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Do Corgis Like to Cuddle? – How to Cuddle With Your Corgi

Nothing calms your nerves like having a furry friend nearby. And given the Corgis’ fluffy and soft bodies, they tend to make excellent cuddle companions. But you may be wondering if your Corgi actually enjoys it. Or do they prefer to be left alone?

Corgis are known to be quite affectionate in general, so odds are that your Corgi will love to cuddle. However, your Corgi’s temperament and upbringing will have a significant effect on whether or not the dog enjoys cuddling. Most of the time, you can bet on your Corgi being down for showing some love with a cuddle session.

But there are limits. Even the most social of dogs might want some privacy at times. And there are signs when your Corgi just wants to be left alone (at least for some time). Our guide walks you through reading your Corgi’s mood and keeping them happy.

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Not All Cuddling Is Equal (Avoid This!)

We first want to establish and to lay some foundation for what we mean by cuddling. There’s a difference between cuddles and strangling or “bear hugging.” What we do NOT mean is hugging or squeezing your Corgi for prolonged periods of time. 

In general dogs (including Corgis) do not like to be squeezed or hugged. This very human behavior of ours may bring us joy, but it can actually cause your Corgi stress. In some cases, it can even cause discomfort or pain.

A loving squeeze might seem like a warm gesture to us, but a dog may experience it quite differently. It may even bring them stress. And keep in mind, Corgis are much smaller than humans, so they may feel discomfort.

But, it is important to read the situation. A quick embrace might work, especially if your dog is initiating contact. However, prolonged squeezing hugs may only serve to stress your dog. 

Signs your Corgi is not enjoying being hugged include:

  • Twisting or moving to get out of the embrace
  • Turning their head away from you
  • Letting out a sharp cry or squeal (obvious pain)
  • Going stiff and still
  • And, most obviously, aggressive behavior

We might love hugs, but for a dog they might feel more like they are being trapped. And that is a feeling we can try to empathize with.

The Proper Way to Cuddle With Your Corgi

Squeezy hugs might be off the table, but that doesn’t mean physical affection is as well. In fact, Corgis can thrive off of such displays of affection. It just needs to be done right.

So, what we DO mean when we talk about if Corgis like to cuddle could include:

  • Sitting beside your Corgi with them resting next to you
  • Your Corgi spending some time resting on your lap
  • Corgi resting in your arms
  • Or similar situations

In these instances, there is no squeezing or wrapping your arms around a Corgi. Instead, you simply are showing affection by being near one another. 

It’s also important that you never force your Corgi to cuddle with you. If you pull on them and they’re trying to get away, you may scare them from ever attempting to cuddle with you again. It’s only to call them or bribe them, but if the dog wants to leave, let the dog leave.

Of course, you can throw in some pets as well. But again, it is important to do this the right way. Incorrect petting might only serve to stress out your Corgi anyways.

While cuddling with your Corgi, we recommend you do NOT pet them:

  • On top of their head or snout
  • Their ears
  • On their legs, paws, or tail

Better petting locations would include:

  • Under the chin
  • Base of the tale
  • Or back of their neck (near where their collar would rest)
  • Or a classic belly rub

But, all dogs are different. These are just general outlines that apply to the average canine companion. But what is important is to treat your Corgi how they want to be treated. Always look for signs that they might not like what you are doing. If you see these, stop right away.

KEY CUDDLING TIP: If your Corgi stands up and wants to leave, we recommend ALWAYS letting them do so. Trying to keep your Corgi around for more cuddles when they want to go elsewhere will only cause additional stress and defeat the purpose of cuddling in the first place.

Corgis Are Naturally Affectionate

According to the AKC, being affectionate is a core part of a Corgi’s natural temperament. In fact, they list it first of all a Corgi’s traits. Owning a Pembroke Welsh Corgi myself, I can agree.

Corgis have been around humans for a long time, working as herding dogs long before they had cozy lives on our couches. So, they naturally feel quite at home being around not only people, but other animals as well.

Still, it is up to a Corgi’s owner to make that natural social and affectionate temperament grow and thrive. The first and foremost way to encourage and bring out a Corgi’s affectionate side is through early and proper socialization. 

The Importance of Socialization for Cuddling

Socialization training is essentially teaching your puppy to adjust to every-day situations that they may encounter in the real world. Without proper socialization, your Corgi may find stress in all kinds of social encounters, let alone cuddling.

Perhaps the most important factor in socializing your Corgi is to start early. Younger dogs are far easier to socialize than older ones. During the early days, puppies are more adventurous, willing to explore and learn.

Of course, this might not always be in your hands, especially if you adopted a fully grown Corgi. But in nearly all cases, patience and a compassionate attitude will win out! Socializing an adult dog might be difficult, but it is far from impossible. 

In addition to helping your Corgi enjoy cuddles, socialization comes with a range of benefits for both you and your Corgi. These include:

  • Ensuring your Corgi is relaxed and stress-free most of the time
  • Less chance of aggression or barking around other people or animals
  • A generally more stable and calm mood for your Corgi (and more room for fun and affection)
  • Overall better behavior in and out of your home
  • Better response to commands or learned behaviors
  • Overall more social-ready for encounters with strangers or other pets

While you can socialize your Corgi on your own, having the help of a professional is often worth it. Specialists can ensure that socialization goes as smoothly as possible and provide the highest chance of complete success!

Focus On Your Corgi’s Needs Instead of Your Own

We humans have a strong tendency to view other animals through a sort of human “lens.” While this is meant with the best intentions, it can often lead to misinterpreting the signals an animal sends up.

A key example of this is that we see an animal (or a dog) “smiling” and think it is happy. However, when most animals show their teeth in a “smile” it can mean the opposite of when a human does it. 

Dogs might be a special case, and their “smiles” might just be them copying their owners. However, the point is that we need to think of things from your Corgi’s perspective.

And this includes being attentive to their mood and behavior. If your Corgi wants to be left alone, then it is best to leave them alone. Again, you never want to force your dog to do anything that he or she does not want to. This is the quickest way to ruin a relationship.

In general, it is often the best idea to let your Corgi come to you to cuddle. Instead of picking up your Corgi and bringing them over to the couch for a cuddle session, try the opposite:

  • First, go sit on the couch (or preferred cuddle location) and call your Corgi over to you.
  • If they come over and sit beside you or on your lap, you can start cuddling.
  • If they stay put, no worries. Try again later.
  • If your Corgi gets up to leave at any point, let them go. You can resume cuddling later.
  • Repeat.

Some Corgis may need more time to warm up to you than others. This may be especially true for rescue dogs. So, be patient with your dog!

What If My Corgi Doesn’t Like to Cuddle?

If your Corgi doesn’t like to cuddle, don’t give up hope. However, the most important thing for owners is to accept their canine companions and to show patience.

First, check your cuddling methods. Are they similar to any of the NO-GO cuddling methods we covered. If so, your Corgi might simply not like these behaviors from their owners. And they might actually enjoy proper cuddles.

However, maybe it is a matter of not receiving early socialization. In these cases, it often is best to work with a professional to help your Corgi learn some basic socialization. Again, patience and compassion will work far better than loud noises or impatience.

Lastly, it might just be your Corgi’s natural personality. While affection is more common, some Corgi’s might be a little less affectionate naturally. 

In these cases, the best you can do is accept your Corgi the way they are and love them nonetheless. But there are some options you can try that we will discuss below.

Alternative Ways to Show Affection

If your Corgi doesn’t like to cuddle, you can still spend solid quality time together. It might just need to be a bit more active. And just because you and your dog do not cuddle with one another, doesn’t mean that the relationship isn’t full of love.

Some alternatives to cuddles (but ways you can still show affection) include:

  • Spending time teaching your Corgi commands
  • Going for long walks or trips to the dog park with your Corgi
  • Playing games in your yard, home, or anywhere

You can still gradually try to improve your Corgi’s temperament through training and socialization techniques. But at least in the meantime, there are plenty of ways to show your Corgi some love.

In all things, it will always be important to pay attention to how your Corgi is feeling. As their owners, their happiness is our responsibility!

If you have a Corgi, we invite you to share your experience in the comments below. Do you have any additional tips to share to ensure that you and your Corgi have a pleasant cuddling experience? Or maybe your Corgis do not like to cuddle at all.


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