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4 Best Dog Crates for English Bulldogs – Recommendations, Reviews & Tips

It’s always best for new dog owners to create a shopping checklist prior to picking up a new puppy. Preparing for an incoming Bulldog is no exception. And one of the biggest and most important purchases you’ll make is a dog crate.

It’s worth noting that crate training is not cruel despite belief in some circles. In fact, it can be essential to dog training early on for your Bulldog. Not only do veterinarians agree, but there are also many proven benefits to crate training your Bulldog. 

Benefits of Using Dog Crates

When used properly, dog crates are not only humane, but also teaches a puppy how to control their bladder and bowel. These products are the best and most effective way of “housebreaking” your puppy.

In addition, it could keep your teething pup in check. Early on, they’ll want to chew on everything and anything. By allowing them to chew on items inside the cage (or the cage itself), it will teach the dog to limit teething to its “own property.”

Crates also provide a safe space for dogs. In the wild, dogs will look for small enclosed space for protection. The dog crate is a space they can feel safe and relaxed in.

These are just some of the many benefits of crate training. 

Size of a Bulldog

Hailing from the non-sporting dog group, Bulldogs are generally classified as medium-sized dogs. With that said, both female and male bulldogs can range between 12 and 16 inches tall. However, this number can be more or less depending on the parents.

In regards to weight, there is more variation between gender. A female Bulldog can be anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds. On the other hand, a male Bulldog will likely range between 50 to 55 pounds – just slightly higher because of their thicker frame. 

Also, check your dog’s parents to get a rough estimate of how big they can get.

Crate Size for Bulldogs

Given the modest size of a Bulldog, the recommended dog crate size for them is  42 inches (length) by 30 inches (width). This number can vary depending on how big your Bulldog is.

I understand that most people buying dog crates are buying for a puppy. Like other dog breeds, Bulldogs grow fairly quick. In fact, Bulldogs reach their full adult size in just 10 months

For this reason, I’d recommend always going with a crate that fits a full-sized Bulldog. Just let them grow into it. Otherwise, you’d probably need to buy another crate a few months later. 

Top Dog Crates for Bulldogs

Despite the Bulldog ranking on the list of top 10 most aggressive dog breeds, they are generally very calm dogs. They’re only aggressive when they’re provoked. So despite popular belief, most Bulldogs won’t need a heavy duty dog crate to keep them in.

#1 MidWest Homes iCrate

The MidWest iCrate is the best bang-for-the-buck dog crate for Bulldogs. It’s built with a sturdy frame with a lot of great features perfect for any Bulldog – young or old. 

It easily takes the number one spot and are great options for all dog breeds with a calm demeanor, such as the Bulldog. So far, there’s been over 21,000 purchases and counting!

<strong>The iCrate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch with divider.
  • Reviews: 21,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, rounded corners, electro-coat finish, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

What I like best about the iCrate is their attention to dog-safety. They thought this through and manufactured this crate with rounded edges/corners so your Bulldog doesn’t accidentally hurt itself entering or exiting the crate.

Plus, the crate has a nice satin-black /electro-coat finish that’s both non-toxic and provides an aesthetic look.

Bulldogs are not weak dogs by any means. Even though they’re docile most of the time, you don’t want to give them the chance of escaping. So, the iCrate comes with secured slide-bolt latches for extra security measures. It’ll be tough for them to escape this one. 

One of the best parts is the divider panel, which (for whatever reason) isn’t an option on all dog crates. This divider allows you to adjust the living space of the crate. So when your Bulldog is a small pup, you probably don’t want to give him too much space in the enclosure. 

Like with most crates, the iCrate has plastic removable plans that easily slides out from underneath the crate. Such a small feature will save you a ton of cleaning time!

If you have limited space in the house, not to worry. The iCrate can be folded up in a matter of seconds. It makes it easy for transportation or storage.

The Cons

There are very few things to dislike about our editor’s choice. But if we had to nitpick, it would be the durability of the frame. As you can tell, the cage wires are not as thick as your heavy duty dog crates’.

However, unless you have an overly aggressive escape artist, this should be fine for most dogs. 

Check the price and see more reviews about the iCrate.

What Bulldog Owners are Saying

Fefe says: “My son got a dog So I was looking for a dog cage kennel that would be roomy enough to house the dog while he goes to school…and this crate kennel (42 inch) was the perfect size for our newest family member bulldog.”

Amazon customer says: “This crate is absolutely perfect for my 70 lb. English Bulldog. He has plenty of room to move around and get comfy. It’s easy to setup and plenty durable.”

Sassy says: “Have been using this crate for 2 months now for my 70lbs, 1 yr old American bulldog who’s expected to still grow.
Let me start saying you can’t beat the price, these cages are expensive if you go buy one at the pet store. Very easy set up, it comes folded in a big box. All u gotta do is prop it up and you are ready to go.”


#2 Amazon Basic Dog Crate

You know who else thinks dog crates are essential to pet owners all over the world? The behemoth of a company – Amazon. They believe in the necessity of dog crates, so they decided to manufacture their own.

And like with most things that Amazon makes, their dog crate is high quality at a very reasonable price. There is a lot of good things with this crate, which is why they’ve landed in our number 2 spot. 

<strong>The AmazonBasics Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ Double Doors.
  • Reviews: 11,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, (optional) double doors, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

A feature that should be in all dog crates, but isn’t, is a double-door cage setup. It provides easy access to your Bulldog no matter where they are in the crate.

Though Amazon offers a single-door option that’s a bit cheaper, I’d pay the slight premium for two doors.

Diver panels that come with the Amazon Basics crate is useful. Like with the iCrate, this crate helps with adjusting to a puppy that’s growing very quickly within the first few months. Keeping your Bulldog puppy in a smaller space can reduce anxiety and stress.

In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to fully collapse the crate to allow for easy transportation or storage. Even if you’re limited on space, the Amazon crate can make it work.

Removable plastic trays are essential to any dog crate. There’s a good chance your Bulldog will have “accidents” while in the crate, so this feature makes it extremely easy to clean.

The Cons

The Amazon Basics Crate is eerily similar to the iCrate. With that said, the only main downside is the frame could potentially be less effective against aggressive dogs that want to escape at all cost.

Still, with Bulldogs, most of them are calm by nature. So this generally isn’t a problem. I would evaluate your dog’s temperament, because some Bulldogs may be more aggressive in trying to escape than others. 

Check out the current price (and more reviews) of the AmazonBasics crate here.

What Bulldog Owners are Saying

Ribbon says: “Great crate. Just got a English bulldog pup and she loves it. Easy to put up. I never worry about her getting hurt in it. Solid construction even with her chewing on it occasionally. The door stays open all the way which is great. I’m going to get a second one to put in the living room as another den for her.”

Ezzy says: “I have a 50LB English bulldog and this cage is perfect. Sturdy for the car, quick to assemble and unassemble, folds great for storage. The only thing that is a bit difficult to deal with is the handle should snap on and off more easily so you can carry it when folded.”

Brenda says: “Despite what bad reviews says I bought anyway. Sturdy and strong, even for my “crazy gotta-try-to-bite-everything” bulldog. No problems here. I even bought another one, different size for my dachshund.”


#3 Haige PYPN Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The full name of this company is the “Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny.” Fortunately, we don’t recommend products based on names. But despite the odd name, the heavy duty has a lot of great features that make them great for Bulldogs.

Yes, this is more expensive than the first two options, but for the quality, it may be well worth it. With that said, this crate is recommended only for highly aggressive and energetic Bulldogs.

<strong>The Haige Heavy Duty Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch (male) or 38 inch (female).
  • Reviews: 100 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Heavy frame, non-toxic finish, locking/caster design, 360 wheels, plastic trays, roof (optional).

Best Features

The Haige heavy duty crate is exactly what it claims – heavy duty. It’s frame is constructed with rust/corrosion resistant steel, which is ideal for containing even the most active large dog. 

There’s a very high chance your Bulldog will try to chew on the frame. So, they’ve really put some thought into this by layering a non-toxic finish, making it dog-safe for dogs and puppies. 

This dog crate comes with a locking & caster design using four 360-degree rotating wheels. It makes for easier transportation if you want to roll it to the side. When you’re not moving it, simply lock the wheels in place. 

Like with most quality dog crates, the Haige heavy duty also comes with removable plastic trays. Pull out the tray and wipe it down or hose it down outside for a easy and mess-free clean up.

To top things off, Haige offers a ridiculous 3-year warranty!

The Cons

One of the biggest downside of the Haige is that you can’t collapse the crate and fold it up for storage. After you’ve built the cage, you’ll need to take it apart to put it away in a smaller closet. 

It’s no deal-breaker, but you need to make sure you have plenty of room in the house and/or backyard to store this when it’s not in use.

Another thing i wish it had is a standard second door. It’s worth noting that there is a roof-top version where the roof acts as another door. However, it’s probably not a great idea to pick up your 50 pounds Bulldog from the top of the crate.

And finally, the last negative is the price. It’s certainly much more pricey than the first two options. But hey – you get what you paid for.

Check out the current price and read more reviews on the Haige Heavy Duty.

What Owners are Saying

Elijah says:It literally came with everything you needed. I must have forgot that this crate included a bowl, water, and mat for the cage. I was so happy and for the price. Such a deal!”

Joe says:The crate is very sturdy! My dog has separation anxiety and destroyed a standard wire crate and a plastic crate, injuring himself while doing so. He isn’t left alone often. But so far no damage or injuries. Plenty of room, our dog is 65 lbs and he can turn and move easily.

Katie says:We absolutely love it! It provides freedom for him with an added security to me that I still have control. He is a larger dog (105 pounds) but this is strong and durable. The sling pack makes it an easy addition to our walks. I just bought one for my Mom’s dog as well. I highly recommend this product!


#4 New World Metal Dog Crate

Though the New World crate is similar to the iCrate and AmazonBasics crate, there are a few key differences. It’s worth noting that the New World crate is also slightly cheaper than the two mentioned options.

Despite this being a solid and economical dog crate option, we can’t put it in the top three recommended dog crates for Bulldogs.

<strong>The New World Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ double doors.
  • Reviews: 1400 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Single door, metal construction, foldable crate, removable tray.

Best Features

You’ll have no trouble securing your Bulldog with slide-bolt latches to ensure your dog is safe and sound. Most Bulldogs won’t aggressively attempt to escape. But if yours does, consider a heavy duty option.

Frame of the New World cage is built with high quality metal – both light and durable. If your Bulldog is a heavy chewer, consider throwing in some heavy-duty chew toys to keep them occupied. 

This dog crate can collapse and fold up in a few seconds. If you need to quickly store this away, you’ll have no problems. Or, if you plan to transport the crate to a friend’s house, packing it in the car will be a breeze.

Like it’s competitors, the New World crate has a removable plastic tray. It’s essential and will save a ton of time cleaning the mess your Bulldog may leave you. 

In terms of price, it’s the cheapest option on this list. However, it’s missing some features that we would have liked to see.

The Cons

The New World metal dog crate doesn’t come standard with two doors. You can to pay a premium if you don’t want the one-door option. 

It also doesn’t come equipped with a divider. I think this feature is awesome, as it allows you to adjust the cage according to your puppy’s current size. With how fast puppies grow, this is essential in my opinion. But unfortunately, the New World crate makes you buy this separately. 

With all the extra costs, it may be better to just pick one of the other two similar options.

To check out the current price of the New World dog crate, click here.

What Bulldog Owners are Saying

Julia says: “I bought this crate for my English bulldog because it’s the perfect size for her and has both front and side doors. We needed the crate to take her on a long road trip and needed something sturdy to keep her safe. It worked out beautifully! The crate folds/unfolds easily and fit well in the tailgate. The wire construction provides plenty of ventilation and allows her to see out and be seen.”

Amazon customer says: “PERFECT! better quality then I expected. my 50 lb English bulldog fits comfortably in the 36in cage plus she has a decent amount of extra room. Also her bed fits perfectly in as well happy customer. a while back I bought a cage similar to this one but it was bought from PetSmart and it had horrible sharp edges that would cut my family and I. This new cage has zero sharp edges and it’s amazing I would definitely recommend…”

Becca says: “My 8 month old American bulldog loves his crate. Hes a big pupper and he is still growing so got the big crate. Lots of room for him. And with lots of toys and chewy treats hes content doesn’t chew the crate.”


Do you own any of these dog crates? Let us know in the comments section below what you think! Also, feel free to recommend / link other crates that you like below.