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The 3 Best Dog Crates for Pugs – Recommendations, Reviews & Tips

When its time to bring home a Pug, there are a lot of things to consider. In addition to puppy shots, dog food, obedience training and toys – you’ll need a dog crate. In fact, a crate is probably one of the most important purchases you’ll ever have to make for your Pug.

We’ve filtered through so many dog crates to find you the best kennel for your Pug. Each crate is backed by thousands of raving reviews. So, don’t just take our word for it.

Why Crate Train a Pug?

There are many reasons to crate train your Pug. The myth that crate training is cruel for your dog is simply not true. In fact, nearly all veterinarians recommend it! There are just so many benefits that come with dog crates. 

One of the best tools to help in housetraining your Pug is a dog crate. Dogs naturally prefer not to soil where they sleep. As a result, providing a crate gives them their own “room” in which they’ll treat as their main living space.

Having a crate will teach your Pug pup how to control his or her bladder and bowel. Though there will be accidents in the beginning, they’ll eventually learn with proper training

Dog crates are also fantastic for providing a “safe haven” for your Pug. This is especially important in the very beginning, as anxiety and stress may be high in an unfamiliar environment. 

And finally, dog crates helps you teach your Pug what they can and cannot chew on while teething. By only allowing them to chew the toys in their crate, it helps them learn that chewing on your favorite pair of shoes is not okay. 

Of course, there are many other wonderful benefits of using a dog crate. If you want to read them all, you can check out this article here.

Size of a Pug

Pugs are small dogs, but they’re even smaller as puppies. With that said, I always recommend that you buy a dog crate that’s comfortable for an adult-sized Pug.

Male11-13 inches15-20 lbs
Female9-11 inches14-18 lbs

The chart above is for the average height and weight of a purebred Pug. There can be variances depending on the dog’s parents. If you can, check out your dog’s parents to see how big they are. It’s not always accurate, but a good way to gauge your Pug’s potential size.

Crate Size for Pugs

Our recommended crate size for a Pug is a 22 or 24 inch dog crate. Pugs are adaptable dogs, so getting either size will be fine. Some owners purchase the 30 inch and their Pug seems to love the extra space. It really depends on how much space you have in the house.

Generally, I’d say a 22 inch is good for a smaller, female Pug. On the other hand, a 24 inch would fit most bigger, male Pugs. If you want to be safe, I’d go with the 24 inch.

Our Picks: Best Pug Crates

There are a bunch of fantastic crates on the market that would be great for a Pug. However, we based our picks on factors that include, affordability, durability, functional features and quality.

#1 – MidWest Homes iCrate

There’s so much to love about the Midwest Homes iCrate, which is why they’re our top choice for Pug dog crates. Not only are they excellent for Pugs, but nearly all dog breeds.

It has all the best features at an affordable price. It’s crafted with the highest quality metal and we believe its the best “bang for the buck” option on the market. Thousands of happy customers love it, and here’s why.

<strong>The Midwest iCrate Overview</strong>
  • Size to Get: The 24 inch w/ divider
  • Options to Get: Double doors
  • Our Rating: 10 / 10 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, rounded corners, electro-coat finish, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

Make no mistake, Midwest Homes is a very reputable company. They make fantastic cages, crates, kennels for all types of pets. As a result, you can expect a quality dog crate as well.

They really put their focus on dog safety, which we love. The frame of the crate comes in a non-toxic electro finish (in a beautiful satin black). Additionally, the corners of the crate are not sharp – they’re rounded to prevent any mishaps from entering/exiting the crate.

The dual slide bolt latch is what they’ve used to secure your Pug in the crate. There’s absolutely no way your Pug is going to break free from this. These dogs aren’t great escape artists anyway, so you’ll be fine.

The Midwest Homes iCrate does come with a divider panel, however, it’s not as useful for a Pug. The main purpose of this is to adjust the living space of your crate according to your dog’s current size. But since Pugs don’t grow quickly, you probably won’t need this. Still, it’s a nice feature.

A 22 inch crate isn’t terribly big, but sometimes you may want to put it away in storage or transport it to grandma’s house. The iCrate has a collapsible design, where you can fold it up within seconds!

A removable plastic trays allows you to quickly clean up any mess your Pug make during their housebreaking phase. Simply slide the tray out, clean it up and slide it back in. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Double doors are a nice option because it allows multiple access points to your dog and whatever you decide to put in the crate. It’s more useful for larger crates, but it’s nice to have.

The Cons

As our top rated Pug dog crate, there aren’t any cons that are worthy of mentioning. Some owners may want thicker wires on the cage, but we think it’s perfectly fine for a Pug.

Even if your Pug is a big chewer, it’s highly unlikely they’ll chew their way out of the iCrate. 

If you want to learn more about the Midwest Homes iCrate, check it out on Amazon.

What Pug Owners Are Saying

Most Pug owners describe this as the perfect crate. The consensus is, the iCrate does its job – very well. It’s comfortable and their dogs seem to enjoy the crate very much. 

One owner says that his Pug loves the crate so much, he’ll go into the crate by himself without anyone telling him to. Other owners describe the iCrate as “easy to use and setup” and “very spacious.” 

If you want to read more reviews from Pug owners, go check it out at Amazon.


#2 – Amazon Basics Dog Crate

If tech conglomerate Amazon is getting into the dog crate business, you can bet this is an essential product for all dog owners. And as expected from the giant e-commerce company, the Amazon Basics dog crate is a top option for Pug owners.

It’s very similar to the Midwest Homes iCrate. The main difference is in the exterior cosmetics. Other than that, it’s a very cost-effective and quality option. Let’s see why they rank number two on our crates list!

<strong>The AmazonBasics Crate Overview</strong>
  • Size to Get: The 24 inch
  • Options to Get: Double Doors
  • Our Rating: 9.8/ 10 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, (optional) double doors, removable pan, divider panel, foldable frame.

Best Features

The Amazon Basics is one of the most highly rated dog crates on Amazon. Not because it’s branded by Amazon, but because its a great dog crate for all dog breeds. 

This come with a double door option, which I recommend, but isn’t essential for a small crate and dog breed. But if you want to make life a little easier when cleaning and grabbing your dog’s toys, you may want to consider it.

You’ll be able to secure your Pug in the crate with their dual slide bolt locks. It’s a simple and effective method of containing dogs in dog crates. Midwest Homes, as well as many other crate companies, use this locking mechanism too!

I would never recommend a dog crate if it didn’t come with a removable plastic tray. Fortunately, the Amazon Basics does. It’ll save you (the owner) so much time when it’s time to clean up after your Pug.

The Amazon Basics also comes with a divider panel. As mentioned, it’s great for small puppies that grow into large does. Pugs do not fall into this category and it’s not essential for them.

If you plan to travel frequently with your Pug, then the ability to collapse your crate into a compact carrier is a great feature to have. It’s also great if you have guests over and want to store the crate away in a closet. 

The Cons

Because the Amazon Basics dog crate is almost identical to the Midwest Homes iCrate, there are few things we can nitpick at. The prices between the two will vary, but we gave the iCrate the slight edge because of proven longevity on the market. 

Having a thicker frame would be nice but not necessary at all for a Pug. It would be a completely different story if you had a Pit Bull or Boxer, though. 

If you want to learn more about the Amazon Basics dog crate, you can check it out at Amazon.

What Pug Owners are Saying

One Pug owner said that he found (what seems like) the exact same dog crate at his local PetSmart for more than double the price. But is it really a surprise that Amazon is able to create the same product for much less?

Another Pug owner says that it was very easy to clean and set up. Plus his energetic Pug has no chance of escaping the crate! Other owners recommend getting the 30 inch, as it provides much more room and makes it that much more enjoyable for the Pugs.


#3 – New World Metal Dog Crate

Last but not least, we have the New World Metal Dog Crate. It’s the perfect dog crate for Pug owners that want to save a little on the cost. Though it’s affordable, it’s not low quality by any means.

Still, it ranked third on our list because it lacks some features that we love. Still, it’s a great crate and deserves a spot on our list. Find out why thousands of happy Amazon customers have chosen the New World dog crate.

<strong>The New World Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • Size to Get: The 24 inch.
  • Options to Get: Double doors
  • Our Rating: 8 / 10
  • Highlights: Double door, metal construction, collapsible crate, slide-bolt locks, removable tray.

Best Features

The New World metal dog crate is made with, you guessed it, high quality metal. For this reason, it’s super lightweight and sturdy. It’s perfect for owners that frequently travel with their crates.

Speaking of transportation, the New World crate also comes with a foldable design. In just a few seconds, you’ll be able to collapse this into a carrier (like with the other two options).

The New World is also equipped with a removable plastic tray, as it should. The tray safely secures to the bottom of the crate and can easily slide out for quick cleaning.

To keep your Pug safely secured in the enclosure, a dual slide bolt latch is used. Why reinvent the wheel when it works so well? No matter how hard your Pug tries, he or she won’t be able to escape this one. A big plus for even the best Pug escape artists.

The double doors is a great option to have. For such a small crate, it’s not necessary by any means. However, it gives you easier access to your dog and whatever you decide to put in the crate.

The Cons

The one main feature that the New World crate doesn’t have is the divider panel. Pugs don’t grow very quickly so you won’t have a big issue with this. Some owners that decide to get the 30 inch crate may want to consider a crate with this feature though. 

If you want to get the New World and still want a divider panel, you can purchase one from Midwest Homes. It’s compatible with the New World crate. However, for this price, you may just want to get the Midwest Homes iCrate.

It would have been nice to have a thicker frame. But again, we don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for your Pug. At this point, we’re really nitpicking on the cons.

To learn more about the New World dog crate, you can check out the current price here.

What Pug Owners are Saying

Stacy Adam mentions that this is the perfect small crate for her Pug at an affordable price. She goes as far as saying that it’s “perfect” for her little one.

Elisha says that this crate feels a little bit larger than her previous 24 inch crate. According to her, it’s not only longer but taller. She adds that it’s sturdier than all the previous dog crates that she has owned. Plus, her Pug loves it!

Deborah says her Pug, named Schip, loves sleeping in his New World dog crate. He treats it as his safe haven den and prefers sleeping in it over anywhere else!


So do you own any of these dog crates for your Pug? Or do you currently use a dog crate that you’d like to recommend to our readers? Leave a comment in the section below to let us know! Feel free to leave a link to a crate too!