a great companion for kids of all ages.

Their unique facial features give them an at time questioning expression.

54. Saluki

Highlights: Swift, Balanced, Adaptable

Male Saluki dogs are 23-28 inches, with females being a bit smaller. They weigh 40-65 pounds.

And look at those ears! This is one breed that can’t ever be mistaken for another.

Though their stature and build can appear scrawny, they are surprisingly sturdy and can exhibit quite a bit of strength.

55. Scottish Deerhound

Highlights:  Polite, Majestic, Dignified

This “Royal Dog of Scotland” stands up to 28-32 inches and can weigh anywhere from 75-90 pounds.

Scottish Deerhounds might not be the most popular of breeds, but they still have a dignity all their own.

Bred to stalk and hunt wild deer, they can have an almost prowling posture at times. But when not on a hunt, they stand proud and dignified.

56. Sloughi

Highlights: Swift, Aloof, Reserved

Another extremely lithe breed, the Sloughi is 24-29 inches tall but only 35-50 pounds.

As you might expect from their build, they are swift in the extreme and were bred to hunt a variety of different game in North Africa.

Though strangers can make them more standoffish, with their owners they are quite gentle and ready to open up.

57. Tibetan Mastiff

Highlights: Devoted, Intelligent, Territorial

The Tibetan Mastiff is by far the most expensive dog breed from China.

Tibetan Mastiffs are massive Chinese dog breeds that can grow to 24-26 inches and up, and they weigh in at 70-150 pounds.

With its mane-like coat, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this massive dog for a lion. Bred as watchdogs, they can have a territorial streak when strangers are involved, but they have the best intentions.

They are simply extremely devoted to their families and don’t’ want any harm to get close to them.

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58. Treeing Walker Coonhound

Highlights: Courteous, Streamlined, Gentle

Treeing Walkers are 20-27 inches tall and have a weight of 50-70 pounds.

Though they have “walker” in their name, this bred is much more of a runner. Their streamlined frames allow them to blitz from A to B with minimum effort.

But when on the hunt, they keep their wits about them and have been described as keeping a sensible mindset at all times.

59. Weimaraner

Highlights: Obedient, Amiable, Mystic

Also known as the “Gray Ghost,” the Weimaraner is a lithe 23-27 inches and 55-90 pounds.

Flying by with impressive speed, this breed earns its nickname. But as much as they love to run and exercise, they also need plenty of quality time with their owners.

They are, after all, quite sensitive and need a good amount of human interaction to stay happy and healthy.

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These are all the big dog breeds that are officially recognized by the AKC. It’s not a list of all the large dogs in the world. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments section below!

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