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How to Stop Your Dog From Barking

how to stop a dog from barking.

If you’re like me, there are few things in life that can drive you as crazy as a dog that constantly barks. It doesn’t matter if you get the deep shuddering “woof woof” or the high pitched “yap, yap,” it can quickly become very annoying.

But, there is great news. Contrary to popular belief, dogs don’t need to bark in order to be happy. Generally speaking, barking can be a sign of stress, frustration, anxiety or over excitement.  All of which, are not good or healthy emotions for your dog to have.

Or you!

It’s important for you to remember that relaxed, content dogs do not bark!

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Why Do Dogs Bark So Much?

Now let’s look at a particular type of barking and get you started on finally putting a stop to it..

Dogs that bark when you their owners aren’t home is a widely popular issue. Most owners don’t even realize this until they receive that shocking complaint from their neighbors. The key to stopping barking is to understand why your dog is barking instead of trying to treat the symptoms.

Bear with me on this. You MUST remember to see this from your dog’s point of view.

So now imagine it like this…

Dogs, including yours, are pack animals and instinctively know that there are leaders and followers.

One of the jobs of the pack leader is to protect its pack.

So when everybody (the pack) leaves the house for work or whatever reason, your dog left home alone becomes stressed…and you would too if your pack suddenly left!

That’s the primary reason why they bark – because they’re stressed! They are really just trying to call for their pack to come back.

Let’s think about this… if you’re a parent with a young child, and one of your primary jobs is to keep your child safe, you would keep a close eye on them all the time. If they are safe, you are relaxed.

Now, if the child suddenly walked out of the house and locked you in, what would you do? Do everything possible to chase after them? Of course.

But, if the door was locked, along with all the windows, what would you do then?.

Phone for help? Unfortunately, dogs don’t exactly have that option.

Shout for help? Well, that’s pretty much what your dog is doing…

You wouldn’t sit down and relax, knowing that your child is out on the streets wandering.

So, are you starting to understand why your dog is so stressed and barking when you leave them?

Stressed Dogs Lead to Barking and Other Bad Behaviors

In fact, all those other “bad” dog behaviors (such as chewing, digging, pillow-destroying, etc.) that happen when you’re not around are symptoms of a stressed dog. Yep, your dog is just extremely concerned about you not being home and safe. Let’s remember, your dog can’t speak your language!

So what’s the solution to all this? Despite popular belief, it’s not giving them a bone to chew on while you’re out. Can you imagine saying to a parent who is completely stressed that their child is wandering on the streets…

“Oh don’t worry, your kid will be fine – here’s a box of chocolate!” Sure, you may love chocolates, but I don’t think it’ll work in this situation

Stuffing a toy with tons of treats as a means of distraction will not treat the root cause of this problem. Things like this are only treating the problem in the short term. If you’re lucky, it may work for half an hour or so (max) but is certainly not a long term solution. Many of you already knows this doesn’t work, probably because you’ve already tried.

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The Solution to Stop Your Dog From Barking

However, the solution is actually very simple.

You need to become the leader of the pack, at least in your dog’s eyes.

If you can successfully do this, your dog will not believe it’s their job to protect you.

You’ll have a totally relaxed and calm dog no matter how much you come and go.

This is the real long term solution to this problem. No tricks or gimmicks necessary.

You may be thinking that becoming the pack leader is difficult. Believe it or not, it’s not actually all that complicated. Anyone can do it, unfortunately it’s not something that I can explain in a couple minutes here.

If you take a look at my good friend Dan’s dog training website, he does a good job explaining how to establish yourself as the pack leader and stop dogs from barking when you leave. There’s even a $1 trial on the site, but he did mention it would be for a limited time.

Tips to Help Stop Dog Barking

Here are some extra tips that you can use, along with becoming the pack leader, that will help stop dogs barking:

  • Exercise with your dog before leaving them. If your dog is more tired, it will be more relaxed.
  • Pick the right environment – try to leave your dog in different areas of the house. Some dogs are more relaxed inside, while others are relaxed outside. Others prefer smaller enclosed areas.
  • Properly fed – Make sure to leave water in their bowls and feed them before you leave.
  • Pick up any bones that your dog may be chewing. You can leave toys around the house, but not toys.
  • TV and music – If it helps, you can leave the TV or music on for your dog. These type of distractions can calm them down.
  • Herbal remedies and products for your dogs can help them relax. However, like we mentioned, it doesn’t solve the cause of the issue – it just helps them relax at a hefty cost.
  • Get a dog walker to walk your dog in the middle of the day can help them relax throughout the day.
  • Leave in a calm manner by saying goodbye to them a few minutes before leaving to help them stay relaxed when you go.
  • There are comfort jackets and shirts available that are designed to keep dogs relaxed. The problem is that they are very expensive and I have had limited success to be honest.
  • The idea of getting a second dog to “entertain” and distract your barking dog is not a very good one. The source of why your dog is barking is not because of boredom. Many dogs that bark all day after their owners leave still lie around and do nothing when their owners are home!

How to Become Your Dog’s Pack Leader (to Stop Barking!)

I hope you have a much better understanding of your dog’s problem. It’s really not their fault!

If you’re dead serious about stopping this problem, I would highly suggest immediately taking a long look at Doggy Dan’s online dog training website. He’ll teach you how to be the pack leader, and so much more.

You can take advantage of your $1 Trial and look around the amazing training platformCLICK HERE.

There’s an entire section for stopping this sort of barking under the problem “separation anxiety.”

This is not a difficult problem to solve, you just need to understand your dog’s problem and view it from their eyes. They don’t want more treats, bones, toys – they want a pack leader.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now and take advantage of the dirt-cheap trial. The sooner you get to this problem, the sooner your neighbors will thank you!

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