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Do Boston Terriers Shed? – Here’s How to Deal With Boston Terrier Shedding

Boston Terriers are low shedding dogs, but still require maintenance and grooming.
Written by Tiffany Jeng

Like with most terriers, Boston Terriers are friendly and energetic dogs. They have a bright personality, making them wonderful companions. But if you’re like me, you may be wondering: do Boston Terriers shed? How much?

Boston Terriers are not usually heavy shedders. They sport a single coat that’s made of thin and short fur – meaning they won’t shed as much as other breeds. As a result, their smooth, shiny coat is relatively easy to groom and maintain.

Let’s dive into why these terriers are low shedding dogs and how you can maintain a healthy coat. Just because they aren’t excessive shedders doesn’t mean you can ignore grooming.

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How Much Do Boston Terriers Shed?

We measure a Boston Terriers intelligence by their obedience.

Boston Terriers don’t shed a lot. But like with nearly all dogs, the Boston Terriers will still shed a certain degree.

Not all dogs within a breed will shed the same amount. Some Boston Terriers can be heavier shedders than others. But for the most part, they don’t shed much.

We surveyed the popular Boston Terrier Subreddit to ask owners about their dog’s shedding. Here’s what real Boston Terrier owners have to say:

1. Zezera08 says Moderate: “Some Boston Terriers shed more than others. But regardless of how much, their fur is short so it’s not really a big deal.”

2. Paprikaginger says Low: “My Boston Terrier barely sheds. We gave him a blanket on my bed and it’s probably the only place i’ll ever find his dog hair. Compared to my Boxer, he shed MUCH less.”

3. Zeroup38 says Low: “Our Boston Terrier sheds so little that I’m actually surprised when I see fur, which is obviously very rare.”

4. Stitchthestitch says Low: “They’re low-shedding dogs. If you have your Boston Terrier professional groomed about once a month, you won’t really find much hair. I’m a grooming and Boston owner.”

5. Tronkfool says Low: “I would consider them light shedders. Just make sure they get a lot of run in the sun and a bit of fish oil.”

6. Rubbersforwork says Moderate: “They’re relatively light shedding dogs, however I’ve seen other posts stating some shed more. End of the day, they’re small dogs with short hair…it can’t be that bad.”

7. Avoidthetrapu says Moderate: “My Boston Terrier has fairly typical shedding. I’ll always see it around the house, but it’s by no means excessive.

8. Biddleswife says Low: “My Boston Terrier hardly sheds. Occasionally, I’ll find a few black hair on the couch but that’s about it. I never have to bring out the broom or vacuum for dog fur.

Why Do Boston Terriers Shed Less?

When do boston terriers bark?

Not all dogs are as fortunate as the Boston Terrier. In fact, there are so many popular dogs that shed heavily. For example, the Welsh Corgis and Australian Shepherd are both heavy shedders.

But why is it that some dog breeds shed more than others? And why do Boston Terriers shed so much less?

Single Coat

Boston Terriers have been fortunate enough to be bred with a single coat. This means that they only have one layer of fur.

Despite popular belief, not all dogs have single coats. As a matter of fact, most of the heavy shedders have a double coat.

A double coat is a coat that consist of an inner and outer layer. The inner coat is made of a dense undercoat of short hairs. It’s usually fluffy and a bit shaggy – almost like wool.

On the other hand, the outer coat is made of longer hairs, called “guard hairs.” As the name suggests, this layer protects the coat from external environmental factors (coldness, brushes, etc).

Needless to say, a double coat sheds more than a single coat. This is especially true during spring and fall seasons, as the dog’s coat prepares for a drastic change in temperature.

Small Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers are relatively small dogs. They’re 14 – 17 inches tall and weigh between 10 to 25 pounds. There’s not a lot of dog to go around.

Small dogs will shed less than big dogs. They may shed more frequently, but because they’re so small, they’ll produce less excess fur.

For example, Great Danes also have a smooth and short single coat – similar to the Boston Terrier. But they’re classified as moderate to heavy shedders.

That’s because the Great Dane is the largest dog breed in the world. Though they may shed as frequently as a Boston Terrier, they release much more hair when they do.

Dealing With Boston Terrier Shedding

As long as you provide your Boston Terrier with basic grooming, you can reduce the amount of shed hair.

And just because your Boston Terrier is classified as a “low shedder” doesn’t mean you can completely ignore this part of dog care.

Dog Brushing

Brushing your dog is essential for every breed that has some fur. Boston Terriers are no exceptions. But because of their coat, brushing is easy and quick.

They don’t have a double coat, so a premium de-shedding tool such as the Furminator isn’t really necessary. Instead, I’d recommend a bristle brush.

With that said, the GoPets Professional Pin & Bristle Brush is a great brush for a Boston Terrier:

Just make sure you’re very gentle when brushing your dog. Their coats are thin and you can easily tear the dog’s skin if you’re not careful.

If you’re interested in this brush, I recommend you check it out here!

Though it’s recommended you brush your Boston Terrier twice a week, I think you can get by with once a week. Just make sure you get some bathing in.

Bathing a Boston

Another great way to reduce shed hair is to bathe your dog. According to Cesar Millan, Boston Terriers only need to be bathed once a month.

Remember you don’t want to go overboard with bathing. By bathing your Boston Terrier too often, you can actually hurt their health.

Too frequent baths will remove the dog’s natural oils that protect them against natural allergens and bacteria they encounter daily.

It can also create dryness of the skin and increase the amount of dander (very bad for dog-allergic owners, see why here) in the dog.

When it comes to picking the dog shampoo, there are a few things to consider. Never use human shampoo. Human skin is much more acidic and requires a different shampoo formula.

Best Shampoo for Boston Terriers

If possible, pick something organic. Dr. Jennifer Coates (DVM) suggests getting an oatmeal-based shampoo for your dog.

Here are my top picks that i’ve personally tried or have been recommended by other dog owners:

  1. Pro Pet Works All Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo – It’s of course all natural (oatmeal based). In addition, it’s recommended by veterinarians including thousands of happy owners. Expect high quality, as it’s made in the USA.
  2. Earthbath All Natural Dog Shampoo – This shampoo is a time-tested product, as it’s been on the market for a long time. Just read the reviews and you’ll see why there are so many raving fans!
  3. Paws and Pals Dog Shampoo – Paws and Pals is a very reputable brand. I’ll admit I haven’t tried this shampoo, but I know quite a few people that swear by it!

A Healthy Diet

If you didn’t already know, the diet of your dog can drastically affect the physiology of your dog. Not only can it make them weaker, but also make them excessively shed.

Always make sure they’re getting their meals from a reputable brand. Popular brands don’t always mean the best quality, but they’re safe and good enough.

If your Boston Terrier is experiencing some abnormal shedding, then you’ll want to boost their Omega 3 intake by introducing fish oil into the diet.

Omega 3 is recommended by veterinarians as a supplement for a healthy coat and great skin. Still, you’ll want to consult with your dog’s vet before proceeding with this.

I’d recommended getting The Amazing Omega for Dogs:

Boston Terriers usually are fairly food driven, so getting them to take these supplements won’t be too difficult.

Slide the Omega 3 tablet into a treat or throw it into the bowl with the rest of the meal. Most of the time, they will have no idea.

Boston Terriers Are Not Hypoallergenic

There’s been a lot of confusion on what is and isn’t a hypoallergenic dog. Though hypoallergenic dogs are breeds that don’t shed or shed very little, Boston Terriers are technically not hypoallergenic.

See the full list of hypoallergenic dog breeds here. There’s 55 of them!

People are allergic to dog dander, which is the dog equivalent of human dandruff. When dogs shed, they release dander into the air, thus triggering an allergic reaction.

Even though all dogs produce allergens, only dogs that release a small enough amount of dander are considered hypoallergenic.

But if you’re set on bringing home a Boston Terrier and allergic to dogs, you can still minimize the allergic reactions by practicing our suggestions.

Grooming, maintenance and coat care are the best ways to minimizing shedding, even with a Boston Terrier. As long as you’re consistent, you’ll have no problems dealing with a Boston Terrier’s shedding.

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