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40 Dashing Dachshund Mixes – A Guide to Finding Your Doxie Mix

The most beautiful and interesting Dachshund mixes in the world.
Written by Tiffany Jeng

There’s no doubt that Dachshunds are one of the most iconic breeds in existence. Their long bodies and short legs…well, you know the deal.

But with the rise of designer hybrid breeds, you now have the chance to get all the fun of a Dachshund, but combined with another breed, bringing the best out of both.

To help you find your perfect Doxie mix, we’ve put together an exhaustive list below. Let us know which is your favorite.

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Dachshund Mixed Breeds

Obviously, this is not the definitive list of Doxie mixes. There is virtually an unlimited number of possible combinations.

However, these are the most popular Dachshund mixes along with mutts that we think are the most interesting ones. If we left one out, tell us in the comments section below.

1. Pekehund

Parent Breeds: Pekingese x Dachshund

via Instagram: @sproxtagram

Though they have yet to be recognized by the American Kennel Club as an official breed, Pekehunds are a great way to start this list.

This cross between a Pekingese and a Dachshund is a family-oriented dog that displays a more mild temperament. Neither lazy nor bursting with energy, they strike a unique balance as a lively yet manageable dog.

As with most of the other breeds on this list, their appearance can vary depending on the variety of Dachshund they have as a parent. Coat texture and length can both vary quite a bit.

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2. Dashalier

Parent Breeds: Cavalier King Charles x Dachshund

via Instagram: @lady_thefoxydoxie

This 21st century breed may be new, but they are well on their way to warming the hearts of owners all over. Dashaliers are bred as companion dogs, but they still bring the intelligence of both parent breeds to make for easy training.

As a companion breed, Dashaliers thrive off attention, and don’t do well in quiet, empty households. They are rather social, and need a healthy amount of interaction to stay happy.

But this also means they do great in families with younger children or even other pets. So long as they have someone to play with, they’ll be good to go.

3. Papshund

Parent Breeds: Papillon x Dachshund

via Instagram: @totallyfinntastic

Both parent breeds of Papshunds sport rather unique features, and they both often carry over to the pups. So, expect to see Papshunds with the long body of the Dachshund and the trademark “butterfly” ears of the Papillon.

These dogs have plenty of energy and love to socialize, but they also have a sensitive side. Gentle treatment works well with them, otherwise they might become anxious.

Though they love frolicking outdoors, they aren’t the sturdiest of dogs. Make sure to keep an eye on them so they stay out of trouble.

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4. Shethund

Parent Breeds: Shetland Sheepdog x Dachshund

via Instagram: @arthastheshethund

Both of a Shethund’s parent breeds served for years as hunting and herding dogs. With this kind of heritage, dogs of this breed are going to be wicked smart.

The downside is that they also have some hunting instincts leftover from that time. So if you have smaller animals around the house, early socialization with them is a must.

But on the plus side, this breed displays a strong loyalty to their owners. Despite their smaller size, they are ready to protect them from anything.

5. Dachsweiler

Parent Breeds: Rottweiler x Dachshund

via Instagram: @boo_the_dachsweiler

One parent is large and bulky, the other long and slender. With that in mind, you can guess how one Dachsweiler might vary wildly in appearance compared to another.

The most striking ones take after their Dachshund parent for body shape, but take after the Rottweiler parent in terms of bulky muscles.

Also from the Rottweiler side, Dachsweilers bring an evening out of their temperament along with a hint of a playful side.

They might require early socialization and consistent training, but overall they are a highly affectionate hybrid and loyal protectors.

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6. Doxie-Pin

Parent Breeds: Miniature Pinscher x Dachshund

via Instagram: @lillemonator

Other Doxie breeds are quite social, but this one can be a little more reserved. That doesn’t mean Doxie-pins aren’t just as affectionate as any other breed on this list.

They still show a caring and even curious nature, but don’t expect them to be the life of the party. Some might see this as a sign they are shy, but we prefer to think of it as simply a well-balanced temperament.

That is not to say they don’t have their moments. Naturally inquisitive, if you take a Doxie-pin out on a walk, there’s no telling where you’ll end up.

7. Docker

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel x Dachshund

via Instagram: @this_dashing_dachshund

Cocker Spaniels are known for their sweet, happy demeanor, and you can definitely see this manifest in a Docker.

Also from the Cocker Spaniel side, Dockers might have a measure of a stubborn streak. For training they respond best to positive and consistent input, whereas overbearing styles can make them anxious.

In appearance, there is room for variation and it depends on pulling traits from both parents. But on average they tend to at least stand about 12 inches tall.

8. Dachsi Apso

Parent Breeds: Lhasa Apso x Dachshund

via Instagram: @ozil_and_bixby_show

Despite their portable size, Dachsi Apso dogs are filled to the brim with courage. However, the confident outgoing demeanor can manifest in barking if not trained early on.

Dachsi Apso dogs have plenty of other ways of letting out their personalities. They are playful and great around children, for example.

And they are energetic without being over the top. So long as they get plenty of attention, they will be a calm, cuddly companion.

9. Doxie Chon

Parent Breeds: Bichon Frise x Dachshund

via Instagram: @dollar.the.doxiechon

With both Dachshunds and Bichon Frises being known for their big personalities, you can be sure that this hybrid of the two will follow the trend.

Fearless, playful, and irrefutably social, Doxie Chons make great pets for families in both country and city areas. That is, so long as they aren’t left alone. These dogs do best with careful and regular attention.

So, they’re great for families with children, but perhaps not infants or toddlers, as they are quite sensitive dogs.

10. Jackshund

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @frankiejackshund

Though both of a Jackshund’s parent breeds were bred for hunting, it was two different types. Dachshunds thrived in tunnels whereas Jack Russells were dauntless in bolting foxes from their dens.

But combine the two and you’ve got a well rounded hybrid that is both intelligent and athletic. The Jack Russell side might bring a bit less sociability with it, but nothing that can’t be solved with early socialization.

However, families with younger children or who are less experienced with raising dogs might want to start off with a less spirited breed.

11. Doxie Cairn

Parent Breeds: Cairn Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @mia.thedoxiecairn

On the Cairn Terrier side, you can expect a penchant for more activity in this hybrid breed. But the playfulness of a Dachshund also shines through for a winning combination.

The Doxie Cairn can be on the stubborn side, and might not do well in cities since they are also known for barking. For apartments, find one of these dogs instead.

If they take after their Cairn parent, then you can expect a more regular brushing regime to keep the wiry hair in good shape.

Because of this they are a better fit for owners who are ready to spend some more time with such maintenance activities. It’s totally worth it for these dogs!

12. Miniature Schnoxie

Parent Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer x Dachshund

via Instagram: @rhodri_the_schnoxie

Bringing in the charismatic nature of the Miniature Schnauzer, this breed balances out with the more comical stature of a Dachshund. Though they remain smaller in size, their stature is quite solid.

If they take after their Mini Schnauzer parent for their coat, they can even be hypoallergenic. This along with their readiness for learning makes them an excellent option for a wide range of potential owners.

At times quite vocal, it can take some consistent training to settle them down. But aside from this they are a low-maintenance breed filled with affection.

13. Doxiepoo

Parent Breeds: Poodle x Dachshund

via Instagram: @rubylouthedoxiepoo

With two intelligent parent breeds, Doxiepoos can be a joy to train, so long as you can put up with an occasional stubbornness.

The Poodle side can also lend a hypoallergenic coat if it shines through. But don’t expect the poofy-ness to come across as well.

Since both the two parent breeds are different in shape and size, you can expect plenty of variation in how Doxiepoos look. But the good news is their temperaments are much more consistent.

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14. Doxiemo

Parent Breeds: American Eskimo Dog x Dachshund

via Instagram: @pickle_andie

A Doxiemo can be a bit of a paradox at times. From the Dachshund side they can be more on the playful side, but from the American Eskimo Dog side they can demonstrate a reserved nature.

Their size can vary wildly, since the American Eskimo Dog is quite taller than the Doxiemo’s other parent breed, the Dachshund.

One thing that is almost a guarantee though is that a Doxiemo will be intelligent. Both parent breeds are known to have some smarts, so that will likely be passed on.

15. Dameranian

Parent Breeds: Pomeranian x Dachshund

via Instagram: @angel_dameranian

Dameranians tend to be on the smaller side, thanks to both parents being short or tiny dogs. Their coat can differ from one to the next, but many agree that these dogs have a pleasant aura about them.

Much like their Pomeranian parent, they can display a cheerful demeanor that can light up a house or apartment. But be sure to give them plenty of attention and don’t leave a Pomaweenie alone for too long.

For maintenance, be prepared to deal with some shedding (Poms are notoriously heavy shedders). Not the worst you’ll ever see, but enough to demand occasional grooming.

16. West Highland Doxie

Parent Breeds: West Highland White Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @carmend90

This hybrid breed is super European. It blends the practicality of Germany with the rough endurance of the Scottish Highlands.

And both these traits are evident in a West Highland Doxie. Despite their size, this small breed is ready for work as a hunter, though training can take some effort.

Despite being good with children, they do better with older kids because their tiny stature can lead to them getting hurt by accident.

17. Toy Foxie Doxie

Parent Breeds: Toy Fox Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @brooklyn_and_dakota

Don’t be fooled by their sweet, rhyming name, this hybrid breed means business. They are known to pack a lot of energy, and can even lean toward being territorial.

They can also be somewhat noisy, so they might not mesh to well with apartment life. But if you’re willing to spend the time training, you can make it work.

Regardless, they are still great dogs. They’re extremely active and show a powerful affection for their owners. Just be ready for a wild side to peek through from time to time.

18. Doxie Pit

Parent Breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @chico_the_mini_pit

This hybrid breed is still uncommon to come across, but the few examples we’ve seen have provoked our interest. Their bodies often look like a direct fusion of both parent breeds.

They can have the muscle and intimidating heft of a Pitbull, but the short legs and elongated body of a Dachshund.

We recommend them to more experienced owners. This is because the stubbornness of a Dachshund combined with the sensitivity of a Pitbull demands an owner who knows how to be firm and consistent, but also loving.

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19. Smooth Foxie Doxie

Parent Breeds: Smooth Fox Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @deb_does_kc

This tiny hybrid breed is a zippy little dog. There are a few things to know about these mutts before bringing one home.

First of all, they’re better for families without small pets or younger children. They can become impatient with kids and have a strong instinct to chase small creatures like rabbits or hamsters.

On the plus side, they can learn quickly. Firm and consistent training is still key, but if implemented you’ll find that Smooth Foxie Doxies are ready to learn.

20. Dachsador

Parent Breeds: Labrador Retriever x Dachshund

via Instagram: @dachsadorable

Packing all the charm that makes Labrador Retrievers a favorite breed, Dachsadors are energetic, friendly, and full of personality.

They are quiet and reserved when need be, but at other times can be fully active and up for fun and games.

Additionally, with an easy-to-care-for coat, they won’t take time out of your day for maintenance. Still, they require other basic grooming as with all dogs.

Also, as a hybrid, Dachsadors might have more resilience against any health issues that can plague purebreds.

21. Basschshund

Parent Breeds: Basset Hound x Dachshund

via Instagram: @princess_magnolia_von_moo

First off, yes, that is a ton of consonants all in a row. So, good luck pronouncing the name of this special hybrid breed. To make things simple, just call them “base hunds.”

That being said, Basschshunds can be very warm and friendly dogs. If they inherit the floppy long ears of a Basset Hound they can have an even more amiable air.

The Dachshund side might bring along some stubbornness with it, so be prepared for consistency in training a Basschshund.  

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22. Crestoxie

Parent Breeds: Chinese Crested x Dachshund

via Instagram: @bernoulli_like_the_principle

Crestoxies are tiny dogs, but both parent breeds have tenacious histories. Chinese Cresteds were for exterminating vermin aboard ships, and Dachshunds could do a number on badgers back in the day.

Because of this working history, Crestoxies are said to be people-oriented. They are intelligent and can learn quickly, but can also have a spirited and, at times, manipulative side to them.

Like any other stubborn streak, all it takes is patience and consistency. If you show you are the captain, a Crestoxie will fall into line and be well-behaved.

23. Mauxie

Parent Breeds: Maltese x Dachshund

via Instagram: @kumaamonn

Compared to some other breeds on this list, the Mauxie is much better suited to new owners. They are more even-tempered, easy to train, and adaptable.

On the other hand, grooming is going to take some time. While not difficult to deal with, their heavier shedding can demand regular brushing. But its worth it to keep their silky, long coats looking good and healthy.

They have an animated temperament that comes out in plenty of affection for their owners. But if you have younger kids, make sure they treat any little Mauxie with care.

24. Schweenie

Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu x Dachshund

via Instagram: @famous_seamus_1215

A blend of East and West, Schweenies are affectionate dogs, but they are not without their limits. Small children can get on their nerves if their aren’t considerate.

But otherwise, they are focused on pleasing their owners and developing a relationship with them. A small body they might have, but their hearts are huge.

Despite their thicker coats, you might be surprised to hear they might not need much grooming. Still, you shouldn’t completely neglect it!

And exercise, while still important, can be kept to a minimum. So slower-paced families might make a great fit for this hybrid breed.

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25. Chiweenie

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua x Dachshund

via Instagram: @buddybimbela

Perhaps the smallest dog on this list, a Chiweenie is a spunky little canine. This hybrid breed brings together some of the defining characteristics of both parents.

From the Chihuahua side they can have a fiery disposition. This doesn’t mean they are aggressive, but simply that they can display a bit of spice on occasion. Especially if a small child is bothering it.

But this liveliness can also manifest in affection for their owners, whom they are eager to please. But…there is also a chance of stubbornness from the Dachshund…so it’s a bit up in the air.

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26. French Bull Weiner

Parent Breeds: French Bulldog x Dachshund

via Instagram: @frenchbullweenie_winston

Is there is one thing to be said about Frenchies, it’s that they are loads of fun. And odds are they’ll pass this on to a French Bull Weiner.

Expect this hybrid breed to be lively with a penchant for playing hours upon hours on end. Outside of playing, they will also likely have a sunny disposition that is at once alert and reserved.

With a strong social side, they do well in larger families and can interact well with other pets too. Just be sure that any younger children treat them with care!

27. Dorkie

Parent Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @lolathedorkiee

This tiny hybrid breed will rarely weight more than ten pounds. Small and compact, they are a great dog for those on the go, as they can accompany you almost anywhere.

They are small enough that apartment life can suit them, but they will also appreciate space to expend some energy.

Yorkies are also hypoallergenic, so Dorkies could make a great option for families that have members who suffer from pet allergies.

28. Doxie Chin

Parent Breeds: Japanese Chin x Dachshund

via Instagram: @shaimless_wonders

This designer breed is a mix between the regality of a Japanese Chin and the iconic (short and long) stature of a Dachshund.

This breed can be adaptable and will assimilate well in either house or apartment life. But if you don’t want fur covering your home, you’ll need to brush their coat at least twice a week.

A Doxie Chin is generally sweet-natured and happy, but they are also sensitive. So harsh reprimands or training might only cause them anxiety, which might lead to acting out.

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29. Bo Dach

Parent Breeds: Boston Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @harperthebodach

With an energy level best described as moderate, Bo Dachs are a great match for families that like to take things easy. They’ll still need occasional exercise, but for the most part they are happy to lounge about.

In terms of maintenance, they are also manageable. Brushing need only happen about once every week or so.

This being said, they are known to be a more vocal dog. But their barking isn’t necessarily a sign of stress.

It often is just their way of showing their excitement or happiness. So harsh responses to it can really hurt their feelings. Just think of them as great communicators.

30. German Hund Pointer

Parent Breeds: German Wire Haired Pointer x Dachshund

via Instagram: @stickstotherescue

This German-on-German hybrid breed is going to be one of the larger ones on this list. And as such, expect to spend more time with a German Hund Pointer in exercise than other Dachshund mixes.

But, they at least have an easy maintenance level, requiring only occasional grooming. They’ll still need other basic grooming, such as teeth brushing and nail clipping.

This breed can be tenacious and brave. After all, both parent breeds were originally bred as hunting dogs. So expect a certain fearlessness with a German Hund Pointer.

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31. Doxle

Parent Breeds: Beagle x Dachshund

via Instagram: @likethespicysausage

Few breeds are known to be as affectionate as Beagles, so when mixed with a Dachshund, you can bet that some of that will be sure to shine through. Temperament might be more consistent, but their coats can wildly vary.

Expect all shades of brown, black, and even white. And then the texture can be fine, wiry, straight, or even a bit harsh. It all depends on the parents.

They are affectionate and protective, so it might be a good idea to socialize them early on so they don’t become overly possessive or shy when it comes to strangers or other animals.

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32. Golden Dox

Parent Breeds: Golden Retriever x Dachshund

via Instagram: @sandythelilsandstorm

Alert and energetic, be ready for hours upon hours of play and/or exercise if you want to keep this hybrid breed happy and healthy.

But Golden Dox owners will agree that the effort is worthwhile. These dogs display an intelligent yet affectionate disposition which can warm the soul.

Aside from regular exercise, daily brushing is probably a good idea, especially if your Golden Dox has longer hair. Most likely, they’ll inherit the golden coat of the Retriever.

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33. Shibadox

Parent Breeds: Shiba Inu x Dachshund

via Instagram: @designer_haus

This breed might look like an odd combination on the outside, but in terms of temperament they are winners.

The bright attitude of a Shiba Inu is sure to make an appearance, and if enough carries over, you can expect Shibadox dogs to also display a fastidious nature.

They are generally healthy and easy to maintain. But still be prepared for weekly exercise to keep them from gaining weight.

34. Wire Foxie Doxie

Parent Breeds: Wire Fox Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @arizonabulldog

This hybrid is a mix of a Dachshund and the third and final Fox Terrier on our list, the Wire Fox Terrier. They rarely go over 20 pounds, but tend to be taller than a purebred Dachshund.

Their temperaments are mild and generally they are eager to please. If a small child gets up in their business though, they aren’t afraid to be snappish.

However, they are definitely not aggressive dogs by any means. They simply are self-respecting and value personal space.

35. Dach Griffon

Parent Breeds: Brussels Griffon x Dachshund

via Instagram: @planet.of.the.dogs

This hybrid breed is an interesting combination of herding and hunting dog. From the Brussels Griffon they will inherit some serious smarts, and from the Dachshund a fearless side.

They are great companion canines, and they can have a protective side. This can manifest in barking if they notice any encroaching danger for them or their owners.

For any other times, they are quite mellow. They can display bursts of energy, but won’t demand endless hours of exercise at least.

36. Toy Rat Doxie

Parent Breeds: American Rat Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @marissachan

With both parent breeds being bred to hunt, Toy Rat Doxies are sure to have sharp noses and a fearless demeanor with a certain love for chasing.

Their temperaments can be truly complex. At times affectionate, and at others independent. One moment easy to train, and stubborn the next. So be ready to need a handful of patience when raising a Toy Rat Doxie.

But through it all, this hybrid breed remains lovable and on that can keep even experienced owner on their toes.

37. Dusky

Parent Breeds: Siberian Husky x Dachshund

via Instagram: @heratheminiwolf

There are a lot of positives about this hybrid breed. Duskies can be playful and clever, surprising their owners with their ability to solve problems and entertain.

But, both parent breeds are known for having a stubborn side. Dachshunds are quite willful and Huskies can be downright sly. So, this might be a better choice for a more experienced owner.

However, there is a reason why Huskies and Husky hybrids maintain a high appeal. Their pure vivacity is hard to match in the canine kingdom.

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38. Silkshund

Parent Breeds: Silky Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @anniem412

Compact, yet lively, Silkshunds are a hybrid breed that brings together the best of two purebred lines.

Both parents have strong prey drives, so be sure to socialize these dogs early on. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when they go chasing anything small that moves.

Their energy can sometimes come out via barking, but that is nothing training can’t take care of. Overall, their energetic and charming temperaments make them a winning breed.

39. Dorgi

Parent Breeds: Welsh Corgi x Dachshund

via Instagram: @hirothedorgi

Adorable with a side of dorky, a Dorgi is a hybrid breed with two parent breeds that are both long and low to the ground.

From the Corgi side you can expect a bit more weight to be packed on, making for a more solid dog. But they’ll also have some brains to go along with the brawn.

And don’t underestimate their agility. Short legs they might have, but they can still move. So be sure to give the enough exercise that they don’t start to pack on too many pounds.

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40. Welshund

Parent Breeds: Welsh Terrier x Dachshund

via Instagram: @disarrayann

Welshunds, a hybrid breed, are a great way to end this list. They are highly spirited and bring a powerful energy with them anywhere they go.

This liveliness can sometimes turn into a stubborn streak if you don’t keep an eye on it. Training and socialization from an early age are a must.

But put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded with a breed that is courageous without going over the top.

Did we miss any Dachshund mixes that deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll try to add the mix!

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