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35 Greatest Golden Retriever Mixes That You’ve Never Seen

Golden Retrievers are America’s gold standard (pun intended) for companion family dogs. Not only are they a friendly, loyal and intelligent breed, but they also have a bit of a goofy side to them. Really though, what’s not to love about the Golden Retriever?

Thanks to their favorable temperaments, these dogs have become increasingly popular among mixed dog breeds all over the world. A touch of Golden Retriever tends to provide the perfect balance of playfulness and friendliness for any hybrid dog.

And although the possibilities are endless, we’ve found the 35 best (or at least, our favorite) Golden Retriever mixes that are both unique and gorgeous. Read on to find the perfect Golden mix for you and your family.

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What’s a Golden Retriever?

According to the AKC, the Golden Retriever is the 2nd most popular dog in the America. It’s estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of these dog breeds in families all over the country.

They were originally bred for retrieving shot waterfowl, such as ducks and various water birds. It’s where the name “retriever” came from. Plus, they were some of the best at this job due to their soft mouths.

However, the modern-day Golden Retriever is primarily a companion dog. Though that doesn’t mean they don’t have jobs in society anymore. These dogs are frequently used as disability assistance dogs for the blind or deaf.

Our golden retriever loves humans so much that he was caught earlier this month on our home surveillance video rolling out the red carpet for a burglar. 

– Pomai_kai (Reddit User)

When it comes to friendliness, few breeds can match that of a Golden Retriever’s. They’re sociable dogs and love to be with humans. It’s a huge reason why they’re so loyal and obedient towards the owners.

In terms of dog intelligence, Golden Retrievers are the 4th smartest dog breed for working & obedience intelligence. They’re always eager to please, even if it means going through obedience training.

They sound like the perfect dog, right? If not, they’re pretty close. The only downside about these dogs is the excessive shedding. Thanks to their double coats, grooming takes some time and patience.

Best Golden Retriever Mixes

Golden Retriever mixes typically have one thing in common. Most mixes will have the iconic golden coats or a shade of it (but there are exceptions). Here are the best Golden Retriever mixes that you really need to know about.

1. Golden Sammy

Parents: Samoyed x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @maya_la_belle

That a Golden Sammy is a sweet and family-oriented dog should come as no surprise. Both parent breeds are known for their even tempers and gentle demeanors.

In addition to their amiable temperaments, they can boast both energy and athletic prowess while still being adaptive to living in houses that aren’t the biggest. 

Their thick coats can resemble either parent, but they often have a slight golden tint to their mostly white fur. The result looks a bit like the perfect, toasted marshmallow. 

But with such thick coats, these dogs aren’t likely to enjoy warmer climates. So if you do live somewhere warmer, be sure to keep your Golden Sammy hydrated and try to limit their exposure to high temperatures. 

2. Petite Golden Retriever

Parent: King Charles Spaniel x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @followthegoldenruby

Despite already having two names to go by, Petite Golden Retrievers are still quite rare. Things like origin (place and date), and temperament aspects are both a bit hazy.

However, with plenty of other hybrids as evidence, we can know Petite Golden Retrievers are likely to exhibit traits found in both parent breeds.

That means they’ll be bound to have the friendly energy of a Golden Retriever combined with the fearless playfulness of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. All in a more bite-sized package than a purebred Golden Retriever.

3. Golden Rottie Retriever

Parent: Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @scottiethegoldenrottie

Golden Rottie Retrievers have a truly memorable appearance. Though both parent breeds are of similar sizes, they both have quite different shapes, coats, and colors.

When combined the result often ends up with an arresting dog with a Rottweiler’s coloring but the shape of a Golden Retriever.

For their temperament, Golden Rottie Retrievers pull from the loyal and energetic vibes of the Rottweiler parent and from the eager-to-please sweetness of a Golden Retriever.

There is always room for variation in a hybrid, but odds are you’ll end up with a dog that is equal parts mellow and ready to play. Either way, the Golden Rottie will make an excellent Golden mix.

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4. Afghan Retriever

Parent: Afghan Hound x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @charliefernandeza

An Afghan Retriever is a truly athletic canine. Both parent breeds were bred for hunting and can exhibit physical prowess, but they are just as comfortable spending a calm evening at home with their owners.

In terms of build, Afghan Retrievers tend to be a bit more slender, favoring the body structure of the Afghan Hound parent. But since both parents have long coats, there’s little doubt that a hybrid between the two will produce a similar result. 

Also, they’ll tend to show the lovable and friendly temperament so intrinsic to Golden Retrievers, but can also have a more independent side from the Afghan Hound parent.

5. Alaskan Goldenmute

Parent: Malamute x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @millcobb

Now here is a proud-looking hybrid. And they’ve got a longer history than most hybrids, likely first popping up upwards of 200 years ago

Though the Golden Retriever side of this hybrid is more easy-going, the Alaskan Malamute bloodline will demand a bit more in the way of attention and care.

That’s not to say they are a poor choice, but just be prepared to spend time with exercise, training, and grooming to raise a respectable Alaskan Goldenmute. 

Do it right and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, energetic companion who is ready to shower you with affection and accompany you on any adventure. 

6. Golden Bullmastiff

Parent: Bullmastiff x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @bow_wow_buttercup

Bullmastiffs are known as gentle, albeit drooling, giants who make courageous partners. When bred with a Golden Retriever, the size might be toned down, but their loyalty remains steadfast!

A Golden Bullmastiff Retriever will live up to its name, being a bulky, golden-coated dog. However, the rest of their physical traits can lean toward resembling either parent.

As a hybrid, you can expect a Golden Mastiff to either be calmer and more reserved like the Mastiff parent, or more playful and outgoing like a Golden Retriever.

7. American Gointer

Parent: Pointer x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @bow_wow_buttercup

Both parent dog breeds of the American Gointer were bred as hunting dogs, though with different roles (as evidenced by their names). The American Pointer…is a pointing dog, and the Golden Retriever…you guessed it, a retriever.

Coming from hunting stock, an American Gointer is sure to be active and athletic, ready for plenty of exercise and play. But the Golden Retriever side also lends a mellow mood that makes them suitable for hanging around the home.

Grooming and maintenance might be easier with an American Gointer, but be ready to ramp up your active-ness. That said, they need plenty of exercise to remain a happy and healthy dog.

8. Golden Akita Retriever

Parent: Akita x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @bilbo_the_doggins

The Akita has gotten a reputation for being on the aggressive side. And, though this isn’t entirely justified, if you want to be safe side, combine an Akita with a Golden Retriever’s mellow nature and you’ll get a more well-balanced dog.

From personal experience, Akitas are bundles of loyalty who are only aggressive if raised poorly. So, just be sure to socialize and train a Golden Akita from an early age to end up with a literally shining canine companion.

Since both dogs are of similar size and color, there won’t be huge variations there. But shape-wise they could lean toward either parent. 

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9. Golden Chow Retriever

Parent: Chow-chow x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @athena_thebear

The Golden Chow Retriever (sometimes shortened to just Golden Chow) is a perceptive hybrid breed. From the Chow-chow genes, don’t be surprised if they end up a little more on the reserved side.

But beneath the calmness, plenty of a Golden Retriever’s loyalty and charm will shine through. And early socialization will go a long way to opening up their demeanor.

For looks, they can take after either parent, but odds are they’ll sport the signature thick, golden coat perfect for cooler climates.

10. Golden Border Retriever

Parent: Border Collie x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @smoovmuffin

This hybrid is a result of mix between a herding dog known for its wicked sharp smarts and a hunting dog revered for its charm and loyalty. As expected, put together the result is top-notch dog.

A Golden Border Retriever is a perfect match for those with active lifestyles. Being both athletic and intelligent means they’ll need plenty of attention and exercise, both in the form of games and play.

They don’t do well when left on their own for too long though. As seen in Golden Retrievers, the social personalities ensure they thrive in homes where they’ll always have a human friend around.

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11. Goldmaraner

Parent: Weimaraner x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @the.muttlife

Although Weimaraners can have stubborn streaks, when mixed with a Golden Retriever their independent nature is still there, but toned down.

The resulting Goldmaraner is a high-energy dog that will need plenty of outlets through play and exercise. Big yards and trips to dog parks are going to be crucial.

Even though both parent breeds tend to have lighter coats, when combined we’ve seen some Goldmaraner’s that even sport a black and bronze coat, lending them a memorable appearance. 

12. Goldenapso Retriever

Parent: Lhasa Apso x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @liathecutegirl

Now here’s a unique hybrid. A Goldenapso Retriever will have all the friendliness of a Golden Retriever, but with a unique zest of a Lhasa Apso’s spry and alert tendencies.

After all, Lhasa Apsos were originally temple sentinels, alerting monks to intruders. While this might lead to a louder mouth, the Golden Retriever side will chill them out a bit.

But be prepared for coat maintenance! Their fur will be smooth, soft, and long…and need brushing on at least a weekly basis.

13. Basset Retriever

Parent: Basset Hound x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @zeke_bassetretriever

For a Basset Retriever, some traits that are sure to appear will be friendliness, sweetness, and an all-around gentle demeanor. That should come as no surprise, since these are found in both parent breeds.

Where the Basset Retriever can shine though is in the tenacity it can inherit from the Basset Hound parent. This can manifest as stubbornness or simply determination, but neither case is a drawback when properly trained. 

Coat length and texture can vary quite a bit, so be sure to match your grooming tools and frequency to their needs!

14. Great Golden Dane

Parent: Great Dane x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @oakleythegoldendane

Some might be surprised that Great Golden Danes aren’t always gold. We’ve seen them in shades of brown and even fur bordering on black. It depends a lot on the parents.

Despite their size, Great Golden Danes hang on to the gentle temperament of both parent breeds. They are both tolerant and careful around children, making an effort that their large frames don’t hurt smaller beings. 

Still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on if they are playing with smaller children or pets to keep the energy levels in check. Thoughtful though they be, there is always room for an accidental bump or two. 

15. Australian Retriever

Parent: Aussie x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @woof_im.bear

Due to the wild nature of an Australian Shepherd’s coat, this Golden Retriever mix can turn out all shades of white, brown, and even black. 

Australian Retrievers are a bit more adaptable than some other breeds on this list. Even though their coats can be on the thick side, they do well in myriad climates and will be happy come rain or shine. 

And let’s not forget to pay tribute to their brain power. Both parent breeds have sharp minds, and will love playing games that utilize them.

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16. Goldenshire

Parents: Yorkie x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @jessiicacourtemanche

A Goldenshire is a bit more extreme of a pairing. It’s not the most obvious Golden Retriever mix. Golden retrievers are big bundles of love, and Yorkshire Terriers are tiny, but bold

However, they are a bit easier to take care of than some other hybrids on this list. Sure, they’ll may shed a fair amount (Golden side), but they require less exercise and are more than happy to live indoors.

Since Yorkies are pretty hypoallergenic, a Goldenshire can be a good choice for those who suffer from the bane that are pet allergies. They’ll shed less than a Yorkie but more than a Golden Retriever.

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17. Goldmation

Parents: Dalmatian x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @eric_goldmation

Goldmatian Retrievers are so friendly and sociable that they might end up hogging the spotlight. With plenty of space and copious exercise, they’ll be a true joy in your life.

As a hybrid, you’ll not need to worry as much about the genetic diseases that Dalmatians can be prone to. Goldmations are more likely to be sturdier and healthier dogs, though regular vet checkups will still be important for your peace of mind. 

Their size will be medium to large, and their coat can be a magnificent array of blacks and whites, though not necessarily in the spotted pattern of a Dalmatian.

18. Goldendale

Parents: Airedale Terrier x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @paul_son_of_john

The Airedale Terrier side of a Goldendale is going to push a Golden Retriever’s friendliness up a couple notches, making this hybrid even more outgoing than either parent breed.

Also from the Airedale Terrier side, a Goldendale is sure to make a great watchdog. Their confident and alert demeanor will push them to keep you up to date on if any strangers are getting close to your home.

Their coat can vary quite a bit though, and really just depends on which parent they take after more. But in any case, a fair amount of grooming will be needed.

19. Beago

Parents: Beagle x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @yea_ronnie

Get ready for sweetness overload! Both Beagles and Golden Retrievers are warm and even-tempered, and a mix between the two just compounds these positive traits.

Since a Beagle can come in so many different color combinations, there is no telling what color a Beago might be. Sure, they’ll take after their parents, but there are just so many possibilities: brown, tricolored, black, white, cream, red, and more.

A Beago will excel as a family dog. Their amiable nature makes them eager to please and ready for training from an early age. 

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20. Golden Pei

Parents: Shar-Pei x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @milliethepeinut

The Golden Pei (not the Golden Pie!) is a caring dog who is devoted to their family. But, from the Shar-pei side, there might be some extra attention needed in socialization. Nothing to worry about though.

The Shar-pei side might add a touch of being a picky eater, but who isn’t? With proper training this and some of their other more stubborn traits can easily be smoothed out.

Just remain patient, firm, and caring throughout the training process. The result will be a dog that you and the whole family can depend on.

21. Comfort Retriever

Parents: Poodle x Cocker Spaniel x Golden

via Instagram: @marlothemini

First a point of clarification: Comfort Retrievers are usually a mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, but often have some Cocker Spaniel in them. This makes them a rather unique, three-way hybrid.

With three different breeds thrown together, you can imagine there will be even more room for variation. All three breeds are friendly and intelligent, so that shouldn’t go anywhere. 

But just be attentive to the traits your Comfort Retriever shows, and be ready to adapt. Cocker Spaniels can be a bit snappier, and Poodles and Golden Retrievers might be at risk for hip dysplasia. Neither of which are problems if attended to.

22. Golden Sheltie

Parents: Sheltie x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @ms._indiana_bones

Smart, easy-to-train, friendly, lively…the list of positive traits a Golden Sheltie has goes on and on. Did we mention they also are highly devoted to their families?

Shelties were bred to herd sheep in Scotland, and as such they have boundless energy and wits to match. The Golden Retriever side might balance this out a bit, but you’ll still have a dog that is always ready for fun.

There will be shedding though. So arm yourself with a brush and you and your Golden Sheltie will get along swimmingly.

23. Golden Labrador

Parents: Labrador x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @lunaadoggo

Double the retriever, double the love. This large hybrid is a mix of two of the most beloved dog breeds of all time. Labrador Retrievers are, according to the AKC, the most popular dog breed, and for good reason.

The Golden Labrador will likely have all the gentle friendliness of both parent breeds, but packaged in a new look. They might not make the best of watchdogs though, being more likely to make friends than try to scare them off. 

Since Golden Labs are quite intelligent and energetic, they’ll need plenty of both mental and physical exercise. Daily walks and intelligence games will be crucial. 

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24. Golden Newfie

Parents: Newfoundland x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @boopschnutes

A Golden Newfie is a big ol’ dog. They beautifully combine the sturdy, working-dog bodies of a Newfoundland with the more upbeat personality of a Golden Retriever.

They are quite the gentle giant, and are good with other pets and with children, especially when socialized early on. They also have a sensitive side, so they need calm tones of voice and plenty of patience to respond well to any training.

Treat them right, and you’ll have a loyal protector who isn’t opposed to good-natured goofing on the side, especially if you have a pool!

25. Golden Saint

Parents: Saint Bernard x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @diamond.the.goldensaint

With an even temper and gentle disposition, a Golden Saint lives up to its name. Look them in their kind eyes long enough and you may start feeling enlightened yourself.

On the physical side, these dogs are quite big. They’ll sport long, dense fur that will need some care. They can range a lot in color, and it mostly depends on the parent breeds.

Large as they are, they aren’t the most nimble of dogs, and if they are indoors, don’t leave any valuable vases unprotected. But overall, they aren’t much of a hassle, and can match well with less experienced owners as well as pros.

26. Golden Dox

Parents: Dachshund x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @chi__burger

A Golden Dox will be friendly and warm, but the Dachshund side might inject a variable of stubbornness into the mix. But their overall charm makes up for it. 

This hybrid will be plenty spirited, so exercise and play will be needed on the regular. The Dachshund side will especially appreciate any games resembling hunting and the chance to put their instincts to use.

Since the parent breeds are on opposite sides in terms of size and stature, there will be plenty of variation in a Golden Dox. Some will stand less than a foot in height, others up to double that!

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27. Scolden Terrier

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @happyplacegang

Let’s get this out of the way first. Yes, terriers can be a bit bark-y, or a bit rowdy, or a bit spunky. But, all the more reason to go for this mix between a Scottish Terrier and a Golden Retriever.

The Golden Terrier side keeps the Scottie side mellow, while the Scottie side amps up the lively and friendly side of the Golden Retriever. It’s a win-win and the result is a loving and alert hybrid.

Scolden Terriers are both smart and not afraid to show plenty of affection, making them great family dogs that get along with children and other pets readily. 

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28. Spangold Retriever

Parents: Springer Spaniel x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @kenai.the.spangold

Spangold Retrievers are alert and lively without going over the top. In fact, they are just as willing to laze about as they are to go out and play. Whether you’ve got a trip to the park or a binge session in mind, Spangold Retrievers will accompany you with joy.

Even though they can be larger, they adapt well to house living and are easy enough to train. There will be some shedding, so brushing will be crucial to keep your house clean and your dog happy.

Having a large backyard is always a huge plus for these dogs. They are fine indoors, but will appreciate the chance to stretch their legs from time to time.

29. Golden Pyrenees

Parents: Great Pyrenees x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @makothegoldenpyrenees

Apartment life won’t quite do for the huge Golden Pyrenees. They are big and every part of them is filled with energy. While they can spend some time indoors, they’ll need space and ideally a sizable yard.

But they are gentle giants and have a sensitive side. Training should be firm, but caring and they might be a little slow to warm up to strangers. But once they are familiar with someone they layer on the affection.

So be ready for socialization, training, and (very important) lots of exercise. Put in the effort and you’ll be rewarded with a fluffy, loyal companion.

30. Goberian

Parents: Husky x Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever Husky mix can have very favorable temperaments, as they're sweet yet energetic dogs.
via Instagram: @kenai_the_goberian

Another hybrid of two overwhelmingly popular breeds, the Goberian is a blast. While the Golden Retriever side is more mellow, the Siberian Husky genes will throw in moments of trickery and slyness.

And not in a bad way. Husky owners testify to the joy that these splashes of spontaneity can bring to their lives. Early training is important though to make sure this doesn’t get out of hand.

It’s worth noting that both parent breeds are known to be susceptible to hip dysplasia. So be sure to be attentive to this. Goberians are sturdy, but not indestructible.

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31. Golden Irish

Parents: Irish Setter x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @pennyfreeport

Smart, playful, and even ready for work, the Golden Irish is a gorgeous mix between an Irish Setter and a Golden Retriever. They are brilliant companions for both leisure and sport in equal measure.

Both parent breeds provide solid energy levels, and the Irish Setter side adds in a dose of extra agility for a remarkably athletic dog. 

Their coloring is nothing to shrug at either, often blending the golden hues of the Retriever parent with the warm reds of an Irish Setter. It’s a stunning sight to see in person!

32. Golden Cocker Retriever

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @scooter_pants_

Golden Cocker Retrievers are a great fit for families of all sizes. Their boundless energy ensures they are always ready to play and can keep up with even the most active of family members.

They are sensitive though. So, even though they get along well with children themselves, it’s important that children are taught how to treat this gentle dog.

The coat of a Golden Cocker Retriever is its true glory. Both parent breeds are known for gorgeous fur, and this hybrid is no exception. But be sure to brush it regularly to keep it in good shape.

33. Gollie

Parents: Collie x Golden Retriever

via Instagram: @cocoltriever

A Gollie does best in areas with open spaces. Their sharp minds and energy levels just don’t mesh as well with stifling urban areas. Backyards, or even open farmland, are going to be your best bet. 

They can adapt a bit though, so as long as they get copious exercise they can possibly try out city life. Weekend hikes or frequent camping trips will be good opportunities to get a Gollie the wide-open spaces they so enjoy.

They don’t do well with isolation either though. So a balance should be looked for. They are definitely people-oriented dogs who enjoy their independence but only so long as they have a companion to spend the rest of their time with.

34. Golden Mountain Dog

Parents: Bernese Mountain Dog x Golden

via Instagram: @luna.goldenmountaindog

From their expressive eyes to their gentle posture, a Golden Mountain Dog is a downright happy canine. Their affectionate temperament makes them a joy to be around and allows them to fit into the family perfectly.

With such thick coats they might appreciate cooler climates rather than days spent under the sun. And the coat will require some care to keep it in good shape.

Training a Golden Mountain Dog is usually a breeze. Their high intelligence makes them keen to learn and they easily pick up new tasks with little effort.

35. Goldendoodle

Parents: Poodle x Golden Retriever

A Goldendoodle might go by many names, but one thing owners can agree about is how sweet this hybrid dog is. They’re some of the most intelligent combination of dog breeds you can find.

This cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever is an energetic ball of fluff. They can be docile one moment, and bursting with playfulness the next.

If they show a more poodle-ish coat it can be both a plus and a minus. On one hand, they will be more hypoallergenic, but on the other they will be higher maintenance.

However, the shedding depends on what type of Goldendoodle you have. Learn more about Goldendoodle shedding here. And it’s even suggested to take them to professional groomers to make sure the job is done right. 

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These are our favorite Golden Retriever mixes. Did we miss one that deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, tell us which is your favorite Golden Retriever mix!

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