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10 Hidden Ways How Dog Show You Love

If your dog loves you, they’ll likely let you know with their body language and quirky behaviors. Some signs are super obvious, like when they shower you with doggy kisses and wagging tails, or even when they follow you around.

However, then there are signs that aren’t so obvious. In fact, some behaviors may appear aggressive from the outside, but it’s actually an endearing behavior. So, let’s dive into these hidden expressions of love and decode what our furry friends are really telling us.

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1. Your dog brings you a “gift” that’s a dead animal.

Have you ever had your dog proudly bring you something they caught? Perhaps a dead bird or a squirrel, which prompts a response like, “Uhh, thanks… but no thanks“? Well, it happens a lot more often than you think, and the reason why is heartwarming.

That’s because, as disgusting as that might seem to us, when your dog brings you a dead animal, it’s actually a weird yet genuine sign of affection. Keep in mind, dogs don’t view dead animals as gross or disgusting.

Now, to understand why, we first need to look at their wolf ancestors for a second. In the wild, wolves will bring back food – and I mean dead animals – to their pack as a way of caring for them. 

So, when your dog comes trotting up with a lifeless critter, in their mind, they’re not just being a top-notch hunter – they’re being a “provider” for the family. They’re basically saying, “Look, I care so much about you, I’m bringing you dinner!”

And sure, it’s not the kind of gift we’d like to receive, and it’s definitely not going in the fridge, but it’s crucial to understand the intention behind it. 

2. Your dog’s left eyebrow twitches when they’re with you.

Next time you’re having a sweet moment gently petting your dog, pay attention to their eyebrows! This tiny movement is more than a twitch. In fact, it’s a subtle yet meaningful way your dog communicates affection and love. 

According to a Japanese study (by Azabu University in Japan), researchers found that dogs would move their left eyebrows a lot when they see their owners. However, the dogs did not show much left eyebrow movement when they saw their favorite toy.

When dogs raise or twitch their left eyebrow, it’s often a response to something they find interesting or endearing. In your case, it could mean your dog is intrigued or pleasantly surprised by your actions or words. 

It’s their way of saying, “You’ve got my attention, and I’m curious about you!” This gesture shows a deep level of engagement and emotional connection. Think of it as a sign that your presence is interesting and comforting to them. 

So, the next time you see that left eyebrow quiver, know you’re sparking curiosity and love in your furry friend’s heart.

3. Your dog chooses sleeps in your room or your bed.

You’ve spent all that money buying the coziest bed for your dog and he STILL chooses to snuggle up with you on your bed. This behavior isn’t just because they find your room more comfortable or they’re trying to hog the blankets. 

In fact, when your dog chooses to sleep in your room, it’s one of their heartfelt ways of saying, “I love you.” In the wild, dogs are pack animals, and they sleep together for both safety and companionship. 

So by choosing to sleep in your room, your dog is showing that they see you as part of their pack, their family. It’s their way of saying, “I trust you with my life, and I want to protect you,” even if the biggest threat you face is that alarm clock in the morning.

This behavior is not only a sign of affection, but also loyalty. They want to be close to you, even in the quietest hours of the night. So, when your dog curls up at the foot of your bed or even sneaks under the covers, remember, it’s more than just a way to seek comfort.

4. Your dog leans next to you like a pillow.

Imagine lounging on the couch, and out of nowhere, your dog comes over and leans their entire weight against you. You may be thinking, “Hey, am I a human pillow now?” But guess what? When your dog leans against you, it’s actually a secret sign of their love and trust.

This endearing behavior is like a big, warm hug in the language of dogs. Also, this leaning can be a subtle request for attention or affection. Think of it as your dog’s way of telling you, “Hey, a little petting would be nice right now.” 

So, next time your furry friend leans against you, remember, it’s not just a casual gesture, it’s a small act with a big loving message. And try not to move away. Hang in there and suck it up. Moving them away is like rejecting their love.

5. When your dog brings you their favorite toy.

Sure, it’s possible your dog is just telling your lazy butt to get up and play with him. However, this sweet gesture can actually be a hidden way for your dog to share their love with you.

In the doggy world, toys are more than just playthings, they can quite literally be their treasures. So by offering you their favorite toy, your dog is saying, “you’re important to me.” It’s a symbol of trust and affection, kind of like a child sharing their favorite toy with a friend.

This act can also be a sign of submission to show you that they value your leadership. In other words, a dog may be saying that you’re the boss, and they want to play by your rules.

So, the next time your pup comes trotting over with a toy in their mouth, remember it’s more than just an invitation to play. It’s a paw-sitively adorable way of saying, “I love you!”

6. When your dog lowers their ears when they see you.

Have you ever noticed how your dog’s ears go from alert to super chill when they’re around you? This subtle change is actually a big deal in the dog world. When a dog relaxes their ears in your presence, it’s a clear sign of affection.

Dogs use their ears like we humans use our facial expressions. Ears up and forward can mean they’re alert or curious, while relaxed ears indicate they’re feeling calm and safe

So, when your dog’s ears are in chill mode around you, it’s like they’re saying, “I’m totally comfortable here, thanks to you.” This relaxed ear position shows that your dog doesn’t feel threatened or anxious in your company. 

In fact, It’s sorta their way of showing that they see you as their safe haven – their human oasis. You can probably think of it as the doggy equivalent of a contented sigh.

So, the next time you’re hanging out with your dog and you see those ears go into relaxation mode, give yourself a pat on the back. Your dog is saying he loves you.

7. Your dog carries your possessions around with them (shoes, socks, etc.)

Ever walked into a room to find your dog parading around with one of your shoes or, heaven forbid, a sock? It can be annoying at times, especially since they may nibble at your stuff or droll all over it..

Now before you wonder if they’re aspiring to be the next great canine fashionista, consider this: when your dog carries your possessions around, it’s actually a quirky yet heartfelt expression of love. Dogs experience the world largely through scent, and your items carry your unique smell. 

By carrying around your shoes, socks, or even a piece of your clothing with them, they’re holding onto something that smells like you, which can be incredibly comforting to them. It’s like they’re saying, “This smells like my favorite human, so it’s now my favorite thing!”

This common behavior can also be a sign of when your dog simply misses you when you’re not around. It’s their way of keeping a part of you close, despite you being away. 

Plus, it can be a subtle way of seeking attention – a playful tactic to engage you in a game of chase or tug-of-war. So, the next time you catch your pup trotting around with your slipper, don’t get mad at them. Remember, it’s not just a random act of mischief. 

8. When your dog gently bites (mouths) on your hands.

When you catch your dog gently nibbling on your hand, it’s easy to think, “am I just a chew toy to you?”Well, as it turns out, this common dog behavior, known as “mouthing,” is a dog’s playful way of showing love and trust.

To understand this behavior, we have to go back to their puppy days. Puppies mouth each other during play, and it’s a natural way for them to explore the world. When your dog mouths your hand without applying any real pressure, it’s like they’re giving you a little doggy kiss. 

In fact, it’s their way of engaging with you in a playful, yet loving manner. And just to be clear: mouthing is different from biting – it’s gentle and controlled. They’re saying, “I’m relaxed and happy with you, and I want to play and show you my affection.”

However, it’s important to monitor and manage this behavior to ensure it remains gentle and doesn’t become a nuisance or aggressive. But when done right, this gentle nibbling can be endearing.

9. When your dog frequently checks up on you.

You’re busy with your day-to-day, and there’s your four-legged shadow, popping their head in and giving you that adorable “Just checking in!” look. This frequent check-up routine is more than just a curious habit – it’s a heartwarming sign of affection from your dog.

In the dog world, this behavior is all about connection and companionship. When your dog frequently checks up on you, they’re showing that you’re their top priority

It’s like their way of saying, “I care about you, and I want to make sure you’re okay” – even if you DO think every 10 minutes is a bit overkill. Imagine it as their version of sending a loving text message – quick, sweet, and just to show they’re thinking of you. 

10. When your dog wags its tail (but to the right).

We’ve all seen it — that happy tail wagging that seems to put a smile on our faces instantly. But did you know that when your dog wags its tail, it’s not just a sign of happiness and joy, but also a nuanced way of expressing affection?

Tail wagging in dogs is like humans using a combination of smiles, laughter, and a happy dance. A relaxed, gently wagging tail often means your dog is content and expressing positive feelings towards you. 

In fact, it’s their way of saying, “I’m glad you’re here, and you make me happy!” But, it’s important to note that context is key. Tail wagging can mean different things depending on the situation and the rest of the dog’s body language. 

For example, a tail wag to the right shows that they’re happy, while a tail wag to the left shows that they may be anxious, scared, or submissive. However, a wagging tail to the right, combined with relaxed body posture and a playful bounce, is a clear sign of joy and affection.

So, next time your furry companion greets you with a wagging tail, know it’s more than just a physical reaction – it’s a heartfelt expression of “I Love You.” Now, if only we could wag our tails to show our happiness too, right?

So which sign do you see your dog do? Are there other hidden signs of love from our dogs that I missed? Let me know in the comments section below!

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