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28 Nostalgic Cartoon Dog Names for Inspiration

Picked up a brand new pup and looking for a unique dog name? Why not try something fun, creative and a name that’ll likely strike a chord with most kids? That’s right – cartoon dog names.

Cartoon dogs have been an inspiration for many past and present kids. They form a special place in our children’s hearts and are still nostalgic among many adults worldwide.

Cartoons have taught us many things, including fun dog names that would be perfect for your new pup. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with some of the most iconic cartoons and their dogs.

Classic Cartoon Dog Names

These are the classic cartoons that we all love from some of the biggest TV hits. Chances are you’ve forgotten that these shows even had dogs. So, lets take a dive in and see if any name resonates with you!

1. Snoopy

Is there a cartoon dog more iconic than Snoopy? Originating from the Peanuts series, Snoopy is a pure white Beagle (how rare are those?) known for having one of the most active imaginations.

Snoopy resonates with so many kids because his adventurous day dreams are like that of a real child. He’s fun, sweet and loves his owner – Charlie Brown. This is a perfect name for a male Beagle (or really any other good boys).

  • From: Charlie Brown / Peanuts
  • Dog Breed: Beagle
  • Year Created: 1950
  • Creator: Charles M. Shulz

FUN FACT: Snoopy was loosely based of Charles Shulz’s family dog named Spike.

2. Goofy

There’s no cartoon dog character as charismatic and lovable as Disney’s Goofy. Having first appeared in Mickey Mouse features, Goofy is a silly and clumsy character with a southern drawl (accent). In fact, his name perfectly describes his personality – goofy!

Although Goofy wasn’t based on a real dog breed, his name is perfect for any male dog. Plenty of breeds have silly and fun-loving temperaments worthy of such an iconic name.

  • From: Disney
  • Dog Breed: Unknown (anthropomorphic dog)
  • Year Created: 1932
  • Creator: Art Babbitt, Frank Webb

FUN FACT: Goofy’s original name was Dippy Dawg. Thank goodness they changed it.

3. Odie

Odie is from the hilarious children’s comic series: Garfield & Friends. He’s what I like to call the “frenemy” (enemy + friend) of Garfield.

He’s lovable, playful and also…ditsy. But that’s all part of Odie’s charm. He has a huge tongue that’s always stuck out and slobbers over everything. Your new fun-loving pup likes to drool? Consider naming him after Odie.

  • From: Garfield & Friends
  • Dog Breed: Wire-haired dachshund/terrier mix (or Beagle)
  • Year Created: 1978
  • Creator: Jim Davis

FUN FACT: Odie was originally named “Spot.” However, after creator Jim Davis found out his friend Mort Walker also had a cartoon dog named Spot, he changed.

4. Scooby Doo

The Scooby Doo series was the ghost buster before ghost busters. This crime fighting Great Dane helps his human (Shaggy) and three other friends solve mysteries surrounding the paranormal. Fortunately, it isn’t as scary as it sounds.

  • From: Scooby-Doo, Where are you!
  • Dog Breed: Great Dane
  • Year Created: 1969
  • Creators: Joe Ruby, Ken Spears

FUN FACT: Great Danes were originally believed to be able to repel evil spirits and ghosts. It’s no wonder Scooby-Doo was a Great Dane!

5. Santa’s Little Helper

Santa’s Little Helper is from the iconic Simpsons TV series and is a personal favorite of mine. This greyhound cartoon dog takes the cake for most creative and unique dog name.

He’s known for constantly chewing up Bart’s homework or Homer’s newspapers. Still, he was always a favorite character for his spot-on dog personality and tendencies.

  • From: The Simpsons
  • Dog Breed: Greyhound
  • Year Created: 1989
  • Creators: Frank Welker

FUN FACT: Homer bet on Santa’s Little Helper in a greyhound race, hoping to earn some money for Christmas presents. He was later abandoned by his owner and adopted by the Simpsons.

6. Clifford

Clifford was every dog-loving kid’s dream: to own a giant, fluffy, friendly red dog. Okay, maybe not red. Still, Clifford was a popular cartoon dog that sparked children’s love for dogs all over the world.

It’s hard to say how many giant red dog breeds exist, but this can be a rather clever name if you own a Vizsla dog. However, Clifford works great with big friendly dogs too – like the Golden Retriever!

  • From: Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Dog Breed: (A Giant) Vizsla
  • Year Created: 1963
  • Creators: Norman Bridwell

FUN FACT: Clifford was named after the childhood imaginary friend of the creator’s wife. Originally, his name was supposed to be “tiny,” but Bridwell was convinced to change it.

7. Pluto

Unlike Goofy, Pluto is not an anthropomorphic dog. In other words, he still possesses dog characteristics and tendencies. He doesn’t speak, walk upright or wear clothes.

Regardless, Pluto is considered to be Disney’s Sensational 6 – the six biggest cartoon stars from the Disney universe. He’s known for his cheerful demeanor and positive dog-like attitude. There’s nothing to dislike about Pluto and naming your dog after him would be a great tribute.

  • From: Disney / Mickey Mouse Cartoons
  • Dog Breed: Mixed breed / Bloodhound
  • Year Created: 1929
  • Creators: Walt Disney

FUN FACT: Pluto debuted as a Bloodhound in the Mickey Mouse cartoon – The Chain Gang.

8. Copper

Copper was the adventurous Bloodhound from Disney’s adaption of the novel by Daniel Mannix. He accurately displays all the characteristics of a Bloodhound. Copper was a curious dog with a great sense of smell, which often led him to wander off on his adventures.

As a full-grown dog, he was trained to be a skilled hunter, much like many Bloodhounds today. Are you getting a Bloodhound? Consider giving tribute to one of Disney’s best movies for animal lovers.

  • From: Disney / The Fox and the Hound
  • Dog Breed: Bloodhound
  • Year Created: 1981
  • Creators: Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston

FUN FACT: Cooper was one of the last characters created by Disney animation legends Frank and Ollie.

9. Droopy

Droopy the Basset Hound is one of the most underrated cartoon dog characters. He was part of the MGM Cartoon Studio and has since been a icon among dog characters.

He’s been known to look directly at the audience and speak to them from time to time. In his very first scene, he looked at the audience and said, “Hello, all you happy people … you know what? I’m the hero.”

  • From: MGM Cartoons / Dumb-hounded
  • Dog Breed: Basset Hound
  • Year Created: 1943
  • Creators: Tex Avery

FUN FACT: Droopy’s character has superhuman-like incredible strength. It’s a surprise given the his laid back look and demeanor.

10. Huckleberry Hound

The legendary Huckleberry Hound was the star of his own show. He’s one of the most unique cartoon dog characters, as he was anthropomorphic and blue. When’s the last time you saw a blue dog? Oh, right – never.

Huckleberry was a sweet and good natured dog, depicted as a “southern” dog with his accent and demeanor. In that sense, he was very similar to Disney’s Goofy. On the show, he was a very versatile dog and could be a great name for your new hound.

  • From: The Huckleberry Hound Show
  • Dog Breed: Coonhound
  • Year Created: 1958
  • Creators: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

FUN FACT: Huckleberry Hound was based off the cartoon character, Southern Wolf. He was the antagonist to Droopy in the MGM cartoons.

11. Deputy Dawg

Deputy Dawg was an anthropomorphic dog character based in the state of Florida, United States. As the name explains, he was a police officer. Like many other cartoon dogs on this list, he had a southern drawl and portrayed many southern stereotypical characteristics.

In my opinion, this is a silly, yet fun name for those with a police dog. Unfortunately, his lasted for just a single season. Still, he was a popular cartoon character among children.

  • From: Terrytoons
  • Dog Breed: Unknown
  • Year Created: 1960
  • Creators: Terrytoons Cartoon

FUN FACT: Although Deputy Dawg started off as a police officer in Florida, as the season progressed, he ended up in Mississippi and later Tennessee.

12. Mumbly

Mumbly was an anthropomorphic dog that didn’t actually speak words. Instead, he mumbled everything – hence the name. Like Deputy Dawg, he was also a crime-fighting dog character.

Unfortunately, the show only lasted for a year. However, he made many appearances in the Tom & Jerry series by the same production company. This is a fantastic name for your curious and adventurous new pup.

  • From: The Mumbly Cartoon Show
  • Dog Breed: Unknown Pointer / Hound
  • Year Created: 1976
  • Creators: Willian Hanna, Joseph Barbera

FUN FACT: Mumbly had a very similar brother named Muttley, who also starred in his separate show.

13. Brian Griffin

There’s a lot of mystery surround this cartoon dog from the hit series: Family Guy. He claims to be a Golden Retriever mix, but looks more like a White Labrador or even a Beagle mix. Still, Brian is one of the best cartoon dogs on television.

He speaks, he’s intelligent, can drive a car and so much more. Did I mention he likes jazz music too? Brian isn’t the most creative dog name, but it’s certainly something to consider if you’re a fan of the show.

  • From: Family Guy
  • Dog Breed: White Labrador Retriever
  • Year Created: 1999
  • Creators: Seth Macfarlene

FUN FACT: Brian Griffin was born on a farm in Austin, Texas. He had a mother named Biscuit and a father named Coco.

14. Dug

“SQUIRREL!” Dug is one of the greatest dog characters from the Disney/Pixar universe. All the characteristics of a Golden Retriever are amplified in this portrayed character. His breed doesn’t get as obvious as this.

Personally, I would definitely name my Golden Retriever after Dug. He’s sweet, has a playful demeanor and is 100% dedicated to squirrel hunting. Is there anything else you’d want in your Golden?

  • From: Disney / Up (movie)
  • Dog Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Year Created: 2009
  • Creators: Disney & Pixar

FUN FACT: The cartoon character Dug received the Palm Dog Award for the “Best Canine Performance” at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

15. Bandit

Bandit is also on my list of 100 best male dog names. This bulldog (and possibly pug) mix is the pet dog of the Quest family. He always provides plenty of entertainment because of his fake confidence. Around family, he acts brave and courageous. However, he cowers in the face of real danger.

Regardless, Bandit is an amazing and unique name that realistically can work with all male dogs.

  • From: Jonny Quest
  • Dog Breed: English Bulldog
  • Year Created: 1964
  • Creators: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

FUN FACT: Bandit was given the name because of his unique coat color. He has a primarily off-white coat with black fur around his eyes.

16. Underdog

There are few characters as memorable as the superhero dog – Underdog! Like Superman, when duty calls, he transforms into his alter ego. He’s brave, confident and good-natured (I guess you have to if you’re a superhero).

“There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” It’s probably not a great idea giving your dog a pun name, but this makes for a great nickname.

  • From: Underdog (TV series)
  • Dog Breed: Beagle
  • Year Created: 1964
  • Creators: W. Watts Biggers, Joe Harris

FUN FACT: Underdog has made a cameo in the popular Children’s book series: Little Golden Book.

17. Ace

Did you know Robin wasn’t Batman’s only sidekick? He had Ace, the Bat-hound. Despite his name, he’s actually a German Shepherd. After failing to save his owner from a group of thugs, Ace was found by Batman and teamed up to save his owner.

After returning to his owner, Ace was loaned to Batman to continue his crime-fighting duties in the comics. Ace is the perfect name for the brave, courageous and loyal German Shepherd.

  • From: Batman (comics)
  • Dog Breed: German Shepherd
  • Year Created: 1955
  • Creators: Bill Finder

FUN FACT: Like Batman, Ace also wore a domino-mask to “protect his identity.” It’s ridiculous, but after all, it is a comic.

18. Hotdog

Hotdog was the family pet of Archie. He later became adopted by Jughead Jones from the popular series, Archie. Hotdog loved food, among other things. But he was a laid back dog with a surprisingly high level of intelligence. All the qualities you would expect from a Sheepdog.

Although Hotdog may seem like a better name for say, a Dachshund, it’s still a pretty funny pun name to give your dog.

  • From: Archie
  • Dog Breed: Old English Sheepdog mix
  • Year Created: 1968
  • Creators: John L. Goldwater

FUN FACT: After Hotdog was killed, Jughead took him to Sabrina (the teenage witch) in an attempt to revive him. It worked, but he became an aggressive zombie-like dog.

19. Dogbert

Dogbert isn’t your typical cartoon dog with dog-like characteristics. In fact, he wasn’t even cheerful or happy like other characters. Though cynical and dark at times, Dogbert was certainly an interesting personality and the perfect contrast to Dilbert.

If you’re okay naming your dog after this unusual character, by all means. This name feels both unique and generic. And yes, I know what an oxymoron is.

  • From: Dilbert
  • Dog Breed: (Loosely based) Beagle
  • Year Created: 1989
  • Creators: Scott Adams

FUN FACT: Before settling on Dogbert, Adams originally had planned for his name to be Dildog.

20. Bolt

Bolt is also one of my favorite male dog names. See full list here. The dog character in the hit Disney film Bolt was the world’s most famous dog actor, who believed he actually had superpowers. Despite the act, he was courageous as any German Shepherd in real life.

I think Bolt is the perfect name for a German Shepherd, especially if you have a white one. It’s just a cool and masculine name overall.

  • From: Disney / Bolt
  • Dog Breed: White German Shepherd
  • Year Created: 2008
  • Creators: Walt Disney Studios

FUN FACT: Oscar nominee John Travolta played the voice of Bolt in the Disney movie.

21. Patch

Patch was my standout among the 101 different Dalmatians. Always energetic (like a true Dalmatian), Patch was never sleepy and loved rough playing with his siblings.

Aside from his fearless personality, Patch is just an awesome name for a Dalmatian. It’s much better than the cliche “spot.”

  • From: Disney / 101 Dalmatians
  • Dog Breed: Dalmatian
  • Year Created: 2008
  • Creators: Walt Disney Studios

FUN FACT: Patch was such a popular character from the original movie, he starred as the main protagonist in the sequel: 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure.

21. Max

Max has always been one of my favorite dog cartoons from the classic Disney movies. He’s the sidekick/friend of Prince Eric and always greets him with showers of love. Like most real dogs, he has keen dog-like instincts, growing at Ursula in human form.

Max happens to be one of my favorite names. It can stand for Maximus, Maximilian or Maxwell – all of which, are fantastic male dog names.

  • From: Disney / The Little Mermaid
  • Dog Breed: Old English Sheepdog
  • Year Created: 1989
  • Creators: Walt Disney Studios, Russ Edmonds

FUN FACT: While writing the movie script, Disney was considering whether Max should be a talking dog.

Anime Cartoon Dog Names

For those that don’t know, anime refers to Japanese animated cartoons – usually based off manga (Japanese comic books). These are the perfect names for any Japanese dog breed, such as a Shiba Inu or Akita.

22. Pakkun

Pakkun is a pug from the worldwide hit, Naruto. He sports a brown fur coat and dark snout, similar to how most pugs appear. He’s the loyal ninja dog of Kakashi and is summoned for various ninja assignments.

Though he’s not a Japanese breed, Pakkun would make a fantastic name for a Shiba. Apparently, this name is short for Patorikku-kun, which is essentially the equivalent for “Patrick” in Japanese.

  • From: Naruto
  • Dog Breed: Pug

 23. Akamaru

Akamaru is ultimate friendly, yet intelligent anime dog. He’s a Great Pyrenees from the Inuzuka Clan of the Hidden Leaf Village. In the beginning of the anime series, Akamaru was a white puppy, which closely resembled a young Great Pyrenees. However, as he grew, his coat developed into a red color.

It all makes sense because “Akamaru” actually means “red fur” in Japanese. However, when’s the last time you’ve seen a Great Pyrenees with red fur?

  • From: Naruto
  • Dog Breed: Great Pyrenees

24. Ein

Ein from the classic anime Cowboy Bebop made Corgis cool before they became popular. With short, stubby legs, docked tail and a reddish brown coat, it’s obvious he’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Currently, Corgis are one of the more popular breeds in Japan. Is this a coincidence, or the work of a hit phenomenon? Regardless, Ein is a pretty solid name – Corgi or not.

25. Den

According to Ranker, Den is the most popular anime cartoon dog (as voted by fans). Really, what’s there not to love? She’s extremely loyal and is always there to comfort Pinako. When she senses her owner is in danger, she doesn’t hesitate to jump in and protect.

Den is the type of dog we all wish we had. If you’re a fan of the show (like me), I’d give her my consideration as a tribute name.

  • From: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Dog Breed: Mixed breed

26. Koromaru

Finally, a Japanese name for a Japanese dog breed! Koromaru is the albino Shiba Inu kept by Fuuka and Yukari. Not to mention, he’s a skilled attacker too! Instead of teeth and claws, Koromaru attacks with daggers. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Koromaru means “wolf” or “tiger” in Japanese. So, it actually does get more badass. However, i’d probably reserve this name for a Kai Ken dog instead.

  • From: Persona 3 the Movie 1: Spring of Birth
  • Dog Breed: Shiba Inu

27. Shiro

Shiro is a small fluffy white dog. Although not confirmed, he’s likely to be a Japanese Spitz. He’s cheerful, loyal and energetic – all of which, described the spitz. When on duty, he’s fully dedicated to protecting the world from “Animal Hell.”

Shiro means “white” in Japanese. And because all pure Japanese Spitz are white, it makes a lot of sense. Still, this is a fantastic name for any other white coated dog breeds.

28. Keen

We aren’t 100% certain what dog breed Keen is, but he may be either a Tibetan Terrier, Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu. Let’s just go with Shih Tzu for now. But, what I can tell you is that Keen is an errand/spy dog that’s both inconspicuous and often times, unreliable.

As a comic-relief spy dog, Keen is a bit of an ironic dog name. He’s anything but keen. However, it’s probably a good name for dogs with keen instincts.

  • From: Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Dog Breed: Shih Tzu

Picking a Cartoon Dog Name

Picking a name for your dog is a serious task. It’s going to be the most familiar and important word to your new pup! So it’s a good idea to take your time finding the perfect name. By looking into the best cartoon dog names, you’re doing your due diligence.

One of the best reasons to give your dog a cartoon name is because it resonates with so many people. Everyone was a kid at one point and a cartoon name immediately brings back nostalgic memories – both good and bad. But mainly good.

If you feel like your dog has a personality that closely resembles a cartoon dog character, then why not?

On the other hand, if you grew up loving a cartoon show with a great dog character you loved, naming your pup after them is a great tribute.

So did we miss any cartoon dogs that deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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