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Top 4 Best Dog Crates for Golden Retrievers – Recommendations, Reviews & Tips

Though many novice owners cringe at the idea of putting their Golden Retriever in the confinement of a crate, these cages provide a ton of advantages. In fact, dog crates are one of the most effective tools for housebreaking your Golden Retriever.

Outside of housetraining, getting your puppy accustomed to being in a crate is a good idea. It allows for many things, such as easier visits to the vet, traveling by air and providing an anxiety-free environment.

Crate training is not cruel by any means. Rather, it provides a “safe space” for your Golden Retriever – especially for those that deal with anxiety and stress.

If you’re curious about all the benefits of crate training, i’d suggest checking this out. Regardless, a dog crate should be on top of the list of any new Golden Retriever owner.

Size of a Golden Retriever

Most Golden Retrievers reach their full adult size by month 10. And although your puppy won’t need much space early on, keeping a crate around for an adult dog can be useful.

With that said, always buy a dog crate based on the potential full size of your dog.

Male22-24 inches65-75 lbs
Female20-22 inches55-71 lbs

Male Golden Retrievers can grow up to the height of 22 – 24 inches (or 56 – 61 cm). Their female counterparts are only slightly smaller, reaching a height of between 20 and 22 inches.

As a result, males also weight just slightly more, often achieving an average weight between 65 and 75 pounds. On the other hand, the female can be between 55 and 71 pounds. Different factors such as pedigree, activity and food consumption will certainly affect these numbers.

Crate Size for Golden Retrievers

Based on the adult size of a Golden Retriever, their crate size should be roughly 42 inches in length. Specifically, aim for dimensions of 42″ height x 28″ width x 30″ height.

If you have a female Golden Retriever, you may be able to get away with the 36 inch dog crate. However, in most cases, it’s best to provide more room than too little room.

Provided the budget, splurge a little and get the 42 inch. Your female Golden Retriever may thank you in the future.

As part of the sporting group, Golden Retrievers aren’t extremely active. At least, compared to those in the working or herding groups. So, these dogs will be perfectly fine resting in a 42 inch dog crate.

The Best Dog Crates for a Golden Retriever

According to our research, these are the best available dog crates for Golden Retrievers. We take into account frame durability, convenience, locking mechanism, price and any other features. For your convenience, all dog crates reviewed can be purchased securely from Amazon.

#1 MidWest Homes iCrate (BEST CRATE)

Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds are roughly the same size (though Goldens are slightly larger). So the picture above is a pretty decent reference to how your Golden Retriever will fit, once fully grown.

The MidWest Homes iCrate takes the number one spot easily. They make high quality dog crates perfect for dogs with relatively calm demeanors. Over 300,000 people have purchased this and given their stamp of approval! And, we can see why.

<strong>The Midwest iCrate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ divider & double doors.
  • Reviews: 305,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, rounded corners, electro-coat finish, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

Aesthetically, the iCrate looks fantastic and will seamlessly blend into the environment of any living room or patio. The rounded corners make it safe for your Golden to enter and exit the crate without any unnecessary injuries.

The durable satin-black / electro-coat finish is a nice little touch that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the iCrate. It’s simple in design, but very functional for these dogs.

With medium/large dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, the security of the latches is always a concern. Without secure latches, dogs can potentially escape and cause some unintended damage while you’re busy.

Fortunately, the iCrate comes with secure slide-bolt latches to add an extra sense of security. You can bet your Golden Retriever, no matter how active, will not be able to escape this one.

My favorite feature of the iCrate is the removable divider panel. Whether your Golden Retriever is 7 months old or 7 years old, you can easily adjust the living space of the crate using their removable panel. It’s also great for separating two puppies.

This dog crate comes with a removable plastic pan that easily slips from underneath the crate. This allows for easy clean up if an accident were to occur while in the crate. Simply slide out the pan and wipe it down!

Taking your Golden Retriever around has never been easier. This dog crate will fold up and collapse in seconds to allow for easy transportation. Also, it comes with handle to help you drag it around.

Convinced already? Check out the current price of the MidWest Homes iCrate on Amazon.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

Kelly says: “can’t imagine having our pups without this” by leaving a 5-Star review on the 42-inch: “We bought this crate in anticipation of our golden retriever pup and BOY am I glad we picked this one! He’s a big fella and was much larger than we anticipated, so the divider was important! He’s growing like a weed, so we’ve expanded his area twice already so he can stretch out.”

Rain says: “Golden Retriever approved! My little one won’t get out of his crate now! I ordered the Large MidWest iCrate (42L x 28W x 30H). The bed fits perfectly and the crate it is sturdy. Both were well-made for a good price.”

Mark says: “I purchased this so we could crate train our 11 week old golden retriever puppy. As soon as the crate was in place she immediately took interest…now it’s a perfect little hideaway den for our pup. Needless to say we are happy with our purchase..and our pup has her happy spot.”


#2 AmazonBasics Dog Crate

Dog crates are so essential to new dog owners that Amazon has decided to manufacture their own. As expected, the tech giant’s version of the dog crate is everything you want at a reasonably low price. But how does it stack up to the rest?

We’ve ranked this second because it comes with all the essential features we like at a competitive price point. In fact, it’s eerily similar to the iCrate (number 1), except it’s branded by Amazon.

<strong>The AmazonBasics Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch w/ Double Doors.
  • Reviews: 356,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, (optional) double doors, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

Not all crates come with double doors, but the AmazonBasics dog crate does. This allows for easy access to your dog and everything you put in it (water bowls, toys, etc.).

It’s worth noting that Amazon does offer a single door option at a slightly cheaper price. Still, I think the double doors are well worth the extra few bucks.

The divider panel is one of the most useful features with this dog crate. When your Golden Retriever is still a little pup, you’ll be able to decrease the size of their living space with a removable divider.

Slide the divider out to create more room as your Golden Retriever is rapidly growing in the first few months. Too much space for a little pup can be stressful and cause unwanted anxiety.

With Amazon’s crate, it’s easier than ever to transport or store the crate. It only takes a few seconds to collapse and fold the crate into an efficient single piece. The built-in handles make it fairly easy to carry the crate with you too.

The most essential feature of a dog crate is the removable plastic pan. While housetraining your Golden Retriever, you’ll likely experience a few accidents inside the crate. The removable tray allows you to quickly slide out the bottom and wipe down as needed.

When comparing the iCrate and AmazonBasic crate, there’s not too much difference. The little differences are the cosmetics of the cage. Otherwise, it’d be difficult to tell apart. With that said, both crates are roughly the same price at the time of writing.

Check out the current price of the AmazonBasics crate here.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

John says: “This crate is ideal for our needs. We use it for our male golden retriever and it is plenty big enough for him to turn and get comfortable. The construction is solid and it opened and set up easily. There is a divider with it that allows you to create a smaller area to start your puppy out in.”

Another customer mentioned: “I love this kennel and so does my puppy. The price was amazing, much cheaper than in the stores. It was easy to put together and assemble. I believe this one is a XL kennel and should be perfect for our Golden Retriever Puppy. I like the 2 doors as well.”

Ashley gives it a 5 Star: “The 42″ inch is the perfect size for our 75 lb golden retriever. We’ve had this kennel for 3 years now. It serves its purpose and is a really good quality. We have no issues with it.”


#3 Haige Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If we were ranking dog crates based on company name, this wouldn’t make the cut. But fortunately, “Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny” heavy duty dog crate is a quality crate, perfect for Golden Retrievers.

They’re definitely more pricey than the first two options, but they do a few things better than those competitors. They’re ranked third mainly because of price. Though, you get what you paid for.

<strong>The Haige Heavy Duty Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch.
  • Reviews: 100 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Heavy frame, non-toxic finish, locking/caster design, 360 wheels, plastic trays, roof (optional).

Best Features

What makes the Haige heavy duty crate so much better than any other dog crate is the frame. It’s made with rust and corrosion-resistant steel and will withstand any large dog’s attempt at escaping.

The frame isn’t just durable, but comes with a nice non-toxic finish. Young Golden Retriever puppies, in the midst of teething, will certainly try to chew up the crate. So, this feature provides a great dog-safe enclosure for your pup.

However, the only negative (for some people) is the one-door option. It makes it slightly more difficult to access whatever you put into the crate (bowls, pads, etc.). Still, the one door is built with durability in mind with it’s dual locks and safety buckles.

If you get the roof version, you’ll have two doors. Because the second door is on top, it provides a clever way of getting things in dog crate without the chance of your dog escaping.

The Haige dog crate comes with a unique locking & caster design. The 360 degree rotated locking caster are 4 wheels that can lock in place for better mobility. It’s a heavy crate so these wheels are useful when moving the crate around.

All quality dog crate should have removable plastic trays, including the Haige heavy duty. You’ll be able to easily clean the bottom of the crate by slipping out a tray and wiping it down.

Unlike other dog crates, this brand comes with a 3-year warranty. There’s nothing to worry about even with the most stubborn and active Golden Retriever.

Check out the current price and more reviews on the Haige Heavy Duty here.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

Elijah says: “It literally came with everything you needed. I must have forgot that this crate included a bowl, water, and mat for the cage. I was so happy and for the price. Such a deal!”

Joe says: “The crate is very sturdy! My dog has separation anxiety and destroyed a standard wire crate and a plastic crate, injuring himself while doing so. He isn’t left alone often. But so far no damage or injuries. Plenty of room, our dog is 65 lbs and he can turn and move easily.”

Katie says: “We absolutely love it! It provides freedom for him with an added security to me that I still have control. He is a larger dog (105 pounds) but this is strong and durable. The sling pack makes it an easy addition to our walks. I just bought one for my Mom’s dog as well. I highly recommend this product!”


#4 New World Metal Dog Crate

The New World metal dog crate is very similar to the iCrate and AmazonBasics. It’s slightly cheaper, but only because it comes in a one-door option (and not two doors). For that reason, we’ve ranked it number 4.

This also does not come with a divider (sold separately), which I think is such an awesome feature for dog crates. But if you’re getting a crate for a full grown Golden Shepherd, then a divider may not be necessary.

<strong>The New World Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch.
  • Reviews: 1400 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Single door, metal construction, foldable crate, removable tray.

Best Features

Although this crate only comes with a single door, it’s large enough for your Golden Retriever to get in and out with no problems. Security is always important with crates, which is why the New World crate comes with slide-bolt latches to ensure your dog is safe in the cage.

The frame is built with high quality metal that’s both durable and relatively light. Fortunately, Golden Retrievers aren’t heavy chewers and likely won’t gnaw through the wired frame. In fact, Golden Retrievers much prefer to chew on socks!

Like the first two options, this dog crate is foldable and can collapse in a few seconds. Whether you’re taking the puppy to grandma’s house or storing it in the garage, the process is simple.

New World’s crate also comes with a removable tray. Although it’s made from plastic, it’s thick and durable. Easily slide out the tray and hose it down or wipe it clean with ease.

As mentioned, there is no divider. So, I would only recommend this for adult-sized Golden Retrievers. If you were to purchase a divider separately, it would probably cost you more.

To check out the current price of the New World dog crate, click here.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

Anthony says: “The crate is excellent. Extremely secure, plenty of room for our golden retriever pup (plus plenty of room for her to grow into), and the thick plastic floor is very easy to clean. Make sure you decide before you buy if you’ll need a divider for your crate though. This crate, however, is great value.”

Donna says: ” I wanted a crate upstairs so my Golden Retriever could sleep in my room. I had one downstairs but it was too troublesome to move every time I went upstairs. Now, Max can sleep upstairs too. It’s a large crate, perfect for a golden retriever size dog.”

Another happy customer said: “I super love this crate! This is super awesome, and super neat! I also love that this crate is dependable, and that it’s metal, so he can’t chew on the plastic, because there is no plastic! This is super durable, and great quality, and for the price it’s a incredible deal, and I’m very glad that I found this crate too!”


BONUS REVIEW: MidWest Crate Cover

Why should you get a crate cover for your dog crate? Golden Retrievers love people and can face some serious separation anxiety or stress when you leave the house. However, a crate cover can help.

This cover is meant to provide extra security and comfort for your Golden Retriever. Covering up distractions from the environment can help create a quiet sanctuary for your dog. In fact, it’s recommended by vets for dogs that experience anxiety.

Yes, this cover is made by MidWest, however, it’s compatible with options 1, 2 and 4 on this buying guide. Before you purchase, always make sure you’re buying the right size cover.

<strong>The Midwest Homes Crate Cover Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 42 inch.
  • Reviews: 2500 +
  • Stars: 4 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Highly compatible, easy to use, 100% polyester, machine washable, warranty.

Best Features

As mentioned, this cover is compatible with nearly all standard dog crates. I’ve linked the 42″ inch cover, so make sure you’re buying a 42″ dog crate.

This crate cover has 5 flaps and will block all sides of the crate, except for the bottom. The bottom doesn’t need to be covered anyway. It’s where your removable tray should be.

To secure the cover over the crate, use the hook and loop tabs. It provides a secure attachment and won’t be easily pulled off no matter how hard your Golden Retriever tries.

MidWest’s cover is made from 100% polyester material – it’s very durable and dog-friendly. It’s possible it gets chewed up by some dogs, but Golden Retrievers won’t likely be a problem.

The crate cover is convenient and can be easily cleaned. Toss it in a standard machine washer and dryer with no problems.

The best part? It comes with a one year warranty. Check it out on Amazon here.

What Golden Retriever Owners are Saying

Tracy says: “This helped decreased the movement during the night. We have a Golden Retriever that we kennel at night and this has helped with the whining and standing to get out during the night. With the cover over, he is able to calm down, lay down, and fall asleep faster than we didn’t have it. Great product!”

Another happy customer said: “Dogs are natural den animals, so the darker and quieter it is, the better. We have five dogs and they are barkers that get anxious and scared. Once we bought two of these for both of their crates it’s as if we thought they were no longer there. This is an honest review I’m not being paid for it. I promise you it works.”

Orka says: “Perfect fit for the iCrate “42 kennel. Does exactly what you want it to do. I used to just use blankets to cover the kennel, this is a way neater and better solution. Also, for the price, you just can’t beat it.”


Do you have a suggestion for a dog crate that we’ve missed? Or are you currently using one of these dog crates? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave a comment in the section below!

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