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The 4 Best Dog Crates for Boxer Dogs & Puppies – Recommendations & Reviews

It’s always an exciting time when you’re about to bring home a new dog, especially a Boxer puppy. However, there’s a lot of things to buy on your checklist. For example, one of the most important one-time purchases you’ll make for your Boxer is a dog crate.

Crates for a Boxer should be sturdy, well-built, dog-safe, convenient and have a lot of great features to make your life easier. With that said, we’ve found the very best dog crates for Boxers at a very reasonable price.

Benefits of a Crate For Boxers

There’s a belief among some dog owners that crate training is cruel for your dog. However, this is not true. Dog crates are actually recommended by veterinarians for various reasons and benefits. 

For starters – if you’re bringing home a Boxer puppy, you’ll need to housebreak your new dog. Unless you don’t mind your dog taking a wizz all around your house, this step is crucial in puppy training. 

Dogs don’t like to soil where they sleep, meaning your Boxer won’t likely do its “business” while in the dog crate. Crates will teach Boxers how to control their bladder and bowel

In addition, dog crates provide a “safe haven” for your Boxer. Despite belief, wild dogs don’t aimlessly walk around like nomads. Instead, they look for a small den, as it provides comfort and security. Crates will do the same for your Boxer

And finally, having a dog crate can help teach your Boxer to only chew on his or her own property. This means, whatever you put in the crate is free to “chew” during their teething phase. 

These are just some of the many wonderful benefits of crate training your Boxer. To read more benefits, you can check this article out

Size of a Boxer

Boxers are borderline medium/large sized dogs. So, they tend to grow fairly quickly as a puppy. In fact, a Boxer will generally reach full adult size by the 14th month.

Male22-25 inches60-70 lbs
Female21-24 inches55-64 lbs

Keep in mind, these numbers are the averages for a purebred Boxer. Both height and weight can differ depending on genetics and the dog. However, most Boxers fall into this range.

Crate Size for Boxers

Based on the breed’s average height and weight, we recommend getting a 42 inch dog crate for a Boxer. You may be able to get away with a smaller crate for a smaller or female Boxer, but a 42 inch crate is safe.

If you’re bringing home a Boxer puppy, it’ll feel weird putting your dog in such a large crate in the beginning. However, we always recommend that you buy a dog crate for your dog’s full adult size.

The biggest mistake owners make with crate purchases is buying a size for the puppy. These dogs grow fast and you’ll end up purchasing multiple dog crates throughout their first year. 

Top Picks: Boxer Dog Crates

#1 – Midwest Homes iCrate

Our top pick goes to none other than the Midwest Homes iCrate. It’s sturdy, well-crafted, affordable and perfect for your Boxer. There’s so much to love about the iCrate.

There’s a reason why this crate is the number one rated crate on Amazon. There are literally tens of thousands of happy customers that give it an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Let’s dive in and see why we believe the Midwest Homes iCrate is the best choice for your Boxer!

<strong>The Midwest iCrate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ double doors.
  • Reviews: 22,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, rounded corners, electro-coat finish, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

The Midwest homes iCrate is all about dog safety. And when it come to your Boxer, we agree with their priorities. They’ve coated their crate with a non-toxic electro finish in satin black. It’s stylish, looks good and is 100% safe for Boxers that love to chew their crate.

All the corners of the crate are not sharp and rough – rather, they’re rounded. It’s a necessary feature as it prevents your Boxer from unnecessary injuries while moving around the crate.

The Midwest Homes iCrate went with dual slide secured bolt latches to safely secure your Boxer in the crate. It’s a very simple locking system, but it’s quite effective and should be enough to contain your dog.

If you frequently transport your dog (with the crate), this feature is for you! The iCrate is built with a collapsible design in mind. In just a few seconds, you’ll be able to fold it flat for storage or easy transportation

The crate also comes with a standard divider panel, which is amazing for large crates. Giving your Boxer puppy so much cage space can cause anxiety and stress. The divider panel lets you adjust the crate space according to their current size

And finally, the removable plastic tray allows you to quickly clean up the bottom of the crate in case of an accident occurring. plus, it latches to the bottom of the crate for security!

The Cons

The iCrate is our number one pick for Boxer crates. So, there aren’t very many cons that we see. But if we had to really nitpick, we would suggest a thicker frame for the crate.

In all likelihood, your Boxer probably isn’t going to escape this crate. However, thicker wires for the crate frame provides more peace of mind.

To learn more about the Midwest Homes iCrate, check it out at Amazon here.

What Boxer Owners Are Saying

Richard says: “We purchased this dog crate for our Boxer puppy of 14 weeks. We couldn’t possibly be around our little pup all the time so we figured we needed a crate while we were out. Definitely the best buy we’ve made…It’s a fantastic dog crate and the best bang for the buck! He loves it!”

#2 – Amazon Basics Dog Crate

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world. And they’re selling their own….dog crates? That’s right – this is when you know dog crates are essential to all dog owners. 

The Amazon Basics dog crate is exactly what you would expect from the e-commerce tech conglomerate. It’s well-built, durable and one of the best rated crates on Amazon (go figure). In fact, it’s very similar to the iCrate, which is why it ranks so high on our list of best Boxer crates.

<strong>The AmazonBasics Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ Double Doors.
  • Reviews: 11,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, (optional) double doors, removable pan, divider panel, foldable frame.

Best Features

As mentioned, the Amazon Basics crate is eerily similar to the iCrate. The only differences are minor cosmetics of the frame. That said, this dog crate is constructed with high quality metal, meaning it’s light and durable.

They’ve also decided to build their dog crate with the dual slide bolt latch locking mechanism. It’s a simple metal slide that locks the cage door in place, safely securing your Boxer.

Though double doors are an option, we highly recommend getting this for your Boxer. For a crate as large as the 42 inch crate, you’ll want multiple access points to your dog and whatever you put in there.

The Amazon Basics crate also comes with a standard divider panel. If you’re getting a Boxer puppy, you’ll want this feature. It allows you to adjust the space of the crate as your Boxer grows into full adult size.

The removable plastic tray is essential to making your life easier. When your Boxer makes a mess, you’ll be able to slide out the bottom tray, clean it up and slide it right back in. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Finally, the Amazon Basics also has a collapsible design. In a few seconds, you’ll be able to fold your crate into a compact carrier for transportation or storage. 

The Cons

There’s a lot to love with the Amazon Basics dog crate! Consequently, we have a hard time finding the cons for this product. But because you’re getting this for a larger energetic dog, thicker frames would have been nice.

The chances of your Boxer getting out of this is slim. However, there are Boxers that are more aggressive than usual. In which case, you may want a heavy duty dog crate.

If you’re interested in the Amazon Basics crate, you can check out the current price here.

What Boxer Owners are Saying

Wally says “This is perfect for my Boxer! I’ve shopped around Petsmart and other commercial stores and you get the same quality for the fraction of the price. The best feature is the double doors…its super convenient and nice. With a 42 inch theres plenty of room for my boxer to stretch out full length (he’s a tall one) and stand if he likes. Great price, great buy!”

#3 – New World Metal Dog Crate

Third on our list is the New World Metal Dog Crate – a fantastic dog crate with a great price! It’s certainly cost-efficient and great for owners that want to save a few bucks. However, it lacks some features that we absolutely love.

Regardless, it’s a great “bang for the buck” dog crate for your Boxer. Nearly two thousand happy customers have given this crate a 4 and a half stars out of 5! Let’s see why.

<strong>The New World Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch with double doors.
  • Reviews: 1600 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Double door, metal construction, collapsible crate, slide-bolt locks, removable tray.

Best Features

The New World crate is manufactured with high quality metal construction. This ensures your crate will be extremely lightweight and sturdy

Like the other dog crates, the New World crate also uses a dual slide bolt latch to secure your Boxer. It may look questionable, but it’s quite effective in keeping your dog safe. 

This also comes with a removable plastic tray that allows you to quickly and efficiently clean up after your Boxer’s mess. If your Boxer is a digger, the bottom tray latches securely to the cage to prevent any movement. 

With such a large crate, it’s always a good idea to buy a dog crate with a collapsible design – and that’s exactly what the New World dog crate has. Fold this up in a minute or less!

The Cons

Something that I really wish this crate had is a standard diver panel. We think this is pretty important because Boxers are relatively large dogs and you’ll be getting a big crate for a small puppy. 

But if you’re not bringing home a puppy or getting this for a full size adult Boxer, then this feature doesn’t matter at all. You can still buy a divider panel from Midwest Homes if you decide you need one down the line.

Additionally, we would have liked to see thicker wirings on the frame of this crate. It’s a little bit on the thin side and an overly aggressive Boxer may be able to chew his way out, though unlikely.

To learn more about the New World crate and check out the current price, click here.

What Boxer Owners are Saying

Jeremy says: “Got the 42 inch and I love this crate. I bought it for a Boxer mix, and he has plenty of space to turn, stand or even stretch. I can even put a water bowl in the corner and it never gets spilled. Love the double door…highly recommend the option. It’s much easier to reach him with that option.”

#4 – Carlson Pet Dog Crate

And finally in fourth place, we have the Carlson Pet Dog Crate. It definitely lacks some great crate features that we think works with a Boxer. However, for the price, we can ignore this solid dog crate.

Given the quality build and solid frame, we still love this dog crate for your Boxer dog. Lets see why this crate takes the last spot on our short list of best Boxer dog crates.

<strong>The Carlson Pet Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: Large (42 inch)
  • Reviews: 1500 +
  • Stars: 4 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Metal construction, foldable crate, good price, removable tray, slide-bolt locks.

Best Features

The Carlson Pet crate is crafted using only heavy duty steel for extra durability. There are few better materials to build a dog crate with that’ll safely contain a Boxer. 

A common feature among all these crates is a dual slide bolt locking mechanism to safely and effectively keep your Boxer inside the crate while you’re not around. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel on this one.

Another great feature is the removable plastic tray. When your Boxer creates a mess, you’ll be able to slide it out and clean up in a matter of minutes. They really make it easy for you and your dog.

In a few seconds, you’ll be able to quickly fold the crate into a compact carrier. Whether you need to make some room in the house or transport the crate to grandma’s the Carlson Pet crate makes it easy for you!

The Cons

Similar to the New World crate, the Carlson Pet crate does not come standard with a divider panel. Though you can buy a compatible divider panel from Midwest Homes, it’s a bit unfortunate this doesn’t come with one. 

Divider panels let you adjust the size of your living space according to your dog’s growth. And, Boxers grow fairly quickly if you’re bringing a puppy home. But if you’re buying a crate for an adult Boxer, then this feature doesn’t matter much.

We also wish this crate came with a double door option. A 42 inch dog crate can be big and two doors allows easier access to your dog, water bowl, toys or whatever you put inside.

These are all great features, but not having them is not necessarily a deal breaker. We still love this dog crate and you can save a few bucks opting for the Carlson Pet dog crate.

If you want to learn more about the Carlson Dog Crate, check it out at Amazon.

What Boxer Owners are Saying

Tim says “If you’ve been shopping for dog crates in the retail store, then look no further. This dog crate is the same quality for a third of the price! I ordered a large for my boxer puppy and honestly it was way bigger than i expected! I still love it and my boxer loves it too…highly recommend this for any dog owners!!”

Do you currently have a Boxer and recommend a specific dog crate for them? Let us know which crate you use! And if you own or owned any of these, tell us know what you think in the comments section below.