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The 4 Best Dog Crates for Rottweilers – Recommendations, Reviews & Tips

Rottweilers are bold and confident dogs. They can be calm, but can also be a little aggressive without the proper obedience and socialization training. 

If you’re considering keeping a Rottweiler, there are several things you need to look into. On top of the best food, toys and puppy vaccinations, you’ll need to buy a dog crate. In fact, it’s one of the biggest one-time purchases you’ll need to make for your Rottweiler.

Benefits of Crate Training for Rottweilers

Don’t believe everything you hear. Crate training is not cruel for your Rottweiler. In fact, veterinarians around the world will tell you that there are several benefits to crate training. 

For instance, it’s the single most useful tool for housebreaking your Rottweiler (should you choose to keep them indoors). All dogs, despite breed, are relatively clean animals. In other words, they’ll try their best to not soil their sleeping and or living area.

Through crate training, you’ll be able to teach your Rottweiler how to control their bowels or bladders, even at an early age.

Wild dogs don’t roam around aimlessly, sleeping wherever they choose. By nature, they want to find a small enclosure for protection and peace. Providing a dog crate for your Rottweiler will offer this same protection, which can reduce stress and anxiety in many dogs.

In addition, a crate will teach your Rottweiler pup to keep the teething to his or her own “property.” This means all the wonderful chew toys in her cage, but nothing outside – such as your favorite pair of shoes. 

These are just some of the very few benefits of using a dog crate with your Rottweiler.

Rottweiler Size

It’s important that you buy a dog crate according to the size of a full grown adult Rottweiler. Sure, you may purchase one that fits your puppy, but they’ll quickly grow out of it. You really don’t want to be purchasing multiple dog crates throughout your Rottie’s lifetime. 

Male24-27 inches110-130 lbs
Female22-25 inches77-110 lbs

Rottweilers tend to reach their full adult size by month 12. A lot of their size can depend on factors, such as gender and bloodline. However, this is the average size of a purebred adult Rottweiler. 

Crate Size for Rottweilers

The recommended dog crate size for Rottweilers is a 48″ inch crate. For female Rottweilers that have smaller than usual parents, you may be able to get away with a 42 inch crate. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Because it’s difficult to predict your Rottweilers potential size, especially as a puppy, I would recommend going for the 48 inch if you’re not sure.

Plus, Rottweilers can be aggressive in the crate, depending on the dog. With that said, a bigger crate may lower the chance of them trying to escape every chance they get. 

4 Best Rottweiler Dog Crates

The truth is, there are many fantastic dog crates that can work well with Rottweilers. However, we’ve tested dozens (as owners) and found these to be the best on the market:

1. MidWest Homes iCrate

There’s a lot to love when it comes to the Midwest Homes iCrate. We’ve looked at dozens of crates and this is by far the best in terms of price, functionality, durability and convenience. 

Currently, over 22 thousand people on Amazon have reviewed this crate, giving it a 4 and a half stars. It’s definitely our editor’s pick for Rottweiler crates and you’ll easily see why.

<strong>The Midwest iCrate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 48 inch w/ divider & double doors.
  • Reviews: 22,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, rounded corners, electro-coat finish, removable pan, divider, convenience.

Best Features

Like with all reputable crate brands, Midwest Homes really paid attention to the details of this dog crate. All their features were built with dog safety in mind.

To prevent unnecessary injuries from going in and out of the crate, the edges are rounded – not sharp like other cheaper crates. This is very important for high energy large dogs, such as a Rottweiler.

Rottweilers are big dogs and it’s likely they’ll be able to escape a crate with a cheaply made lock. This is not the case with the iCrate because it comes with super-secured slide bolt latches. I’m not saying it’s impossible to break free, but it’s rather difficult for a Rottie.

A nice touch is the exterior coating. The iCrate uses a non-toxic (satin black) electro coat finish. Not only does it look great, but it’s dog safe for heavy chewers.

Because you’re purchasing a crate for your adult Rottweiler, a 48 inch crate may be too large for a puppy. This is where the divider panel comes in handy. It allows you to adjust the size of the crate’s living space according to the current size of your Rottie.

It also comes standard with a removable plastic tray, which allows you to quickly slide out and back in the tray from underneath in case of an accident. 

If you need to move the dog crate, no problem. You’ll be able to collapse the crate in a few seconds for easy transportation and storage.

The Cons

This is our favorite choice for Rottweilers. However, if we had to nitpick, we think they could have added extra reinforcement on the wiring of the cage. This is especially true if your Rottweiler is extra aggressive.

For the most part, we think this will be perfectly fine for Rottweilers. They’re usually quite calm in adulthood, and a puppy will not likely be able to escape anyway.

But if you end up getting a heavy duty dog crate, we don’t blame you.

To learn more about the Midwest Homes iCrate, check it out on Amazon.

What Rottweiler Owners Are Saying

Laura says: “Perfect highly….. recommend. Our Rottweiler loves his crate. This is his safe space and no way do I ever use it as punishment. Soon as he saw the crate he was immediately housebroken because he knew he would have to sleep in there overnight. This is a very sturdy crate and is ideal for 150 pound Rottweiler. He is currently 65 pounds at 6 months so he still growing.”

NSX4 says: “We bought the XL size for our Rottweiler puppy knowing he will eventually grow into it. The build quality of the crate is great and feels like it will last a long time…I would definitely recommended getting the two door version, it has been very helpful when getting our puppy in and out of the crate as well as for when we are cleaning.”

Casey says: “I rescued my loving 110 LB German Rottweiler from an animal shelter and it was recommended to buy a large crate to keep him in for the first few months until he started to feel safe around the house. Let me tell you this crate is massive! Maximus also really loves it, he has plenty of room to move around and completely sprawl out in.”


2. Amazon Basics Dog Crate

You know who else thinks dog crates are essential to raising a dog? Amazon, the behemoth of an e-commerce company. One of the world’s largest companies decided to join the dog crate industry.

With the type of research and development that Amazon has, you can expect they’ve manufactured an amazing dog crate for Rottweilers. 

This is fairly similar to the iCrate, with very minor design and feature differences. For that reason, they’re second on our list.

<strong>The AmazonBasics Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 48 inch w/ Double Doors.
  • Reviews: 11,000 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Secured latches, (optional) double doors, removable pan, divider panel, foldable frame.

Best Features

The AmazonBasics dog crate uses the same durable locking mechanism as the iCrate – the two slide-bolt latches. It’s sturdy and good enough to hold in most Rottweilers, no matter how energetic. 

Though the double doors is optional, I would suggest getting it. This allows you to easily access your dog and anything else you decide to put in there. Trust me, it’ll be useful when you’re dealing with a 48 inch dog crate.

It also comes with a standard divider panel, which not every dog crate will provide. It allows you to adjust the size of your Rottweiler’s crate space, making it very useful as they rapidly grow early on. 

A standard removable plastic tray is provided as well. This feature is included in nearly all dog crate because of how useful it is. You’ll be able to swiftly clean up the bottom of the tray with ease. 

With an extra large 48 inch crate, you probably don’t want this thing in your living room all the time. The AmazonBasics crate allows you to easily fold up the crate if you decide you want to store it somewhere.

The Cons

Because the AmazonBasics dog crate is so similar to the iCrate, they have the same cons. This crate could have done a better job with reinforcing the wiring of the crate. It’s durable, but not the best.

Again, it’s unlikely that your Rottweiler will be able to escape this thing, but it’s certainly nice knowing there’s absolutely no chance your dog will escape while you’re out.

If that’s the case and you want to ease your mind, I would suggest investing in a heavy duty dog crate instead.

If you’re interested in the AmazonBasics crate, check out the current price here.

What Rottweiler Owners are Saying

Savanah says: “Very nice crate. Love the double doors which allows more options as to where I can put it in my home. I purchased the 48″. I have a large (110 lb) Rottweiler who can easily turn around and has enough room to sprawl out and move to each end of the crate with ease.”

J Layne says: “We have a 5 month old Rottweiler puppy. He is about 40 lbs. This kennel is sturdy and secure enough to keep him safe and secure when needed. The kennel also folds up nicely and fits in the van for trips to the beach. I would recommend this kennel to anyone who is kennel training or potty training their dog.”

Dawn says: “This crate is very nice! It came a lot bigger then I expected for what I paid and it was very easy to put together! I have a 50 pound Rottweiler mix and I got the 48 inch crate so she would have a lot of space to move around.”


3. New World Metal Dog Crate

Though the New World Metal Dog Crate can be a great choice for those looking to save a little money, they lack some features that we love in dog crates. Still, they’re well-crafted, highly durable and most importantly, perfect for Rottweilers.

The New World crate is all about simplicity and price. By reducing some extra features, they’re able to give you a decent crate with an affordable price.

<strong>The New World Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: The 48 inch with double doors.
  • Reviews: 1600 +
  • Stars: 4.5 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Double door, metal construction, collapsible crate, slide-bolt locks, removable tray.

Best Features

They say it in their title and they’re not afraid to advertise it. The New World crate is made of metal, which makes it extremely lightweight and sturdy. As you may know, durability is necessary to contain an active Rottie.

The first step to creating a secure dog crate for a Rottweiler is with the locking mechanism. The New World crate uses the time and tested slide-bolt latches that both the AmazonBasics and iCrate use. 

The removable plastic tray is a nice standard option that allows you to pull out the bottom tray of the crate should an accident occur. 

It’s also a great option for Rottweiler that experience anxiety and tries to dig at the bottom of the crate. The latches secure the plastic tray to prevent it from moving.

Not only is this crate lightweight, but it’s perfect for owners that need to transport their crate. In just a few short seconds, you’ll be able to collapse this crate into a condensed compact carrier

The Cons

The biggest con with the New World crate is that it doesn’t come with a standard divider panel. In fact, they don’t even have an option for it. If you want one, you’ll need to purchase one from Midwest Homes. 

As we mentioned, these panels are very useful if you plan on raising a Rottie from puppyhood. Because we recommend a 48 inch crate, having such a large dog crate for a small puppy doesn’t make a lot of sense early on. It may even cause some anxiety for your pup, though it likely won’t. 

And like the first two options, the New World crate has a similar cage build. For that reason, we’d like to see better reinforcement of the wiring on the cage. 

To learn more about the New World crate and check out the current price, click here.

What Rottweiler Owners are Saying

Clemente says: “I have a 100lbs Rottweiler and she outgrew her cage. She fits perfectly in this one (48 inch). She can lay on her stomach and on her side and fits great. Product looks great and works great!”

Dianne says: “I didn’t think my 2 little Rottweiler puppies would like this crate “at all” – they would think of it as a prison for bad puppies but I just got it assembled, popped in their bed & they both jumped right in – they love it & do I.”

R.S. Green says: “We have a five month old Rottweiler, she’s too big for a standard large kennel. However, she can lay sideways and stretch out in this kennel. I also bought the black cover and she sleeps like a baby just been fed.”


4. Carlson Pet Dog Crate

The last, but not least, is the Carlson Pet Dog Crate. It’s another solid dog crate at an affordable price. Although it’s pretty standard with limited features, we still think it deserves a place on this list.

They’re a newer brand, but we gave them a shot and we still loved them compared to the many other crates out there. They have all the features needed to secure your Rottweiler.

<strong>The Carlson Pet Dog Crate Overview</strong>
  • What to Get: Extra Large (48 inch)
  • Reviews: 1500 +
  • Stars: 4 / 5 Stars
  • Highlights: Metal construction, foldable crate, good price, removable tray, slide-bolt locks.

Best Features

The Carlson Dog Crate chose heavy-duty steel to build their frames. As a result, it’s secure and durable even for the most rowdy and active Rottweiler. It’s what we like most about this crate.

Like the others on the list, the Carlson dog crate uses a dual slide-bolt lock to secure your Rottweiler. Why reinvent the wheel? This lock is standard and effective for containing the best escape artists. 

It comes with a removable plastic tray as any reputable dog crate should. You can secure the tray in place and easily slide it out when it needs some cleaning. 

Due to the large size of this crate, it’s important that this crate is built with a foldable design. And surely it does, allowing you to fold the crate in seconds. 

The Cons

The reason why we’ve ranked the Carlson dog crate number four is because it lacks two features we really love. The first is the divider panel. Because Rottweilers grow so fast, a divider panel comes in handy. I can’t say the same for smaller dogs that don’t grow as much.

However, being able to adjust the living space of your dog crate isn’t a deal breaker for us. 

A second feature we’d like to see is double doors. Two doors is better than one. It allows for easy access to your Rottweiler and everything you decide to put in the crate. This is more important since you’re dealing with a large 48 inch crate.

The final thing is the wiring. Despite it being built from steel, the wiring is not thick. This should be no problem containing most Rottweilers, but a thicker frame would be nice for peace of mind. 

If you want to learn more about the Carlson Dog Crate, check it out on Amazon.

What Rottweiler Owners are Saying

Alyssa says: “I have a Pit Bull and a Rottweiler… Even during the day we leave the door open and my Pit and Rottie will go lay in it and take naps. Great quality for the price you pay.”

Biona says: “Very sturdy. I ordered a large, and it was a lot bigger than I expected. Which works out okay for us, because our puppy is a large breed, and he will grow into it just fine. I would suggest the large for breeds such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, boxers, and labs.”

Trae says: “It’s great. I just got a 7 months of German Shepard Rottweiler mix and he has plenty of room to stretch out and roll around. It’ll be great if he gets bigger which I imagine he will lol it was easy to figure out how it all snapped together and it’ll be easy to fold it down if needed.”


Did we miss any great dog crates that you would recommend for a Rottweiler? If so, leave a link in the comment section below!

And if you’ve owned and tried any of these on the list, let us know what you think!